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I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does...

satisfy my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint #[redacted]. I understand that by choosing to accept the business response that my complaint will be closed as resolved. 

[redacted] has been canceled out of our system as of 5/30/14.  There will be no further attempts to bill her credit card or checking account; we do not have her information saved on file.  Planet Fitness has not affected her credit score.

Attn: ID #[redacted]
serif;">              This member’s Planet Fitness membership was cancelled at the 86th Street Indianapolis location as of 6/10/2014.  He has not been billed from this location since that time.  However, this does not mean that Mr. [redacted] does not have a membership at a Planet Fitness at another location.  In order to cancel his membership, he would need to contact his home club.  If Mr. [redacted] is unsure as to which Planet Fitness is his home club, then he can call into the 86th Street Indianapolis location and we would be happy to help him figure out which Planet Fitness club is his home club so that he can cancel any current membership.  Planet Fitness is franchise based, therefore we are unable to view memberships outside of franchise.   Previous membership agreement from 86th Street Indianapolis is attached.  Again, this membership was cancelled on 6/10/2014.   If the member has any questions, they can contact the 86th Street location at 317-731-5926.   Thank You, Planet Fitness 86th Street-Indianapolis

Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, the cutoff date to cancel your membership before your annual fee is charged was September 25th. Annual fees are not refundable.   I apologize for any inconvenience. If you still have questions or would like to speak with someone regarding your...

Planet Fitness membership agreement, please contact your home club manager.

[redacted], signed up for the 12 month commitment membership on 11/10/2015 (commitment anniversary date 11/10/2016). Her payments were not received for the month of April, May, and...

June 2016. We informed her about her delinquent account via email and phone calls but she never came back to sort the billing issues (email and phone records can be provided upon request). Then she decided to open up another 12 month commitment membership online on 7/8/16, instead of coming to the club and sorting out her old membership billing issues. On her first visit with the new membership, she was informed that she already have a 12 month commitment membership with us that has balance of $90.10. We informed her that she can only keep one membership (unless the first membership dues were paid and cancelled). We also offered her a refund for the enrollment fee for the second membership and we will cancel the membership without charging her $58 buy out fee (agreement requires $58 buy out fee if a member cancels within 12 month commitment period).
But she insisted that she will only keep the new membership and will not pay the balance on her first membership due to non-use. As per the agreement on file, either a member uses the gym or not they still get billed every month. If a member is unable to pay for the membership then it is still their responsibility to cancel the membership. If a member has new billing information then they are required to change billing information in person or online. If a member decides not to attend the gym then they don't get refunds or discounts. Members can only freeze their memberships if they bring in a doctors note or military service letter. Club manager still offered her $30 late fee to be waived from her account and she can pay rest the rest of $60.10 in two weeks. But she decided to contact corporate herself. She was also informed that Planet Fitness - Ontario is independently owned franchise and corporate will not be able to take care of the billing issues. Billing issues are always taken care off at the franchise location.
We still welcome [redacted] to Planet Fitness - Ontario. We are still open to sort out the billing issues. But we can only sort out the billing issues if she decides to corporate.

I am rejecting this response because:
Policies are only good if they are followed. I NOW know what the policy is, several years after the fact, but AT THE TIME OF JOINING that policy was NOT followed. Nothing was explained in detail. The employee simply stated that it was $10/month (and didn't mention that it was actually $10.67 with tax) and that it was a ONE YEAR commitment. No cancellation policy was ever addressed. So, my whole premise is not that they owe me money from the end of that initial ONE YEAR term, it's that I DO NOT owe them the $31.00, later amended to $21.00, they threatened to send me to collections for if I didn't pay them at the time I went to Planet Fitness [redacted] to cancel, yet again. The nameless manager (I say this because she had a shirt that said manager but no name tag) could have avoided all this with some basic customer service. By her own admission, she didn't work at this facility at the time I joined, so she DOES NOT know that this employee did explain the policy to me. A simple apology and waiver of the $31.00 would have avoided this complaint. Her surly attitude and rudeness caused this complaint. I would never come back to any Planet Fitness location, but I would not have felt the need to file a formal complaint. This behavior is unnecessary and wrong. Sincerely, [redacted]

