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Once Upon A Child

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I have received response back from the owner of the store and I think we have resolved our issue. I would like to close me complaint claim at this time. If I don't get what is promised I will continue to move forward.Thank you, [redacted]

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/07/10) */
I am sorry that this customer is not happy with her sale of items at our Once Upon a Child. We are proud of the service that we offer to this community and have many dedicated employees that work very hard every day to deliver exceptional...

service to thousands of customers who buy and sell children's items here. We purchase and process thousands of items daily. We do not pressure anyone to accept an offer they are not happy with. If a customer asks for a detailed receipt at the time we make the offer, we are happy to provide one. We buy items based on brand, condition, style and demand. Our pricing is computer generated and consistent, and we try to be fair to both the person selling to us as well as the person who will be buying the items from us. We do not negotiate buy prices. We pay for every item we accept, there should never be any discrepancy in items purchased and items returned. The customer gets back everything we did not purchase from them. Again, we tell the customer what we are willing to offer and they can always choose whether to accept or reject that offer. We do not pressure anyone to sell their items to us if they are not happy with our offer.
Again, I apologize the experience did not meet this customers expectations. We do not want that for any customer.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/07/11) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Apologies aside, at no time during my transaction did anyone offer me a receipt, an item count, or a return of my items. This is the issue I have with the communication between myself and the staff involved. In my best calculations, the store offered me an average of $0.10 per item. I based this calculation off of 35 individual items divided by the $38.05 I was paid. A serious review of the previously mentioned computer based pricing structure is in order for more accurate and fair pricing. I have in the past purchased a single clothing item from this store in exactly the same condition as my items and paid $3.00 for said single item. Knowing this, the markup in my calculation is more than 100%. When I asked the manager of the store what the store markup was I did not receive an answer. In my complaint I did not ask for an apology, I want a report stating what was sold and how much I was paid for each item in detail. With the amount of time that has passed I am not sure if any of my items are still in inventory for return to me. My impression is that there is not an accurate item count or detailed record of my transaction given the quantity of items that were missing from my containers and the conversation I had with the manager.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2015/07/17) */
The complainant was paid $38.05 for the purchase of 27 items. That is an average of $1.41 each not the 10 cents she claims. Our pricing is based on a national model, deemed to be fair by thousands of customers daily. We have been in business in St. Cloud for 22 years and we do not steal items from any customers. Items are paid for or returned. This customer, as well as every customer had an opportunity to accept our offer or take her items back. She accepted the offer. Once the items are processed and mixed with other items we buy there is no way to sort and identify the items to return. I am sorry she is unhappy. I mailed her an additional $20 in store credit which she failed to mention bringing the total paid to $58.05 for 23 items or an average of $2.15 per item. 21 1/2 times higher than her claim.

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I refuse to walk into that store. I would appreciate if they mail me my bag back.

I have just yesterday received my device back from HearSource and I could not be more pleased. For less than 1/4 what my audiologist said it would cost to send it back to the original manufacturer I had all the repairs it needed done plus received a one year warranty. They repaired all the channels (retubed the receiver and replaced the microphone), replaced the battery compartment, resoldered broken wires and replated the custom aid for under $250.00. Plus the shipped it back via FEDEX 2 day delivery. I am so glad I found them.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/10/09) */
The return was processed onto the customers card. When the customer contacted us the very next day stating that the funds were not in her bank yet, the associate informed he again that it could take 7 to 10 business days. I called our credit...

card processor to confirm that the refund was processed onto the card 5 days earlier. They confirmed that the refund was processed onto her card and because of all the banking regulations and steps involved in the process that it takes on average 7 to 10 business days. The refund has been issued. I do not control the banks or the federal Reserve which oversees all of this, so there is nothing more I can do. The refund was given to this customer and she needs to be patient as the banks process it. I will not give a another refund as the funds have been processed back onto the card and will be redeposited into the account.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/10/13) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
It has been 13 days (9 business days) and the funds have NOT been returned to my account; I confirmed with my bank again this morning. The owner was rude, discourteous and at no point apologized for this error. He claims to have called the company that processes his payments/returns, however became hostile when I asked him to provide some type of proof. I offered, and continue to offer, to provide proof from my bank that the funds had NOT, nor have they ever, been returned to my account. A legitimate business would accept the proof from the bank, correct the error and apologize to the consumer. This is essentially stealing. This man owes me my refund amount. I am not asking for "another refund"; simply the original amount that I am owed.

