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5251 Westheimer Rd Ste 1000, Houston, Texas, United States, 77056-5414

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We had a Just Energy rep (Joshua number ending in 6114) came by our home and he spoke to my husband Joseph. I wasn't home so he asked the guy to come by at a later time and he did. He came over and we spoke about what they offered and how we qualified by paying our bills on time, the rate we could get. I asked him about how the termination fee is handled as we have to end the contract with our previous energy company. He stated that once we signed up that we wouldn't have to do anything to switch on our end and once the termination fee was billed by the previous company I could send a copy to [email protected] and they would send me a check for it so I could settle the account with my previous energy company. So I was willing to try out just energy cause I wouldn't be out of any monies, it was a service that we needed, he went even further to tell that we would get the 9.99 monthly green charge removed if we just called in. So we get the bill from our previous company on Dec 1 and I went to email it the email address I was giving Dec 2 and I was informed that you don't issue a check like I was told, but a credit to the Just energy account in the amount of 150.00. How will that help with this 250.00 termination fee I just got? I immediately reached out to Joshua on the number he had given me so he could honor what he told us and he didnt answer the phone or return any of the text or calls my husband and I sent. So now im really upset. So I replied to the email I was sent from [email protected] explaining what happened, how I was lied to and that im upset that I was lied to cause had I know that it was only giving a 150 credit I would have never switched. So I called our previous company to reinstate our energy service and it was then I called just energy to cancel they explained that credit in the amount of 150.00 would be retracted as I was canceling the account. I later got an email from Mr.Dale Gibbs on Dec 2, stating that he apologize if the enrollment agent didn't advise me properly and that the Just energy contrast and Terms of Service disclose the cancellation fee reimbursement terms prior to submission. I explained to him that Joshua did everything on a table and not once did he say you can read this paragraph and it will explain X, Y, or Z from his ipad as we had no tangible documentation to view and no reason to believe Joshua was lying as the service sells its self. We finally got bill from Just energy for 104.79 (after the credit was removed for canceling), we had this service from 11/22 - 12/2 (10 days) and it was all because the Rep lied to us from the start.

Just Energy Group Response • Feb 11, 2020

We have reviewed the customer's concerns and can confirm that Just Energy received a valid agreement completed by the customer on 11/19/2019. The customer signed their agreement on an iPad. All enrollment documents were viewable in further detail on this device per customer request. The customer was sent also welcome packet by USPS mail on 11/23/2019. This included terms for receiving credit for the customer's previous provider's early termination fee. All customers have a three day rescission period to cancel their agreement. The customer contacted Just Energy on 12/2/2019 and requested to be returned to their previous provider. A request was submitted to return the customer to this provider, but their new provider's new enrollment trumped this request. If the request would have processed, the customer would have been rebilled by their previous provider and not by Just Energy. We've previously communicated the findings of this customer's complaint to them and apologize that they were not satisfied with their enrollment experience. The customer's feedback (agent behavior) was previously sent to the appropriate department and actioned accordingly. The customer's usage charges remain valid and do not warrant waiving. The customer's green charge which totaled $9.99 has been waived.

Customer Response • Feb 11, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]T

If the statement below is true from the compaines reply and I would have been billed by my previous provider and not by Just Energy, why are still calling me to collect 104.95 for something my previous carried would have charged me for? I was instruced by Just Energy Customer Service as it could take up to 10 days to switch back and to call them myself to get it swithed so im not sure why that statement was made.

The customer contacted Just Energy on 12/2/2019 and requested to be returned to their previous provider. A request was submitted to return the customer to this provider, but their new provider's new enrollment trumped this request. If the request would have processed, the customer would have been rebilled by their previous provider and not by Just Energy.


Just Energy Group Response • Feb 12, 2020

Just Energy initiated a MarketTrak. MarketTraks are initiated by one electric supplier, accepted by the utility, and sent to the previous electric supplier. The previous provider must accept this transaction. After acceptance, the customer's account is regained by this previous provider, they are rebilled for any service period with Just Energy, and Just Energy clears all charges and the customer is issued a final bill stating zero dollars are due. The customer will see no interruption in service during this time period. Unfortunately, the customer's account was lost by a switch transaction which means that a new enrollment was submitted by a new supplier. This cancels Just Energy's MarketTrak. The MarketTrak was not given time to process which led to the customer being final billed for their usage charges from Just Energy instead of their previous provider. Unfortunately, Just Energy is not provided with details regarding the customer's interaction with their previous provider. Per the utility, a switch transaction was initiated, accepted, and Just Energy had to release the customer's service address prior to completion of the MarketTrak. This led to the customer being issued a final bill from Just Energy with valid usage charges.

