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Review: I requested several times that the company take out the full amount owed on a loan. Rather than do this with the correct advance notice being given, I was charged loan extension fees greater than what I owe. I want the debt considered settled and reflected in their statements about my account.Desired Settlement: My record is cleared and my loan is considered settled.

How did you do this?! I am having problems with them! No return call, or emails, their all rude and they took out $100 more than should have! Please help me!

Review: the website says one thing and they try to say the contract says something else and they refused to explain why the loans have not been paid off yet. they also refused to stop payment, refused to let me speak to a supervisor, and would not let me explain anything. they kept cutting me off everytime I tried to say something. I finally got them to stop the payment, but still would not explain how it is not paid off yet. I want to see them get something for this and I refuse to do anymore business with this companyDesired Settlement: I want a billing adjustment and I want all the payments I made to be towards the loans so they are paid off. there is no reason I should pay on even 2 of them this long and its not paid off when I didn't borrow that much.

Review: I have been trying to get someone on the line or email to answer why I cannot pay additional principal towards my loan or extend my loan. So far I have sent two emails, been on hold 3 separate times for 20 each and been disconnected after 20 minutes.Desired Settlement: I want to extend and pay additional principal to get this loan paid off.



We've been trying to reach out to customer also but were unable to get hold of her.Customer can also send their request by email.We will continue try to contact the customer.Thank you

Review: I have a payday loan out with Gentle Breeze. For the last two weeks I have called and emailed them asking for them to reset my password so that I can go online and be able to pay off my account. I have hit the reset my password at least 20 times. I have called and left voice messages. I have heard nothing back. I am approaching my payment and they will only take out the loan fee. I feel like I am trapped and I have no way of saving my finances. I have no idea when I will be out of this agreement and how much money they will be taking. They could take and say I never paid the loan. Please help me.Desired Settlement: Please let me have access to my account and give me the final total so that I can pay off this account. I tried to pay it off before the last fee. I need to be loan free from them

I have had a loan with Gentle Breeze tridal lending for two months for a 100.00. I would like to pay off my loan and stop them from taking money out of my amount. I have left several messages and tried to reset my password to make arrangements to finalize my loan, but there is no response. I have been on hold for 45 minutes and no one as answered the phone or no one has replied to my message to pay off the loan. I don't know what to do at this point, but to stop payment with my bank and then close and open another account to get them out of my account.

Worst place ever. Got a loan through them and they failed to inform me that every two week only interest will be taken from my account and not the principle at all. I was unable to login to my account to even view these "messages" they send to inform you of that when they have directly emailed me before. My 300$ loan has now become an 800$ loan. This place is the worse place to get a loan. Say no.

Review: I took a payday advance months ago from Gentle Breeze/Tribal Lending/ La Posta Band of Mission Indians (Casino). Since the payday after I took the loan (The day I was supposed to pay it off in full) I have attempted to access my account online to see WHY I had a deduction of $139.14 instead of it being paid in full. I can not sign in online because I am told my password does not work. I click the password reset button, and it says a link to do so is being emailed to me. I have never received that link, and I have tried numerous times. I have also attempted to reach them by phone. The ONE time I actually got to speak to someone during their "Business Hours" (Which is when I ALWAYS call). The woman would not give me her name. I asked her why I was getting these deductions instead of the loan being paid in full like I agreed to. She said that that is the way they do business. I asked why I was not informed of this policy, and she said that they were not required to inform me of their "Automatic Loan Extension". I asked how that is possible, and she said it is my job to research the law regarding lending, not hers. She hung up on me. I have researched this company since then and have found that it is a sole proprietorship registered with the La Posta Band of Mission Indians who also own the La Posta Casino. When I searched Google Maps for the office, Google street view shows a blank strip of Highway at 8 Crestwood Road in Boulevard, California. I am all the way in Hawaii, I can not get a single soul to answer me when I call, and the website is non functioning. I feel like I have been a victim of fraud. I did a $300 loan in October of 2014. Since then, on October 10th & 24th, November 7th & 21, December 5th & 19th, and January 2nd and 16th, this company has taken #139.14 from my bank account. That is $1,113.12 I have paid for a $300.00 loan I tried to pay in full months ago. How is this legal?Desired Settlement: I want the company to recognize that I have paid this loan off many times over and to never take another dime from me again. As far as I am concerned, I have done everything in THEIR company policy to pay it off in full, and have been denied because there is no person to speak with; it is like they do not exist. There is nobody there to take final payment. I want no refund, but I want this loan considered PAID IN FULL.

