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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
As stated in my original response, I came to the club with a letter detailing my cancellation request. I gave the letter to an employee working at the front desk and I was told that the letter was sufficient to process the cancellation. I was not asked to fill out any forms, and based on my interaction with the employee I assumed the cancellation would be taken care of. When I contacted the club via telephone, at no point did I state that I had sent a certified letter requesting cancellation. I did not state that I would send a copy of my certified letter receipt, as I did not send a letter. This statement by the Planet Fitbess management is a lie. I made it very clear in all communication that I had submitted my cancellation request in person, and never asserted that there was a letter sent, nor did I admit it could be "lost in the mail". I would never state that I had mailed a letter of I did not in fact mail said letter. The version of events that the Planet Fitness management has furnished in their response is a false, and I do not appreciate their attempt to discredit my character to make it appear that I was changing my story regarding sending a certified letter. I did not send a cancellation request by regular mail, thus I would never had admitted that I could have been lost.  I hand delivered a cancellation request, and only after that request was not honored at the time of delivery in July 2016 did I follow up with a phone call and email, and then finally submitting a cancellation request via certified mail in March 2017. I still request that the membership dues from the originally cancellation date of July 31, 2017 to the present time be refunded, for a total of $80

Thank you for informing us about this members experience. Our company has a strict policy that all memberships must be current in order to use the facility. This member is a remote member and would need to bring their account current with their home gym, (not [redacted]), before accessing the...

facilities. Our agreement clearly states that the members accounts must remain current in order to use the facilities. Ourstaff does not deserve to be cursed at or mistreated in anyway. We train our staff members to give clear and concise information on what the next step is so we can help everyone. Planet Fitness does not allow our gym take payments for another facility in the United States. We apologize that this members gym in [redacted] did not help them or gave false information. All this member needed to do was bring their account current and then they could proceed to use the facility.  Thank You

We have reviewed the information in Mr. [redacted] complaint.  Planet Fitness does not take any complaint lightly. I have discussed with our marketing team here and these mailers are simply direct mail that we use in all surrounding areas that we have a location in. These mailers are sent to all...

non members in the area.Thank you for your time in reviewing this matter. If you have future questions on this or any other issues please feel free to email me at[redacted] Sincerely,[redacted]
Operations ManagerPlanet Fitness – Black Duck Partners

Dear, I am writing in response to Mr. [redacted] complaint filed on Tuesday, October 13,2015. According to our documents he visited our facility on Monday, October 12, 2015, intending to cancel his membership with Planet Fitness Yakima. As stated within the terms of our membership...

agreement, the club required notice of any changes, including cancellation, to the account by the 10th of the month to stop payment of your monthly dues. In order to cancel the billing of the annual fee, billed on October 1st, the club required written notice and cancellation of your membership on or before the 25th of the previous month. Our agreement does state that term agreements shall not exceed 12 months, and with his term expired he was not charged the $58.00 "buy out" fee. Also stated within the agreement, his account would be billed for a minimum of 12 months, and would continue to be billed at the monthly rate until he cancelled in accordance with the agreement I hope this helps clear up any confusion there may have been regarding the terms to our agreement. We value all of our members here at Planet Fitness, so please feel free to contact me with any further questions or concerns you may have. Thank you,

Mrs. [redacted] called our Bullhead City location about four months ago requesting to cancel over the phone. Our manager informed her that she would need to come to the gym or send in a certified letter, she said thank you and that was the end of the conversation. Mrs. [redacted] called back at subsequent date and again asked if she can cancel over the phone. Our manager once again told her she would need to come into the club or send a certified letter. Mrs. [redacted] was not happy with this response. Our manager offered to transfer her membership to a club closer to her home so she could visit that club in person to cancel however Mrs. [redacted] was not happy with those solutions.   We make every effort to be transparent with our customers around our membership rates and cancelation policies.  Our employees review in detail the methods of cancelation as written in our membership agreements before the prospect joins our facility. We also thoroughly review that following a member’s minimum term, his/her membership will continue month-to-month with no commitment.  The member receives a copy of these policies and procedures once they are reviewed. Mrs. [redacted] was emailed a copy of her contract after joining to the email listed on her contract (attached).  As a courtesy we have cancelled Mrs. [redacted]’s membership.   Per the membership agreement Termination of Membership and Monthly Billing: To cancel your monthly membership and stop the billing of the Monthly Membership Fee on the 17th of the month, the club requires written notification by the 10th of the month delivered to the club in person or postmarked via certified mail to the club address listed above. In order to cancel your membership prior to the billing of the Annual Membership Fee, the club requires written notice as described above on or before the 25th of the previous month. The Annual Membership Fee is fully earned when received and is non-refundable.   Thank you, Planet Fitness Arizona Management

