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I have reviewed the information in Mrs. [redacted] complaint.  Planet...

Fitness does not take any complaint lightly.  I have communicated with the staff at the Franklin, WI location in order to better understand the situation.  I have also reached out to Mrs. [redacted] at the number she provided and left a voicemail.
We at Planet Fitness value Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] as we do all of our members, and we understand that issues will billing can be frustrating or confusing.  We have already waived Mr. [redacted] entire balance of $179 as Mrs. [redacted] had requested.  
I hope that this resolves the situation and that Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] continue to enjoy their time at our Franklin, WI location.
Have a great day!
Planet Fitness

We have read and reviewed the complaint made my Mr. [redacted] regarding his membership with Planet Fitness. Upon reviewing Mr. [redacted]'s account, the membership that was active was cancelled effective 4/18/2016. This will ensure no further payments are processed for this membership.We hope this resolves...

Mr. [redacted]'s issue.

Dear, The customer that this is concerning asked if he could transfer his name onto his wife's membership.  Our policy does not allow memberships to be transferred between different individuals.  We offered that he would be able to cancel his wife's membership...

and start up his Black Card membership giving him all the added benefits such as bringing guests , massage chair, hydro massage bed, total body enhancement and tanning.

To whom this may concern,Planet Fitness has honored the promise of cancelling Mr. [redacted]’s past due balance of $400. The original $300 past due has been waived, plus the additional $100.Mr. [redacted] now has a $0 past due balance with our company.As per his request, we looked at his...

membership and honored what was assured to Mr. [redacted] by a former Regional Manager. We are so sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused him.If there are further questions, please let me know. Thank you.Miguel C[redacted]Regional ManagerECP-PF HOLDINGS GROUP4809 Lang Ave NEAlbuquerque, NM 87109[redacted]

As for the mailed complaint, below is a response from our General Manager at that location:   Ms. [redacted] called me on 11.15.17 to express that she had experienced fraud on her account and needed to stop the payment that was set to draft automatically on the 17th of each month. Ms. [redacted] joined...

our facility online were it was her responsibility to read through the contract that she signed, in that contract it clearly states that "To cancel your monthly membership and stop the billing of the Monthly Membership Fee on the 17th of the month, the club requires written notification by the 10th of the month delivered to the club in person or postmarked, preferably via certified mail, to the club address listed above. In order to change your billing information or cancel your membership, notice must be made in person (in writing) or through certified mail." As it was 2 days before the automatic draft date, Ms. [redacted]'s 11.17.17 payment was already pending to come out of her account, there was nothing that I could do to stop a payment that was already in the process of being drafted, which I explained to Ms. [redacted]. In Ms. [redacted]'s complaint she claims that her payments draft out on the 20th of the month, but I've included proof that her payments have always drafted on the 17th of the month, which is also outlined in the agreement that she signed when she joined online.   Below is a response from the Regional Manger for that location as well:   Unfortunately, it was too late to stop the payment Ms. [redacted] was requesting to stop.  Regional Management contacted Ms. [redacted] to inform her we would waive her balance of $20.05 that was returned along with the $10 Return Fee assessed per her agreement.  We also informed her we would freeze her membership for two months to give her a chance to get her finances in order.    See Attached

We have cancelled this member’s contract and have waived all fees. Happy New Year.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
The business's account of the events is incorrect and inaccurate and contains lies!NUmber 1: the banking information was not entered incorrectly on line by me. The payment did not go through because it was my account ( the mother) and not the member's. So they charged the credit card, which was in member's name, instead.Number 2: The member( my son) only went once because he was told that until I , the mother, could go there, he could not get his key or use the facility.Number 3: The only day the member - my son - went there - he did bring the credit card used on line but he was told that was enough.Number 4: I spoke not only to Greg but also to a "Felix", who I was told to be the manager and either of them ever offered me to cancel the membership over the phone. They both continued to tell me that to cancel the membership I would still need to come in personally.Number 5: I explained to both Greg and Felix that besides my work schedule, I had my mother hospitalized and was not able to come in during their business hours. Greg or Felix did not sympathized at all with my predicament and informed me that until I could come in, I would continue to get charged monthly but my son could not use the facility without me coming in to confirm banking informatioNumber 6: The person that finally agreed to cancel the membership, after much insisting,  over the phone and refund me was Philip. NOT greg NOT Felix. Philip introduced himself  as the general manager.Number 7: Philip had agreed with me that when signing up for a membership on line it is NOT really made clear to the member that the Banking Account HAS to be in his name. It's only after the sign up is when you discover it. I would have not been in this position if the membership sig-up on line  process was clear about that.Number 8: For that reason on number 7 I feel tricked and should get a full refund of the membership AND the sign up fee of $5 dollars and 35 cents.NUmber 9: My problem with this business is not their policy but their failure to be clear about their policy  BEFORE we sign up on line.      

Our manager has cancelled Mr. [redacted] membership and emailed him his cancellation form. We apologize for the delay on this cancellation.

The balance was cleared off of the account and the membership was archived. The member can rejoin at any Planet Fitness if she wants to without having to pay any portion of the previous balance.

