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Review: Choosing my complaint was difficult. It was hard to narrow it down to one. Last evening I discovered that I have been being charged by this company for a service that I do not receive. They claimed that I signed up for their service and I have no recollection of doing such a thing. I was in France on vacation at the time and oddly experienced credit card theft with my other credit card and had to stop the card. My bank immediately issued me a new one and refunded me the cost I had suffered. SO for 6 months ow I have apparently been paying a monthly fee to this company that I had no idea about. I've never received an email from them. No updates, no offered, nothing. NO calls, no correspondence what so ever, but they continually withdraw money from my credit card account. When I finally realized this, I called them and explained what I had discovered, just learning of them and the monthly fees. After much discussion and complaining, they offered to refund me 1/2 of what had been taken from me. I said no thank you and that I would go through my credit card to get a full reimbursement.

I don't see how this company exists! They offer no product, no service, give no feedback, no correspondence or customer offerings what so ever, all while eagerly and gladly taking customers payments. Businesses like these are increasing in our world and it seems that their only goal is to find a way to sneakily take money from peoples credit cards and fly under there radar, hoping the person doesn't see it amongst their charges. I do look over my credit card charges every month. However, this card, is my secondary one and I only use it in emergencies, if for some reason my main card isn't accepted, etc. Please use your professionals and resources to investigate this company and let's work to put a stop to this type of fraud, unethical business practices, and underhanded thievery. Thank you, [redacted]Desired Settlement: Any and all of the money they snuck and took from me and billed to my credit card. As well as an investigation into this companies practices. I am sure there are MANY unsuspecting victims out there who are being charged unknowingly and are receiving no serve, product, information what-so-ever.



Thank you for notifying us of Customer A’s experience with our service. We appreciate the opportunity to research and comment on what occurred with Customer A’s account. Our records indicate that Customer A signed up for a trial membership account for our service on 6/28/2015. When customers register for our service, they agree to be billed for the trial membership and each month thereafter until the account is cancelled. The Terms of Use and Pricing Information are clearly displayed on our registration page, and we require each member to check a box stating they have read and agree to the terms of use and pricing information, prior to registering the account. Upon registration, every member gets a welcome email, confirming the account is active, and provides the membership log on information to our site. It also includes the trial expiration date so the member will know when to cancel if they do not wish to be billed after the trial expires. Interestingly, the email and phone number that were used to register this account are the same email and phone number that were used in filing the Complaint. We do not show any further correspondence from Customer A until she called our customer service department on 1/16/16 to inquire about the account. We reviewed this call, and discovered that the customer service representative did not handle the call according to our company policy. We have addressed this issue directly with the customer service representative that spoke with Customer A. Our Customer Service Manager contacted Customer A directly to discuss her concern, and apologized that the call was not handled properly on her initial phone call to us. A full refund has been granted to Customer A, and she was delighted that we reached out her directly. Because Customer A has confirmed that she is completely satisfied with this resolution, we consider this matter closed.



Review: 11090252

I am rejecting this response because:I desire to both accept and reject the businesses response. I am please that I have received a full refund, however I must counter the statement of my exact email and phone number used, is odd. Fist because they only have my pone number because I reached out to the company only after discovering that I had a mysterious charge on my credit card. They have my phone number because of this. Secondly, if this company had my email address this is strange because I have never received any correspondence, support, notification from this company. With ALL of the daily emails I receive from companies simply generated because they have my email address, why have I and why do I not receive anything from this Company? Again, my point is, that I feel companies such as these are purposely trying to stay under the radar. They don't want to reach out to the client they are deducting a fee (money) from because this will alert the customer and remind the customer they do not need this service, (whatever the actual service is, which is also the mystery.) Again, I do not remember signing up for this service in the first place. I was traveling in France at the time they state that I registered with them and agreed to this service. Not something I would do while traveling. Next, my main credit card was used by someone in the states at the same time. Makes me wonder?

Review: On July 23, 2013, I signed up for the membership. 2 days later I cancelled the membership, and was not suppose to have been billed the $49.60. Then on August 23 was charged $49.60. On August 26, I called and said that I should have gotten a email confirmation number, never received either. I can not even log into the web site any more, so something happened.Also, I got in contact with a real estate agent here in town, and was asking about 3 properties I was interested in, that I had seen on the web site. The agent told me that 2 of the listings, were sold earlier in the year, and one of the properties, was not even a listing that a real estate agent could handle. And this was why I cancelled. We drove by the properties to make sure the agent wasn't telling us something untrue. Sure enough the properties had been bought and fixed up.All I want is $49.60 back.Thank youDesired Settlement: $49.60 back onto my credit card.



