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Mr***'s Chevrolet Volt was brought into our facility for repairs on March 29thHis vehicle needed a rear bumper cover and a energy absorber as well as a rear back up sensor harness The wire harness that was needed to complete his repairs was on national backorder from General
MotorsWe reassembled his vehicle without installing the backup harness due to the Insurance company not wanting the extra rental car expenseThis does not make the vehicle unsafe to driveThis was on 4/6/2016 .The customer was not happy with the fit and color of the Aftermarket bumper coverWe reached out to the insurance company about the Aftermarket rear bumper cover not fitting properlyThey authorized us to use an OEM part ( original equipment from manufacturer)We had Mr*** come by to take a color sample from his vehicle so that we could pre-paint the part to help with the delayHis color code on the Volt is a Tri stage color meaning it is very hard match with out blending or tinting that colorWe received the wire harness on 5/19/and reached out to Mr*** on 6/1/to come in for the harness and the reinstall of the new painted bumperMr*** dropped his vehicle off 6/8/We had Mr*** come down on 6/15/to see if he liked the color that was painted on his rear bumperHe was not happy with the colorWe reached out to our paint manufacturer and representative to assist with this process

To whom it may concern,We are sincerely sorry about the communication breakdown that took place between Mr*** and our employeeThe person who was handling his concern left our company and did not let anyone know about Mr***'s concernWe are giving Mr*** a full refund
of his money for the undercoating that was not appliedWe no longer do undercoating at our store so we were unable to apply it for him but he seems to be satisfied with getting the refund so he can find another business that will apply the undercoating to his vehicle

We have been in communication to Mr*** and he is in agreement of the monies being held from his Down Payment. He has agreed to sign a letter provided by us in this regard and has also stated he would reach out to the to confirm the matter has been resolved

Looked like we were able to get everything resolvedIf you need anything else please reach out.

***, this is Mathew G***, Brand Advocacy Manager at Ken Garff West Valley DodgeI spoke with you on the phone yesterdayOnce again, I apologize for your concerns with our staff's sporadic communication with you during the repair processI have initiated a training program for the individual
in order to help him serve our customers to a better capacityRegarding the disputed amount of $This issue took me quite some time to research, speaking to the technician, speaking to the Service Writer, our service manager, etcThe conclusion that we came to, is that even though the parts that you disputed paying for were parts that are not covered under manufacturer warranty, after diving deeply into the ticket, I do have the option to goodwill the repair on your spark plugs and coil as "collateral damage" from the failing of the valve cover gasketUnder circumstances, Ken Garff West Valley is not able to warranty these items, as we do not decide what we can or cannot warranty, but simply follow Chrysler's guidelines on what we are allowed to warrantyHowever, in this circumstance there is enough evidence to file this claim under "Collateral Damage" as previously mentionedTherefore I will not be refunding you $192.75, but will be refunding you the full amount of the repair: $As I mentioned yesterday I will get our accounting department to issue a check in that amount to be sent to youPlease let me know if you have further questions or concerns that were not rectified either in our phone conversation yesterday or this responseSincerely, Mathew G***Brand Advocacy ManagerKen Garff West Valley801-297-

Sorry to hear of your experience when purchasing a vehicle from Ken Garff NissanOften times when financing a vehicle the bank gives the dealer certain parameters in order to approve the dealSuch things include proof of income, proof of residency, references, etcWithout these items, the bank
will not lend the moneyI understand you did not want to provide these items to give to the lenderYour down payment has been refunded in fullAgain, we are sorry for the situation you were put in and would love to discuss in detail if you have the time. Thanks, Winston B***General Manager
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Please clarify whether this payment will be made to Volvo or directly to me
*** ***

***, I have had one of my managers look into this after you sent me an emailFor some reason it took a little longer than expected to have your deal fund with the bankIt is company policy to not release any funds until the deal is completely finalizedAfter looking into this, your deal has
been funded and we are set to release paymentI apologize for the delaysI will reach out to get this resolved immediately. Thanks Winston

In the interest of good customer relations we are willing to meet in the middle of his requested $by providing another $50.00, making our contribution towards cleaning his brand new vehicle $

In the interest of good customer relations we are willing to meet in the middle of his requested $by providing another $50.00, making our contribution towards cleaning his brand new vehicle $

Perfect, I look forward to our meeting I will wait to hear from you
5/13/I filed a complaint against Ken Garff of downtown salt lakeThe general manager has agreed to let me exchange the car for a different year Honda with no stale cigarette smoke or black mold, also I e more commensurate with the price I paidRegards, *** ***

