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The first time anyone from our office worked Ms. [redacted] account was on 07/24/17 when she spoke to a representative from our office. Ms. [redacted] said that she was going to get a prepaid card and asked for someone from our office to contact her back later that day, which is the only reason Ms. [redacted] was called more than one time in a day. This is in no way harassment as she was the one who asked to be called again. At no point was Ms. [redacted] threatened with anything, she was made aware of our clients rights in regards to this account if she continued to allow it to be in default. Foster and Monroe is in no way a scam we are a legitimate business collecting on a verifiable debt Ms. [redacted] owes. If Ms. [redacted] had asked our office to send her documentation we would have been more than happy to provide her with that, however at no point did she ask our office for anything. However, prior to the call we did send her debt validation to the address that she was at when she originally took this account out at. Also, Foster and Monroe also require all payments to be verified. Ms. [redacted] would have had to go on an authorized line to give the card information then she would have been asked to verify all the payments we set up on the recorded line allowing us to only run those payments. Foster and Monroe also would have sent out a DocuSign to Ms. [redacted] email that would have stated the payment arrangements she was agreeing to that would require an electronic signature showing she is only allowing those payments on those dates. Therefore, Foster and Monroe would not just continually take payments we would only take what was authorized by Ms. [redacted]. This account has been closed and returned to our client as a direct refuse to pay for them to proceed with as they see fit. Ms. [redacted] will not be called in regards to this account by Foster and Monroe again.

Mr. [redacted]’s son was contacted on a number that was associated with the contract signed for the account we have in our office. When Mrs. [redacted] called into our office she told us that she opened this account in her husband’s name while he was in jail, Ms. Stacey H. told her that it was...

illegal for Mrs. [redacted] to do that. Ms. H. never refused to send something in writing she instead asked for an email or a fax number to send something because if we sent something regular mail the account could be recalled by our client to take further action before the letter even reached them.  Ms. H. was never rude or obnoxious to Mrs. [redacted], she was simply stating the facts of the matter; that due to this account going delinquent and Mrs. [redacted] not calling the creditor to try to take care of this matter our client could pursue for judgement. Ms. H. also told Mrs. [redacted] that it was illegal for her to be taking lines of credit out in her husband’s name while he was incarcerated. Ms. Stacey H. never intended to make Mrs. [redacted] out to be a bad wife or consumer she simply told Mrs. [redacted] what rights our client had going forward.  Mrs. [redacted] can contact our office at ###-###-#### to set up arrangements or she can email the business email of [redacted]@[redacted].com . However, this account has had all the numbers removed and she will not be contacted by our office again.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.  I never lied simply explained I will try and come up with it. This is not a payment history at all and yes I was rude because of you guys being rude to me as well. I have contacted the agent and they have no knowledge of you guys at all. I was also told that you are not allowed to bother my discharge status, garnish my wages, or even bother my tax refund. You guys threatened me with these things. Thank you and have a nice day.

Mrs. [redacted] was contacted by our office on 05/19/16, she was verified to be the correct party; at which time information regarding this account was released to her. She was made aware that this was regarding her [redacted] account that had gone delinquent. She said she wanted to set up voluntary...

arrangements with our office but she needed to contact her father and ask him to borrow money. She said she wanted a call back later that night, she got a follow up call and ignored it that day and also got follow up calls on 05/20/16, 05/23/16, 05/24/16 and 05/26/16. After which her account was closed in our office and returned to our client as a direct refusal to pay, advised to take further action as they deemed necessary. There was no harassment and she was only called at most once per day on her number that she verified with our office. At no point did we ever refer to ourselves as attorneys or our office as a law firm. We did make Ms. [redacted] aware that our client could take legal action as they deemed fit if this account was not taken care of voluntarily. Not once did anyone tell her that we were going to sue her or that we would be the ones taking legal action if/when there was any taken. This account was closed on 05/26/16 and returned to our client as uncollectable. There have been no calls made since. [redacted] and/or any numbers associated with her will not be contacted by our office regarding this again. spoke to Joe at the business and the following was relayed: [redacted] owns several Jewelers, including [redacted]. The debt was sold to [redacted] Investors Group and they placed the debt with us. The consumer did make monthly payment arrangements and was almost paid off. The consumer...