Thank you for notifying us of Customer R’s experience. We have reviewed the history on this account, and would like verify what occurred.

Customer R registered for an account on 7/24/2013 and agreed to be billed $1 for a 30-day trial access to our website and agreed to be billed $49.60 each month thereafter until electing to cancel and close the account from further access. We list this billing protocol on our registration page and require all members to check a box stating they have read and agreed to our Terms of Use. Customer R checked this box at the time the customer registered their account. We cannot issue access to our website or make any charges to a card without first having the customer physically check this box.

We did not receive any correspondence or cancellation requests until 8/26/2013 when Customer R contacted our customer service department to inquire about charges. We explained our billing protocol and Customer R requested cancellation of this account. We immediately complied with this request. Customer R also stated they had previously cancelled the account. We explained that we showed no record of any cancellation request prior to 8/26/2013 and asked Customer R if she had a cancellation number on hand. We email a cancellation confirmation number to every account whenever a cancellation is processed. Customer R stated she had no confirmation number or information regarding a previous cancellation. We confirmed the cancellation of her account as of 8/26. During our conversation with Customer R, there was no mention of issues using the account and no request for a refund at that time. We would have welcomed the opportunity to address these concerns earlier and finding a resolution without the customer feeling the need to file a complaint with the

Upon receiving this complaint, we contacted Customer R on 8/27/2013 at the number listed on the complaint to resolve this issue. As courtesy, we have refunded the disputed charge of $49.60. We understand this refund has resolved this concern.

Review: I,[redacted], did not give consent to charge my account. I cancelled the trial and was still charged.Desired Settlement: I would like to have my money back, 1. Did not use the service, 2. Did not give authorization to access my account after trial period.



Thank you for notifying us of Customer B’s concern. We have researched this situation and contacted Customer B to resolve this concern.

While we respectfully disagree with Customer B’s claim that we charged customer’s card without consent (we require all customers to provide consent that they agree with our billing terms in order to open and register their account), we have issued a courtesy refund for the amount in dispute. Customer B advised us this claim is now considered closed and customer is satisfied with our response.

Please consider following information for Customer B’s account. On 4/17/2013, Customer B registered an account by submitting a credit/debit card form of payment on our secure purchase page and agreeing to be billed $1 for a 30-day trial and $49.60 each month thereafter until Customer B elected to cancel the account. Our billing terms of service are clearly displayed when a consumer registers for our website service, and we also require the consumer to check a box on our registration page which states the consumer agrees with the billing terms and conditions of registering with our website. Our website is secure and a customer account cannot be registered nor charged any amount until the customer submits their agreement with the terms of purchase by checking the box. We also send each newly registered customer a confirmation welcome email describing details of their account. Contrary to Customer B’s complaint, our standard Terms of Use do give consent to charge after the trial period unless a cancellation is requested. Once an account is registered, a customer may elect to cancel the account and any related billing due at any time. Cancelling an account immediately halts all future billing and stops access to our website and services. Cancellations may be conducted 24 hours per day, 7 days per week either directly on our website, or by sending us an email (we process all emails within one business day), or by calling our toll-free support phone number and processing a cancellation with either our live Customer Service Representatives or through our automated phone cancellation system. We did not receive any cancellation requests via email or phone from Customer B prior to this complaint. In addition, at no point prior to receiving this complaint had Customer B contacted our customer service department to alert us of the concern or ask for any resolution. Upon receiving this complaint, we contacted Customer B on the same day, 7/01/2013, at the number listed on the complaint. Our Customer Service Manager explained that we had no record of any cancellation requests prior and reviewed the billing terms Customer B previously agreed to. In this conversation, we agreed to both process an immediate account cancellation and issue a courtesy refund in the disputed amount of $49.60. Customer B confirmed verbally that this refund fully satisfied their concern.

Review: This was a $1.00 promotion to find housing in our area. Once on the website we viewed houses on list and it showed cost and addresses, once. We could never use the site again, we were charged $49.40 in April, May, June and July. For a total of 198.40 for that time period.Desired Settlement: A refund of credit card charges in the amount of 198.40plus the credit charge of 10% interest.



