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1625 N Commerce Pkwy, Weston, Florida, United States, 33326

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Title of this review says it all!! Just a few weeks ago I moved within the Miami, FL and hired a family run moving company. But the moving was a complete disaster. The movers couldn't pack properly and as a result the broke many of my valuables. So, I claimed demurrage but the movers tactfully avoided me. That time I had just 1 option left which was to bring to the rescue. I hired them to deal with my claim and they did a fantastic job. They talked with the moving company, did the needful and made sure I get the demurrage within a week. Response • Apr 23, 2018


Moving company that I used while moving out of Carlstadt and moving to Miami, damaged most of my valuables, broke my pool table and still charged me $300 more than the quoted price. It was never acceptable. So, I decided to claim for the compensation. As the process I hired [redacted], the claim adjust rep, took my matter, filed my claim, took the necessary steps against the moving company and made them pay the amount as compensation that I claimed for. Being honest, did a lot more than what I was expecting.

I can only thank MovingClaims.Net. They saved me from being cheated by the moving company which I used. The movers kept many of my valuables and were not willing to return them. When I brought MovingClaims.Net in the picture, everything started changing rapidly. John from MovingClaims.Net filed my claim and negotiated with the movers on my behalf and very soon I received all my missing valuables. In the end, I was saved from being robbed. Thanks a lot guys.

Being a single mother it was not possible for me fight for my rights against the moving company that I used few weeks ago. I appointed to handle my claim. Jenny and Michael did their best to help me and within 2 weeksthey managed to get me the compensation from the moving company for my damaged and broken furniture. Being honest, I did not have to do anything, everything was taken care of and the result was just awesome. I do recommend

I really do not know how to thank for their excellent services. Few days ago I contacted Marvin of I was having a dispute with the moving company I used 2 months back. I tried a lot but I was not able to come to a settlement with the movers. So, I hired and they played the trick. In the end my dispute came to an end legally and it proved to be a win-win situation both for the moving company and myself.

No words are enough to thank MovingClaims.Net. They have saved me from being robbed by the moving company that I used just a month ago. After ending up with broken valuables and furniture, I claimed $4000 from the movers I used and they did not even bother to reply me. So, I took the other way, hired professionals. [redacted] and [redacted] were extremely helpful regarding the claim I made. They guided me through the process, took all necessary actions and made sure that the moving company pays me $4000 for the damages they have done with my belongings. In the end, I just want to thank and recommend MovingClaims.Net.

It seemed like I was standing at the dead end after being destroyed by the moving company that I used a month ago. I ended up with so many broken and damaged stuff and many of the valuables were missing!! I didn't know where to complain or what to do. Luckily, my friend Jacob suggested me to contact with so, I called and talked with John initially, got an appointment the same day, told them what happened and they guided me through the process. They filed a claim on my behalf, negotiated with the moving company and made sure I receive the demurrage with an apology. I must thank my friend Jacob and obviously for the great help.

The dispute with my moving company was going nowhere. I realized that it's time to get the professional help regarding this matter. So, I contacted with [redacted] was my initial contact, he gave me an appointment the same day and introduced me with [redacted] who is their claim adjust rep. [redacted] filed my claim and took all necessary actions against the moving company. It worked like magic and I got the compensation for the damaged and broken stuffs. To me, is the life saver.

I do not know how to thank These guys saved me from being cheated by the movers I used recently. The moving company I used did everything to spoil my mood. They came late for the pickup and delivery, damaged my furniture, stolen many of my valuables and charged me with plenty of hidden fees. I called their manager and complained but it didn't work. The guy on the phone was not even willing to listen to me! Then I brought on the scene. Mark, their claims adjust rep, took the matter in his hand and asked me to calm down. He took this matter forward legally and within 3 working days I got a phone call from the movers asking for an appointment for the settlement. Finally, it ended in my favor. I got my lost valuables and also $1200 as the demurrage for the damages they have done.

