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International Markets Live

348 W 57th St # 247, New York, New York, United States, 10019-3702

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Great team and great product. You get what you pay for!!!! I mean the tools I now have access to that allow me to trade at Home is incredible. I even had a guy today tell me the tools were worth 7k. I laughed knowing I only pay 145$ a month to make 1000$ and have trades given to me and lessons on how to create my own!

The educational system provides a person a lifetime of knowledge in forex . The services are incredible and user friendly as well.

IML has truly changed my life with learning the skill of forex and many others around me! Very grateful, thanks!!

IML is by far the best business I have been into. I am now trading on my own, thanks to the learning platform and the live classes. I anyone desire to refer customers, it's the best compensation ever...

Every Since I joined IMARKETS Live it has been a Life Changer!!! It was the BEST Decision to Join this Company, The Education is The Bomb and this Company Really want Everyone to Win and BE SUCCESSFUL Traders!!!!

In July 2017, I have found out I got the negative "charge off" amount reported to my credit report by my credit card company. Since I was not aware of any existing debt, I had to investigate where the charge came from. After investigation, I have realized the charge came from International Markets live, Inc.

In 2016. I have purchased the International Markets Live, Inc. service in regards to, so called, Master Trader service, where my Forex trading account was attached to to the International Markets Live Master trader's account mirroring the trades. The service was running properly only for the first month of subscription. The second month of subscription, I did not receive the service properly due to many problems arising from connectivity between mine and International Markets Live accounts. I have still paid for the 2nd month of subscription in a good faith technical problems would be resolved.

During the third and last month of subscription, I did not receive the service at all due to technical problems. After repeated trials of technical support department to fix the issue and provide the service, I got informed that International Markets Live can not provide the service on my account. I received the apology from customer service department and confirmation from customer service department about the refund for the amount of $145 charged on 07//2016. The additional portion of the refund for the hosting fee was processed through PayPal and I have received confirmation from PayPal about received refund, so I had no reason to doubt International Markets Live refund confirmation. Two days later, I have called International Markets Live customer service department again to double check on the refund and they have confirmed to me again the refund was processed. At that time I have considered the case closed.

Now, I am realizing, even International Markets Live, Inc confirmed to me twice the refund was processed, they actually did not do it. By not receiving alerts from my credit card company about the issue (which is another problem I am discovering now) and due to the fact I did not use particular credit card for a long time, I was simply not aware of the existing charge.

I have contacted International Markets Live, Inc. on 08//2017 explaining the situation and asking for the refund to be processed. I was offered 3 months of International Markets Live free service in lieu of the refund. I could not accept the offer due to two reasons: 1. I do not have the available budget for trading purpose available 2. Due to the fact my credit card company holds me responsible for the charge, I got reported to the credit report agency even I was not aware of the existing issue. Therefore, I can not accept the offer by not resolving the issue of negative item on my credit report, especially due to the fact I did not receive the service I got charged for from the merchant and due to the fact I got misinformed and misled from the merchant about the refund which had left me believing the case was resolved.

The merchant is claiming now they can not process the refund since they have changed merchant accounts and the records do not exist for the refund.
I did ask the merchant to help me remove the negative item from my credit report by sending a letter explaining this situation has arised from the error in processing the refund and confirming I was not aware of the problem. The merchant is not willing to issue the letter.

The credit card company is claiming if they receive the letter from the merchant confirming the error was on behalf of the merchant, then the credit card company would remove the negative item from my credit report.

Since director of International Markets Live customer support who I was communicating with is not responding to my e-mail and since he is clear about the fact the merchant is not willing to do anything more than offering the free service in lieu of unprocessed refund, I am asking for your help.

I believe I do have consumer rights to:
1. Receive the service I am paying for
2. To receive correct information from the merchant about my account
3. To receive the letter from the merchant when the error was on behalf of the merchant
4. To receive help from the merchant in regards to the problem I am experiencing, which was not created by me, but somehow I am left alone to deal with the fact the negative item will stay on my credit report for 7 years

I sincerely appreciate your help in protecting my consumer rights.

Thank you.

International Markets Live Response

Hello ***,

Thank you for your message.

Our team is unable to process credits from a year ago unfortunately, but I do understand your concern.

The team offered three months of service for the inconvenience. This is a $555.00 value as we have added more services to our packages.


Customer Response

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

I appreciate the fact the merchant is willing to offer three months of free service in lieu of unprocessed refund.

The offer would make sense only if the merchant helps me in removing the negative item from my credit report associated with the unprocessed refund from the merchant.

If merchant provides me the letter stating "three months of free service are offered to the customer in lieu of unprocessed refund from the merchant", then I can work with my credit card company on removing the item from my credit report. My credit card company is willing to work with me on this issue if I provide them with such a letter from the merchant.

Since I do not have available budget at the moment for trading and since this situation has truly not been created on my behalf as a customer, I am asking the merchant to send me the refund amount via check to my physical address. That way, the merchant would fix the error of the unprocessed refund and I would pay the amount to the credit card company.

Thank you.

In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.


International Markets Live Response

Hello ***,

Thank you for reading our response. Unfortunately we are unable to mail out direct checks.

We can send you any letter needed and can work with you on your account to help get you set up. Once set up, we can work with you to help get you going in trading and work on what we can do possibly, if you want to be an IBO, with helping you earn through the compensation plan.

We have loads of training's available now and can get you connected with some of our best leaders.

Please contact *** and ask for Gerard L. or Chris A., referencing our conversation here, I would love to get you going again and get this resolved.


Customer Response

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I have received requested letter from the company and the matter has been resolved.
Thank you.

International Markets Live is a pyramid-scheme business. I signed up for their membership, and cancelled it in August of 2017. In September of 2017, I was billed an additional time. When you call the billing department, which they list the phone number as , you get transferred to a line that rings over and over again, then eventually transfer you to a general voice mail box. I have called during their office hours, multiple times, and have let multiple messages, and no one calls back. I sent in an email, and the representative, Julius P finally emailed me back. Julius stated that my refund policy was outside of the 7 day refund. I advised Julius that I am not starting a new membership, and then cancelling it for a refund. I was already a member, and I cancelled the service, and a month later, I was incorrectly charged again. I requested a refund of the incorrect charges, and they said they will not refund the fees. I was not a member at the time they charged me, and they will not issue a refund, and there us no a soul you can speak to, they only respond to email, and offer no method to speak to a manager, and they make no effort to understand the circumstance. They are in the wrong for charging fees a month after I have receipt of cancellation, and they offer no communication method to discuss a resolution.

International Markets Live Response

Dear ***,

We can issue you a $15 refund as that is what was processed in our system.

However the reason we did not initial process a credit was your purchase was past the 7 day refund policy, which was agreed upon at time of checkout.

IML offers educational tools in the Forex market.

For $15 you purchased an IBO Kit, to be a rep with IML and sell those services to customers. That is working just fine, and we have never missed a commission payment to those who sell our services to customers.

For further assistance please email ***.

Please be aware refund take 10 business days to process.

Thank you.

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Address: 348 W 57th St # 247, New York, New York, United States, 10019-3702


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