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I have been waiting since June of to replace a window in my homeThe window was ordered from JELD-WEN It came to Lowe's in July and it was the wrong sizeThey reordered the window again and it came into Lowe's in August and it was the wrong sizeThey then sent out a Project Specialist because they thought I didn't know how to measure the windowHe was very helpful and he took pictures and measurements and he gave all the information to the department to order the windowIt is now December and I still have not heard from them and I have call several timesMy next step is to call the CEO MrNiblock

I recently went in to purchase a gas stove at [redacted] LowesA young saleswomen assisted meShe was "overseen" by an older gentlemanThey reviewed my order and assured me my stove could be installed despite that I live just across the border in RIThis was a fridayCome monday, I find out that the stove can't be installed due to the fact they don't install in RI, only deliverI ask to cancel my order, they say they can't due to me paying by checkI ask why not, I'll stop payment, they just say no, I can'tThen I say, just send stove, I'll have a plumber set it upThe sales women says once it is setup as in install she is not sure if it can be switch to a deliveryI was fumingI ask for a managerFinally it is set up for a deliveryBut, during the time I am waiting for the stove, an assistant manager insists it only can be delivered while a manager says they have arranged to have it delivered and installed by an RI installer? The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing at this store! On the day it is scheduled to be delivered, they lose my address, and correct phone number, try to refuse and change delivery days, and blame it on meI will never use [redacted] ever againAbsolute incompetence and complete disregard for customer serviceBut most of all, they pass the buck as far as responsibility

I purchased [redacted] carpeting with a pet pad for underneath it on October 5, It was installed on October 19, This was my first (and last) experience with carpeting from a box store The carpet looked beautiful upon completion of installation I thought I'd get or more years of beauty and strength from this carpet NOT So!! In less than years after installation (in fact the problem began shortly after the year warranty expired)...our carpet began buckling in a bunch of different spots When I called [redacted] about this, honestly, the man I spoke to didn't care one bit" Oh, your one year warranty has passed There is nothing we can do" All I wanted was for an installer to come over to stretch the carpet back to normal I was told the only way to get that done was to pay them about $more, and that $was contingent upon there being no additional problems I told them no way! I had already spent twice as much as I could afford on the [redacted] brands of both carpet and pet pad, and I was told they were extremely high quality products The man who cleaned our carpet this past summer of told me they failed to stretch the carpet properly and that's why it's buckling and very bumpy One more thing: when I bought the carpeting, we talked about my dogs and how their toenails might damage [redacted] carpeting So I purchased, at his recommendation, a 50/ [redacted] that wouldn't have problems with loops being pulled up Once again, NOT So!! I am convinced, and buyer beware, you should be convinced that [redacted] salespeople ***'t have a lot of product knowledgeI still want this issue to be Resolved!

Purchased washer and dryer on 11-14- Received washer on 11-19- Never heard from Lowe's went into the East Sprague store in Spokane WA on 12-18-and couldn't find our dryer order Credit card was charged on 11-14-was told by Lowe's manager today we will receive dryer end of January The store manage was rude to me and I felt they were extremely unhelpful We will go weeks without a dryer yet paying for dryer on our Lowe's card Called Lowe's customer service put on hold and after minutes they hung up the phone Terrible customer service