Hi Johana, I just spoke with you on the phone about this customer complaint. The ID # is [redacted]. I have spoken with the store manager and we cannot find that she has sold to us in the last 4 months. I'm wondering if she came in with a friend and sold under their name, we require a photo...

ID for all customers selling to the store. The manager checked the sales floor and we have one swing that was bought on the 11TH of April but the buy price doesn't match the amount the customer stated in her complaint. I guess I need a description of her swing and if it's sold, seeing that it's 8 days after the fact, what compensation would make her happy. If the swing has in fact sold, I'll need her correct address so we can mail her a check from our main office.If you can please get back to me ASAP, I would greatly appreciate it.Thank you,[redacted] Once Upon A Child®

We spoke to this consumer directly (Case #[redacted]) to resolve her concern.Please contact us directly at ###-###-#### should additional information be required.Best Regards,Marla
This complaint is resolved. The business apologized, lifted the ban and extended a $25 store credit for the misunderstanding.

Buy 2 hearing aids stop working one year later, sent into get them fix, they sent them back left one still not fix and 8 months later right one stopped working,call them and was told that I had to pay 99.00 for each aid to repair after the aids stopped working after only 8 short months. Not good produce or service.

I have received response back from the owner of the store and I think we have resolved our issue. I would like to close me complaint claim at this time. If I don't get what is promised I will...

continue to move forward.
Thank you, 

[redacted] dropped items off at Once Upon a Child to be looked at for purchase by the store.  [redacted] signed a form stating she would be back by the close of business that same day or her items would be forfeited.  Her items were completed at approximately 5pm which is...

when we spoke to [redacted] on the phone stating her items were about to be completed.  She had until 8pm to come back to the store to complete the transaction. She stated that she could not return and we restated our policy to her.  She said her husband could return but we told her it needed to be the person who had filled out and signed the form. We had no obligation to inform a spouse of the business being conducted between our store and [redacted].   She did not return .[redacted] always had the option to pick up her items and bring them a different day if the timeframe of the completion of the transaction was not going to work for her.  [redacted] has sold items to us 8 times before this and our policy has always been the same.   [redacted] items were donated to a charity at the close of business that same day. This is a very unfortunate situation. Once Upon a Child is in the business of buying and selling children's items.  We took the time to look at [redacted] items and then had to donate them and not receive anything for our time and make a customer unhappy in the process.  We completed what we said we would do by processing her items by the end of business that day but unfortunately it was a busy day at my store and [redacted] was told this when she checked her items in that it was a long wait time and she chose to still leave them. At anytime she could have called and checked on the status of her items.  
Chris A[redacted]
Once Upon a Child

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/05/11) */
We apologized for the mistaken overcharge, as the associate accidently hit the wrong key. We Immediately refunded the overcharge to the card. Our credit card machine will only process refunds as credit. As far as how long it takes for the...

refund to post, that is the banks and not us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Lazy workers that are rude and bias.Today I went to once upon a time and as always brought clothes and shoes all name brand all worn one or not at all. As always the workers grabbed what still had tags or what was on top. I asked what is wrong with this stuff her response discolored. My response how when its worn once and is brighter than half the things on the racks. I make sure that everything is clean no stains and if not I throw it away. Weeks before they did the same thing and I sent my sister back in with the stuff they didn't buy in a different bag and guess what they brought it. But I observed another lady come in with a big box of junk and they emptied it out with a smile and also I don't appreciate the workers laughing at other customers just rude disrespectful and childish I refuse to ever shop there and I will never sell there againDesired SettlementI would like a explanation to why they do such a crappy job.

Review: Had almost $40 in credit that disappeared. Made a purchase on Oct.17 that left me with $36.00 left when I got my receipt I asked for my credit slip cashier informed me I did not get a different slip it was on the bottom of original receipt.I argued this with her and told her I always get one. However she insisted it was there.When I returned on the 20th to make additional purchases & return a dress was informed I had no credit but the dress that was returned was told cashier hit cash back on register on the 17th & that it took away my credit & the cashier that waited on me was new & didn't know what she was doing & that this happens to a lot of people. They pulled a record of their end of day sales and said they were not over so I must have "forgot" she gave me money( which by the way they just told me their not allowed to do). I told them I wanted to see a manager as I received nothing back and if it was a credit why would they be over in the register as it was credit not cash and they could check their cameras to prove she never gave me any money( replied they were too busy to keep videos up front). I always use my credit to pay for items. Manager said nothing she could do as it was my word against cashier and once again told me I received money back and "forgot about it". I asked for a number to a main office was told there is no number but she would have the owner call me. Never received call from anyone. I have been a customer there since they opened and never been so cheated and embarrassed as there were several customers around as they told me all of this and I am out not only my credit but the clothes I sold to receive said credit.Desired Settlement: Replacement of my credit that was took from me and an apology for basically calling me a liar and a thief.



