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Lowes offers a kitchen design, sales and installation service I have never had a worse experience Their kitchen designer, contractor and the corporate office were all unable to deliver on the agreement I signed A few examples are: contract stated 9-weeks and I am on week and we are not done yet, their contractor does not have the skill level to do drywall work, electrical (failed inspection, off center outlets, bad lighting installation, etc), cabinet install (not square or level, etc), painting, caulking, tile work, grout, appliance install I ended up hiring my own drywall texture contractor, electrician and finish carpenter Many of the cabinet materials had to be reordered because of the messy job the contractor did Every trip the contractor made to my house required at least 1-additional trips to repair the damage they caused Additionally, design changes had to be made along the way due to details the kitchen designer missed I was continually told "no problem" by the designer and contractor I missed Thanksgiving and if I had not secured my own contractors I would have missed Christmas This was not a difficult kitchen to do There was no new flooring and no structural changes The service is a good concept but they need a skilled designer and a much better contractor

Does Lowe's EVER receive a favorable report??? If not, I can understand whyWe are experiencing some of the same things others complain about: they will not honor their maintenance contract termsMy dryer has had repairmen work on it at least times in the past months for the same uncorrected problem: will not heat hot enough to dry clothesand it has not been replaced as per service contract.We are in the process of filing a complaint thru to see if they can help resolve the matterI know what Lowe's response will be: "We appreciate your business blah//blah...blah." You know their canned answer if you have read all the negative reviewsThe last repairman that worked on it last week refused to come back this week to work on it againNext time I'll try Home Depot and hope they have better service

Deceptive bait and trap practicesWent there to buy a new refrigerator and I mentioned another deal at Brand Smart for a complete kitchen suiteThe salesperson told me to bring copy of ad and they would matchAfter leaving and coming back with the ad they reneged on their word so I leftI spoke with the manager Dean the next day who asked me to come in and they would honor the deal with their merchandise so I came back in, once there for another two hours the Manger Newton did exactly the same thingEven though the salesperson had told him what the other manager had told her as wellThese people are deceptive liars and I would not recommend them at allImagine being told to come back twice and lied to both timesThe salesperson was very nice and tried to be helpful but to no avail, she was actually kind enough to provide me with the paperwork form the manager regarding pricing, I think she was embarrassed by the LIES and DECEPTIONS spewed by her management

I ordered exterior doors in april and was told they would take 4-weeks to come in, they took During installation the wrong trim was put on (they had ordered the wrong color), it was reorderedwhen the reorder came it was broken, they had to reorder, when the new reorder came in it was the wrong color again, they had to reorderAfter reorders the right trim came in and was installed not to our satisfactionThe day after the contractor came to fix the things that were wrongit is now October! During the whole process my husband followed up with the store with mgr.s promising to call him back, which never happenedtrips to the store and several mgrslater he got someone to follow upThey offered us $off of our bill for our inconvenienceI loose twice that amount when I have to stay home to deal with the issuesA sad attempt to right many wrongsWe will not be doing home improvements with Lowes in the future

On or about August 1, I purchased a refrigerator from *** I was told that it would have to be special ordered and would not arrive until August After delivery, it stopped working approximately weeks after it arrived Having been under warranty, they would send a repairman out within a few days After approximately days, repairman showed up, only to tell me that he would have to order the parts from *** He told me they should be here within the week After waiting for over a week, I called only to be told that the parts had not arrived yet I finally called *** on August and arranged for them to bring me a whole new refrigerator, since it had been less than days since my purchase They told me they would have to special order another one, guaranteed that I would have it by the end of the week On the day before scheduled delivery, I received three phone calls confirming that the refrigerator would be delivered the next day I made arrangements for my year old father to be there, since I would be working Approximately minutes before delivery, I received a call confirming that they would indeed be at my home in half an hour A few minutes later, the appliance manager called me and said that not only was my refrigerator NOT on the truck, but that the order had never even been placed How could this be, when I received four phone calls telling me my refrigerator was on its way? The manager told me that it would be another days before they could get another one By this point, my family and I had been without any sort of refrigeration for approximately weeks I told the manager I needed a small loaner refrigerator, and that if he couldn't not get me a new fridge within days, I was cancelling my order and taking my business somewhere else He promised me this would happen On Thursday night, I again received word that my refrigerator would be delivered the following day at noon Again, they told me that I would received a call minutes prior to delivery At noon, I again arranged for my father AND mother AND my daughter to be at the house for the delivery Two hours later, no delivery and no call I called the store myself and they put me through to the delivery driver He was at the store and said they tried to deliver my fridge, but no one was home I told him three people were there watching for the truck, and didn't see anything He insisted they rang the doorbell and no one was home By this time, I was beyond upset and I told them they had to get back in the truck and bring my fridge immediately I called the appliance manager, who was out that day called the store manager, who also was out that day, and finally reached someone in appliances She told me she was tied up with someone else, but that she would look into it and call me back as soon as possible Within a half hour, the truck was back at my house delivering the fridge, but no call from the woman in appliances No one since has ever called me back to ensure that it was delivered or that no other problems arose No follow up from the girl in appliances; no minute "heads up" call when truck was on it's way; no phone call telling me they were there trying to deliver I truly believe they never attempted to deliver the fridge and I believe that had I not called, it would still be sitting in limbo somewhere No one has ever called to apologize for all the problems, no one has contacted me to make sure things were ok The appliance manager acted as if I was putting him out by needing a new fridge so fast He acted like I was a big pain in his side by asking for a small loaner fridge in the meantime For weeks I had been running for ice everyday so that I could keep some milk in a cooler for my family I will never walk buy anything from Lowes again! Terrible customer service and communication between managers, employees and customers is terrible