Customer Response • Feb 20, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


I only did what I was told. How can the consumer know the procedure and that the bill would be passed to the other company?

Just Energy Group Response • Feb 21, 2020

We have reviewed the customer's additional concerns. The customer contacted Just Energy on 12/2/2019 stating that they wished to return to their previous provider. The customer was advised that Just Energy initialed this process to return them to their previous provider. No further action was requested from the customer. Unfortunately, this process was not allowed to complete due to a new enrollment submitted by this provider. It is not known who initiated this request but it was received after Just Energy initiated the process to return the customer. Since this was not allowed time to complete, the usage charges remain valid.

Having absolutely no real issues with my current electricity provider, I decided to sign up with Just Energy last April because the salesman who knocked on my sister's door persuaded me that he could save me money on my monthly electricity bill. Who doesn't want to save money on bills? I was excited to see how much money I would be able to save, but boy was I mistaken! I received bills almost double what I was paying! I even had to pay some bills late, but they were still being paid! After 3 short months I knew I had made a horrible mistake by choosing to switch, so I went back to my old provider. Then I received a final bill for $700+!! I knew it was an outrageous claim that I owed that much, but being a pretty reasonable person I decided to work towards paying down the balance, I mean after all I did still have an electricity bill, just not with them. Boy was I harassed, even while making payments! Long story short I got the balance down to $200 on January 3rd and was scheduled to finish the remaining balance in Feb. Only to find out that they sold the account to another creditor claiming I owed almost $400 and they placed it on my credit!!! All while selling the account, Just Energy was still collecting payments from me!!! Now I can't get an answer from them, on hold FOREVER!! From viewing my credit report, it looks like they sold the account and reported this $400+ balance in December, then turned around and accepted my payment in January! They called and harassed me all while I'm trying to do the right thing, only to put a collection on my account while they are still getting paid and have the nerve to not pick up or have a manager available! Do NOT do business with this company, they don't appreciate your business! They only want to bill you ridiculously and ruin your credit!

Just Energy Group Response • Feb 07, 2020

We have spoken to this customer regarding their concerns and apologize for any inconvenience experienced due to their account transitioning to a third party collections agency. The customer was not aware of Just Energy's collections policy. We appreciate this customer's commitment to resolving their account balance by continuing to make timely payments and have provided them with a suitable resolution.

On Jan 21st, I received a knock at the door about 8PM it two representatives from Just Energy. Margan *** Energy Advisor ***. Margan talked my boyfriend into getting a quote, she got our address and told him he would have to sign things to get the quote so she could sent to his phone. The day after that he received calls, texts, and emails about switching over to Just Energy he never replied. Jan 27, he received an email thanking him for his service with Just Energy. How is that possible he didn’t authorize anything! Our current energy provider is in my name. How was Margan able to change anything over without an account number. Now I have 300 early termination fee and and 101.25 energy charge from my company. My boyfriend called Just Energy to only be on hold and given the run around for an hour transferred here and there. He finally talked to a representative whom stated she didn’t see his authorization for the service. I hope Just Energy can rectify this situation!

I unfortunately misunderstood a door to door salesman. Signed up. Tried canceling within a week. Apparently they never canceled it. Its been almost a year. While natural gas has lowered in price they hiked the price of my bill from .69c per CCF to .889. Unknowingly. Without notice. This is a sham of a company. BE CAREFUL

Around July/August 2019 we signed up and after discussing more we decided to cancel services. About a week later my husband called and cancelled, they said that was fine and it was done. Now 5 months later, January 2020, there is a charge on our bill from our regular provider. I thought this was done, so we have both been calling all week and the same message plays "we are experiencing a high volume of calls". We let the phone sit and it was on hold for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I've emailed, called, left callback messages and nothing. This is ridiculous, not answering our emails or calls, not calling back.

