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Poor Customer Service
I placed an online order with Macys. They processed the same order three times. After seven unsuccessful attempts to go through Customer Service, I sent an e-mail to the CEO, Jeff Gennette. His e-mail is [email protected]. He didn’t respond. He had Charlotte DiMattei contact me. Her e-mail is [email protected]. She told me the order could not be cancelled and I needed to wait until 38 items came in and return them all. I didn’t order 38 items. It’s been two weeks since she told me she couldn’t stop delivery, yet some of the items have not come in. If this happened to either one of them, they would be furious! My advice, do not buy online with Macys.

Request for late fee waiver i
I just found out that the customer service that I have been speaking with about my late payment charges with Macy’s is in the Philippines. I had a similar issue with with Amex and only when I asked to speak with a representative in the United States did I get a customer rep that was understanding of my oversight of my payment due to a family health situation, and they waived the charges and thanked me for being a customer with good standing since 1990. Very disappointing experience. I would appreciate it if someone from Macy’s executive office in the US would reach out to me to help me resolve this issue with late charges.

Sunita Munjal
Macy's account number is 43-008-456-659-0
Incident # 201201-016482

Request for late charge waiver refused
I had a family extended emergency hospitalization and then my mother was moved to a rehab facility from February-May 2020 timeframe, right when COVID hit our area. In the midst of this madness I missed paying my Macy's April statement balance of $83.45. Once I realized I had an outstanding balance I called and paid the full statement balance on July 12 and asked if the late charges could be waived. The $30.00 late fee for May was waived but the second late fee of $39.00 and finance charges of $2.47 were not waived. The customer rep said they could not waive those because I had already had two other late charges waived over the last 12 months. I explained the situation and that I was a long time customer over at least 30 years with good standing with the company. I asked to speak with a manager. Unfortunately the manager called and left me a vmsg and when I called back that week on July 30 I also had to leave a message. In light of the family illness and the additional COVID unprecedented situation I don't think my request is beyond reason. I was told by the escalation team that they would not waive the second charge and the many additional late charges that continues to accrue in the June disputed late fees. I was told my next step is to mail my inquiry in a letter via usps to Macy's Presidential Unit. I am being put through an incredibly cumbersome time consuming process. I have closed my account and am now only asking that the second late charge and interest incurred in June 2020 be waived along with the fees on top of that late charge, so that I do not have a remaining balance. I am hopeful that will stop the multiple daily collection calls that I am receiving from Macy’s credit dept at the following number (877)493-9207. My name is Sunita Munjal and my Macy's account number is 43-008-456-659-0.

Ordered a rowenta iron online and one week later got a email that it was back ordered. A few days later I received another mail stating that it was backordered indefinitely so I went online and the Meriden Ct store had it in stock. I called customer service to change my online order to a pick up at a store 45 minutes away. She said that it couldn't be done so she cancelled my order and supposedly reordered for pick up. I called back and was told that it was at pick up in Meriden so I drove there and it was never done nor did they have ay in stock. I paid for it with a Thanks for Sharing which is no longer found and will not allow me to use any coupons from y Macy's wallet for this purchase
I am writing because I have been a loyal customer of Macy's for many years and because of the out sourcing to Columbia, Philippines etc I will not continue to purchase anything from Macy's online!
With customer service like Macy's has They will most likely be closing stores or out of business very soon

