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Domino's Pizza

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Area schools are actively selling 'coupon books' to support their athletic programs There are two included coupons for a free large pizza or free sandwich, with the purchase of a large pizza at menu price The coupon states it is valid through March 2019, and valid at Westford, MA locations This specific Domino's location is the ONLY Westford, MA location
Upon attempting to redeem this offer, the location has denied it and refuses to honor it, claiming the 'new owner' no longer honors the coupons When asked about the ownership change, the manager stated it was over a year ago These coupons are NEW and being actively sold
This business is profiting from the sale of coupons they refuse to honor, but gaining free advertising and promotion of their location Patrons are ordering and visiting the location - only to have their coupon refused and having to pay full cost
This is advertising practice

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/06/14) */
Unit in question, serial number XXXXXXXXX, and model number LDV060A104CTL2AN is located in a retail storeThe unit is a commercial application, and has a commercial warranty which allows for commercial parts to be supplied in the event of a
failureThe HVAC contractor submitted the warranty claim, and we supplied the replacement part, appropriate labor allowance, and refrigerant allowance according to the terms and conditions of the warrantyIn reference to the replacement coil, there is no confirmation or verification that this part caused damage to the units compressor according to the Consumers statement
While we appreciate the Consumers position, HVAC manufacturers do not provide replacement units when occurrences with internal components call for a replacementThe HVAC contractors should have the training to replace components to maintain the integrity of the systemTherefore, we must respectfully deny the request for a replacement unit at no charge

Business called to give response over the phone"She made a special request on a pizza, it didn't turn out the way she liked itShe wanted us to remake it, and we said no."
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

I called the customer and spoke with her over the phone? We came to a resolution? I apologized to customer and requested a gc for her? Customer said she would close the case?

My name is *** ***.? I am the customer service manager.? I have attempted to contact the customer several times and left messages.? I have even emailed the customer with no response.? I have the customer's # *** and have left messages times? 11/18, 11/14,

The customer did talk to *** that night who did verify she put in a credit for 50% off her next order.? I did verify this in the system.? ? ? I did mis speak when I talked to the customer; I said it was a credit card payment, she informed me it was cash.? I apologize, it was cash.? The customer did not pay for the order she never received; she agreed to the 50% off her next order.? ?

My name is *** ***? I am the Customer Service Manager? I did not know about this incident until now? I will be more than happy to contact the customer to get her credit card information to process a refund? Also, I will request a gift certificate for the customer's
inconvenienceTell us why here
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Again, Shamus Detective Agency and Richard M[redacted] have provided no specific details regarding their experience or work performed regarding our attached contract. The contract, at top in Richard's handwriting, describes the work to be performed, including "domestic surveillance, prelim surveillance, to develop camera or other eavesdropping devices". I clearly explained over the phone and during my initial consultation (both with Richard) that I wanted someone with experience using equipment better than what I had available to detect any cameras or other surveillance devices that could be monitoring my home. Richard has provided no specific details regarding his experience or work performed to detect these "devices". Instead, he talks about observing people (not even in any specific details) and some hours where he supposedly drove around using no equipment. Not even close to what I asked him to do or what a client would reasonably expect from a professional charging close to $100/hr to DETECT CAMERAS OR OTHER EAVESDROPPING DEVICES. I hired this firm to conduct the investigation I wanted them to conduct (detect cameras or other eavesdropping devices), not do whatever they wanted (or nothing at all). By not providing any specific details regarding his experience or work performed, effectively no work was performed and I paid $1600.00 for nothing. Further supporting my complaint regarding this firm's unprofessional billing practices is their assertion that they should bill HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS for their incompetent responses to this complaint.

Brett May [redacted] here is the address for Brett if you have any other questions please give me a call Thank You

Yes, We refused to deliver because of a winter storm warning and we weren’t taking delivery orders at that time. We would’ve honored it if we were delivering at the time. [redacted].

These 2 guys were not a company they were workers that I had found on a site that did construction work I paid them both but if it can only be one person brett may is the one I actually handed the money to and I have his phone number these guys were a team together I do not have a phone number for...

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
A refund has been given to us from this Domino's.Thank you for your assistance. : D[redacted]
Levi Means

[A default letter is provided here which indicates that the business has not responded to you directly.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
At this time, I have not been contacted by Domino's Pizza regarding complaint ID...


Initial Business Response /* (1000, 9, 2016/10/10) */
Please note that in regard to this complaint a specific start or completion date was NEVER given, nor was any kind of work order or contract signed or agreed upon. When I provided the estimate the customer was informed that the MINIMUM wait...

would be 6 to 8 weeks, that was not a guarantee and it could possibly be longer than that.
I did acknowledge the customers text message that the work would have to be done after labor day, but again no specific time was provided.
With regard to the text message which was supposedly sent by the customer on August 31st, I never responded to it because I never received it. This is a fact which I informed the customer of when I received notice that a complaint was being filed.
Based on the unreasonableness and unprofessional way in which this has been handled by the prospective customer my company will not be pursuing a client relationship with this individual. I hope they are able to find someone with a more flexible schedule that can fill their needs satisfactorily.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 12, 2016/10/11) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
MST can claim a fact that they didn't receive a text, but I have the text message on my phone showing that it was sent, as part of a thread of messages I exchanged with MST; MST denies receiving it but I have it in the thread.
It is true that no specific date was set, but based on the timeline noted in my complaint,the responsibility to communicate on when the work would be scheduled lies with the business. The company said they were scheduling 6-8 weeks out. If the work was to be delayed they should have communicated that to me, without my having to chase them. The amount of time MST had was sufficient that they could have communicated with me, and they failed to do so. The fact remains that MST agreed to do a job and then failed in communication about following through. There is NOTHING unreasonable or unprofessional about expecting a business to follow through on a project to which they agreed.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 21, 2016/10/31) */
As I have previously stated, when I provided an estimate to the potential customer he was given a GENERAL time frame and told that my company would be in contact when my schedule allowed me to begin the project. We did not have a contract (written or verbally) stating anything more specific than that.

