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Mr [redacted] ***’s son was contacted on a number that was associated with the contract signed for the account we have in our officeWhen Mrs [redacted] called into our office she told us that she opened this account in her husband’s name while he was in jail, MsStacey Htold her that it was illegal for Mrs [redacted] to do thatMsHnever refused to send something in writing she instead asked for an email or a fax number to send something because if we sent something regular mail the account could be recalled by our client to take further action before the letter even reached them MsHwas never rude or obnoxious to Mrs***, she was simply stating the facts of the matter; that due to this account going delinquent and Mrs [redacted] not calling the creditor to try to take care of this matter our client could pursue for judgementMsHalso told Mrs [redacted] that it was illegal for her to be taking lines of credit out in her husband’s name while he was incarceratedMsStacey Hnever intended to make Mrs [redacted] out to be a bad wife or consumer she simply told Mrs [redacted] what rights our client had going forward Mrs [redacted] can contact our office at ###-###-#### to set up arrangements or she can email the business email of [redacted] @ [redacted] .com However, this account has had all the numbers removed and she will not be contacted by our office again

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowI have never spoken to JoeThe information he has provided you is false, 90% of the info he has told you is not trueI never hung up on them even after being verbally abused by Phillip, the paralegal The people at this company lieThey harass consumers and make threatsThey try to strong arm people into giving them money and if it's not done they make even more threatsA supposed professional threatened my son, then made was rude and nasty comments to me, going so far as to tell me I'm a bad mom Regards, [redacted] *** spoke to Joe at business and the following was relayed: This appears to have been a wrong number, I have been unable to find anything in her name and nothing comes up for that phone number

MrThas contacted [redacted] back and spoken with her, she said this complaint has been resolved to her satisfactionMs [redacted] told us she was filing bankruptcy; we removed all her payment information, closed this account and returned it to our client as a bankruptcy spoke to Joe at business and the following was relayed: The debt is listed on the consumer's credit report, it is not listed under ***'s but the account number is the same, the consumer paid part of the debtThere is no refund to be issued

When [redacted] ***’s account was placed in our office we were never told there had been an agreement made with [redacted] Incin which this debt was forgivenThe debt being collected on was a legitimate debt that [redacted] had taken out with [redacted] and that was still owed, we even provided the contract that was signed by Mr***At no point did our office ever say we were an attorney’s office or that any one of our employees are lawyersOur office did send out a letter to the address that had been on the contract signed at [redacted] which is what the representative from our office stated to Mrs***At no point was anyone bullied or threatened in any way and at no point was there ever a threat to put out an arrest warrant on Mr***Our employee did make them aware of the legal rights our client had that they could pursue, at no point were there any threats of incarceration or warrants being put out on anyoneNo one at our office ever mentioned any connections with the mob or personal injury to anyone Our representative did state to them that we were never told of any agreement with [redacted] and that even if the dog was deceased Mr [redacted] still owed the money from the loan due to a portion in the contract that stated exactly thatFoster and Monroe is an accredited collection agency collecting on a verifiable debt that was placed in our office spoke to Joe Kat business and the following was relayed: The complainant was a monthly payer and is aware of the billThe account is a ***'s account which was opened up in September of The customer paid until April The account was forwarded to us from [redacted] Group, the owner of the account, and they placed it with us in NovemberA settlement was offered and she acceptedThe customer can confirm with [redacted] Group (***) to verify, ###-###-####

[redacted] did contact our office on 08/03/at which point the matter that is currently in our office was disclosed to her and she set up a payment arrangement with our office to take care of the accountAt no point was anyone threatening to put Ms [redacted] in prison or issue a warrant for her arrestThere was not any information regarding Ms [redacted] having a co-signer on the contract, which I have provided for her reviewAt no point did Ms [redacted] call into our office and ask for her payment arrangement to be taken off of file therefore the payments still processed and declined which is why Ms [redacted] received a call from MrMThere was never a request for documentation to be sent to Ms [redacted] which is again why she never received it; however I did attach the original contract for Ms [redacted] to look overFoster and Monroe is an accredited collection agency collecting on a verifiable debtAfter Ms [redacted] filed this complaint she did the proper due diligence, found out her account was valid and with Foster and MonroeMs [redacted] contacted our office and admitted she was wrong and should have never filed a complaintUpon the verifying this with Ms [redacted] we would expect this complaint to be resolved and for our records reflect that

The debtor listed this number as a point of contact, when we asked for the debtor she verified she was the debtorNo one was abused and no one was taken advantage ofWe never advised that we wanted any property backOur client reserves the right to pursue legal action against anybody who owes them fundsAt this point in time the account has been closed and returned to our client as uncollectableThis party has not been contacted by our office since the date of their accusations complaint and will never be contacted by our office regarding this account again I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I disagree with Joe from the companyDon't know if he reviewed tape however I was never provided validation being I still have no idea what claim is aboutOnly spoke to L [redacted] the one timeNo messages or mail to dateThey did not contact only me I was given L***s number and info he provided my dad and his wifeAnd he contacted them a second time though I cannot say for sure it was after he called me directlyNot only is the company response inaccurate I believe they are withholding the truth purposefully Regards, [redacted] spoke to Joe at business and the following was relayed: The consumer was provided validation of the debtThe only contact we have had was with debtorThe account was closed on 4/and sent back to our client on 5/8/

