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This concern was handled a while ago. The Customer received her 500 back that we took and an additional 500.00 this one is closed[redacted]Executive Assistant

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed atction would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.enterprise said I would have a refund check for half and it would be out I within two days. I should have got it last week. I'll wait till I see the check. 


We attempted to reach this customer numerous times with no luck.

Customer has been called by Area Manager and the refund has been issued. 

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Please close.

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This customer was on the DNR because of a termination from Enterprise.  The DNR stands at this time and we will not be removing him from that list.  He has been talked to by Matt L[redacted] and was told that he was on DNR and why.  After that call he called one of our current customers and was demanding money from them portraying himself as Matt L[redacted] on the phone.   We had this all investigated and have traced the phone number to Mr. [redacted]    From this point forward we will no longer be responding to any other issues concerning Mr. [redacted]
Thank you!
Michele Pu[redacted]
Executive Assistant

There has been no contact with the customer after several attempts to reach out to him.   Voice mail has been left several times for the customer to call us so that we can clear this up and we have had no luck.  Pleass close this file.

Customer was refunded

I finally spoke to him to apologize and resolve it.  We are refunding the entire rental.

When a customer had been contacted numerous times with out a response we close them out.  If the customer...

calls then I will respond but as it sits we consider this case closed. 

DW Charges have been refunded.   [redacted]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and...

find that this resolution has been satisfactory to me. This matter has been handled by the company and I was offered a discount of 20% which I am pleased with.  I consider this complaint to be resolved.


This  customer was handled a while ago by our Branch Manager.  She was offered a 20% discount on her next rental, she accepted and we sent a coupon out to her. Please close.

I got an insurance replacement vehicle on August 30. After my wife was involved in an accident that put her car in the auto body shop. GEICO was very good at communicating with Enterprise. Except on the 22nd of September I received a call from Enterprise saying that the rental was due back on September 19 and that I owed for 3 days out of my own pocket. I called GEICO they told me to refer any more calls from Enterprise to them. On the 30th I received another call saying that the rental was overdue and that I owed money out of pocket. When I turned the car in they had automatically charged my credit card $279.00. I was very upset. They claimed it was a problem in communication. I believe the problem is that they are incompetent and racist! I will never do business with Enterprise again!

Refunded customers credit card for the remaining $182.69.  She was appreciative of the call and the refund!   [redacted]

$350 was refuded to the customer as requested.  Please close

This has been handed with the customer.   Michele P[redacted]Executive Assistant[redacted]

I apologize for the delay on the response.  We have been working on getting all the info together. My GM reached out to Mr. [redacted] and apologized for the issues with the car.  We have worked out the situation with Mr. [redacted] and offered him rental coupons....

   Please let me know if there is anything more that you need.   I believe that this was the last open concern.  If not please let me know. Thanks!  Description: cid:[redacted]Executive Assistant[redacted]

I spoke with [redacted]. He explained the situation, and reiterated what hewrote in his complaint. I apologized for the miscommunication. He said noproblem, that he liked everyone at the branch but he felt mislead. I apologizedagain, and explained that 5021 was under the impression...

that he told them hewanted the full coverage because he was going to have the 3rd party reimbursehim, which is why they took $1200 in authorizations at the time of rental.However, I again apologized, and asked him what he thought was fair and whatwould make him completely satisfied. He said half. I asked him if I refundedthat amount would he be completely satisfied, and he said yes and he loved thefollow up and the team and he would be back. I thanked him, and refunded$728.11.

We have attempted to reach out to the customer by phone and via email with an explination of the charges and have not heard back from them.  If customer responds then we will resubmit a response.  Charges are accurate.

I have reviewed...

the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

From day one at the renter counter, I was told the price per week would be $190.00 and $30.00 a day.

At the end of the first week, I called Enterprise to extend another week at which time I was quoted another week would be the contract times two plus three days. $723.68 was quoted to me over the phone.  I asked the representative why it was so much.   He explained other charges that I was not aware at the time. These you can see in Document #1; see question mark.

To make a long story short, I kept the vehicle 17 days and returned as states in Document #2.  Document #2 was given to me at the return counter.  I do agree with the undisclosed charges that this bill is the correct one, however Enterprise refuses to add the bill correctly.

TWO WEEKS AND THREE DAYS=17 days; see Document #2. Since the amount charged to my credit card was $723.68, the correct total bill is $890.04.  A balance of $166.36 is due! To make the bill any different is fraud. My credit card could not be above the $723.68 because the person that quoted me the adjusted amount for the extra time had already reserved the amount to my credit card.

Document #3 was then sent to me with entirely different days, return time, mileage and total as if to adjust the bill to their fraudulent statements. See Document #3.  This is where the fraud takes place.

I was willing to cooperate with Enterprise until they began the "switching numbers game".  So I decided not to answer anything  they had to say.

This same sequence of lies is complained about on complaint boards on the Internet.


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Description: Auto Renting & Leasing

Address: 3718 Bardstown Rd, Alpharetta, Georgia, United States, 40218-2209


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