I have been fighting for months and months now over a carpet that was installed in September I purchased this (which was marketed by Lowes as
Westland Spirited Sable Fashion Forward and is no longer offered) and as you can see it's marketed as PET carpeting! " This soft, naturally stain-resistant carpet is perfect for families with kids and pets." We also purchased their "smartcushion" Mohawk won't stand behind product, denies claim and Lowes only wanted to give me free installation on a new carpet that I would have to purchase! They believed this was fairI already paid over $3,for the mess I have now! I entered in a
contract with Lowe's and they should honor itI'm sorry Mohawk won't pay, but in the end it's Lowe's who I have to deal with and I want my money backThey can go after Mohawk since they represent them(This carpet has since been removed from Lowe's and is no longer sold.)

Do not by an Appliance from this store! Store is trying to scam people by trying to deliver other peoples returned itemsTried to buy a new refrigerator from them On delivery day warehouse person called to see if we would accept a fridge with a dent/scratch in the back with a possibility of a discountThen he explained we would have to claim/fight for the discount with customer service after fridge was deliveredWe obviously said no, we wanted a new, undamaged fridgeThen an hour later we called to see what was happening and we were told a new one had been foundWas delivered same day and it only worked for dayIt was suspicious as it had some writing in red marker on top inside of fridge, top and corners of seals looked dirty and brand name tag would not stay onIt looked like name tag had fallen off and picked up dust and no longer would stick to fridgeWe asked to have it hauled away and request a new onedays later they tried to deliver a damaged fridge which was all dented on front bottom cornerWe immediately refused it and sent it backWent to store to argue for refund and was told they couldn't refund till truck brought fridge back to store probably by 3pmAround 6pm a guy named Mike called asking if we wanted to try for another delivery for next day, he claimed they had plenty in stockWe were desperate after almost a week with no fridge and all places claimed at least days for delivery so said we'd try again if they could deliver a new, undamaged, working fridge the next day whereby he said it would be deliveredSo next day we waited until 2pm till finally called store to get a status and was told no delivery was scheduled for usAsked to speak with store managerGot someone named Kevin, he said fridge was pulled off truck that morning because we had called to cancel the orderWe were shockedHe said if we still wanted it it could be delivered next dayThat he had personally inspected it and it was not damagedNext day delivery people show up with "new" fridge, plugged it in and it started making a large grinding clanking noiseDelivery person himself said he was taking it back he didn't even ask if we wanted to keep itIncredible the HORRIBLE experience we've had with this storeSeems they are trying to deliver items that are damaged or defective items as if they are newI will never buy an appliance from this store everBeware, if you receive your appliance and it's not still in the box then refuse it as it's probably someone else's returned itemWe noticed the fridges we got did not have the interior packing tapesUsually shelves are secured for shipping with tape and user manual is in a bagThese fridges had all tapes removed and manual was loose with pages all creasedThis is not a experienceI've had appliances delivered before and they are unboxed by delivery people at my door