Mr [redacted] was a co-signer on a [redacted] Alarm account that is currently in our officeOn 05/26/a representative from our office attempted to contact either [redacted] or [redacted] our representative could not reach either of those partiesRelatives were contacted solely for the purpose of locating either [redacted] or [redacted] A validation letter was sent out to the address originally provided when the [redacted] account was first taken out days before our representative attempted to contact anyone regarding this accountHad Mr [redacted] asked our office for more documentation we would have gladly provided it again to whichever address he would provideAt no point did our office threaten Mr [redacted] , we did however make him aware of the rights our client could pursue if he or [redacted] did not take care of this accountThis account has been closed in our office and returned to our client as a direct refusal to pay for them to proceed with as they see fit

The first time anyone from our office worked Ms [redacted] account was on 07/24/when she spoke to a representative from our officeMs [redacted] said that she was going to get a prepaid card and asked for someone from our office to contact her back later that day, which is the only reason Ms [redacted] was called more than one time in a dayThis is in no way harassment as she was the one who asked to be called againAt no point was Ms [redacted] threatened with anything, she was made aware of our clients rights in regards to this account if she continued to allow it to be in defaultFoster and Monroe is in no way a scam we are a legitimate business collecting on a verifiable debt Ms [redacted] owesIf Ms [redacted] had asked our office to send her documentation we would have been more than happy to provide her with that, however at no point did she ask our office for anythingHowever, prior to the call we did send her debt validation to the address that she was at when she originally took this account out atAlso, Foster and Monroe also require all payments to be verifiedMs [redacted] would have had to go on an authorized line to give the card information then she would have been asked to verify all the payments we set up on the recorded line allowing us to only run those paymentsFoster and Monroe also would have sent out a DocuSign to Ms [redacted] email that would have stated the payment arrangements she was agreeing to that would require an electronic signature showing she is only allowing those payments on those datesTherefore, Foster and Monroe would not just continually take payments we would only take what was authorized by Ms [redacted] This account has been closed and returned to our client as a direct refuse to pay for them to proceed with as they see fitMs [redacted] will not be called in regards to this account by Foster and Monroe again

The number ###-###-#### has only been called by our office a total of times within the past month, he has never actually spoken to our officeMrMmay be getting calls from several agencies as he has never asked our office to not contact himHis number has been removed from this account and our office will not contact him regarding this again

As formerly stated there were no threats made to anyone from our office, our representative simply told them what actions could be taken if [redacted] chose to not pay this account that was past dueI have previously attached the contract signed as well as sent it to Mr [redacted] ***This was a verifiable debt in our office that was being collected on by a legitimate companyAs stated previously, this account has been completely refunded, closed and returned to our client as a refusal to proceed with accordinglyMs [redacted] and her family will not be called by our office againSincerely, Shelby C received a message from Jason at business that business: She wants a paid letter from our companyI told her I would wipe the rest of her arrangements on file or what not as long as the complaint she put in to the was terminated, because it was a misunderstanding

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below First and foremost when I called Foster and Monroe the office manger David Mdid so threaten me with a warrant for my arrest he said in my city which is [redacted] that everything over is consider theft and that is was like I had stolen the property and that would cause him to issue a warrant for my arrestSo that's would made me get advice from a lawyer because after I agreed to the a month agreement; having a warrant out on me from a debt collector didn't seem right and that's what made me do some research on this companySo they are lying when they say that the office manger David didn't threaten me because he did that's what made me agree to an agreementAs far as having my family member who the furniture was for co-sign we were told that she couldn't by the furniture store because her ID wasn't validAfter I contacted a few collection agencies I found out that Foster and Monroe were a agency but a shady one because they are not accredited not by the anyhowThe guy David left me a voice-mail on my phone 9/28/again threating to take legal action if I didn't contact himI had or should I say have the intentions of getting the debt paid one way or another but I do not want to deal with any agency that lies and uses scare tactics to resolve a debt spoke to Joe at business and the following was relayed: I am unable to locate this consumer in our systemAnother company may have used our nameIf the consumer had a different last name, that may be the issue and if it is relayed I can check

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me I am however surprised that an account paid off two years ago is still being shown as unpaidAlso, I did have a call on my cell phone from an unknown numberNo message was left, then almost immediately my husband received a call Regards, [redacted] *** received message from Joseph at business and the following was relayed: The account was closed in our office on July 2nd, after [redacted] called into our office

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