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
I am rejecting this response because I did not switch [redacted]'s account to Drexel Hill and his father nor [redacted] has my debit card info.  Whenever I get a new debit card, I personally have to contact Planet Fitness with that info or they bill my house.  They were sending [redacted] past due notices to the house for a couple of months while my dues were being debited from my acct using my card.  All of the sudden, they started charging my card so if they had permission to charge my card from me....why bill [redacted] in paper form to his address?  Because, they were not given permission to use my card, that is why!  Also, no one in my family has ever used their Ardmore Store so it goes to show that they have/do make mistakes with their billing.  I am not paying for an account that does not belong to me.   

From: Planet Fitness- Nazareth, PA <[redacted][redacted].com>Date: Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 8:54 PMSubject: ID [redacted]To: [redacted] We have reviewed the complaint and we do apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding involving the account in question. We try our best to...

make sure that all potential members understand the charges and fees stated in the membership agreement they sign, unfortunately in this circumstance there was a miscommunication. In an attempt to correct this situation we have issued a refund for the annual membership fee as well as waived the membership early termination fee. We do sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding as well as any inconvenience the situation may have caused.

To whom it may concern,
I contacted Sabena on Monday February 22nd. She stated that she no longer needed assistance, that her concern had been resolved,  and her refund was being processed by her bank.
Sabena did not allow me to explain what had happened with her membership and she did not want me to help her cancel her account through the [redacted] Planet Fitness.
Sabena requested that I do not contact her again, and so I reached out to the Franchisee she is a member with and they confirmed with me they would cancel her membership (in [redacted]).
Today at 1:50PM I Left a Voicemail for Sabena to clarify what she is requesting. Her membership has been cancelled at the club she is a member of (again not our franchisee), and she had previously stated that she is being refunded through her bank.
Her suggestions about our website are greatly appreciated and we will forward that to the appropriate representative in our corporate office.
Her original complaint requested the following:
The  membership to be cancelled - This has been done as of March 1, 2016
Refund for membership dues - Sabena stated in our original conversation she would be refunded through her bank and that she did not want assistance on seeking a refund through the club.l
If there is anything additional she is requesting please let us know, as it appears to us that all of her concerns have been addressed and rectified as she requested.

Clearly there website has the wrong information. Now they are not canceling my membership because I am "unreasonable". Great way to put it. Sure put my account into collections so when I go buy a house I have to pay you back because "Oh, we just do not have time for a good website developer". Also, this "franchise owner" seems to think my bank cares which business seems to have taken the money out of my account and they will just switch ot over because I was "unreasonable". You work with one Planet Fitness you work with them all. There are numerous complaints of this problem of not cancelling memberships. They do not. I did my year, I sent my certified letter, and guess what Planet Fitness messed up. 
Planet Fitness can find a way to correct their website issues that show where my home gym is according to this documents. Futhermore, my homegym was switched by corporate in May from [redacted] so it would of been impossible for me to swich gyms in July on my own due to their 90 day switch home gym policy, so explain that one to me or no wait send me another email, message me on Facebook (sorry you are blocked) and again why would I switch gyms one hour away from my where I live. 
Again, be like [redacted] back in the 90s doing he same thing to customers when you are closed and shut down for putting everyone and their mother in because they were so unreasonable for cancelling their memberships.

Hey [redacted],I hope your new location in ** is treating you well !!  The summers won't be as hot as Yuma of course.The [redacted] group has not gotten to open a PF location yet near [redacted].  This type of situation has come up before.  And normally a member then just sends...

us a letter via certified mail with a letter and copy enclosed so we can process a cancellation same day.If you can reply to this email with a scan of your current proof of address we can take care of that cancellation for you as you requested (your new ** ID with current address).  This will waive the $58 buyout fee normally associated with an early cancellation prior to the 12 month minimum term.  You could also send an email to the club directly at [redacted] with your info and scanned copy.We can then cancel your membership the same day as requested!!!Hope your new adventures up north continue to enrich your life and we are glad that we could resolve this concern.Thanks,[redacted]Regional Manager Planet Fitness