I have had two "Special Orders" from [redacted] ogf Cookeville over the past three years and both have been total fiascos The first was a special order counter depth refrigerator that arrived two weeks late and had very obviously come from the "Scratch and Dent" department We refused to accept it (for some odd reason my wife didn't want a scratched up and dented up refrigerator in our new quarter million dollar home, go figure!)Were told a new unit would be delivered the following week but after a month we were told that that unit was no longer madeWe were also told we couldn't get our money back and only a "store credit" would be issued I didn't shop again at [redacted] for almost two years Jump forward to presentWe are building a new garage and needed two garage doors and openers so I bit the bullet and went back to [redacted] BIG MISTAKE! They had to "Special Order" the doors and then said I couldn't take delivery at the store and was charged $for home deliveryI bought the openers at the same time and (remember this, it come into play shortly) the sales person loaded them into my basketWhen the doors arrived, there were no latches, no instructions, no operator brace strut, and the doors were just strapped down on top of a pickup The original stickers on the doors naming them series had been partially covered by stickers claiming it to be a series 2,(the one I actually ordered) I returned to [redacted] to get the missing parts and was told by the original salesman "I didn't know you were going to use an opener" (remember, this is the guy that loaded them in my cart) and was told I had to buy them separately for $each OH WAIT! I also had to pay another $delivery fee because he hadn't ordered them up frontI left without ordering them, they are not worth the extra $ So the long and short of it I wasted several hours waiting on Lowes to order something, didn't get what I wanted and then, (are you ready for this?) was told by the check-out clerk that if I didn't like [redacted] go to EXIT [redacted] WHERE I'D FIND A [redacted] I took her up on it [redacted] never get another dollar from me or anyone I can talk out of shopping there!

On 9/30/I paid Lowes, (Bobby Jones Exp Augusta, GA) in full for some bathroom cabinets to be installed n a newly-built home After a significant delay in getting them installed we found two of the drawers did not slide in and out properly and one of those drawers was misaligned with the rest New drawers had to be made to correct the problem The new drawers were delivered approximately weeks ago I have called times to get the installation person to go to the house and install the new drawers It is now 2/15/I still do not have properly functioning cabinets Four and one-half months since I paid for the cabinets and all I get from Lowes is what sounds like an apology from a script or an excuse There has been no offer of any compensation for this grief because "It is not their policy."

We signed a contract with [redacted] on 5/17/for a 37' sand colored fence and gateAt that time I paid $2,I thought that was not right because I never paid for a job in full that was not even startedI usually paid for half and paid the balance amount when the job was completedBut we handed [redacted] a check for the full amountThat was over months ago and still have no fenceHe told us it would take weeks for the fence to come inI guess he lied to us thenWell the fence finally came in sometime the middle of JuneBut the hinges didnotThen we had to wait weeks for the hingesFinally they said the fence would be delived on July 14th and it would be installed on July 15th Well they delivered the wrong fenceNo one ever checked that it was the correct fence when it came inI don't know what they do over there but nobody seems to care how anything is doneThey said they called us but they never didWe have a message machine that would take a message and it keeps a log of incoming calls so I know they never calledI am anxious to see how they install this fence if it ever comesI certainly hope they do a better job than the people at [redacted] I've learned my lesson and I will never purchase anything at this big box store again [redacted]