Review: On to see more information on foreclosed homes it redirects you to where you must sign up and give credit card information to access the property. After I logged into the site the property was not listed anywhere on the site. This is false advertisement. It is very discouraging and upsetting.Desired Settlement: Money that was charged to my account as well as this habit being stopped. Lawsuites can be won off of false advertisment. I took time of of my work day to research properties and because this company had the symbol I believed it was legit but it isn't.



Thank you for notifying us of Customer H’s

experience with our service. We appreciate the opportunity to research

and comment on what occurred with Customer H.

Our records confirm Customer H registered

for an account with us on 5/19/2015 at 1:54 pm, and then cancelled the account

on the same day, 9 minutes later, at 2:03 pm. We apologize that Customer H

was not able locate the property she was looking for during her brief search on

our website. Please allow us to explain that our company works with, providing a data feed of our live property database to them several

times each week. We make our best efforts to achieve 100% accuracy, however

because our databases are separate, there may be instances when our database

and database are not 100% in sync. Our goal is to maintain the

most accurate database possible on our website, and therefore are constantly

adding and deleting properties from our local database to ensure

accuracy. Because we provide our data feed to several times per

week, it may take a day or so for to update their database to reflect

our data.

We are sorry to hear that Customer H felt

she needed to contact the prior to contacting our live customer service

department directly. Our customer service staff is available 7 days a

week, between 6 am - 6 pm Monday - Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am -

5 pm. We would encourage all of our customers to contact our customer

service department for any question they have regarding our website. They

are able to answer questions, as well as help customers navigate the

website. The customer service phone number is clearly displayed on the

“Contact Us” tab on our website.

On 5/20/15, our Customer Service Manager

contacted Customer H directly via telephone to see if she could provide further

assistance to Customer H, however was unable to reach her. We tried again

to reach her via email on 5/21/15, but have not yet had a returned response

from Customer H.

We have done our best to contact Customer H

regarding her concern, and would encourage her to contact us directly to

discuss her inquiry. Please let us know if anything else is needed to

close this matter.

Review: I just saw a charge on my account for a membership fee of $49.60; dated 6/26/2014 - payable to "" I registered for a trial membership of $1.00, which payment was paid for and accepted via my credit card. I have followed their instructions to CANCEL every day since (and documented) and to no avail. Their cancellation page takes you to their credit card information page. If you delete the personal/credit card information and hit "update" you are NOT allowed to go further. This is the only method they provide for cancelling service, since trying to get through via the #800 number is a futile attempt at madness. Cancelling a subscription/trial membership should be as EASY as it was to register in the beginning!!Trying to navigate their "Contact US" page is not user friendly as well. I would like a full refund of this monthly charge, as I feel that I have been deceived by their website's method of billing/customer service. I think their website is fantastic and does serve a great purpose, HOWEVER - they seriously need to work on a MORE EFFECTIVE way for consumers to cancel their membership without this added stress.What amazes me is how this business can continue to carry an "A+" rating when the majority of the complaints filed with the are with their billing services. That should be an area that is looked in to.Desired Settlement: I would like a FULL REFUND. A trial membership is just that - a trial. And if the company's ultimate goal is extreme financial gain, obviously (instead of a medium of growth AND satisfied consumers) via their billing practices, then they should be ashamed. People are more apt to return, EVEN if it is to partake in a trial membership, knowing that the business practices are respectable rather than refutable.



We regret any misunderstanding, and would like clarify what

happened with the customer’s account. We have located 3 accounts in our

system that match the phone number provided in the complaint. The first account was registered on 5/9/2009

and cancelled on 5/23/2009 via our website.

The second account was registered on 2/27/2014 and cancelled on 3/26/2014

via our website. On 5/25/2014, the most

recent of these accounts was created using the email address [redacted]

At the time the account was created, we

immediately sent the account login information to the email address provided

during registration. In addition, account

login info can be easily retrieved by calling our customer service center or by

requesting it directly from the website.

Lastly, cancellation requests can be conveniently processed several ways

including via email, telephone or directly through the member website. We did not receive any correspondence from

Miss [redacted] until 6/27/2014 when she sent an email to our customer service

department from the email address [redacted] about charges to her


We do have an inactive account from the customer with the email address

[redacted] but that account had never been billed. However, due to the customer’s comments in

the email, we further searched our database and were able to locate the active account, even though it was a different email address. We immediately canceled that account and

issued a courtesy refund on 6/27/2014, the same day we received her email. Based on the customers's complaint and her

previous success in canceling accounts via our website, we believe the

cancellation issue stemmed from having multiple accounts and accessing an

account that was already cancelled ([redacted] account) rather than the

open account ([redacted] account) .