I received the attached letter from [redacted] this week. All has been rectified and I have provided the email correspondence with [redacted] below:[redacted],My name is [redacted] and I’m the Director of Operations for this territory. I want to apologize for the lack of information that was provided...

to you upon your sign up with our Black Card Membership. What you experienced is exactly why we train our associates to further explain that once the 12 month program has been completed it then will continue month to month with no cancellation fees after that point. This is not the information that you received and we would like to make it right for you. Our Manager, [redacted], at our Tempe location will be submitting a refund for you for the 2 months dues plus service fees that you just recently paid at the club totaling $60.90. He will be sending the refund to: [redacted].Maricopa, AZ 85138You should expect the refund check to be to your address by the end of next week. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience that you experienced with us.[redacted], Director of OperationsJeg/Tuc-Fit LLC Planet Fitness###-###-####

To whom it may concern,
I contacted Sabena D[redacted] on February 22, 2016. When I spoke with her she let me know that she had stopped payment through her bank and that the bank would be...

processing a charge back for the amount she requested. 
Sabena is not a customer of our [redacted] Planet Fitness franchisee. On July 16, 2015 at 3:43PM Sabena transferred her membership online to a [redacted] Planet Fitness which is NOT our franchisee's. I attempted to assist Sabena last Monday and explain to her that our business is not the one that has been billing her. She stated that she did not need any assistance further. She hung up on me and asked that we stop contacting her.
Please find attached record of Sabena D[redacted] transferring her membership and automatic payment draft out of our company location. Her complaint is generated at another Planet Fitness Franchisee:
An Online Transfer Request has been submitted. The transfer information and proper procedures are listed below. Please ensure the member is eligible to transfer and is cancelled from their previous location.Submitted on Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 03:43PMHome Club: [redacted]Agreement Number: [redacted]Transfer To Club: [redacted]First Name: SABENALast Name: D[redacted]Email: [redacted]Member GUID: [redacted]
When she contacted our corporate office in New Hampshire, they were unable to assist her due to her being unreasonable and unwilling to accept assistance over the phone.
Please find attached the record of Sabena's conversation with our corporate office in New Hampshire, also a separate business/owner from our [redacted] AZ Planet Fitness.
Also attached are payment records for Sabena, showing that her payment was stopped after the July 17th of 2015 payment, due to her transferring her membership to another location.
This is clearly generated at the wrong Franchisee.
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely,Tell us why here...

[redacted],  I am surprised by the response you sent to the  I thought we responded quickly and completed 100% of your initial request.Desired Settlement:                       To cancel the contract and stop billing me.  So just to confirm: We agreed to meet your original desired settlement in its entirety.  And your response was to reject it as you know would also like a check refund that was never listed?  Again, I am sorry for this confusion, but this could have been avoided if you were to reference the original agreement you received when you joined.  Where it covers that it would have been best to cancel in person at the club, but after moving you could have sent a certified letter to the club with proof of address which would have still waived the buyout fee as you live more than 25 miles from a Planet Fitness.  All of these member protections are in your agreement.  You never sent even one email to the Planet Fitness club or anyone at PF before.  I just want to be clear on your new conditions were because you could not solve it with us as you said, however if we never get a contact email or letter from you it is responsibly unfair to say that.  If you had ever contacted us by email this exact issue would have been avoided.  We will fulfill your original desire exactly as you wish.  We can not reasonably fulfill your additional request.  I am sure the would agree that if a business does exactly ad requested, and then the individual would like additional things, that it is highly strange.Thank you and have a great week !!