On the day of our home's closing my husband & I decided to go buy all our new appliances from Lowes in Homdel, NJIt was close to the house & figured Lowes prides themselves on their customer support - never had an issue with them beforeWell - that was the biggest mistake everWe went on 5/27/to order a new fridge, range, microwave, dishwasher, washer & dryer -- all said and done ~$10KWe brought pictures & part #s for each item we wanted as we had done our research before goingThe directions to the employee inputting were please hold everything to have it delivered the same day - if something is not available, HOLD THE ORDERHe told us looks like everything is in stock - we should have it all on 6/4/ 5/28/- My husband goes to Lowes to order one of their most expensive propane grills ~$2K spentMakes sure to tell employee propane grill is what is wanted opposed to the natural gas option that was available Delivery date set for the following Sunday 6/5/ 6/4/- Lowes truck pulling around the corner to our new house & my husband gets a call from Lowes"Sir, we just wanted to let you know the range is not in yet & the fridge, well we can't seem to find itSo neither of those items will be coming today." My husband confirmed the fridge was in the warehouse - just needed to be foundHe asked if they could deliver it later that same day (since it was the stores fault for losing it) or the next day he also inquired about the range & when that would be delivered bc again we wanted everything together or nothing at allLowes response: "We will call you back in minutes." Hours go by, Lowes finally calls - "Sir we have located the fridge but will not be able to deliver until tomorrow." - We were fine with that, but the update on the range no one was able to provide 6/5/16: No call from Lowes to give us an estimated arrival timeSo I call the delivery services # & ask for an update as to what time we can expect the fridge to be delivered along with the grillThey tell me there are no notes regarding a fridge, but the grill is in the store ready to be shipped on Monday 6/6/-- NO ONE CALLED TO TELL US THERE WAS A DELAYLater that night my husband gets a call from Lowes "Sir, we just wanted to let you know the grill is currently being put together & will definitely be delivered tomorrow." Husband inquires on the fridge & status of the range - Lowes will call us back shortly 6/6/16: Monday 7AM Lowes calls my husband "Hi Sir, we just wanted to let you know our grill assembler called out today so your grill will not be delivered until tomorrow (note above Lowes already told my husband the grill was being assembled on Sunday so we were being lied to)My husband loses his mind and tells them they have minutes to find someone to put the grill together and make sure its delivered today otherwise he will be returning all the appliances that were delivered over the weekend along with anything else we recently bought there ~$3KGet the call back an hour later - grill is being assembled & will be delivered between 11-12pmminutes later - Lowes calls back "we notice there is a fridge that also needs to be delivered today so we are moving the delivery time to 3-5pm for both." hour later (approx1130am) the Lowes Delivery guy calls "I am en route to your house with the grill & fridge we will be there in about mins." So I was just expected to be home twiddling waiting for this delivery all day long - no one could get anything straight Well as soon as they start to take the fridge off the truck my husband stopped them and said to return it - it was the wrong fridge from what we orderedWe ordered the LG black stainless cu in - we were being delivered a stainless steel Samsung cu inI go down to the Lowes store to find out what the heck is going on - find out the fridge we asked for was improperly input (duh) & that the one we want has to be Special Ordered approxdays to getInquiry about the range - told it was a Special Order as well that is why its so lateNO ONE CALLED TO TELL US ANY OF THIS!!! So I'm fuming mad & tell the manager Mike that this is beyond ridiculousHe adjusts my bill accordingly but cannot do anything about the wait timeThe grill was delivered but with all the noise going on with the fridge my husband did not check it until hours laterHe goes to check it out (a man loves his new toy) and realizes they delivered a NATURAL GAS grillAs I walk into the house from Lowes my husband was walking out to go there & complain as we were not getting anywhere with folks on the phoneThey tell him the grill is Special Order and will take at least a week to get to the store & then delivery can be setupUmm ok so now I have NO range, NO grill & NO fridge - I think we have a right to be crazy mad To be continued - not enough room to finish

I'd give them zero if I couldBought a washer during black friday saleWebsite told me it would be available on the 11th of DecemberScheduled a deliveryOn the 10th they call and tell me my item is in the delivery truck, will be unloaded by the 13th and when do I want it deliveredScheduled a delivery for ThursdayThen thursday comes and goes not a single phone call to tell me what is going onCall them, speak to both managers in the store who apologize and tell me my item was diverted by someone in the corporate office and they were not notifiedGet another call back letting me know they were able to obtain a washing machine from a different store and it will be delivered on FridayThen I get a call back from the manager confirming if delivery has called meThey never did Call back on friday, and Brian STILL assures me the item will be deliveredDelivery system is telling me it will be delivered January 4thAt 11:I speak with him and he will find out what is going on and call me "right back"At PM I am still waiting for a call back and after minutes of not getting even an operator to answer the phone I get a hold of him who now tells me they DON'T have the item available and "I am sorry but we are working on a solution and will call you right back"Another hrs go by and FINALLY I get a call back telling me the item will not be available for TWO AND A HALF MONTHS!!! And I can either wait for the item and get it for half price or get a completely different machine in a completely different color than the one I wanted and already had the dryer for Twice these people called me to LIE to me and say my item would be deliveredI had to stay at home TWO DAYS without working waiting for them to get their stuff together to find out my options were complete CRAP! Solution: buy the washer at HOME DEPOT and will now have to eat up a $difference on the price on top of all my other stressAnd by the wayHOME DEPOT delivered another item I purchased during black friday with absolutely NO DRAMA, did not delay my delivery date, gave me an 11-time frame and showed up at 11:Will NEVER AGAIN step into a Lowe's for ANYTHINGNot even a single nail