I ***'t often write reviews but my recent experience at Lowes on *** Gloucester Township inspired me to do such
My kitchen nightmare started with the process of having my counter tops measured by ***
I made the appointment for a Friday at 5:30pm...I leave work early so I could be home when she arrived...Waited till 6:No ***, I finally *** the store and they informed me that she was at the store waiting for me, The gentleman that made my appointment (***) apologized and said it was a miss communication ...I needed to come to the store before the measurement of my counter tops can be done
I reschedule for the next day to meet *** at 1:00pm ...Leave work again early to arrive at my Scheduled appointment which she confirmed the time on Friday...I go to the Kitchen area and ask for her...She's not in the store...The gentleman placed a *** to her and she informs him that She won't be available for my appointment and that I missed her yesterday so toughI asked to speak to a Manager
A few minutes later I'm introduced to *** ( Manager )...He's upset at what transpired and offers his help with anything...I explained to him that I took off work early TWICE and I'm still at square , This is after waiting weeks for the appointment with herI finally ordered my counter tops from Home depot...Installed in day's no issues
But I need a floor ( Yes you guessed it ) I head back to Lowes ( ***'t know why )...Pick out a floor and pay the $for the floor to be measured...Installer comes out no issues till it's time to pay
I noticed that it's an additional $on the bill; I ask for an explanation...*** at flooring explains that it's the "T" molding that is required when installing the floorLeading up to this I had several estimates and each of the private contractors informed me that only "T" mold is required for my job
I won't take up your time explain "T" molding but it's ONLY required when transitioning from floor of the same height to another floorMy floor needs a reducer which is $as appose to $each for "T" molds (Roughly $60.00)...At this point I ask to speak to ***...Unavailable (Of course)
I'm now introduced to ***...He quickly comes over just to tell me that ...It's nothing that can be done a scurry offs...O.K no problem ...I pay for the Material and Labor (Only to make my wife happy and to stop my pain of this Lowes experience)
I then get a *** from *** informing that the floor I just paid for WON'T be covered under the warranty because they couldn't add additional material...Plus it's a $delivery charge or I can come get the material myself...He also kindly said it would all fit in my car or I could rent a truck from them
I looked at my contract and it clearly states that Lowes will be delivering the material as part of this agreement, *** get's on the phone and say were going to do you a favor and wave the delivery charge...This store is a joke, I wouldn't get another item or recommend this store to anyone I care about
It turned this whole experience sour...Thanks Lowes

I ordered a hot water heater with Lowes in Philadelphia (the one on Columbus Blvd) and what proceeded to happen cost me both time and moneyThe order defaulted to a store in West Philly because it showed that none were available at the location in South PhillyThen a customer service rep spent a day canceling that order and re-ordering it at the South Philly location
I called the next day because I didn't receive an order confirmation that the item was in stock to be picked upThe next customer rep I spoke to said that the original customer rep actually didn't do what she said she would and that the hot water heater was in West PhillyHe even asked if I wanted to pick it up there! Ridiculous
I didn't want to pick it up there and so he said it had been re-ordered in South Philly and to expect an email confirmationI didn't get one so I called again
Finally, a customer rep by the name of Colleen re-did everything that the first reps said they would do and it actually

This business has total disrespect for our Military Veterans!!!
I was refused a military discount even though I showed my veteran ID card and V.ACardI will never shop there again!!!!
This is the Tulare, CaStore

just to let you know what happen to me, I was the electrical pro at store for years, I had quit to do something I always wanted to do, but it did not workout after two monthsso I waited till the electrical pro came open again and it didI applied for this position and was turn down for no reasonso I would like to know way I was turned down for some closerafter years as the pro I had many customers who knew me and like me, also knew how to do everything on the computer system at lowesI have had 40-customer who want me back but I did not even get a interviewi am trying to understand please help methen I applied for just a sales asscbut did not get it eitherplease relate this to steve jorden district manageri would love to get back and help my customer again, because that is what believe in thanks

Every time I go to Lowes, I am satisfiedI will go to a place first for price and I will come back for customer serviceIf I have an issue I want it resolved quickly and fairlyI have only have positive experiences with LowesFriendly, polite and helpful workers who make time to answer my questions or concernsBeing military I believe and use the top down approach of leadershipSo, a happy worker makes a happy customer and I think this starts at the top of this location and works it way down

I had three Windows purchased and installed by Lowe's "professional" installThe windows were purchased in the spring, and after several tries and arguments with Lowes, finally installed at the end of AugustUnfortunately the word installed gives too much creditAfter 3+ thousand dollars to upgrade my old windows, I wish I had them back!! If I get close to my living room window, my hair literally blows from the amount of air comin in! The trim is crooked and the window doesn't fit! The window was ordered three times due to no one could measure properlyI ***'t think 3rd time was a charm in this case! The contractor who installed was rude and argumentativeDo not buy windows from Lowes!

