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• Oct 26, 2020

Let's just say This is the worst Dealership on the Planet they have nothing but a scam artist and s[censored] that work here the management that works here sucks and Pat Hickey should be embarrassed to be a part of this dealership
Let's start off by how they sold us a wrecked explorer then hid it from us till we found out a year later from another dealer but before that, we had the vehicle in there service department and they couldn't even fix the issues it had we had to take it to a real mechanic.
the night we bought the explorer they knew we were in a jamb because the rental we had from the insurance company from our accident was due to expire in two days so they rushed our deal through. They new the explorer was in a wreck and a rental something we asked the sales man three times and even asked the manager and he assured us no it wasn't and he would give us the car Fax unfortunately we were being rushed that night we forgot to get it then we found out by another dealer a year later the explorer was unable to be traded in due to it was in an accident we reached out to the dealer and for and neither of them will even bother returning our calls this dealership is a scam do not go here not only is the management and ownership s[censored] there service department is s[censored] also they don't like to be questioned on there work and they lie through there teeth stay the hell away from this place.

• Oct 14, 2020

Service Department Leaves A Lot To Be Desired
My mother purchased her 2nd vehicle with Peoria Ford in June 2020 and there was a manufactures defect with a raised passenger dashboard panel. She reported this and returned to the dealership days after the purchase and the vehicle was inspected and was told the part was ordered. It took calling numerous times for the part to be ordered 32 days later. When the vehicle returned for a oil change last week 5 months after the initial notification the service representative stated the appraiser had to inspect the vehicle and it needed to be left at Peoria Ford for 8 weeks before the part was ordered. I called today and spoke with Quentin and he was very rude and evaded my questions such as; why does she need to leave her vehicle and especially 8 weeks, has the part really been ordered, and if there was any timeframe for the part to be delivered. I called back to obtain the part number that was ordered and Kevin refused to provide it and told me that the person that ordered it would have to call me back. I contacted a local autobody company and they said they needed to know the exacted part that was ordered by Peoria Ford, however they should have the needed part in 3 weeks because of the delays normally would be 1 week. Why can't the "Largest Ford Dealer in AZ" get their parts within the same timeframe?
Service Department Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

• Jan 15, 2020

Customer is cliaming wants a settlement of depreciation on a car traded in Customer wanted dealership to take back a vehicle which really is a lemon law buy back situation, which is a manufacturer issue, not a dealer issue Customer was offered a trade option, but customer was not open to it Customer was unreasonable, volitile, and comabative with employees at Peoria Ford Customer interupted random customers to tell them not to buy a car a Peoria Ford, not just one, inciting the salespeople on the floor to confront him to a combative situation that almost erupted to a fist fight between the customer and salespeople I apoligized to customer, tried to offer a "better for the customer/than the dealership deal, tried to offer assistance to lemon law buy back, BUT the customer feels the dealer is responsibile for the manufaturing issues he feels there is with the product he purchased The customer had even taken the car to a different dealer which stated the car is operating within its designed specifications If the customer decided to trade the vechile in and a loss occured it would be depreciation on any new car, and not the dealers fault anyway The customer had the ability to seek out a lemon law buyback but obviously chose to trade the vehicle in and incurring any losses he negotiated, neither of which is the dealer or the manufacturer issue [redacted] General Manager

I bought a car from Peoria Ford on 11/20/ The salesmen were great showing me the car, but once I reached Finance, everything had turned aroundThey advertised that I was working with the fastest guy there and he would get me out of there in no time It was my first time buying a car and I had a lot of questions I told the finance man that I was going to grab my boyfriend from the waiting area since he had more experience than I had with this information The man asked me to finish signing the paperwork first and then I could go get my boyfriend When I got home that night, we reviewed everything in more detail to find I had an extra $3,charge and a $1,charge which were both optional, that they didn't inform me of at allI called them right away to find out what they wereOne they had taxed me onNo one ever called me back that night or the following day when I called so we drove to Peoria Ford that afternoon to get answersThe financing guy admitted he made a mistake as he forgot to ask me other questions which would have lowered the length of my loanI had went over my paperwork with my parents a week later to find the dealership had charged $4,over KBBI understand it was my own fault for not checking at the time of buying We called and spoke with four different employees before someone helped cancel the optional warranties and stated they would give me a refund for the one they had taxed me on Two months after buying my car, and I am finally resolving the issues I have had with them The financing manager stated he cancelled my warranties three weeks after I had bought my car I have had to call multiple times to speak with the financing manager, all of which he would never return a phone call However the second I would text him, he would respond instantly Never once would call me, but would just quickly respond to say someone was taking care of the check they owed me and the warranties I kept checking with the bank my loan was through, which they stated a check still hadn't come in six weeks later(The cancellation process takes four weeks.) I called the company who the warranties are through; they stated I had never signed up for those even as far back as the day I bought my car(Although I had the paperwork from the dealership stating I had the two warranties.) I called the dealership up immediately, to have one woman on the phone and me on speaker phone After a few minutes on the phone, she stated how the financial manager was listening in on the conversation Once again he would not speak with meI demanded they pay for the interest I had been paying on these warranties that I apparently didn't even have for the past two months Their rude response stated that it wouldn't be much at all and asked if I like a Starbucks gift card They have absolutely terrible customer service, and then get angry when I have a bad attitude at the fact I have been dealing with them for two months after buying my car, while still trying to get money back I went to this dealership specifically because I always heard it was number one in all of Arizona on the radio (Absolutely advertising!) I even spoke with the owner himself who stated he would call me back to ensure I am a happy customer and try to resolve all the issues Of course, he never called back and when I called him a couple days later and left a message, I did not receive a return phone callI would hope everyone reading this would listen to the reviews This place is by far the WORST business I have ever worked with and has had TERRIBLE customer service! Honestly do not waste your time with this company- biggest mistake I've ever madeI'm surprised they haven't ran out of business