I will reiterate that he was not being ignored, as I did not receive the text message he claims to have sent me. If he felt that was the case the more logical option would have been to try a different means of communication before filing a complaint.
Again,I'm sorry that the misunderstanding took place and hope he can find someone more flexible to take care of his project.

First and foremost, during our initial meeting, I explained to [redacted] how very much I love and adore my husband. I told him we have a good life to- gether, and are together most of the time. I did not know if there was anyone about which to be concerned, and even if there was, I would not necessarily do something about it. I also emphasized how important it was to me that he be discreet and not call me; I would call him!!! He did not say that it would be a problem.  I don't talk "in circles". He does! Just read his counterclaim. I am not a liar. I am not paranoid, so don't be "sorry for me". I am not a "crazy lady". I simply wanted an answer, either way, regarding my husband. Isn't that why I hired him? Isn't that the premise of his agency? I could have told my husband that I did not trust him, and I would be following him, or having him "investigated". I could have done a myriad of things. I didn't,though. I hired [redacted]. I didn't say I "never hired or knew of them to my husband". I never said "my lying husband", or "that he is having affairs with several women in the neighborhood". Also, he did not discuss my husband's dishonesty and unfaithfulness. In fact, in his countercomplaint he says I was wrong thinking my husband might be cheating. He is the one who intimated these things and more. I am incensed about his lying to make himself "look better".  As for my working, I mentioned the possibility of surveillance to him a week or so before receiving my "comprehensive report", as I was curious to find out what he had discovered or done, and how much my bill would be. I did not want to commit before knowing those things. I gave him a temporary timetable of days, times, and a place or two  I told him I would think about it, knowing that I would receive the "comprehensive report" soon,  and could decide afterward if I wanted to "rehire" him. In the meantime, he did not communicate in any way --- to confirm dates, times, places, etc. or to even ask about "going ahead" with surveillance when I would be working. He did not call me in-between the time I paid him for my "faux" report and the time he billed me for the "supposed surveillance" bill. The initial information was "stale" by the time I started working, but it is a moot point since I signed the Conclusion Agreement, stating that it was the end of our contract on March 19, 2016. After viewing the "report", and the billing, I was absolutely livid!!! It was like expecting an extensive, serious, important, formal report and instead receiving comic strips! And bilking for it, charging $3110.00 for something I could do myself for under $10. One example is charging $60.00 for something I could get online for ninety-nine cents! It was not even information pertinent to my case! He was so sloppy and poorly organized in his work that he did work that was NOT AUTHORIZED!!! I am sorry for his "mental state", but it is not my problem.  He confuses and intertwines issues and information. He bullies, belittles, and tries to intimidate. He does this to make himself "the authority".He is no authority, and I shall do everything in my power to get him and his agency SHUT DOWN! I do not want others to be subjected to his thievery and immoral behavior.   I didn't lie to him. He did not have trouble getting paid by me. I do not owe him anything; he owes me!!!
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]

Additional information:The matter has been investigated and we refunded the customer his money.

Dear,We have received the complaint letter from you, the case ID #[redacted].We have called this customer but no answer, we have issued a Gift Card $25 and a balance check of $1.89 which we mailing it tomorrow.We would like to request for closing this complaint.If you have any...

further question please do not hesitate to call or email us.Best Regards.Nick M[redacted] (DM)[redacted]Domino's

The client talks in circles. One minute she is telling us that she "Never hired Us" and never knew of...

us to her husband.  The whole problem here is that she is not telling the truth to anyone.  She told me on  more than one occasion that she does not trust her lieing husband, and that he is having affairs with several women in the neighborhood and she thinks she knows this, but she is wrong. This is not the first time I have trouble with Mrs. [redacted]. Facts are - Mrs.[redacted] does not want her husband to know that she doesnt trust him, or that she had him investigated. Most of the information I wanted to talk to her about, she avoided talking to me or calling me back, because of her fear of her husband. I have discussed many situations involving her husbands dishonesty and unfaitfhfulnes. This last situation when she gave me instructions to watch him, is true, "how would I know when, where and the times to be on him?  she told me she had to work in a jewelry store in [redacted]. "she -would be working in the store all week long" she now claims this was all not true."Lady I do not spend my time investigation or do a week lond surveillance for nothing." I have all the details of this period, times she wanted us un the case, and the fact that she told me she would be in the Jewelry store in [redacted] I even go some video of her car parked at the store on the  1st day I commenced the surveillance. She is often lied to me. I had trouble getting paid by her other times, not because she didn't have the money, "but because she felt so certain her husband  WAS Cheating, and still does"! -"she is Paranoid".  Now I told her again, he did nothing that I found, "she still feels he is Cheating"!  I have found that clients like her, will never beleive there suspicions are wrong, and many times absolutely will refuse to pay the investigation fee.  Spending the time to answer any of the stuff is more tiime I've spent that is a waste. This client is so convinced she is right with all her suspicions about her husband, that nothing anyone else tells her that she is wrong, is only more wasted time - "It is not going to change her mind one bit" this women needs to see [redacted].   I have a better chance to be paid by a routine "Dead beat" than a person who is PARANOID.  While I'm sorry for her mental state, I have this happen often.  My next move, will be filing litigation in a week or two. So ten she can tell the judge. I'm Done, for now~! Thank you

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Address: 191 Blue River Pkwy, Silverthorne, Colorado, United States, 80498


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