Review: This company has charged an excessive finance fee for a loan I took out for $300 approximately 8 months ago. The amount of the interest is $139.14, which they have charged every 2 weeks for a total of $2,226.24. My recent understanding is that the interest rate for a pay day loan in California is not to exceed 15% for every 2 weeks, which would amount to $45 and not $139.14.Desired Settlement: The ideal outcome would be for this loan to be considered 'paid off' as well as a refund for the amount exceeded for the interest fee. Total amount paid by me to the company to date is $2,226.24. This amount less the interest charged in excess ($1,506.24 altogether) and less the amount of the loan ($300) = $1,206.24.

Review: We requested a $200 loan from this company on 8/27. The loan amount plus the finance charge was to be debited from our bank account and returned to this company on 9/13/13. On 9/13/13 only the finance charge of $73.35 was deducted from our bank account. My husband received an email from them stating they have approved the loan extension request, however we DID NOT request this. The email states they will debit our account on 8/27 along with ANOTHER finance charge. My husband tried to reach out to them via email and by phone (I did the same) - we have left messages to tell them to take out the $200. We have not been able to reach them. They are not responding to our emails nor are they answering their phones or returning our calls. We did research online and saw other consumers with similar complaints regarding unauthorized loan extensions and even harassment. FYI We have attempted to reach out to them on at least 5-6 different days and several times through out that particular day. The next page on this complaint form does not allow me to enter all the dates.Desired Settlement: We simply want to reach out to them to notify them that we will mail a money order with the $200 so that we can be done with this transaction and this company. We have placed a stop payment through our bank so they cannot touch our account further.

I got $100 from them and like everyone here I can't get hold of them. I have been trying to reach them for the last 2 weeks with nothing. They put you on hold for 45 minutes and the discount. I already paid 3 payments of $45 and some change. I am trying to pay it in full .who can I reach??

Review: Gentle Breeze/Tribal Lending gave me a loan of $300 December 2nd. Online it say my payback amount would only be $438 but what this company has done was consistently takes money ($109) from my account every 2 weeks. When I try to login online using the password they gave me with the account it does not work. I've sent emails to the company that they've yet to return. Every time I've tried calling the company regarding my account it goes straight to the voice mail. I've left messages over a week ago and they've have yet to reply or return a call. But overall they've took $546 from my account. These people are impossible to get in contact with but yet they are taking money that I don't owe them anymore.Desired Settlement: Anything they've taken beyond their posted online policy for a $300 loan.

Review: On 4/1/2013 I took out a loan with Gentle Breeze, per MN Guidelines this is what Pay Day Loans can Charge:

Loan Terms

Maximum Loan Amount: $350

Loan Term: Max: 30 days

Maximum Finance Rate and Fees: $5.50: $0-$50; 10%+$5: $51-$100; 7% (min. $10) + $5: $101-$250; 6% (min. $17.50) + $5: $251-$350 (After default: 2.75% per month)

Finance Charge for 14-day $100 loan: $15

APR for 14-day $100 loan: 390%

* Please note loan term is 30 days after 3 months, they kept taking about $500/month out of my bank and when questioning them, they said they have every right and did not care what the state says, so I stopped payed there charges after paying them.... $1,188.13 for a $500 loan.Desired Settlement: I am asking that they refund me $300 and they still would make $388.13 for the loan of $500. Also, they decided to go to Allied Credit to try and obtain another $450 from me. I am expecting that they call Allied and close out this account, make sure it does not go on my credit report and refund a portion of the money back. If they do not reply to, I take that as this matter is closed and I will nto hear from them. There never tried to contact me, never sent anything via mail regarding this matter and instead just went to Allied to try and collect more money.