Just Energy Group Response • Feb 07, 2020

Customer experience is extremely important to us and we regret to have not met the expectations when you reached out for assistance. We have the correct internal team's working diligently on the issue to ensure we get back to speed and prevent our customers from experiencing excessive hold times. As per our telephone conversation on 2/7/2020, we have made all proper adjustments to the account to ensure it is closed as per your request. We have a follow-up with you via correspondence on the adjustments made.

I signed up for Just Energy after having a man approach me in a Store and explaining to me that I would be able to have cleaner energy at a lower fixed-rate than compared to my current bill rate. This intrigued me because I would prefer to be paying for cleaner energy than whatever the energy company chooses to use. When I received my first Bill I was very very upset, not only was the rate not fixed or at the rate that was disclosed to me at sign up but also they do not actually show the proper amount and charges on my bill. The rate is just filled in with no information it seems that they are just charging me in addition to my energy companies charges. Both are on the bill and the Just energy charges are just listed as their name and a rate not a unit amount. I immediately called and canceled with Just Energy. I received an email confirming the cancellation. They tried to give me the runaround but I was convinced this was not the business I wanted to work with. I have now received another bill that includes double charges and no information on what the charges are for, no units for energy or cost per unit. I have now been on hold for 55 minutes just to speak with a customer representative. This is a total scam. they refuse to provide receipts or information on your usage as well as charge you blindly with hidden fees. The run around to get this information is very difficult, they change departments and send you through a series of people to just find out how many units you have used and the rate they are charging per unit.

Just Energy Group Response • Feb 07, 2020


Thank you for bringing *** concerns to Just Energy's attention. We regret any misunderstanding on the information presented on the date of enrollment.

Just Energy provides options on fixed rates for gas and electric and make sure that information is clearly shown on the contract which a customer would have to review and sign before it is submitted.

We have made several attempts to speak with ***ll and we have left call back number to further discuss her concerns and offer a resolution. We will continue to reach out to ***ll until her concerns are addressed.

Thank you,

Just Energy

Corporate and Consumer Relations

1/29/2020 I received a call in the morning by a amigo energy agent asking me if I "cancelled" my contract.. me confused I answered no I just opened my profile on the 01/24/2020 it was my first apartment and it was such a huge step for me why would I cancel it? he than says "well I don't know who cancelled it but we can do a investigation but do you want to continue with amigo energy" me puzzled because I am on my way to work I say yes thinking this must be an issue from the company and it should not affect me in any way because I as a customer did not authorize any of these movements so I continued with my day.. yesterday I got home at 8pm from a very stressful day from work to see my lights were completely cut off .. I slept with my daughter in the dark cold apartment, cried myself to sleep..

Just Energy Group Response • Feb 07, 2020

We have reviewed the customer's concerns and apologize for any negative experience encountered due to being without electricity service. Amigo Energy received a switch notification, stating that this customer switched to another provider which led to Amigo Energy contacting our customer. We regained our customer, but the other provider issued a move out resulting in her services being disconnected. Unfortunately, Amigo Energy had no knowledge of this move out nor could we override it. Amigo Energy immediately submitted a request to restore this customer's services after speaking with her. We thank her for allowing Amigo Energy to be energy supplier.

Customer Response • Feb 07, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

The fact that ya’ll did not do the right thing and you think cause a voicemail was sent that was ya’ll covering up for your error bothers me I was neglected as a customer and now im being neglected as a human for yall arguing that it was a “system issue” I suffered.. you as a company have understand yall did something against my will that ended up costing my service you as a company if it was error of reliant and you allowed that shudve connected my service that day not call me and the agent tell me I dont know you send u investigate and leave me without light for 5 DAYS


Just Energy Group Response • Feb 11, 2020

We have reviewed the customer's concerns and our stance has not changed. There was not error servicing this customer's account. Another service provider submitted an enrollment for this service address. It was honored by the utility. We are not able to prevent providers from gaining residential meters after valid acceptance from the utility. Energy suppliers do not contact each other prior or post customer enrollment submissions. The other provider submitted a request to the utility to disconnect services at the customer's address. We did not initiate this request so we were not able to cancel this request. Amigo Energy spoke with this customer on 1/30/2020 attempting to restore her services but the customer did not desire to complete the process at that time. We're sorry that the customer's services were interrupted but no credits are warranted.