I am totally appalled at the horrific service that I have received from your organization. Firstly, I am a platinum credit card holder who has valued my association with your organization. However this last transaction is enough to make me cut up my credit card and never shop with you again. I ordered a
Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Polo Bear Fleece Hoodie online on November 24th. While I selected my work address as the delivery location when I received the confirmation email it showed my home address as the delivery address. I immediately called the 800 number and asked if I needed to cancel that order and start over, the rep said that she could edit the order. I gave her the complete address with the suite number as I have had many packages delivered to my work location. I tracked the package today only to find out that UPS was having a problem delivering the pkg because there was no suite number listed. Once again I called the 800 number and the nightmare began. I spoke with Sheri who clearly was new or inept but for sure poorly trained. I explained the situation to her and asked if she could contact the carrier to provide the missing suite number. She said no. I asked about getting a replacement shipped she said the product had sold out. I explained that this was a gift purchase and I would need to find a similar product for the same price. She said it could not be done. I asked to speak to a supervisor and I was connected to ER, I explained the situation to him and he agreed to a price match for Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Polo Bear Fleece Sweatshirt. So I confirmed the shipping address with him and said to him please make sure that you have the suite number this time. He said no worries I have issued a credit for the first order and confirmed the shipping address. A few minutes later I check for the confirmation email only to discover that her shipping address is completely incorrect, its my old address which at this point is a vacant house. Once again I call the 800 number and hold for approx 20 minutes to speak with someone, I ask for a supervisor and I am disconnected. The rep does call me back but disconnects me again. He call back and disconnects me again while in the process of connecting me to what he refers to as the the lead line. This time he doesn't call back. so once again I call the 800 and get Cesa who transfers me to John. I go to the bother of explaining the situation again for like the fourth time and Jon tells me that he can not have the address changed at this point. He suggests that I wait to see if the package can be rerouted. What? Are you kidding me? I said absolutely not! I want to make arrangements to pick up the item at the OAK Brook store since all of a sudden getting my shipping address correct is so difficult. I am so disgusted and frustrated.I spent over 2 hours on the phone during my work day to try and get this resolved. In an age where online shopping is so prevalent I will think twice before ordering online with Marcy's. Extremely disappointed.

[redacted]   [redacted]
23, 2015
Re: ID [redacted]

[redacted] ending in [redacted]
Dear [redacted]: 
I am in receipt of your
complaint forwarded to Macy's Executive Office by the  As a representative of this
office, I was asked to review and respond to your concerns on behalf of
Department Stores National Bank.  I
apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced in regards to this
issue and that your initial paperwork was not received.
In reviewing your account,
our records indicate that on September 12, 2015, you reported $581.75 in fraudulent
charges on the above referenced account. 
The associate you spoke with noted these charges as fraudulent and
closed your account.  Our Fraud Claims
Department mailed you a “Statement of Fraud” form to complete, sign and
return.  Upon receipt of the completed
form, please allow us thirty to sixty days to complete the investigation and remove
the charges from your account.  While
these charges are in dispute, they will remain on your account and appear on
your billing statement until the investigation is completed.  However, you do not have to pay the amount in
question.  Any interest charges or late
fees will also be removed when the charges are removed from your Macy’s [redacted] account.
[redacted], please accept
my personal apology for the problems you have encountered trying to resolve
this issue and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.  Should you need further assistance, please
call me at the telephone number listed below.
Executive Office
Extension [redacted]
cc:  [redacted],
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.    
A gift card was tendered without my knowledge and/or security clearance to authorize such a card and my original card was voided. This business has not made any suchattempt to resolve this, but just explain a justification to reissue a new gift card, and voiding my original card without my knowledge. This Company is enabling a scam. At the least, they could have presented some security evidence or issued it to the cardholder address (myself). The signatures they are mentioning is absurd, unless we can bring in some professional resources as evidence, as this is completely false!I have spoken to the Macy's Corporate offices with multiple attempts, without any resolve on this matter. I complied with sending in all required information to [email protected] and was told the electronic receipt, as well as the front and back of the original gift card would suffice. The Corporate office gave me the run around on another attempt, and changed their story when I did not present to them a printed receipt, as justification not to credit my Macy's account. Whether the account is closed or not is irrelevant, as I have a $400 debt that still exists on a transaction, with a gift card voided I cannot ever use. Macy's issued a new card to either an employee who either reprinted the receipt, or gained access to the original receipt details. This is completely unfair and fraud.  Regards,