Called today to get information on claim sent by US Postal mail. The guy *** answered the call and I proceeded to ask him where my claim money was and he told me he couldn't help because I had to go on line and he doesn't have access to look up claims. Between this fraudulent company and 'TRUE VALUE MOVERS' both need to be reported to the attorney general of Florida.

Desired Outcome

$350.00 Response • Apr 11, 2018

Dear Valued Customer,

We extend our sincerest apologies for any damage and/or inconvenience you have incurred throughout the process of your move.

For proper processing, please return completed Claim Procedures Package as ONE ATTACHMENT via email to: *** You may send us the information via US Postal Mail to:, P.O. Box XXXXXX, Miami, FL XXXXX.

Note: NO electronic media will be accepted in the forms of a File Download, Zip Files, CD, or Flash Drive, or fax


Always at Your Service!

Support -

Though I paid a good amount to the moving company but they couldn't deliver my belongings undamaged. Many of the valuables were broken and furniture was damaged. I asked for the compensation and as expected the moving company denied. They had many lame excuses for the damages which were not acceptable. However, I eventually hired to solve this issue. They are experts, they contacted with the moving company on my behalf and I got a call from the movers immediately asking for an appointment for the settlement. Eventually I got the compensation and was managed to overcome the loss.

I have to admit that is the best in business. Recently I took their service which did not cost me much but made sure I get the compensation from the moving company I used. I was demanding compensation for my damaged and broken valuables caused by their poor packing and skills. Eventually I got what I was looking for and that didn't take a long time. It was that saved me from a huge loss. Response • Apr 06, 2018

Your reviews are much appreciated !!!

One of my friends told me to contact MovingClaims.Net when he came to know that one of the moving companies took advance from me and never showed up! I called MovingClaims.Net and talked with John. I got an appointment the same day, explained the situation to them and they came up with the cure. They filed a claim against the mover on my behalf and got the full refund with just 2 days!! Now this is something I would say professional service.

I do not know how to thank for the excellent support. My dispute with the movers was going nowhere. I was looking for the compensation for the damaged items but the manager of the moving company was not paying attention on that. They tried their best to linger the matter. Then I contacted and Marvin was the guy who took this matter on my behalf. These guys are professionals and they knew how to get the compensation from the movers. They did everything necessary and within a very short time I got what I wanted. Thanks a lot to Mark, Marvin and John of for getting the job done.

Just thanking would not be enough because helped me in BIG time. The moving company which I used last month did everything possible to ruin the move but I was saved by When I claimed $2000 from the movers for the broken and damaged valuables, they refused to pay. Then it was which filed a claim on my behalf and negotiated with the moving company. Eventually I got $1650 as the compensation which matters a lot for me.

Affordable Transfer Co moved me from FL to GA in 5/17. This is the insurance "Company" they use. They are offering $60 for $13k in damages.
Affordable Transfer moved me from FL to GA in 5/17. I sent over 3 pages of written descriptions of all the damages including 2-4 pictures of each item showing the proof. Many items are antiques and irreplaceable. The appliances were 1-3 years old that now are dented and scratched. There were 2 items in particular with damage that the mover did notify me of the day of delivery that value over $2500.00 that he made the statement "You have insurance, they'll take care of it". The rest of the damage was discovered as we moved things. I paid over $500.00 for insurance. This company evidently is merely an arbitrator NOT insurance. I have documentation for over $13k worth of damage. I was offered $60.00 by The employees of this company are rude and extremely combative. One of them threatened me by saying, "I don't like your tone of voice and I'm not going to even work this claim." I was hung up on. Nothing was done on the claim until the timeline was about to expire.