Thank you for to keep us informed of ways we can do a better job for our customersWe are committed to maintaining our A+ rating with by taking every complaint seriously We contacted our manager at the Southtowne location immediately to get get
his response to this concernThis was his responseWe have xxx'ed out the "potential buyers" phone number to protect privacy.Hello guys,*** did call me yesterday on the telephone and asked for Anthony I did state that he worked at a different location and asked what she needed to see if we could assist her here at Southtowne***'s husband *** dropped off the vehicle this morning and we wrote the RO at 809am at which point we took to shop and did a used car inspection that the potential buyer requestedWe went over findings and found car to be in good shape at which point my advisor John G*** dialed the potential buyer at phone number given to him by Xxxxx time was am*** was informed that no one answered phone and said he could wait a little while to see if they called backNumber provided was ###-###-###At 953am Xxxxx informed us that he could no longer wait and said he would pay the charge which we did for a total of which was for the inspection and misc shop supplies for and sales tax of *** was happy when he left just was not able to wait any longer for the potential buyer to call backThe potential buyer called back at pm and spoke with John G and explained to him that she had no cell coverage earlier that day and called as soon as she got receptionLet me know if there is anything I can do for youI did try and call *** *** and left her a message at pm to see what I could do to take care of the situation, have not received a return call as of yet.Since then we have contacted the "potential buyer" who has agreed to pay the chargeWe will happy to refund Mrs ***

Unfortunately the lease return agreements are between Nissan and the customerWhen it comes to damages and what is owed at lease end the dealership has not say in the processHowever, the bill does seem extreme and often time we can call Nissan and help when neededI will personally give Nissan a
callWill you please call me at 801-933-to discuss the details so I can relate the information to NissanThanks so much and I will do what I can to assist. Winston

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because: Even though I received my refund and the contract cancelled, I was not accommodated in any manner otherwiseThe refund being issued was a necessity given that their were falsified documentsI paid dollars between filling up the car with gas that was given to me with 1/tank and having my mechanic check it overSincerely,
*** ***

Could we get more information please? We have several dealerships within an hour of his house and without more information or the car or the address or complete name of the dealership we can not give a proper response
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
The offer Terry referred to, was offered todayThey never contacted me prior to today!! He said they would fix it if I paid for the $part and coolantI agreedI just want this mess over
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is OkayHowever, please note that when asked to return my car for a detail after my car had not been cleaned after the repairs the still managed to not touch my back seat for a detailKen Garff offered me a detail again but at this point, there are only so many drives just for another mistakeRyan has kept in contact to let me know him and Winston are trying to resolve my resolution, though the promise has not come through yet, I'm hopeful when the opportunity presents its self they will make it right.
*** ***

This email was sent to the consumer on 6/23/at 10:11amWe are awaiting a response to help rectify the situation. ***, My name is Brandon A***, I am the Service Manager at Ken Garff GMC/Buick Yesterday I received a copy of the complaint you filed with the regarding the
Nissan Sentra you purchased from us in March of this yearI called and left a message with my contact information yesterday at the phone number provided on the complaint and as of this morning 6/23/I have yet to hear back from youI know we all get busy so I figured I would attempt to contact you this way as wellObviously we take our customers concerns very seriously whether or not the is involved and this is no exceptionI have reviewed the history of this vehicle and read your statementThis is what I am able to see and please feel free to correct me if any of my information is not accurate in your opinion or you need further information about any of itYou purchased the vehicle on 3/21/based on the signed documents in the fileOn 3/27/I show you returned here stating the check engine light was on, washer tank was not holding fluid and there was a knocking in the front end when going over bumpsWe found a code P2Ain the computer causing the check engine light and was able to diagnose the problem as a cracked intake air plenum and pre-catalytic converter Osensor not reading accuratelyWe replaced the intake air plenum ducting and Osensor, cleared the codes and sent it to our Nissan dealership down the road to complete an air/fuel relearn only able to be done at a Nissan dealerFor the washer tank not holding fluid we found a portion of hose that attaches to the washer bottle to be corroded, we cut the corroded section out and replaced it with new hose to correct the issue and did not find any leaks after that repairFor the knocking noise we found the front struts making noise and possibly mounts worn, this we believed was causing what was being heard when going over bumps or dips in the roadWhile the vehicle was at our Nissan dealership we requested they replace the struts for you, this was done at that time and the vehicle was returned to us and in turn to you with the above repairs completedThe total our dealership paid for these repairs to our facility and our Ken Garff Nissan store was $none of which we requested you pay when you picked up the vehicle on 4/1/This was done because we do value you as a customer and do everything in our power to assist when we can and stand behind the vehicles we sellSince you picked up the vehicle on 4/1/we have no record of you contacting us to inform our sales or service departments there was still an issueSince the work was done it holds warranty if the same part fails after we install it, if it is a different problem then by all means we would be willing to inspect and determine what the failure is and come up with a solution that works for everyoneWe have obviously proven we have the resources and willingness to assist you in owning and driving a quality vehicle after completing the above reapirsMy only concern is based on the your complaint you say you have not spoken with the company (us) since 3/14/17, I do believe that is inaccurate since we had your vehicle here as of April 1st and the purchase wasn’t completed until 3/21/Without a doubt we will look into this knocking issue but can you see how without contacting us for over two months we would not have any idea the problem still existedAt this point I just need to hear back from you so we can make an appointment that is convenient for you to diagnose the noise and determine the appropriate fixThe last thing we want is to invest over $in your vehicle for you to still be unhappy with itIf you would please reach out to me at your earliest convenience we will set up a time to get the vehicle here and hopefully fixed for goodThank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon, please contact me directly at any of the methods listed below Sincerely, Brandon CA*** Service Manager Desk: Text: [email protected]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

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