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Montway Auto Transport

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We were on a serious time crunch to have our vehicles picked up/delivered across country and Andrew went above and beyond helping us! He found a driver for the two vehicles that could be sent on a normal truck and even found a driver for our lifted/monster excursion in enough time! Everyone at Montway was very helpful every time I had to call and ask a question and even called me to keep me updated and check to make sure everything was delivered on time and in the condition they were sent in. I definitely recommend Montway!

We are truly sorry to have lost this customer's
business. It is however imperative that customers have a clear
understanding of the terms they accept when entering a contractual agreement.Our terms are publicly published on our website,
disclosed prior and during booking, written in the...

customer agreement and
within all communications thereafter. The vehicle MUST BE ready and available
for pickup at the date the customer specifies that it is. In this case Mr.
[redacted] had not even purchased or paid for the vehicle but yet had already
ordered the pickup for it. Unfortunately for such instances [redacted] does not
have sale receipts from the auto seller or buyer and we do not know the status
of closing vehicle purchases.  It is
solely the customer's responsibility to make sure the vehicle is ready and
available before he tell us that it is ok to send the carrier to pick it up. Mr.
[redacted] booked the transport order on 10/13/15 and gave us a date of
availability for the vehicle of 10/16/15. On 10/15/15 we dispatched a carrier
that signed the transport contract and was to pick up the vehicle on 10/16/16
as per Mr. [redacted]'s requested date. When the carrier arrived at the location
on 10/16/16 the seller of the vehicle stated that the vehicle is not paid for
and he is not releasing it to the carrier. The carrier had to leave without the
vehicle, which is considered a dry run with no load to pickup, wasted gas and
wasted time, which sets off his schedule. Meaning the trucker went to a
location for a vehicle that was not ready for release and in return the trucker
lost out on other loads and money. Being an auto transport carrier is a
full-time job and in order to make trips profitable every spot on the trailer
should be accounted for with a vehicle in place. When pick-ups do not occur
this reduces that ratio thus costing more out of pocket expense for each
trucker instead of profit. After the trucker already went to the pickup
location was informed by the seller the vehicle was not paid for and left the
location Mr. [redacted] requested cancellation. 
We did cancel the order per customer request however the partial payment
for scheduling a trucker is non-refundable. Cancellation Policy states that the customer must
request cancellation in writing BEFORE the carrier is dispatched. After a
carrier is dispatched they have a signed contract for the transport and our
broker service is rendered and the broker fees are no longer refundable. It is
not our responsibility to interfere in customers private sales dealings or
confirm with the seller if they are still selling the vehicle. It is the
customer's responsibility to order service only after he has confirmed that the
vehicle is paid for and 100% available for pickup. The dispatch service was
rendered according to the pickup date Mr. [redacted] requested and according to
the terms and conditions Mr. [redacted] accepted when he booked this order therefore
the service must be paid for. Once the order is dispatched a partial payment is
charged, the service is intangible and thus cannot be reversed. We always
advise our customers to pay attention to all details in the terms and
conditions in any type of contract or order they engage in.  Integrity is one of [redacted] company core
values.  We demonstrate our integrity by
being transparent with all of our terms and conditions of service because we
understand that transporting a vehicle is not a common occurrence. Nothing
within our process is hidden.  That is
how we became one of the largest auto transporters in the United States. We remain in business because we are industry
experts transporting over 6,000 vehicles a month and have a network of over
13,000 carriers.  Both customer and company bare a responsibility to
any business transaction. We understand that not everyone may be satisfied with
our service, for which we will continue to strive for improvement. However as
part of accepting our service, we do expect that our terms and conditions are
understood and that we are appropriately held accountable to our terms and
conditions.[redacted] is 100% dedicated to the customer and our
service and care is unmatched! [redacted] stands by its services and will go above
and beyond to assist customers with any issues. Had Mr. [redacted] contacted us
prior to posting inaccurate complaints of the chain of events, we would have been
able to address and resolve the issue at hand.

Our number one concern is the service we provide to our customers. 
We have exhausted all avenues to assist this customer's issue.  
We are 100% transparent with our policies, terms and conditions.  The proof of the $75 cost for [redacted] service is publicly published on our website. This is not hidden in any way. After showing the customer this proof and providing numerous explanations, we can only conclude that the customer does not genuinely intend to resolve the issue and instead is attempting to extort unwarranted funds by claiming the service terms and conditions he agreed to does not apply.
We live to serve our customers, and at the same token, as a business we have the right to protect ourselves against demands of extorting nature such as when the customer stated "Refund the 600.00 and it all goes away" 
We agree the customer should be reimbursed for not accommodating the $75 [redacted] level [redacted] requirement which we have offered to double the refund for, but there are no grounds for a $600 refund. 
Thank you.

Very best service I ever had on a shipped vehicle would recommend company to anyone needing shipment.

Montway was my first experience with transporting a car. I never heard of Montway before. Online Reviews of all of the auto transport companies were mixed. It worked out very well for me. Communications with Montway was great. I called many times just to ask questions about the process. The price was one of the lowest for an enclosed transport. Communication with the driver was good. They picked up my vehicle a day early and delivered it in 6 days (VA to CA). No complaints from me.

Your transport company is so professional, its hard to believe that there is a company today who stands by their word. Your employees are great to work with, and so is your drivers my order number was [redacted] and please thank the driver, thank you.

Keith, our driver did a great job. Even though he had his hands full with all kinds of winter weather, he still kept us completely up to date and delivered our [redacted] right on time. It even arrived cleaner than the car I towed behind our moving truck. I would use them again in a second.

Absolute horrible service the company should execute a more intensive background check on it's independent drivers.

Bought SUV in PA and had it shipped to CO.
Montway allowed shipper to drive our car from the dealer's lot without our permission or even notification. We paid for vehicle *shipping* not for someone to come drive our car without permission. The reason we chose to ship the vehicle was to avoid putting miles on it. Montway providing erroneous information about who the driver was. The name and phone number they provided was wrong; the driver was someone completely different. Montway's shipper delivered our car with temporary tag missing (which shipper demanded be put on during pickup) -- consequently, we were unable to drive the car upon delivery because it's illegal to drive without temporary tags. Montway's shipper couldn't speak fluent English and he damaged our two passenger tires backing the car off the trailer. After this debacle, Montway refused to provide a refund for their horrible service.

I was nervous about shipping my truck until I read the reviews online. I am happy to say I also had a positive experience. My truck shipped fast, was in time, and delivered as promised without any hassle. I could not be happier!

Excellent communication from start to finish with both emails and phone calls. I knew exactly what was going on with the transport of my car. Driver was very thorough in reviewing the condition of my car prior to transport to ensure there were no possible mishaps.

I researched car transport companies extensively before deciding on Montway. I used and was looking for length of time in business (Montway had 7 solid years), number of reviews submitted, consistent good rating from, whether the route I had from CT to WI was common for Montway (it was), and ratings (A+). I did get inundated with email and phone calls from other transport companies, but they could not compare on any level.

Montway was responsive, accessible, professional, and very user friendly. They and their transporter could not have done a better job. We were in touch all around for the pickup and delivery, which were accomplished with smiles all around.

Montoway delivered two of my vehicles from the west coast to the east coast in record time. They worked with me to have the dates I needed and everything worked flawlessly. I would highly recommend them, very affordable and available.

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