Review: I received a loan from Gentle Breeze on December 21st, 2015. The man I talked to took me through the whole process, contacted my supervisors at work, helped me set up an online account. After all that, he said I was approved for a $200 loan. He gave the option of paying it all off at once, or extending the loan. He told me it would be about $292 to pay it all at once on my next payday, which was a high fee but I wanted it all paid off and done with. So I agreed to pay it all off on my next payday on 12/31/2015. The online agreement said the same thing, I would be charged the full amount of the loan and fees on 12/31/2015. When my payday comes, they only took out $92.56. I got an email that said the following:


This email is a reminder that your loan is due to be Extended on 2/26/2016. Your total balance is $292.76, ($200.00 principle plus $92.76 financial fees of ($2.76 Interest + $90.00 Service Fee)). By extending the loan you will only get debited for the financial fee. Additional amounts could be additional interest on the loan, a deferred interest payment, an NSF fee, or late charges from a previous debit. To request an Pay Off, please either login to your account at least three business day prior to your due date. Once logged in, click "Extend Loan" with full Pay Off Amount entered. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. ** Please feel free to contact us if you should have any questions."

WELL, I tried to contact them several times by email and phone with no response at all. I sit on hold and then am disconnected. I tried to log on to my online account, surprise, surprise, it doesn't work. I tried to use the option on their site to reset my password, that did not work either because they never sent reset instructions to my email. They don't respond, they just keep sending me the EXACT SAME email message a couple days before my payday. They will have taken $464 from me, and I don't know how much more will be.Desired Settlement: I want the business to refund all the EXTRA money they took from me by EXTENDING the loan, which I did NOT agree to. We agreed to pay it all off at once, which came to about $292. Anything they charged after that I want refunded. They should not be able to take my money, and leave no way to contact them or no way for me to get into my account. I also want an explanation, and an apology. Mostly, I want the unauthorized charges refunded to me.

Review: I took out a $100 loan with this company in December. I read the contract and fully understood that if I did not pay the $100, the financial fee of $46.38 would be taken from my account. I called Gentle Breeze on January 9th, told them I would like to set up a day to pay off my loan. They connected me to the financial department, which had me on hold for over 10 minutes. I told them I would like my loan to be paid on January 14th. Instead, they took $46.38 plus the $100 totalling 146.38 and took $46.38 out of my account every two weeks after that. On February 25th, I called Gentle Breeze to ask why I was still being charged the financial fee if I paid off my loan. The agent stated that they had no record of it and will continue to charge my account the financial fee of 46.38. I stated that their employee who took my call didn't record me calling and wanting to pay back my loan was not my problem. She was extremely rude with me and not understanding whatsoever. I refuse to pay an extra $100 loan that I've already paid off and I refuse to let them keep charging me the financial fee of 46.38 for no reason.Desired Settlement: I would like to be refunded back all of the times I was charged the financial fee since January 14th which is 4 times and that totals $185.52. I also would like all of my information erased from their system.

Review: I took out a loan with this company in March 2014 for $300.00. The total amount I was to pay was $438.84. The monthly amount was $138.94. Every month the amount deducted from my checking account was more than $138.94. I have been paying this amount for ten months for a total payment of $1394.40. At the initialization of the loan, I spoke to a supposed loan representative for the company who told me that I would make six payments of $138.84. I then received a loan agreement that indicated that the final payment would be in March of 2015. I called and the woman on the other end told me that I could take up until that time to pay if I need to lower the payment or take a shorter time if I wanted to pay the loan off earlier. I called the company in October 2014 to inquire about the balance thinking that I would pay it off. I was told at this time that the balance was still $300.00 and that the $139.44 that was taken out of my account each month did not go towards the principle. I was very upset as this was a total contradiction to what I had been told in previous conversations. I called the company again in February and asked that they settle the account. They responded by saying that they understood and that to settle the account I should send by money order three more payments of $100.00 each to a separate address [redacted]. Another $300. This is a predatory company. Be forewarned that this is a terrible company.Desired Settlement: They have gotten enough of my money. I want them to settle the account as paid.