Desired Outcome

At the VERY least I would like the cost paid to the mover for INSURANCE refunded. Response • Apr 03, 2018

Company Response to CASE #: XXXXXXXX - ***

April 3, 2018 of Southeast Florida and the Caribbean
4411 Beacon Circle, Suite 4
West Palm Beach, FL XXXXX


To Whom It May Concern: is a third party claims company hired by moving company's in order to provide claims processing services, free of charge to its customers who may have experienced Loss, Damage, Delay, or Overcharge during their relocation, in accordance with the customer's coverage and federal law. All claims are processed based on all information submitted by the claimant as well as their service provider (moving company). Upon full examination of the submitted documents our findings are forwarded to the responsible party (moving company).
Here at, we take pride in being the most experienced provider of claims processing, administrative services, online reputation, consulting and customer support to the moving industry nationwide. With more than 15 years of experience, our expertise extends to literally every aspect of the business, from managing major moving companies to providing consulting and services in claims processing.
For guaranteed quality assurance, we serve as a liaison between the customers and their service provider's (Moving Companies). We reach out to all customers after their move is concluded to assure customer satisfaction. We inquire about their needs being met, if not exceeded, providing them with a survey and collecting their input accordingly. Once we collect that information, should we discover the customer is in any way displeased or unsatisfied with the services they've received we begin to seek resolution on behalf of their moving company, the responsible party. We understand how unforeseen, unfortunate events can take place so we focus on providing a hassle-free, convenient process for customers to file customer service complaints or claims for loss and damage when the unpredictable should happen.
Upon the submission of a claim and/or complaint by a customer, collects information from both the carriers (moving company) as well as their customers in order to determine settlement amounts per the carrier's legal liability as detailed in the carrier's governing Bill of Lading and applicable tariff and in conjunction with federal law. Please note, while we regret when any customer is unsatisfied with the settlement rendered, please understand that is not the responsible party for the outcome of the customer claim.
We are not an insurance, moving nor repair company, we simply process claims/complaints. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for any actions taken by the customer's service provider (moving company).
Upon reviewing the customer's complaint it is CLEARLY not addressing our services and involvement in this process. Based on the information provided by the customer, their complaint is against the responsible party, which is their moving company NOT, which is the Claims processing company for their moving company.
Due to being wrongfully accused, we request to have the above referenced complaint removed from our records, and transferred to the respective party who is responsible, as it proposes an undeserving threat to our reputation, considering the services we provide are not related to the customer complaint.
Thank you for your time!
Customer Service Department was the solution for my problem. I did not know how to file a claim and win the claim against some very cunning people of a reputed moving company. But it was which showed me the way. They have managed my claim with great professionalism and win the case for me. Though I thought that I will never get the demurrage from the moving company I used but eventually I received the demurrage for my broken piano and damaged furniture. Credit goes to the team of

When I became tired of asking the movers to return some of my valuables that time I came to know about MovingClaims.Net. So, I called them and explained how my movers applied so many hidden fees on me and still kept many of my valuables. Mar, the claim adjust rep ensured me that I will get back my delicate items and he filed a claim against the movers on my behalf. Within just a week I got a call from the mover. Their manager apologized to me and returned all my valuables which were with them. Thanks a lot to Mark and MovingClaims.Net for making sure I get back my stuff.

I am a man of very few words. I am not going to write a lot. Just a couple of weeks ago I came to know about MovingClaims.Net. That time I was under severe stress because of the terrible moving services from the company I used. I wanted demurrage for my broken items and furniture. But the movers were never willing to pay even a single dime. However, after MovingClaims.Net came into the picture, things have changed rapidly. They negotiated with the movers and managed to get what I was demanding. I am highly impressed with the superb service of MovingClaims.Net.

It was a horrible experience using a moving company for my moving needs. They have stolen my valuables, damaged the floors and walls in both ends, made unnecessary delays for the pickup and delivery, damaged so many things and charged me double than the quoted amount. So, I went to and filed a claim against the moving company. [redacted] and [redacted] of did everything necessary in a professional way and settled the issue with the moving company I used. I am thankful to for getting the compensation on my behalf from the movers. I do appreciate their honesty and great negotiation skills.

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Address: 1625 N Commerce Pkwy, Weston, Florida, United States, 33326


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