stated someone else was calling on the debt, [redacted] Investors Group does own the debt and did place it with us, proof of ownership can be provided. [redacted] no longer owns the account so they will not be able to update it. If the consumer contacts [redacted] she will be directed to [redacted] who will direct her to us. When consumer finishes paying, we will be able to update the credit bureaus and provide a paid in full letter. The consumer stated we refused to talk to her, we would never refuse to talk to a consumer as that is how we make our money, especially a paying consumer. My name is Joseph K. and if the consumer would like to speak to me have her call the office and ask for me, I will be more than happy to discuss this with her. spoke to Joe at business and the following was relayed: I am unable to locate this consumer in our system. Another company may have used our name. If the consumer had a different last name, that may be the issue and if it is relayed I can check.

Mr. T. has contacted [redacted] back and spoken with her, she said this complaint has been resolved to her satisfaction. Ms. [redacted] told us she was filing bankruptcy; we removed all her payment information, closed this account and returned it to our client as a bankruptcy.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below. The business absolutely threatened that both Foster and Monroe and their client could legally put a 'lien' on our tax return and had a right to the our tax return'asset'. This is a direct violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act. I  have attached emails from the company making this claim. I was also informed by Tim that they were an attorney's office and did not have to adhere to Debt Collection laws. Tim also left several voicemail's on both my husband and other family member's voicemail's claiming my husband is guilty of fraud and theft.  I also have the voicemail's if needed. 
[redacted] spoke to Joe at business and the following was relayed:  The account is listed as a [redacted] account, on the credit report it is listed as [redacted]. We bought the account from [redacted]. This is a jewelry bill that was bought by [redacted]. He made one payment and then called the...

next day threatening to come down with guns and shoot the place up. We have closed the account as a partial payment in our office and he will not be contacted again by us. He was provided a copy of his credit report which shows the debt. He does owe the debt, it is legitimate, will not be issuing a refund. If he would like to speak to me, I am willing but will not tolerate threats to myself or my employees.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.  I am however surprised that an account paid off two years ago is still being shown as unpaid. Also, I did have a call on my cell phone from an unknown number. No message was left, then almost immediately my husband received a call.

The debtor listed this number as a point of contact, when we asked for the debtor she verified she was the debtor. No one was abused and no one was taken advantage of. We never advised that we wanted any property back. Our client reserves the right to pursue legal action against anybody who owes...

them funds. At this point in time the account has been closed and returned to our client as uncollectable. This party has not been contacted by our office since the date of their false accusations complaint and will never be contacted by our office regarding this account again.

[redacted] did contact our office on 08/03/2016 at which point the matter that is currently in our office was disclosed to her and she set up a payment arrangement with our office to take care of the account. At no point was anyone threatening to put Ms. [redacted] in prison or issue a warrant for her...

arrest. There was not any information regarding Ms. [redacted] having a co-signer on the contract, which I have provided for her review. At no point did Ms. [redacted] call into our office and ask for her payment arrangement to be taken off of file therefore the payments still processed and declined which is why Ms. [redacted] received a call from Mr. M. There was never a request for documentation to be sent to Ms. [redacted] which is again why she never received it; however I did attach the original contract for Ms. [redacted] to look over. Foster and Monroe is an accredited collection agency collecting on a verifiable debt. After Ms. [redacted] filed this complaint she did the proper due diligence, found out her account was valid and with Foster and Monroe. Ms. [redacted] contacted our office and admitted she was wrong and should have never filed a complaint. Upon the verifying this with Ms. [redacted] we would expect this complaint to be resolved and for our records reflect that.