I ordered few item at lowe's (Winter Garden) and though they have those item in store they cancelled my order so that I can not use my $off out of $couponThat is one time coupon I am sure they did it intentionallyI kept screen shot when I ordered those I am very [redacted] about this store nowUsed them all the time and now they are harassing me

Worst customer service, installers and delivery people I've ever come acrossDo not use them if you need anything replaced in your home where they need to order or send their installersThey'll take your money but never finish your project without messing up your entire home or having you wait around for monthsNo one can give you one straight answer...every day or every time you speak with someone you'll get a different answer or the run around

Probably the worst possible roofing contractor we could have chosenmonths into the project it is still not completedContractors come without proper safety equipment, instructions, supervision, or knowledgeContinually lied and treated our family as if we were stupidLeft the home exposed to extreme weather in several circumstancesLeft a mess everywhere they workedNot one part of the project was completed to a professional levelPlease save yourself the headache we have had to go through

On September 30, 2016, I signed a contract with Lowe's in Abingdon, VA, for a whole house Generac Generator, including installation, in the amount of $8,397.01, which I paid in full with a personal checkLowe's hired a contractor to do the jobThe generator was installed on November 3, 2016, but the job was not completed and the generator was not tested until November 12, 2016, even though I made several calls to try to determine why the job was not finishedLowe's and the contractor both blamed the delay on miscommunication, which seems to be excuse on several of the negative reviews posted on this site by Revdex.comI have learned my lesson about letting Lowe's hire a contractor for any work I have to have doneI will hire the contractor myself and withhold a portion of the cost until the job is completed

I am beyond disgusted with the Lowe's In Southaven, MSMy boyfriend and I were very excited to do our first semi-big project for our houseIn late March/early April we went to Lowe's to pick out an exterior door with side lightsThe employees didn't seem to know what they were talking about After a couple of months of tying to get answers and create what we wanted we were over it! Finally, on June 14th we placed the order for the door ( without the transom)The installer was sent out twice to measure before we orderedLowe's sent him out to see if we needed to purchase the transomAs customers we were unaware that we needed to purchase this August 18th the door came inThey came to install and it was wrong! I never spoke to the store manager because he always had someone else call us backWe decided to re orderOn September 10th we were told that the new door was ordered and it had to be special ordered from a factoryThe ETA time was weeksweeks later it came in and we were excitedOh wait, it came in wrong, AGAIN! The installers made it work until Lowe's could decide what they were going toBy doing that the transom broke! It still has tape on it right nowThe second install attempt was November 2ndThe manager of the store finally showed his face after I contacted corporateI had to call him though to speak to himI was told from corporate that he was supposed to call me back the next dayI spoke to him two days later and he came out to my house to look at the door/damageChris, told me that he would call me the next day but I NEVER heard from him and still have not to this dayI have contacted corporate several more times and they are not doing anything!!!!! I was told the installer was going to come out to my home on November 18th to "fix" the doorAlso, I was told the glass people would be here to- they still haven't comeThe installers had to sand the fame and the door to actually make it fit because Lowes could not get it rightThey also stained it for me because the company who made it sent the incorrect touch up stain and we tried to touch up the door.The door came in in terrible conditionI was told at Lowes that the trim would all be replaced and it was notIt was not even paintedLowe's lied! The manager Chirs Gentry told me on my door step on November 4th that they would have my door looking presentable for ThanksgivingThe glass for the transom is still NOT fixed!!! I have now been told by Allen (millwork) that the glass company can not get to us until TuesdayThat is two days before Thanksgiving and days after the glass was originally brokenI was told by Jake, an employee who contacted me on November 18th after yet another complaint to corporate that we should have not been allowed to purchase the door and frame without the transomThis whole experience has been a nightmareI have tried to speak to someone who can please explain to me why we should have to pay $for this!!! I can not get an answer from anyone!!! From April until November, doors came in wrong and the installer had to "fix" the door/frame to make it work!!!!! I should not be paying for anything!!!!!!! I am so disappointed!!! Lowe's should be paying me for my wasted time, energy, and my painter who is having to come out to paint the trim that I was told would be taken care of! I have been sick to my stomach over this and no one seems to care at Lowe's! They should get out of the door business!!!