After speaking with [redacted] over the phone today (

dashed; border-bottom-color: rgb(204, 204, 204);">July 28, 2016) we have resolved his complaint.
Our memberships operate on an automatic withdrawal basis and every month the draft was being declined due to the billing information being a prepaid checking account which is invalid. Both staff and member were unaware of this issue at the time and [redacted] was making payments after the 17th of every month to balance the account. Due to the varying dates in receiving payment a service fee had been applied to 2 of those payments as the money was received after our grace period. On the April payment that [redacted] made, it was applied to existing service fees rather than to the membership dues, and staff failed to inform him or make this clear. 2 days later on 4/26 our system collected the still outstanding balance. This initiated a back and forth for the next few months of payments, waives, and drafts in attempts to balance [redacted]'s account and set up for proper billing in the future.
After speaking with [redacted] and reviewing every payment and line we have to date received $208.91. There has been a total of $20 in service fees waived on file. With service fees aside, this results in an over payment of $29.98 ($208.91 - $178.93) to his membership dues. We agreed that this was close enough to cover the next 2 months (August and September ($39.98), with the next payment due on Oct 17th, 2016 for $19.99. [redacted] agreed to update all of his billing information prior to the Oct 17th draft with a non-prepaid checking account and fresh CC information to ensure proper drafts going forward. I have removed all of his previous billing information to avoid any other potential issues between now and Oct.
[redacted] was very receptive to my call and we ended on a good note. We look forward to continuing to provide our services to him for years to come.

This business place is trying to cheat me. They continue charging my credit card even after I told them to cancel my account. The contact time was over but still they are charging into my account. I cancel my account because they were pushing me to give them my bank account number instead of credit card otherwise they want to charge $10 extra on my credit card. I refuse to do so and told them to cancel my account, they said okay but I found they are continue charging my credit card. I call them back and asked them why they are continue charging my credit card they said they could not find any cancelation request in my account. I want them not to charge my card any further and cancel my account from April 23rd 2014 the day I told them to cancel.

Good Afternoon,
We have reached out to this member directly and are willing to refund his Annual fee. After hearing this he has decided to remain a member with us. This issue has been resolved. Thank you and have a great day.

Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!!

Do not sign up with planet fitness. They are akin to a roach motel. Once you get in you can not get out. They will charge your bank account and not let you use the facility. My father passed away and I had to drive hundreds of miles to the city where he passed away. I fell behind one bill and since then they have been taking advantage of my situation. They have collected money for several months of membership, added fees and denied me access to the gym. Meanwhile they are continuing to take money out of my account. They are a bad business to do business with. I am a U.S. Veteran and they have no respect. I have only used their gym 3 times out of the many months I have been a member. Their contract is deceiving. It is written in their favor...not yours. Please do not join. Go to Blast instead if you are looking for a good place to do business. Planet fitness is rude and ruthless. And, they will talk to you like a dog as they have done to me on many occasions. Do not give them your bank account number under no circumstances. You may regret it. I did! I have been trying to cancel, but they will not allow it. They make you jump through unbelievable hoops to cancel. It is almost impossible. If you don't believe me then research it for yourself before joining. Please read the fine print of their contract before signing. Here is a link to a site that will show you how difficult it would be to cancel your membership if you don't take my advise. This is the worst company I have ever done business with in my fifty one years. The location I regret joining is located at [redacted] West Peoria Avenue, Phoenix Arizona, 85029

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I see the kind gesture of waiving the $58 fee but this has been on going since January of 2015. I would also want to be refunded for those (3)months you charged me since it took a third party to escalate the situation this far. 


Terrible staffing, rude and horrible people skills. I am pregnant, and pay for the black card membership so I pay for the tanning, massages and total body toning, so I expect to use them! after my work out I went to use the tanning. I was giving a room to tan in and started to undress to go in the bed when, I had a knock at the door, I was asked if I was pregnant, which I am, 24 week clearly showing and have been for the past 3 months. they said that I was unable to tan that I need a doctors note. okay, why didn't I get that info before I was naked about to tan or months ago? their approach was unprofessional, terrible timing and very late. I had been tanning for months I had even spoken with a staff member about my tanning and nothing was wrong to planet fitness until now? they need some training on how to properly handle these situations, and start having some constant rules! then when I had gone to the front desk to talk more in depth about what the problem was they talked down to me making me feel that I don't belong at a gym period. they make remarks about my parenting and when I had asked to down grade my membership or cancel they would not allow me to do so with out paying there 60 dollar fee. which I should not have to pay because they should have informed me of this rule they have a long time ago about 6 months when I signed up for this membership. i'm very unhappy and very uncomfortable I will never return to this gym not how they run it and there slogan is "you belong" maybe they need some training on how to make the customer feel that there motto is sincere.

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