Just energy customers switched to infinite energy starting the new year 2020. I’ve always paid my bills in full and on time, in December infinite energy began supplying my gas to my home however I received a bill from just energy as a final bill. While they supplied no gas to my home they still charged me a monthly customer fee. When I called about this I was told to pay the bill or deal with collections, both at the customer service level and management level. They see nothing wrong with this, why should I have to risk my credit score to collections to pay an unjust and unfair charge and be told to deal with it. They are a horrible company with the worst customer service network I’ve ever dealt with

Just Energy Group Response • Feb 05, 2020

Customer experience is extremely important to us and we appreciate your feedback. According to our records the final bill had no usage only the monthly customer charge. Per the executed contract you will be billed a monthly service fee regardless of usage or days in service provided.

Customer Response • Feb 05, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


Just Energy Group Response • Feb 06, 2020

First we would like to extend an apology on the unpleasant experience you had with Just Energy. As a courtesy we have submitted a refund for the monthly customer charges reflected on the final bill please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

I was approached by a Just Energy representative in Sam's Club in Fort Worth Texas. I was told because I was a Sam's member that I would get a $45 gift card after signing up and then another one after so much time passed. The first thing that went wrong is they sent a welcome letter to my home, but connected my service at a different address. By the time they fixed that error it was too late to go back to my prior company and they said the grace period to cancel my order with them was already passed. I was told by the representative in Sam that the more I use the more energy I use then the more money I would say that was not true. I am paying the highest bills I have ever paid in my life. I have called several times trying to get my reward card but, but after they corrected my account with the correct address, I was not set up as a Sam's member. I went to Sam"a and that is when I found out there was no affiliation. One of the managers at Sam's gave me a number at Just Energy for their members. Since that time I have called Just Energy several times.I've been transferred to numbers that are no longer in service, exist, left on hold for long periods of time, and transferred to supervisors who never answer. I have completed several surveys and requested to be contacted, but have not been contacted.This is been going on since June and I don't think Just Energy has any intention of honoring there commitment at any level.

Just Energy Group Response • Feb 07, 2020

We have reviewed the customer's complaint and apologize for any inconvenience experienced when enrolling with Just Energy. The customer verified the incorrect address during the enrollment process. This was not known until the customer advised Just Energy that she did not reside at the service address on file. The account was closed and the customer's current address was enrolled. Unfortunately, the customer's account no longer reflects the promotional gift card offer associated the incorrect address. We spoke to the customer in September 2019 and advised her that her account is not eligible for this. The customer did receive the requested $150 account credit on 7/9/2019 as a part of Just Energy's previous provider's cancellation/ETF reimbursement promotion. We have not received any further communication from this customer since September 2019. We attempted to contact this customer regarding all concerns noted in her complaint and are waiting for her to return our call at her earliest convenience. We are committed to addressing this customer's need and apologize for any delayed resolution.

I am moving and I setup my new address with their customer service without an issue. I entered their portal and called the number there. I recently tried to get into the portal to change the termination date for power at my existing house until after we sell it, and the portal will not access my account. I thought I forgot my password so I click on that option... it turns out they have REMOVED my email from their system. So when I call their customer service office I get put on hold for excessive amounts of time. Yesterday I was on hold for over an hour, then given an option to have someone call me back. When they did it was from a Hudson Energy ion Washington State, and when I explained my problem they hung up on me.

Just Energy Group Response • Feb 03, 2020

We have reviewed this customer's concerns and apologize for any inconvenience they experienced when attempting to update their account information through our online portal. Just Energy takes customer feedback seriously. Customers are able to contact our customer service by telephone, email, chat sessions, and social media. We apologize if this customer had issues accessing an agent through any of these channels. We have spoken to the customers and addressed his needs. We hope that all future interactions with this customer remain pleasant and our level of service meets his standards.

I was charged for tampering with equipment when I have never done such a thing . I have no know of how I could even perform such a thing or where the actual box is located

Just Energy Group Response • Jan 30, 2020

Just Energy can confirm that this customer enrolled on 8/6/2018. Services became inactive on 11/13/2018. On 11/21/2018, the customer contacted Just Energy regarding a bill received with higher than expected utility charges. An investigation was submitted to the local utility. On 11/27/2018, the customer contacted Just Energy requesting an update regarding his investigation but results were not provided by the utility yet. The customer stated that he'd call back. On 12/21/2018, the utility confirmed that all billing and utility charges are valid and will not be removed. Unfortunately, the customer never contacted Just Energy back. The customer was aware of his account balance as it remained unchanged. In June 2019, the account was sold to third party collections (unaffiliated with Just Energy) due to nonpayment. All metering equipment is owed by the local utility. The customer may initiate a dispute with the utility, but Just Energy cannot reverse utility billed charges.