The consumer is in RFC.  Return For Collection.  I cannot physically cancel this consumer until she pays the fees owed.  We received no cancellation form which can be filled out at our offices.  Nor did we receive a letter requesting cancellation.

Mrs. [redacted] was a Blast Fitness member that transferred to Planet Fitness when we acquired their membership base. Her membership transferred to Planet Fitness in March of 2017. She did start accruing a balance in April 2017. Her current balance as of today is $90.98. She has already been in...

contact with the regional manager for that area and the club staff. She was notified of our cancellation policy in April. Which does state all balances must be paid before a cancellation can occur. All cancellations do have to be in writing; either by certified mail or in person. Mrs. [redacted] did state that she called the club and was told in April to cancel in person. She then came into the club to cancel on May 18th, when she was made aware of her balance.Since Mrs. [redacted] has not utilized her membership and made a partial payment of $51.98. Planet Fitness will waive the remaining balance of $90.98 and cancel out her membership. Her membership will be cancelled in good standing. If she would like to rejoin in the future, we would be more that happy for her to do so. Please let me know if you have any further questions, comments, or concerns.Regards,[redacted]
Planet FitnessOperations Manager(217) 836-0092

Re: complaint ID [redacted]
To Whom It May Concern:
After a couple days of phone tag, [redacted] Planet Fitness manager, [redacted], was able to connect with [redacted] on September 9th and explain to her that because she cancelled her membership on 5/30/14 that she would be responsible for paying the June monthly fee as well as the June annual fee. She seemed to understand why she was responsible and he explained to her our 30-day cancellation policy and how that applied to her situation. [redacted] collected the balance over the phone and as a courtesy to [redacted], [redacted] waived the two service fees that came along with her declined annual fee as well as her declined monthly fee. After receiving the complaint on 9/16 [redacted] attempted multiple times to reach out to [redacted] again to make sure all is settled but he was not able to connect with her as of 9/22/14.
Thank you.

[redacted]   [redacted]
* Yes, that is great, thank you. I do note that the note said my account was canceled, not mine and my wife's, Sharon Montesi,...

which is what I asked them to do and they refused.    I understand that it is their policy. That does not make it right or fair or reasonable. I never said it was not not their policy, I get that. My compliant is that their policy is unfair and is trying to intimidate people into not quitting a gym. Think about the someone with a bit of emotional instability being told that they only way they can stop paying for that gym is that they go down and in person say I quit and then put it in a letter that you then sign. That is ridiculous. The only purpose of that is to hope you do not do it and they get more money.    So my issues with them is not me saying that it is NOT their policy, it is their policy. I am saying the policy is unfair and ought to be illegal.   So as long as they closed out my and my wife's account, we are all set. Thanks.   *

Hi [redacted] It was nice speaking with you today. Per both members contract that they signed, our monthly fees continue after the year agreement is fulfilled until they either come into our club to sign a cancellation form or send a certified letter stating they wish to cancel their membership....

With that being said, I cancelled [redacted] membership as of today as a courtesy. I also waived the fees for XXXXX XXXX, but she will have to stop back into the club to rewrite her membership and cancel due to the fact that we cannot cancel a membership that is not in good standing. I have waived those fees though, so she will need to stop into our facility with her billing information so I can rewrite the membership, then  we can cancel it for her. There will be no refunds issued to either member due to the fact that they signed an agreement stating that they would continue to pay dues pending a cancellation in club or per certified letter. I feel that we have done the right thing by helping out both members in this cancellation process to help put this behind both of us. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you, Justin H[redacted]General Manager | Penn Hills               [redacted]  [redacted]  [redacted]

I have reviewed the complaint from Ms[redacted] regarding her gym membership with Planet Fitness.Our records indicate that Ms[redacted] purchased her membership on February 11th, 2015. On this day she paid a $1 enrollment fee and a pro-rated amount of $3.94 totaling $4.94. As noted in the membership...

agreement that Ms[redacted] signed on the date of purchase her first payment date was set to process on February 17th, 2015 totaling $19.99.Ms. [redacted]'s membership was then cancelled on February 22nd, 2015. We show Ms[redacted] was not charged anything that she shouldn't have been. When clients purchased memberships after the 10th of the month you are agreeing to be responsible for the payment on the 7th of the month since it is past the deadline to cancel. If Ms. [redacted]'s account was charged on the February 14th, 2015 for something other than what was suppose to be charged, a bank statement would need to be provided reflecting an additional charge from Planet Fitness.It is our hope that this information is helpful to Ms. [redacted]. Loyal customers are the key to any company's success so it is my hope that Ms[redacted] will continue to utilize our services. I have appropriately notes Ms. [redacted]'s concerns and have forwarded them to the proper management team to ensure they are addressed.