I did talk to this customer on October the 24th when I got back into the store. I had been off the day this incident occured. I did check paper work and called this customer back, she was able to come back into the store and get her money that had not been given to her. She did come back into the store on the 25th to pick that up.Thank you,OUAC Management



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.Please consider this complaint resolved.


I recently visited this store during it's Buy-2-Get-One-Free Sale. I chose 3 items for $3.99 each, 2 items for $7.99, and one for $6.99. I tried paying for the 3 $3.99 items in one transaction and the 2 $7.99 and 1 $6.99 items in a separate transaction and was told I could not. I have never heard of a store denying a customer the right to divvy up their transactions the way they deem best. I was told by the manager (Tom) that Once Upon A Child is "giving away free clothes and must mitigate their losses by employing this policy." This unusual policy was not posted anywhere, and I was frustrated to have spent a considerable amount of time making my selections with a little one in tow only to be surprised at the register with this information. [redacted] also told me that it was a nation-wide policy and that basically, his hands were tied. At that point, I contacted the "higher ups" via the company's Facebook page encouraging them to revisit this policy. Their response was as follows: "Please be aware that each Once Upon A Child store is individually owned and as such, each store determines their own policies when running sales in their stores." At this point, I felt not only slighted by their store sale policy, but also lied to. I contacted [redacted] again with this information, and he was unwilling to make amends. Basically, he chose to lose the entire sale over a $3 difference (the difference between getting a $6.99 item for free instead of a $3.99 item.)

On 1-2-13, I went to sell my childrens clothes at Once Upon a Child. I stayed there while they were completing myorder. When I was done shopping they were only done with half of my order. They used half of the credit for my purchase. They told me that they were so busy that they could not get to my other half of items. I told them that was OK and to call me when they were ready for me to pick it up. I did not recieve a call from them. I went back to the store to ask about my items. The owner, Julie Staszkow was in the front when I asked about my items. She did not hear my story and told me that if it was not picked up that same day then they donated it. They pulled my ticket and saw that a number was off on my phone number. I had my address and email written down. They said they tried to call but there was a number missing. They should have tried to email me to notify of my belongings. Julie got angry and very disrespectful and said I do not have room for all of your stuff in my store. I asked her where my 2 laundry baskets were also at. She said, I told you, it was all donated and there is nothing I can do." In addition to the poor customer service from the establishment, there was a complete disrepectful and rude manner from the owner.

A sign at the store reads, "Buy any 2 books at regular price, get 1 of equal or lesser value free." Because I believed the sign, I spent over an hour planning my purchase of 12 books. Six books cost $2.50, six cost $1.50, and six cost $1.00. I believed I would purchase four $2.50 books and get two $2.50 books free, purchase four $1.50 books and get two $1.50 books free, and purchase four $1.00 books and get two $1.00 books free. I was shocked when the sales girl rang up all of the $2.50 and $1.50 books at full price and then deducted the six $1.00 book prices. Instead of paying the $20.00 I expected to pay, I was charged $24.00... 20% more than planned.At that point, I said I would purchase the books in three separate transactions, first the $2.50 books, then the $1.50 books, and finally the $1.00 books. The sales girl rang up the $2.50 books and charged me correctly (for each two books I paid for I received one free). Then, she REFUSED to sell me the other books because I had was not following the policy of getting the least expensive books free.

It was hard for me to pick just one complaint from your menu above. I made a transaction and was not given the correct change. I returned to the store once I realized I hadn't been given my change. I was told to contact the store that evening when they closed out the registers. I spoke to [redacted], who then told me her registers were on the money and that she was "working on it". I never received a phone call from anyone. I called and called. They passed me off to someone named[redacted], who also has not attempted to contact me. They are giving me the run-around, while I have been both patient and polite. I also sent an e-mail to their corporate office in [redacted] and have not received a response. I am very upset at their management and how they have poorly dealt with this matter. I am running out of patience.

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