July 14, 2015
[redacted] *
Re: ID

Dear [redacted]: 
Thank you for the
courtesy extended during our telephone conversations on July 6, 2015, and July
9, 2015, regarding your complaint filed with the, which
was forwarded to Macy’s Executive Office. 
As a liaison in this office, I was asked to review and respond to your
concerns.  This letter is to confirm our
discussions.  Please accept my sincere
apology for any frustration you may have experienced. 
As explained during
our conversation, there was a special associate only sale, which was not
extended to customers at the time you were attempting to make a purchase; however,
we will extend a special discount to you as a courtesy.  I understand that you will receive your
discount from the store management team.  Their contact information follows should you
need it:, Neelam M. can be reached at ###-###-#### and  Dawn ###-###-####.  You advised me, Ms. M. left you a
voicemail and will contact you again on Saturday, July 11, 2015, to set a date
for you to receive your discount and finalize your purchase.
[redacted], thank
you again for bringing this matter to our attention and giving me the
opportunity to respond.  Your business is
important to us, as well as appreciated. 
Please do not hesitate to call me at the telephone number listed below
if I may be of further assistance.
Rhea B.
Executive Office
Extension [redacted]
cc:     [redacted],
         General Manager, [redacted]

Due to a pricing error on the Macy's website. Order's were cancelled and rerouted back sender. Macy's is not honoring any prices nor are they giving any accommodations.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.  Hello, about the macy's refund, I'm sorry to E-mail late, recently have received the [redacted] refund, thank you very much for helping me!

November 22, 2016     [redacted] 1 E. 4th Street, Suite 600 Cincinnati, OH 45202   Re: Complaint ID [redacted]        Dear [redacted]:    We are in receipt of your recent inquiry with regard to the complaint ID referenced above.  Please be advised, as we have conducted a thorough review of her complaint and our files, and because no new information has been presented, our position regarding this matter remains unchanged.   Should [redacted] present you with any new information to research, we would be happy to review it.   If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact us.   Sincerely,     [redacted] M. Macy's Executive Office ###-###-#### Extension [redacted]

January 23, 2018   [redacted], ** [redacted]   Re:, Complaint ID [redacted]       Macy’s account ending in [redacted]   Dear [redacted]:   I am in receipt of the complaint you filed with...

the  As a liaison in Macy’s Executive Office, I was asked to review and respond to your concerns on behalf of Department Stores National Bank. Thank you for the courtesy you extended to me during our telephone conversation on January 19, 2018, it was a pleasure speaking with you.   As I mentioned during our call, we were unable to locate the payment you sent through your bank’s bill payment service on August 24, 2017, in the amount of $99.31.  We received the payment documentation you sent in from your bank on September 14, 2017; unfortunately, this documentation did not include the trace number, which is essential for locating a cashed check.  Our Payment Research Department sent you a letter on October 2, 2017, requesting a copy of the canceled check from your bank which will include all information we need to locate the payment.  If you can obtain a copy of this check from your bank and send this to my attention directly, I would be happy to research our payment records for this payment.   As a courtesy to you, we removed two late fees totaling $64.00, and interest totaling $4.31, and you were sent a credit balance refund check in the amount of $68.31.  Regrettably, your account is closed with a zero balance.   I am sorry to hear you have lost confidence in our attempts to locate your payment, but please know that we are committed to resolving this with you.  We are happy to issue a refund of $99.31, if we are able to locate your payment for this amount.   Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and allowing me the opportunity to respond to your concerns.  I look forward to hearing from you concerning your findings with your bank.   Sincerely, Stephen C. Macy's Executive Office ###-###-#### Extension [redacted]   cc:  [redacted],
While I accept the resolution in reference to complaint ID [redacted], Macy's failed to explain how a charge of $3.25 was put through to my credit card company when on their end it showed as a credit being issued. On this part of the complaint, I do not feel that they have done due diligence. 
Lorraine Baer