We purchased a *** upright freezer approx, weeks ago It took weeks for it to come in and get delivered Upon delivery the freezer was damaged and the delivery people tried to get us to keep it for a small discount We do not want want a damaged freezer and told them to return it and get us what we ordered It is now weeks since the last delivery and I scheduler delivery on Friday June 6, and no one showed up I called the store and they thought I scheduled it for Monday June We went to the store on Friday June and were told they could get it delivered on Saturday June It is now 6:PM and no freezer I called the manager approx hour ago and he said he would call the delivery people and get right back with me, but no call as of yet This has got to be one of the worst experinces ever for me to buy an appliance We have spent a great deal of money with *** in the past, but that seem to be coming to an endWhen you cannot even get them to contact you after spending money with them then something has to change

We had a window and patio door installed by Lowes, on the day the window was to be installed they called and stated the window panels were broke and do we want to rescheduleWe had already taken off work so we had the broken window panels (it was a slider and they were both broke) installedIt took another weeks to get the replacementsThen when Lowes' delivery guys delivered the door they drug it across the drive way instead of lifting it and the frame got cracked, so the installer would not do the installation until they replaced it which took another 1/-weeksThe process of purchasing and installation started in July and the final job was completed in SeptA week project ended up taking monthsWe have other windows to be replaced but I will not use the Trotwood Lowes againI should say the manager in the sales and install department was very helpful and they did give us a discount at the end of the processHowever that does not change the inconvenience of taking off work twice for the window and twice for the patio door

I contracted w/ Lowes in Anchorage, AK to install laminate floor for about $When the materials arrived, Lowes called me to pick up immediatelyI was initially told subcontractor would take care of deliveryI was able to do it, but missed a lot of sleep (I was working night shift at the time)It would have been nice if salesperson told me about this up front, so I could plan
Once install began, subcontractor found that Lowe's did not provide all the materials needed, so he had to make his 1st trip to the storeOnce he ripped up my old flooring, he discovered it was uneven, and he needed to place smoothing agent firstSo he had his 2nd trip to the storeThus, the 1/day job turned into daysThen Lowes called to say I now owed an additional $for the extra labor and suppliesI had no choice but to pay, since my old flooring was already ripped up and couldn't be put back to the original condition or the contract cancelled
I understand the purpose of the extra costI am pleased with the subcontractor and the final resultMy complaint is that Lowes should be up-front about these hidden costsThere is some smallprint that the price assumes all substructures are standardBut when I was reading the contract, the salesman got impatient, saying I didn't need to read itHe told me $covered all costsI should have known better and asked some questionsBut most contractors will disclose the possibility of hidden costs and estimate what those could beI might have made a different decision, or at least had more money saved up, just in caseI didn't ask for any money back, but when I made the suggestions above to the Lowes manager, he pretty much blew me offSo did the corporate survey personThey seemed to be trying to get me to say it was the subcontractor's faultIt was very unprofessionalI've used Lowes install services twice before, no complaints, but based on this, I'm concerned about the sales methods and cautious of using them again

There Devilry Driver ran threw the Stop sign and almost hit me!

Here is a link to the video.[redacted]

Had three windows put in a few months ago. One window is very crooked and it's been two months now with no luck of getting this fixed. I made all the proper contacts and no results except for voicemails which lead to no answers when calling back. Home Depot will fix the window for me when I have the other 11 windows put in.

Lowes customer care is a joke. I went to Lowes at Princeton NJ this afternoon to buy some lighting stuff. The experience was awful. I was trying to find a customer care person get help on lighting. I talked to 3 of employee regarding this, they said they were not working in that area but would find someone to help me and then disappeared. They lied and nobody showed up. I've been their for 1 and half hours and didn't get any help. It is a shame.

I bought 2 large humidifiers for my home and had almost a year and Lowes stopped carrying the filters for them..I paid 149.00 for each one expecting to be able to use them...if lowes does not intend on us using them but one time they need to let us know...they are getting to be horriable on such things as this..beaware don't buy from lowes!!!

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