This account was only worked by our office on one occasion with a total of 4 numbers called and had not received a call back from anyone regarding this account to ask to have their number removed. This is in no way harassment. Relatives of Mr. [redacted] were called in an attempt to locate him to let him...

know this account was pending in our office. All numbers called on this account were listed on the original contract that Mr. [redacted] signed while taking out this account. Foster and Monroe did not break any laws while attempting to contact Mr. [redacted] and was in no way harassing anyone. This account however, has been closed and returned to our client as a direct refusal to pay to proceed with as they see fit therefore there will be no more calls made by our office.

When [redacted]’s account was placed in our office we were never told there had been an agreement made with [redacted] Inc. in which this debt was forgiven. The debt being collected on was a legitimate debt that [redacted] had taken out with [redacted] and that was still owed, we even provided the...

contract that was signed by Mr. [redacted]. At no point did our office ever say we were an attorney’s office or that any one of our employees are lawyers. Our office did send out a letter to the address that had been on the contract signed at [redacted] which is what the representative from our office stated to Mrs. [redacted]. At no point was anyone bullied or threatened in any way and at no point was there ever a threat to put out an arrest warrant on Mr. [redacted]. Our employee did make them aware of the legal rights our client had that they could pursue, at no point were there any threats of incarceration or warrants being put out on anyone. No one at our office ever mentioned any connections with the mob or personal injury to anyone.  Our representative did state to them that we were never told of any agreement with [redacted] and that even if the dog was deceased Mr. [redacted] still owed the money from the loan due to a portion in the contract that stated exactly that. Foster and Monroe is an accredited collection agency collecting on a verifiable debt that was placed in our office. spoke to Joe at business and the following was relayed: This was a [redacted] account the consumer opened up on 10/29/20147 for car repairs, financed through [redacted] Bank. The consumer had the repairs done and never paid. The account was placed with us on 10/1/2015. We did contact the consumer and...

an initial payment was made with an agreement for $80.21 in 2 weeks and a monthly payment agreement after that. The payment came back due to insufficient funds, for which we incurred a $30 fee. We contacted the consumer on 10/26 to inform her of this. The account was closed that day in our office and sent back to the [redacted] Group.

[redacted] spoke to Joe at business and the following was relayed:This debt is from a [redacted]s account the consumer had outstanding. He was told to verify with [redacted]'s who was collecting on the debt and that he would be directed back to us. He then, on 5/26, requested a fax, which we provided....

The consumer was offered a one time settlement of $300 which he did not accept. He was told he would be sued because he was going to be sued. The consumer did eventually validate the debt with [redacted] and after doing so, he called us back to make arrangements and pay debt. His account has been settled. spoke to [redacted] at business and the following was relayed: The customer requested and was sent the original contract, it was sent to her on January 7th and the account was closed on 2/9. No contact or phone calls have been made since.

Mrs. [redacted] was contacted on 06/02/16 and a message was left in regards to [redacted] due to her number being listed as a reference on a contract that [redacted] signed. There was never a call back or anytime that anyone asked for this number to not be contacted. If there would...

have been a call back Mrs. [redacted] would have been informed it was actually not a summons it was our office trying to get into contact with [redacted] before there was a summons filed through [redacted] County, PA. There was nothing unethical about the call it was simply our office reaching out to references for [redacted] in attempt to contact her or get her to contact us. This account was closed on 06/03/16 as a refusal to pay and the client was advised to proceed accordingly. We do not call any numbers that aren’t listed as good numbers for the people we are trying to contact and if we are told it is a wrong number or to remove it we do so immediately. This account hasn’t had any calls made on it since 06/03/16. Our office will not contact [redacted] or any numbers associated with her regarding this matter again. spoke to [redacted] at the business and the following was relayed:This account is for an Old Navy Credit card, which the consumer paid on for 5 years until 2011. On February 4th an individual was contacted who stated he was [redacted] husband and that he would have her call us back. On February 10th we...

did call and speak to [redacted] who told us not to call her again. The account was closed at that point and she has not been contacted since. We own the account, it will not be resold and she will never be contacted again.

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