Hi [redacted], I have spoken with the customer on several occasions via email to gather the information regarding his complaint. The customer spoke with Sandy M. in our office today 5/30/2017 around 1:00pm est and did accept the refund amount that was offered to resolve his complaint. The customer was advised by Sandy Myers that the refund was being submitted today and a refund check will be sent to the customer for the amount that was agreed to. Based on this information, Macy’s considers this matter closed and resolved. Thank you, Kristin T.Liaison, Omnichannel Executive Office | Macy's, Inc.9111 Duke Blvd | Mason, OH 45040Office: ###-###-####

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to follow up on complaint I filed on 9/23/2015, reference # indicated above. The issue was never resolved. Macy’s keeps sending me bills with accumulated financial charges and increased amounts. Please help. Thank you, [redacted]

[redacted]   [redacted]
    April 28, 2017     [redacted]   Re:, Complaint ID [redacted]   Dear [redacted]:    I am in receipt of your complaint...

filed with the, which was forwarded to Macy’s Executive Office.  As a liaison in this office, I was asked to review and respond to your concerns.  Thank you for choosing Macy’s for your recent mattress purchase. I hope your new mattress is working well for you.   I regret learning of your experience attempting to redeem a [redacted] rebate for two free “I-Comfort” pillows.   It appears our associate mistakenly assumed the expired rebate form would be accepted, presumably from a past experience. I am sorry this issue was not resolved to your satisfaction when you initially brought it to the attention of the store.   I forwarded your concerns to the Vice President and Store Manager of Macy’s [redacted] to ensure that this is used as a coaching opportunity so our associates are aware of the best practices when handling these issues.  I was pleased to learn that Macy’s [redacted] has sent two “I-Comfort” pillows to you free of charge, and that they also sent you $50.00 in Macy’s Money Certificates as a gesture of goodwill for this unfortunate event.    We know you have a choice in where to shop and hope you consider this matter as an isolated incident and allow us another chance to serve you.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention and allowing me the opportunity to respond to your concerns.  If I may be of further assistance to you, please feel free to contact me directly at the telephone number listed below.   Sincerely,  Stephen C.    Macy’s Executive Office ###-###-#### Extension [redacted]   cc:  Vice President Store Manager, Macy’s [redacted]         [redacted],

December 22, 2015
are in receipt of complaint ID #[redacted] regarding the delivery experience
customer had with Macy's. We contacted the customer and offered to waive the
delivery fees and sent delivery feedback to the delivery management. At this

Macy's will consider this matter closed.
Executive Office
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  I believed this complaint to be closed out without a favorable outcome and is now reopened by Macy's for the 2nd time. Now I have received a response similar to the 1st, without a proper outcome in this. The last response seems to be just another way to explain their unethical business practices in this. An electronic receipt should suffice in showing proof of the transaction which they wont accept. To be clear, I haven't at any point authorized a 2nd Gift Card to void the 1st Gift Card out.   Essentially, the 2 responses from Macy's are that the original receipt itself is worth more than the Gift card itself, which I was not made aware of at any point at time of purchase. The electronic receipt carries all of the details of a printed receipt regardless which I initially was told to show proof of (this shows the transaction number, transaction amount, payment method, proof, etc.). The Macy's executives only changed their story about showing the physical receipt as sole proof after she learned from the 1st call that I didn't possess this since they issued a gift card behind my back with whoever illegally called in the details. The 1st time I was told to get the electronic receipt as proof by the 1st associate. This is a highly unethical practice for them.  Every professional, family member and friend I have explained this situation to believes Macy's practices and handling in this situation to be ridiculous, unethical and should be illegal. Essentially, the original receipt is worth more than the gift card itself! Macy's voided my card out behind my back, when the person got a hold of the receipt details reported this as lost or stolen. An unfair nightmare and it's disturbing they can get away with this. There is nothing on the electronic receipt that isn't on the printed receipt! 