Thank you for informing us about this member. We apologize for any confusion from the members agreement, however when [redacted] came into the facility on the evening of May 24th she stated her husband’s account needed to be canceled. We started the cancelation process and was preparing the...

document when she asked if he would be able to continue working out. We informed her that unfortunately the cancelation would be effective immediately and he would not be able to continue working out. We informed her that to get the full month they would need to cancel by the 10th as stated in the agreement members sign when they join Planet Fitness. [redacted] then stated that we would not cancel the membership until she spoke with her husband and then she walked out of the facility. When [redacted] came in and it still showed as canceled it was because the system hadn’t updated the correction from [redacted] and the manager from the night before. The manager on duty had informed him he was still active and could work out and to cancel by the 10th per the agreement.  When [redacted] called on June 20th and not on June 10th as notified. [redacted] wanted to know why she was charged and not canceled? We did not hear from [redacted] or her husband by the 10th as we informed them and did not receive any further instructions about their accounts.  We did inform her that  would cancel him right away and there would be no future charges to the account. [redacted] became irritated and started using profanity towards the manager.  After repeated attempts to keep the call professional we were forced to terminate the call due because we do not condone nor tolerate verbal harassment. Both Mr. and [redacted] memberships have been canceled and no more payments will be processed. We are saddened to hear of this members displeasure as we were only following the instructions given by the member.

I am one of the Regional Managers for Planet Fitness in the Greater Philadelphia Area, just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to respond to the complaint lodged against out Montgomeryville, PA location,When the complaint was received, we began a formal investigation into the matter, The...

member who logged the complaint did join our location in Montgomeryville, PA on February 10, 2017. This member did purchase our 24-hour day pass for $20 prior to becoming a member, The $20 payment from the day pass can be applied up to 30-days from purchase date toward any new membership fees.When this member chose to join our club, they were ther charged $5 down for their sign-up fee and $2.30 for a monthly prorate. The monthly prorate covered this members' club usage for the first 6 days of membership prior to the start of the new billing cycle on February 17, We bill all members regardless of join date on the 17 of the month. The monthly prorate again just covers the usage of the club prior to the start of the next billing cycle,The $39 fee mentioned in the complaint is the annual membership fee charged to all club members, This is a once a year charge is a rate guarantee fee that locks the members in at the monthly rate they received upon joining. The annual rate guarantee fee is clearly labeled on the membership agreement. This member has initial and signed that all cancellation and billing policies have been read and understood.Finally, on February 20, 2017, this member spoke to the club's General Manager, The General Manager made sure that this member's $20-day pass credit was honored, That $20-day pass fee was applied to this members' first two $10.00 monthly payments due on March 17, 2017 and April 17, 2017. However, per the membership agreement, this member will still be charged the $39 annual rate guarantee fee on April 1, 2017 to cover them for the upcoming year.Based on the investigation into this claim, this member has been given everything that they have been promised. We find no wrongdoing at the club,Thank you for your time!Planet Fitness Montgomeryville, PA

We have reviewed Ms. [redacted]'s response regarding her issue at her local Planet Fitness location. Planet Fitness keeps all cancellation papers and upon reviewing Planet Fitness does not have a cancellation form from Ms. [redacted]. If Ms. [redacted] is able to produce a copy of her cancellation confirmation we would be happy to review further options regarding Ms. [redacted]'s account.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted]. I did see that they finally did freeze my account for this month and July. The fact of the matter is that this was supposed to happen FOUR months ago back in March, due to an error on their part, and failed to do so. Then after a second complaint of mine in May, they repeated the statement and failed to do so a second time. So not only was I unexpectedly charged for 3 months of "regular" membership fees after being continuously promised not to be, I was grateful enough to upgrade my account with your company after initially thinking they were performing great customer service. I feel that this whole matter could have been easily avoided had the staff done their job correctly and kept their promises after my continuously explaining their recurring errors to them for four months without getting upset and complaining. Only after 4 months, did I become upset because they still had not taken action and when I did, the manager was not only extremely rude, but she refused to acknowledge and assist me, or provide a contact to assist me, about their lengthy error. I understand this business is a franchise, but I also tried calling a company customer service number found online and was also refused assistance from them. I feel like I was lied to and scammed into thinking the franchise was customer service oriented, a truly rare occurrence these days, but sadly I was completely wrong. I feel it was more than enough time and opportunities on my part, for them to fix their errors. I accept the membership cancellation offer as long as no future charges are placed on my account for example membership cancellation fees, or further non-compliance leading to more monthly membership charges. I request that my account information be immediately and safely deleted from the Planet Fitness system to avoid further conflict. I also advise that the franchise owners/higher management, review the competency and attitude of the manager of this club. This matter should have been taken care of a long time ago without the need of a public official complaint. I will also be expecting the annual fee refund to be promptly credited back to my account as said. I have not received any "voice mails" from the regional manager, the phone number on file is an older one. My new contact information is [redacted]. I don't see why the company can pull money out of my bank account, but cannot provide a refund without speaking to me. I am absolutely tired of "speaking" to staff about this error, so I hope that this time everything that has been said will be done.

To whom it may concern:   I am not sure where to email but in regards to my complaint against planet fitness on empire Blvd Webster new York, they have been more. than accomedating and solved The issue quickly and professionally. I am completely satisfied with the results and they took the...

time to explain in detail the parts of the contract that the irondequiot location employees neglected to mention. The complaint # is [redacted] thank you for your time                         [redacted]

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