Still the same old scam used car sales tactics Unctuous sales staff AND managementPotential sale of a vehicle changed drastically from Friday to Saturday Do people still put up with this treatment? Was able to get my check back, and walked out

• Dec 26, 2019

Beware of the Berkshire Hathaway dealerships because they are formerly owned by the Van Tuyl group, which were well known for their underhanded business practices Nothing has changed with reference to Peoria Ford They lied (yes, harsh word but what else is it?) about the availability before I got to the dealership for a scheduled appointment after driving miles I even talked to the "sales" person while I was driving to the appointment !! Chances are pretty good that I would still have purchased a vehicle had they attempted to make a comparable offer on a vehicle with similar miles and features Oh well, I lost a couple hours of my time and few bucks in gas but at least I didn't lose like many others that actually purchased a vehicle Joke is on Peoria Ford because I left and a couple hours later purchased the same vehicle down the road

• Dec 22, 2019

John, Please see attached email from Sept 24th where I already outlined my objection to this offer Additionally I listed my requests for resolution in the original complaint I also filed a complaint through Ford Motor Company (CRM: [redacted] ) They informed me that they only deal with warranty issues and stated the following: The car was not delivered to Peoria Ford in the current conditionThese items are all items that a customer has the right to expect when taking delivery of a new vehicleThese damaged happened after delivery from Ford Motor Company and before sale to the customerThe remedies implemented by Peoria have caused the problem to become worseIn summary the damaged to the vehicle were the cause of neglect while in position of Peoria Ford As documented in my photos the problem was not resolved, and was in-fact made much worse with the additions of buffer lines over the entire vehicleAll items a reasonable person would expect to be included when purchasing a new vehicle If we reach an impasse through this third party I will pursue my legal arbitration rights outlined in the customer agreement I cannot follow the logic on why the customer should have to pay any percentage to fix these issues that were all caused by Peoria Ford, and/or the vendor that Peoria Ford selected to complete the work Every detailer that has seen the vehicle has confirmed that the work was not performed correctly Again, my request is for Peoria Ford to do whatever is necessary to return the car to "new condition", refund of the Paint Protection because I do not have faith that Peoria can perform the services agreed upon, and consideration for all the time and hassle spent on my part to resolve such a simple issue

• Dec 15, 2019

Dear [redacted] , I have reviewed your deal file and have found the following: The deal documents and binding Retail Installment Contract you signed reflect an agreed upon vehicle price of $29, There is no reference to an “internet price” of $24, However, the $24,number that is on the title and registration paperwork is the base MSRP of the vehicle before any options This is the value that DMV uses for title and registration purposes and has no bearing on the negotiated price of the vehicle Your vehicle, by the way, had a final MSRP of $31,which you negotiated down to a vehicle purchase price of $29, So to your reference of “being screwed” out of $5,386, you were inaccurately comparing apples to oranges As far as the IRS, you were appropriately taxed on the final purchase price after any and all adds, taxes and fees.As you stated, you were able to review all deal documentation prior to signing If you had questions, that would have been the most appropriate time to ask them and gain clarificationIt is unfortunate that you would end your complaint with “I would not recommend Peoria Ford to anyone” as we performed exactly as stated and agreed to by yourself

• Dec 11, 2019

Called Peoria Ford back months ago, and wasnt able to make a transaction to sell or purchase at the timeJust made an inquiryNow[redacted] will not stop calling meAnd....its not even Peoria FordIts Telemarketing people callingAs if Peoria Ford sold my phone number to some agencyThey ask for people who arent meAbout vehicles that arent mineIts ridiculousNever will do business with themNow the number is blocked until they change it by number and call again and again