HelloI went to your store in Clackamas a few weeks ago and got some paint samples for my sons roomThe paint guy was not very nice, but I thought maybe he was having a bad dayWent to your store a week ago and got the paint in gallon sizesI got gallon of green and of blue thinking I would need bothNO WHERE DID IT SAY THAT YOU CAN NOT RETURN MIXED PAINT and no one at the paint desk said this to me, nor did the cashier when we checked outI went to return this and the service desk person said I needed to talk with the paint counterThe service desk manager just sat there and looked at me and did not say a wordSo I went to the paint counterThe lady there was super rude to me and told me that it says right on the can no returnsIn fact she decided to highlight it for meI said no one told me and she said cant you readI will no longer be shopping at your storeNeither will my Veteran husband and all the associates he is in contact withI can not believe how rude your employees wereI have bought paint from home depot before no questions asked they returned itI thought since you were having a sale on the paint I would go to your storeNEVER AGAIN! To have such rude people work for your company and not to have it posted anywhere in the paint department that you can not return mixed paint

Lowes has lost my business as far as the quality of appliance they sale and the service they provide Knoxville, TN: I bought a Samsung high end dryer 1/ yeasr ago from Lowes After Christmas, it stopped heatingIt, unfortunately is no longer in warranty I called Lowes service department After waiting over mins , I finally got a person on the line This was Tuesday Their initial timeframe was to set up service on the following MondayI asked for something sooner and they found a potential with a Samsung certified tech They set it up for that service to call me back within hours It is now hours later and still no phone call Realizing that they were contracting the service out and since the product was not under warranty, held no advantage to me, I called a small local service They have just left after replacing my heating element that burned out in less than years, Still no phone call from Lowes Clarksville , TN: Over this same time period My mother's Whirlpool refrigerator, years oldwas not freezing or cooling After several phone calls and long waits with the service department, they were set up to come repair between 1-on Tuesday They never called or showed up After several phone calls on Weds, late Weds afternoon some one finally showed up to fix the refrigerator No explanation as to why it didn't happen as originally scheduled from Lowes Two different poor quality products, the same company and service department with lousy service Lowes has lost two customers

I bought a new washer and dryer from Lowes at the south Scottsdale store on McDowell and Hayden not long ago and was delivered a used washerOn delivery day, after the washer was installed the delivery person turned to me and said that it was a used washer and not a new one then handed me a sticker that had the washer's model number on it and the words AS ISHe said Lowes does it all the time and the sticker he handed me is supposed to remove before delivering the items to the customerThe model number written on the AS IS sticker match the model number on the receipt for my new washerHe asked me not to tell anyone what he did and I didn't until now I believe they must have been doing this a whileThey were pretty brazen about what they delivered to meThe used washer had numerous mars and dings along the top control panel, dirt at one bottom corner and it did not workThe instruction manual was in a ripped open clear plastic bag with a blue piece of tape hanging off itI trusted Lowes and thought they were a cut above Home Depot, nope, I was so wrong I did return the used washer hooting and hollering (but very nicely) that I found an as is sticker on this dinged up, dirty and broken washerI insisted that the store manager do an investigation into why this happened, results were they had a tent sale that previous weekend and there must have been a mix upNope, doesn't cut it with me because I know better Went higher to the regional manager and insisted on an investigation, results were a bit better but was there really anything done about it? If the scheme is to pocket money from selling shafted customers new appliances, are they going to want to stop? And how far up does the rip off go? I tried to go to the national manager but was treated poorly by corporate customer service and was told that I "accepted" the regional managers investigation and the matter is closed unless I want to hand write a letter and mail it inI never accepted any investigating because I knew what they were doing and wanted to make sure I put a stop to itThe real reason it was closed was because the washer was no longer in my possessionBut I had taken pic of the dings, dirt and opened manual package, blue tape hanging off and allPlus I have that AS IS sticker When all was said and done I remembered that on the day I purchased the washer I was standing behind the lady appliance manager as she was putting in my order and I saw As Is next to one of the line of washer order numbers on the computer screen but it quickly disappearedI trusted Lowes and forgot about it until laterThat was my NEW, AS IS washer being ordered by the lady appliance manager right under my noseThey must have been doing this for a long time to be that brazen to do it with me standing behind herBut, I truly trusted Lowes and my thought was she passed that one and ordered the one below itNot so My recommendation is that if you bought any type of appliance for the Lowes at McDowell and Hayden in the last couple of years, to demand a new one be delivered in the box, unopened, at your door (check the very bottom, they cut it open down there to check the appliance for damage, per regional manager)Print off my review and take it with you, shove it in their faces, they know who I am; they definitely do and demand you get your new appliance