February 8, 2018 [redacted]  [redacted] Re: Complaint ID [redacted]        Macy’s [redacted] account ending in [redacted] Dear [redacted]: I am in receipt of your complaint filed with the... and forwarded to Macy’s Executive Office.  As a liaison in this office, I was asked to respond to your concerns on behalf of Department Stores National Bank (DSNB).  I had attempted to reach you by telephone on January 25, 2018, however; I was able to leave a voice message.  Please accept my sincere apology for any inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of this matter. The information regarding your promotional account is found on page one and page three of your monthly billing statements.  On page one, a notice states that “You must pay your Special Event balance of $X (the balance as of the statement closing date) in full by Jan 18, 2018, to avoid paying deferred interest charges.”  On page three, under the heading Activity and Promotions Detail, each account type is listed with the details for each that include the 12 Month Special Event Promotion Transaction Date and the Promotion Expiration Date and reflects how your payment for that billing period was applied to each balance type. On January 9, 2017, your account was charged $4,399.26 for your furniture purchase.  This amount, less your $108.00 New Account Discount, was placed into a 12 month promotional account which is interest free if the balance is paid in full by the Promotion Expiration Date, which in your case was January 18, 2018.  Your billing statement for the statement closing date of January 22, 2017, had a $4,291.26 balance with a $43.00 minimum payment due by February 18, 2017.  In review of the account, we have received a total of $407.00 towards the original $4,291.26 balance and the last $38.00 payment was received on January 18, 2018.  Per the terms of the DSNB Credit Card Agreement, when the balance on the promotional account was not paid in full by January 18, 2018, the remaining balance of $3,721.78 and deferred interest of $1,141.71 was moved to your revolving account.  Copies of your January 22, 2017, through January 22, 2018, monthly billing statements are enclosed as reference. Our records indicate that when you called on January 24, 2018, our representative removed $251.45 in deferred interest from the account as a courtesy to you.  During that call, the account was also closed per your request.  As of the date of this letter, your account balance is $4,683.78. While I understand that you are requesting we remove the deferred interest from the account, my review found that no error occurred and that the deferred interest was applied correctly per the terms of your promotional account agreement, however; if you are able to pay off the $3,683.78 balance by your next payment due date, February 18, 2018, please contact me directly and I will be happy to remove the deferred interest charges.  [redacted], thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and allowing me an opportunity to respond.  Should you have additional questions, please contact me at the telephone number listed below. Sincerely, Janice D.Macy’s Executive Office###-###-####, Ext. [redacted] Enclosures / mailed February 8, 2018 cc: , [redacted], Better Business Burea

[redacted]   [redacted]
January 11, 2016
Re: ID [redacted]
[redacted]:  I am
in receipt of your most recent complaint forwarded to Macy's Executive Office
by the  As a
representative of this office and because I am familiar with your file, I was
asked to review and respond to your concerns on behalf of Department Stores
National Bank.  I apologize if you have
been unable to reach me; however, I have not received any voicemail messages
from you to return your call.  
stated in my response dated December 15, 2015, (copy enclosed), which was
mailed to the address listed above, I would welcome the opportunity to better
address your concerns regarding the account that you state is associated to
your credit report.  I have not found an
account in our systems for you with your name at the address noted above.  If you would submit a copy of the account
information as shown on your credit report to me, I will be happy to see if we
can locate the account information.  Without
additional information, I am unable to determine whether or how any information
regarding Macy’s may be reporting on your credit report.  Please either fax a copy of it to my
attention at ###-###-####, or if you wish to email this information, please
send it to my attention at [email protected]
As you may not be aware, you have
the right to dispute the accuracy or completeness of the information reported
to us, by contacting the consumer reporting agency directly at:
[redacted]                                  [redacted]                             [redacted]
[redacted]              [redacted]                          [redacted]
[redacted]        [redacted]               [redacted]
###-###-####                       ###-###-####                      ###-###-####
[redacted] I apologize for the continued frustration that you may be experiencing in
trying to resolve this issue. Please
provide the additional information so we can assist you in addressing your
Janice D.
Macy's Executive Office
###-###-#### Extension
Enclosure /mailed January 11, 2016
cc:  [redacted],

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