• Dec 06, 2019

SIR/MADAM Unfortunaly a year after a transaction it is hard to figure out exactly what transpired The only documentation we have states exactly what both parties agreed on However, we would be more than happy to review a deal with the customer to see if we can somehow resolve the situation she is in Please contact rob hubler the GSM at [redacted] to set an appointment to look at options to rectify this situation Patrick h***

• Dec 02, 2019

Mr [redacted] complaint is unfounded towards Peoria Ford Mr [redacted] had an accident with his vehicle that he had repaired at a bodyshop He then brought his vehicle to Peoria Ford stating he had some stalling issues During his conversation with the service manager Mr [redacted] stated the stalling issues caused the accident That information was forwarded to FORD SInce Mr [redacted] stated an accident was caused by a product issue it was forwarded to FORDS general counsel Mr [redacted] then recanted his statement of it causing the accident, but at this point FORD has already turned it over to their general counsel Ford instructed Peoria Ford to do nothing on the car till they inform Peoria Ford to do so Peoria Ford has communicated this to Mr [redacted] and his attorney Mr [redacted] 's attorney called and instructed us to have his car ready by a 5p pick up, which Peoria Ford did, but Mr [redacted] did not show upPeoria Ford suggested if Mr [redacted] did not like the answers Peoria Ford was giving him, he was able to go to any other Ford dealer in town to verify that the information given was correct SInce Mr [redacted] claimed it was a product malfuction that caused an accident FORD and its general counsel are now directly involved Peoria Ford or any other ford franchise can not do warranty work on his vehicle, until FORD genral counsel says they can Mr [redacted] was clearly made aware of this and unfortunaly there are no other alternatives at this point Peoria Ford, as any other franchise ford dealer, can only complete warranty work when FORD authorizes it Mr [redacted] and his attorney were given all the contacts at ford to pursue this issue There is nothing furthur Peoria Ford can do to handle Mr [redacted] 's claim until he contacts FordPatrick H [redacted] General Manager

Classic bait and switch tacticsThey called and confirmed mintures before I get there the availability of a car that they've been calling me all week onI show up and magically it sold! Imagine that but they had some great deals they wanted to show me on some new cars! Total dirt bagsShould have listened to the reviews and not wasted a long drive and inconveniencing family to watch my kidSTAY FAR AWAY!!!

• Nov 27, 2019

After having reviewed Mr [redacted] ’s complaint, we pulled his file and found that he did in fact purchase a months / 75,mile service contract It appears that the contract was initially input into the system in error as months / 36,miles The next day the error was noticed and it was adjusted to reflect the 72/75,contract I have attached a confirmation that the contract is currently in-force and is the correct term While we unfortunately can’t fix the initial issues [redacted] had regarding a spare tire and lock, we would be willing to extend him a $one-time credit for an oil change for his truck as a gesture of goodwill and to let him know we do want to be his dealer of choice Please let me know if [redacted] finds this offer of resolution acceptable Sincerely, [redacted] Controller Peoria Ford | [redacted] Tel: ###-###-#### | Cell: ###-###-#### | Email: [redacted]

I went to Peoria ford to buy a new vehicle and when I had come to an agreement on price I went through all the steps of signing everything and I kept asking to see the final pricing to make sure everything matches up and they kept telling me we will get to that so after everything is done I finally look at the final agreement to sign and notice the price is 3,more than what I agreed onI had a sheet that showed me all the pricing on it and when I told them the price is $3,more than what we agreed on all the sudden the original paper with the price I agreed on is no where to be foundI suggest that if you buy a vehicle from here don't just sign and take their word for it as I read through everything and found out they were charging me $3,more for the car than what I agreed on then said they couldn't find the paper they gave me with the pricing on it that was $less

• Nov 22, 2019

[redacted] , I apologize the way you feel you were treated and the time it took to get your transaction approved If you did not receive your 2nd key we would be happy to get you another key asap The Lic plates are controlled by the state and how the paperwork is processed Peoria Ford processed the plates according to whats required by the state to do so We would be more than happy to assist any concerns you may have or provide you with the necessary numbers needed to contact to get resolution on your plate concerns As far as you wanting a different car, Peoria Ford cannot just not gtive you another vehicle because you feel you have mental anguish over the one you purchased If you would like to trade it in for a different vehicle, Peoria Ford will assist you in the best of our ability to do so You must recall, part of the issues with your transaction is YOUR prior credit history As you stated you visited the dealership multiple times, therefore had several opportunities to not completer the transaction There is no free year service program available as you requested we give you As a prior customer you will receive several coupons in the mail and also be entitled to discounts just because of your purchase If you have and other concerns or questions feel free to contact me directly Thank you for your purchase and I apologize for any misunderstandings or concerns you encountered Patrick H [redacted] General Manager/Partner