You can be the judge of if this was handled in an appropriat manner and descide if you would make a purchase at this store Below is an email I send lowes custoemer care after I placed and order and the responce I place an order online for Item number XXXXXX Model # [redacted] on 11/12/out of store number [redacted] for the price of $the order number was [redacted] It was also stated that it was in stock and will be ready for pick up same day After the order was placed verified and paid for I received a call from the store stating that they didn t have the item in stock and would not be ordered He stated that the other two stores in the metro area had them in stock one had two and one had three He also stated that I could order the item from there store and he would cancel this order and refund the money I went to store number [redacted] to order the product and it is showing at $and the other metro store also shows this same price I called store number [redacted] again to advise of this and [redacted] a manager stated that he cannot help me due to it was a No Stock Tier and was to be clearance out of that store He said to [redacted] store number [redacted] and see if the manager would sell at the same price he said he could not [redacted] and could not guarantee they would be able to help me since it was a store thing not a regional or area thing I asked if he could have it shipped to his store for pickup he stated he couldn t I called store [redacted] and let the operator know my situation and story and she put me on hold to ask a manager, when she came back to she stated that they cannot match store to store prices What really gets me going on this is that after calling the stores I go online and it shows that there is one in stock same item number and same model number but for $so it seems to me that the order was canceled and I was lied to after the order was paid for, for whatever reason I would like to receive this product since it seems that I have proof that there is the product but the store was not willing to sell it to me at the advertised price I have included screen shots of the item showing in stock and the proof of sale at the discount price Below is the responce I recieved from customer care, Thank you for your emailI am very sorry to hear about the issues that you have had with your order # [redacted] I do understand your frustrations This is an item that was priced at clearance pricing at the Lowe s of [redacted] IAUnfortunately, our stores do not match prices from other locations as they may be a stocking store for the item and this location is notThere does also seem to be an inventory issue at the store as they do show one on hand but they have not been able to locate this item I also checked and show that the order was cancelled before the charge was processed to your cardThe authorization hold will come off your card within 3-business days depending on your financial institution We value you as a customer and apologize again that we are not able to fill this order for youIf you need anything else please don t hesitate to contact meI hope that you have a great day Thank you, [redacted] s Customer Care I also have screen shots to prove all my claims (I wish I could figure out how to upload here) and sent them to customer care I also understand what they are saying but why not try to make something right instead of giving me a big "we don't care about you MrCustomer" I do not fault the 50th street store but I do feel that the [redacted] Store could have made some sort of concession since it was and still is the stores mistake Again you be the judge what if this was a large item that you needed to finish you dream project or wanted in place before the holidays with friends and family coming over

A place you don't want to go for your custom cabinet designVery bad designer, dishonestly, etc

My wife and I purchased a lawn mower from [redacted] We had shopped other retail stores and all three had the same mower for the exact same price We decided on [redacted] because we were told if we opened a [redacted] Charge Account the billing cycle is days and we would have days to pay in full without interest charges after we received our first statement [redacted] (aka [redacted] Bank) cycled our statement on the 3rd day after the account was opened We have days from receipt of the first statement to pay this account in full or interest accrues at 24.99% This is very bad business both of the part of [redacted] employeed and [redacted] Bank Had the finanance options not been misreprensented to me I may have bought the mower elsewhere The account [redacted] be paid in full in the plus weeks [redacted] and [redacted] have allowed but I am annoyed I did not get the days I was told I would get

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