Customer Response • Jan 31, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


Just Energy Group Response • Feb 03, 2020

We understand that the customer is not satisfied that the utility found all charges to be valid. Unfortunately, Just Energy cannot override the utility's decision. The customer may contact the utility for additional details.

My wife was approached at Sams Club in Battle Creek, Mi and was told our Supplier was not Semco Energy and that they would cut our cost. Since they have become our provider our cost for Natural Gas has doubled. On our staements from Semco energy it shows what Semco would charge as well as what Just Energy charges. Just energy is twice as high. We have repeatedly contacted Just Energy to remove them as our provider and they keep stonewalling the process and expect us to wait 3 months. During those 3 months they expect us to pay double the rate for gas. Absolutely a Bad faith business who does Fraudulent Misrepresentations of their services.
I left 1 star since 0 stars is not allowed

After being harassed by a rep at Sams, we got strong armed into signing up for this company. After receiving the first months bill and seeing the rates, it was more than apparent that the Rep lied about the rates as well as the fees. I tried calling customer service but after being on hold for over an hour 3 different times I just gave up. I have only been with this company for a few months now and have paid every bill, however, I received a bill dated 1/2 saying my balance was $201 and then a week later I received a bill dated 1/9 for the amount of $408 due to a past due bill. Again, I have called every few days, have been on hold for over an hour and have YET to speak to a person about this. Now I have one bill due 1/20 and another due 1/27. This company is a scam and their "customer service" is nonexistent.

The salesperson misled me by saying their rate would be competitive to the consumer energy per unit gas price. But in fact, the rate is almost 2.5 times the consumer energy unit price. Their online page is not user-friendly. When I was unable to log in, I called the customer service and they informed me that I can not log in to my user profile because I am a Michigan based customer. Finally, I had to cancel my service as my bill went up by at least $60 because of their rates.

Signed up with Just Energy here in California. They told me I would have a locked in rate, and that my gas bill would never be higher then through So Cal Gas. This is entirely untrue. My gas bill has now shot up to 150 a month. I live in a tiny 500 square ft mobile home. Yet my bill is higher then my parents whose home is 1200 sq ft.. long story short avoid this company at all costs. Their customer service is terrible as well!!

This company swore they were going to save me money on my nicor bill. They made me sign a contract and right before the holidays I received my first bill. They doubled my bill right before the holidays and the first Christmas for my son. To say our usual 100.00 bill going to 230.00 wasn’t only shocking but devastating to our family. And they did absolutely nothing to explain to me why they charged me 150.00 to bring my gas when nicor did for no extra fee. These people are at sam’s club and everywhere selling you their gimmick. Run away from them. Avoid this company. They will not save you money!!!

Dishonest. Talked to a rep from Just Energy at Sams Club. Rep lied about their rates for natural gas. I called customer service and had to argue with agent to cancel the contract. Sams Club shouldn’t let this company’s reps in their stores.

Came to my apartment to sell me their lower rates, I told them no several times before just closing the door on the sales rep. Got a notice that there was a new inquiry on my credit report for just energy, called them and they signed me up for it anyway even without my permission, I disputed it on the credit site and called their customer service reps ( from india ) got transferred to 3 different people all trying to convince me to try it for the first month and see if I like it, fully knowing that they have a 50$ fee after the first 7 days, I basically had to yell at they last giy to just cancel and he finally did. These people are shady as can be and stay far away, if you see them at your door just close it and walk away.

Bothers residents even though several “ No Soliciting “ signs are up.

Was approached in ShopRite by a rep. Promised a $75 gift card and never received. Whenever I reached out to company, they could never find my account. Looked at my utility bill and they were charging 3x what my company charged for gas and electricity delivery. Sent an email asking why and requesting a call from a rep and received an email saying they would process a cancellation-how if you could never find my account??? SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!! Do not sign up with this company. The few times I called I was transferred to offices in 3 different states none of them being NJ. Was even told they don’t even service here?!? I better not receive a cancellation bill for this either. Highly unprofessional and misleading!!

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