• Nov 17, 2019

Dear Ms [redacted] , I just wanted to take a moment to let you know we have received your complaint through the and will be researching the particulars over the course of the next few days After we have had a chance to gather the facts, we will be back in touch with you Monday or Tuesday to discuss In the interim, if you would please forward the names of any contacts you have been in conversation with or received correspondence from to our Controller, Dave W [redacted] (dw***, that will help significantly Sincerely, Pat H***

• Nov 14, 2019

they are truly scam outfit They sold me a new car ON ITS WAY from Detroit With $down days later no car all they did was try to sell me other vehicles like the one I was waiting for< I knew something was wrong I went in ,where is my car ,DON'T Know pick out another, we could not work out a deal,so I asked for my $back, It took about hrsto get itNow they call me every week asking if I am still interested in another vehicle all though I told them I purchased it some were else and saved $I have asked they NOT to Call me anymore OR I would notify But they already have plenty of complaints I am just more telling the truth

• Nov 14, 2019

Thank you for forwarding Ms [redacted] ’s complaint I have pulled her file and talked with some of the involved parties and here is what I can gather: This deal originally started with Ms [redacted] & Mr [redacted] contacting a broker to help them find and purchase a Ford Fusion At some pointThe broker contacted one of Peoria Ford’s commercial representatives to see if they could assist with the deal I am not for sure when the communication started with the broker, but Peoria Ford’s paperwork indicates that the deal was done based on a 10/1/date Regarding the timeliness of the payoff of the trade, I can’t say for sure why there would have been a delay However, I do understand that even after the payoff check was sent there was an issue with Ms [redacted] ’s lender having put “Forced Place Insurance” on her trade, thus increasing the amount of her payoff From what I am being told, Ms [redacted] was finally able to prove to her lender that there never was a lapse in her primary vehicle coverage and her lender finally removed the additional charges and showed her account as paid in full If it would help Ms [redacted] , Peoria Ford would be willing to write a letter to her lender stating that the late payment was no fault of hers if they would be willing to remove that derogatory entry from her credit profile Please let me know if Ms [redacted] finds this offer of resolution acceptable Sincerely, [redacted] Controller Peoria Ford | [redacted] Tel: ###-###-#### | Cell: ###-###-#### | Email: [redacted]

• Nov 13, 2019 I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below The information [redacted] stated were liesFirst, they didn't assist me in reviewing the lemon law rulesHe actually discouraged me from making that compalint by telling me that the process for a buy back was long and hard to accomplish He stated that I was contacting customers inside the sales floor areaI only said one thing to the two eldelry men outside in the parking lotI only only said not to buy from here as I walked past their carI never made any contact with anyone but the saleman, [redacted] *** and that was only after he approached me after I was already in my vehicle ready to leave He further said that I was irrate and combativeI never raised my vioce or struck anyone, the discription he gave as combatinve is getting physicalI simply left the building after being ganged up on by [redacted] and his two sales managers For further information, My buy out complaint is actully for the amount of $instead of the original estimate of $ I was only able to get $13k for the car on trade in; making my loss with my down payment as the $I want Peroia Ford and Ford Motor Company to pay me $to satify my compalint Regards, [redacted] ***

• Nov 12, 2019

This complaint is in regards to a advertisement on the radio and tv for Memorial day New Ford Sale and the filling of a purchased pre-own vehicle gas tank The advertisemnts clearly states the first "NEW" cars purchased will recive a in tv for $ A copy will be provided if necessary to verify exact wording and content Pre-owned vehicles did not have this advertisement costed to the inventory and was never offered or advertised as such Many customers that saw the tv's in the showroom requested one as part of their negotiated price, however this customer did not Pre-owned vehicles are also only filled up to a 1/tank as the price of fuel has risen to such a high price it is cost prohoibtive to fill every tank to be competitiveIn every new or used transaction a WE-OWE form is part of the paperwork to show exactly what a customer is to receive not already on the vehicle purchased The WE-OWE form in this particular transaction clearly states NOTHING OWED OR PROMISED, which was signed by the customer and copies can be provided for review At Peoria Ford we strive to make every customer 100% satisfied and try to ensure we do by listing EXACTLY what is included in every transaction I apoligize that we obviously didn't clearly communicate clearly in the negotiations, however, thats why the WE-OWE form is used to clarify what the final negotiations ended with if anything else is owed The customer didn't qualify for the in tv for $because it was a used carThe customer didn"t get a full tank of gas because he did not pay for one according to his paperwork and the dealership did not promise him one because it is not on his paperwork(ieWE-OWE form) All documentation of the transcation is avaible for your review and I would be more than happy to provide clarity if there are any other questions regarding this matter[redacted] General Manager

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Address: 9130 W Bell Rd, Peoria, Arizona, United States, 85382-3700


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