I am the owner of the Planet Fitness located at [redacted] I just wanted to let you know we have spoken with the member and reimbursed her to resolve the issue. Best,[redacted]-- [redacted]
** [redacted]

I spoke with the company and they stated that the consumer came into the facility the first time and the employee offered the consumer a tour. The consumer got upset and left the facility. The second time the consumer came back in for a membership, a different employee offered a tour and the...

consumer got upset again and left the facility. The third time the consumer came in for a membership, the offered the consumer wanted was expired. The manager apologized but that offer was expired. The consumer got upset and angry and the manager had to tell the consumer to leave and not come because the employees were scared because of the previous times the consumer came in for membership. The consumer has been denied membership from the owner and the corporate office.

I requested a copy and the copy the manager gave me was 100% illegible. He stated that it was from an old system. None of the terms were readable. What I've learned so far is the staff there is highly untrained and will do anything to keep more of your money and tell you what ever you want to hear...

to join. I also don't have a scanner to scan in a copy but a copy of their copy would literally look like a black smudge.They would be able to provide a terrible copy upon request to that's what they did to me. However I'm sure an argument will ensue. Their staff is very aggressive.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

Complaint: [redacted]
Good afternoon,        Planet fitness on their response stated "Our records indicate that Mrs. [redacted] made a payment for $35 on June 2, 2017, one day after the annual fee was originally attempted to be drafted" this is wrong information. I have always said the payment I made on January 2nd was for exactly $41.85. I have the receipt that was emailed to me from Planet Fitness- Montgomery as well as my credit card statement which shows $41.85 was drafted form my account. I emailed Ben both of these documents. Did anybody at Planet Fitness actually take a look at the account?       Secondly Planet Fitness stated " The payment that Mrs. [redacted] made on June 2nd was applied to a club account with a past due balance instead of being applied to the annual fee she intended because at the time of the payment, our system did not show the bank rejected the draft.  Because the $35 payment Mrs. [redacted] paid on June 2nd was applied to a club account with a past due payment, the original fee was re-run." Again that is wrong for several reasons. First, there was no past due payment on my account, I have gone back and checked my monthly payments and they all successfully had come out for the prior months so at this time no past due payment was due. I can prove this and send bank statements, etc. I have no issue proving this. Secondly, the payment I made on June 2nd was for $41.85, NOT $35. This is also contradicting their own memberships fees because the monthly fees for the club for the membership my husband has is $21.55 so assuming Planet Fitness is right and I was behind on the payment, I would of paid $31.55 with the $10 late fee, not $35 and not $41.85 which is what I paid.        I would also like to address Planet Fitness' statement saying "Because our current GM was able to research Mr. [redacted]'s account with our 3rd party billing company and determine that the payment made was made on June 2nd and applied to a past due balance in the club account, we are willing to make an exception and work with Mrs. [redacted]'s request. " First of all I really appreciate that they are willing to work with me, I expect nothing less. However, your GM at no point said he determined the payment I made was applied to a past due amount, he said that I actually never made the payment of $41.85. This is the first time I'm hearing that it was "applied to a past due amount" which as I mentioned, I will gladly prove that that is not the case.  Your GM said that I never made that payment, that it was put "on hold" and never came out of my account. I did email him my receipt and bank statement where it proves that $41.85 did in fact come out of my account.       Lastly, I have requested several times that the regional manager for Planet Fitness contact me directly and I have yet to be contacted by anybody there. I appreciate Planet Fitness' willingness to work with me. I do expect that since I know I am not in the wrong and will gladly prove anything they need and provide them with any documentation to help solve this as soon as possible. No refund has been given to me yet, I have not been contacted, nothing. I would really appreciate it if the regional manager would contact me and please do me the courtesy of actually looking at my account and getting your numbers straight. Thanks,[redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: I been sold a black and agree to $ 10 dollar on monthly not a white card, I have try to explain to the employee but they don't want to listen to and show me any respect the only respond I get I was we charge white card and if you don't want to white I can cancel your acount with us. It was really disrespectful.