Review: I had borrowed $400 .. but they keep taking out $155. for the last 4 months and I tried to get them to stop and they wont.Desired Settlement: stop taking money out and reinburse what is due

Review: I have called multiple times and requested for this company to withdrawal $50 additional dollars to pay down my loan. They never take that amount out and it only continues to with drawl the principle. I've tried changing online and they always say I need to call back and do it the next time they hang up on me and do not help to resolve the issue. I can't call and make additional payment nor can I call to pay off amountDesired Settlement: I need this to be stopped as I have already doesn't $1900 on a $200 loan because they are scamming me

Review: I took a payday loan out in August/September of 2014 and have made attempts to contact the company to pay it off however they tell me I have no account with them buy continue to withdraw money from my bank account every two weeks. If I call and ask them to look up my account, as soon as they have my SSN they disconnect the call. The associates refuse to allow me to speak with a supervisor because they say I don't have an account so there is no way to figure out the issue.

Review: I am sending this on regards to my loan account. Apparently there was a miss communication during the loan process which needs to be taken care of ASAP. I have now spoken to two customer representatives and they have not helped me in the least one bit about this problem I'm having. There was an agreement over the phone of me paying back $136. The representatives over the phone said that on June 21st they will take out the $36 charge and then the $100 on July 5th and then that would be it. Instead they have been taken out the $36 over and over again every time I get paid. Apparently, the representatives have failed to explain to me the full aspect the contract/agreement fully and properly. I called to tell them about this problem and the two representatives told me something completely different than from what I was told during the loan process. This is not right at all, this was not part of the agreement I was told over the phone. Now they are telling me that I had to respond to an email 3 days beforehand and that's why this is happening? Not ONCE did they tell me that from the beginning. I have been fooled by this company unfairly and they have done an injustice. These guys are scamming me of more money and that is not right. There is indeed proof of this verbal process since every call is recorded and they know that. That's why these representatives are not trying to resolve my problem and that is why every time I ask for a manager, they always say " The manager is not available." I have gone as far as changing my account number because of this and I NEVER do that so this is why it is such a big deal to me. Times are tough sometimes and this is why I went to them thinking I would be saved, but instead they dug my hole for me..even deeper. I hope the of San Diego can help me out on this. I would really appreciate it.Desired Settlement: Since the total that I had to owe was $136 ORIGINALLY, and they have unlawfully already taken out 2 $36 payments then I should only have to owe back $64. $136-36-36= 64. I will settle for that and nothing else since that is fair for both parties.

Review: This company got a man calling my job millions of time cursing my co-workers, director and other people out constantly. You hang up he calls right back hollowing and cursing this is a Daycare facility that is know way of handling business.Desired Settlement: For them to stop calling my job because someone must have gotten my bank info because I never did a payday with them if so why they didn't get it our my account



[redacted] online advise you to check one more time who is making these phone calls to you.

At this time, we are not working with residence from state of [redacted].

Due to issue with our banking system, we are not currently funding nor debiting customers from [redacted].

We have not contacted customer since August. Customer did apply to us in August.

Our company abide by all the applicable federal regulations and we do not make contact to customer's employment.

Once again we are sorry to hear that you are receiving these phone calls but that is not us.

If you have any question please contact us at ###-###-####

Thank You



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

My ID# is [redacted] I'm requesting that my complaint be reopen to continue process with company I filed complaint on. I never received paperwork to fill out & the harassing calls to my job has started back..


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