To whom this may concern,Mr. [redacted] was called on Monday, October 19, 2015 regarding his Planet Fitness membership. He was given the particulars required to cancel.During the conversation, it was apparent he called his Planet Fitness club in Rio Rancho, NM for direction. He stated the...

front desk staff was friendly and gave him the correct information on how to properly process his cancellation; however, his credit card company recommended a complaint be filed.We are so sorry for any and all inconvenience it caused Mr. [redacted]. In the same conversation, he verbalized he would go in to process his cancellation at our Rio Rancho location, but as of today he still is an active member.Miguel C[redacted]Regional ManagerECP-PF HOLDINGS GROUP6121 Lang Ave NE, Suite 216Albuquerque, NM 87110[redacted]

I have read and reviewed the information provided by Ms. [redacted].
Upon reviewing the account, Ms. [redacted] cancelled her membership with us as of December 19th 2015. Due to this we will be issuing Ms. [redacted] a refund for the months of November and December totaling $39.98.
It is our hope that this...

fully resolves Ms. [redacted] issue and she considers utilizing our services in the future.

Dear Sir/Madam:                                                                                ...

                                           The complaint we received was in regards to a cancellation that was never completed for one of our members, [redacted]. When the member would have cancelled his account he would have received an email confirmation with a copy of his cancellation form for his records. Our records indicate Mr. [redacted] has been notified of issues with his billing on his membership account from January 2017 – October 2017 via email, text message and phone call. Our records also show multiple unpaid monthly dues, resulting in an overdue balance of $210.35. At this point no refund will be processed as we do not have the form of his initial cancellation.  As a courtesy Mr. [redacted] membership will be cancelled, confirmation sent to his email. If you require any additional information, please give us a call at ([redacted]. Thank you! Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                  [redacted]                                                                                                                Planet Fitness                                                                                                       Chicago Regional Manager

Complaint ID #: [redacted]   Dear Ms. [redacted], We make every effort to be transparent with our customers around our membership rates and cancellation policies.  Our employees make it a point to circle and/or highlight the methods of cancellation as written on our membership agreements before...

the prospect joins our facility.  We also thoroughly review that following a member’s minimum term, his/her membership will continue month-to-month with no commitment.  The member receives a copy of these policies and procedures once they are reviewed.  We charge an Annual Membership Fee that is fully earned when received and is non-refundable. Per the membership agreement, members must either come in to their home club to cancel or send a certified letter to their home club so that both the business and the customer have a signed copy of the cancelation and there is no confusion in the process.   Sincerely, Planet Fitness Connecticut Management

Our records show the previous two memberships were with our Dublin, OH location before it closed. We have never received any payments for either account. I have attached both membership agreements as well as billing history for the two memberships.  Our records show one visa credit card payment on Feb. 21st, 2017. It actually shows that two payments were even waived in our system for her for a total of $53.10. I have reattached the document showing when the payment was taken and the waived fees. The $39 annual fee was not withdrawn from her account (proof reattached). Since the fee was not taken out, we will not be refunding it.

I am rejecting this response because: Actually I accept this response but my sisters account was set up with mine too [redacted] and you keep trying to take funds for that account too. but for future refference I called right after the accident and my surgery and I was not told I needed a doctors excuse my sister Kelly and I were together in the wreck I can send you a police report too. but I have never stepped foot in to your place of business.

I have received the complaint from Mr. [redacted] regarding his past experience with Planet Fitness.Planet Fitness apologizes for any confusion or miscommunication regarding Mr. [redacted]'s account. Our records indicate that Mr. [redacted] was issues a refund check in the amount of $19.99 and the checked cleared...

our account on February 2nd, 2015.Loyal customers are the key to any company's success so it is our hope that Mr. [redacted] will utilize our services in the future. We have appropriately noted Mr. [redacted]'s concerns and have forwarded them to the proper management team to ensure they are addressed.

Mr. [redacted] signed up on 1/09/2015 at the Hilliard, Ohio location. His invoices state that he was being billed 10.75/month which is our monthly membership and does not allow guests. On 3/4/15 the manager left a note on his account that he owed 21.50 and that start-up fees for new members could not be...

altered. Also was informed that if he wanted to bring guests that he would have to convert his membership to the upgraded membership or have his guest join. Member did transfer to the West Broad location where he visited late one night. He was informed that he could not have guests and he proceeded to use profanity and call our employees names. The staff has informed the member on several occasions that the membership he was paying for was only for him and not others.

Good morning, Per our records, we show that Nora J[redacted] does not have a cancellation document on file (which we require to be filled out on site, please see attached titled "Screenshot (1)") for her account. I also do not have a member check in for Nora in the year of 2016 (See attached for a...

snapshot of her membership check ins titled "N. Jacobson CI"). For requests of refunds of this size, I personally handle these and with no documentation and no notes on record, at this time I can not process any refunds. Nora is though, cancelled here at Planet Fitness Vancouver, WA.  Thanks. -Logan R[redacted]
[redacted] *FNW

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