Upon receiving this complaint we attempted to call her on 6/27/2014 at the number listed in the complaint but were unsuccessful. We are happy to hear that she is pleased with the

service we provide. Since we refunded the full amount requested prior

to receiving this complaint, we are confident this fully resolves her concerns.

Review: I have never visited this website or given them my debit card number. I wasn't even aware this company existed. They have charged me $49.60 every month from July 2013 to present November 2013. When I called them, the telemarketer was very rushed and could not explain how they got my debit card information to be charging me this. They agreed only to pay back this month's charge leaving me with -198.40. That is if they do follow through and refund the other $49.60 and do not continue to do this. I've read many other people having the same issue with this company.Desired Settlement: I want the full $248 they stole from my account refunded. I do not think it's right for them to only pay back 20% of what they have taken.



Thank you for notifying us of Customer F’s situation. We appreciate the opportunity to investigate the claims made, provide a response and take action to promote customer satisfaction. While not agreeing with the customer’s claim of any wrong doing on our part, we have elected to process the customer’s requested refunds in an effort to deliver satisfaction and close the issue. Please review the following additional information concerning this customer’s situation.

The customer claims to have never visited our website or given a debit card number. Customer F may be mistaken or forgotten about visiting our website earlier this year. Our order processing system confirmed Customer F registered an account on our website under the name, address and phone number presented in this complaint. For all registrations on our site, we require all customers to provide personal information including name, address, phone number, email, and valid credit/debit card information, including the card’s CVC (card verification code) which is found on the back of the card. This helps ensure the card is physically in the hands of the consumer and is being entered directly by the consumer making the purchase. The name, address and phone numbers presented in this complaint match those on the account registered for Customer F. In addition, to help prevent fraud, we also log the IP address used at the time an account is registered. For Customer F’s account, our system recorded an IP address was used from the same geographic area of the address provided in this complaint. Prior to activating an account, we also require all customers to provide their agreement with our stated terms of use and pricing. These terms are stated on our registration page and all customers are required to physically check a box confirming their acceptance of these terms before an account can be activated. No charges may be placed on a customer’s credit/debit card without this authorization. Customer F provided authorization and activated her account by checking the box agreeing with our stated terms. We respectfully and strongly deny her claim that “they stole from my account”. We simply cannot process charges that are not first authorized and Customer F provided that authorization when registering.

The terms Customer F agreed with include being billed $1 for a 7-day trial access to our site and services, and to maintain the account active at a rate of $49.60 each month thereafter, until the customer elected to cancel the account. We provided continuous access to our website and services to Customer F for each month the account remained active.

We did not receive any correspondence or cancellation requests regarding this account until 11/13/2013 when Customer F called our customer service department to inquire about charges. During this call, our customer service agent reviewed how registration occurs (as explained above) and as a precaution against possible fraud, the agent also asked Customer F to confirm if the personal information entered on the account was a match to herself. We confirmed the name, phone number, and email address entered into our website at registration matched her own. To alleviate Customer F’s concerns, we immediately canceled the account to halt any future billing. We also processed a credit for one month’s charges at that time as a courtesy, although the account had been open and providing access to the customer for that time.

Upon receiving this complaint, we contacted Customer F on 11/14/2013 at the telephone number listed on the complaint. We again explained the registration process and re-confirmed the information provided at the time of registration. Customer F asked again for a credit in the amount noted in the complaint ($248). In efforts to promote full customer satisfaction, although we maintain no wrong-doing, we agreed to refund the requested $248.00, which brings the total amount refunded to $297.60.

Customer F confirmed these refunds have fully resolved her concerns. We wish the customer well.

Review: Cancelled membership, but they continued taking $49.50 out of my checking account twice.Desired Settlement: Debit my checking account for $99.00 asap.



Thank you for notifying us of Customer N’s concern. Our research of this account revealed that we have not made charges after the customer cancelled the account. This is contrary to the claim filed, however, in the interest of addressing this concern and promoting customer satisfaction, we have issued a refund for historical charges in the amount requested, $99.20.

Please consider the following details regarding this situation. Customer N registered for an account on 05/10/2013 and agreed to our stated terms of use, pricing and billing. These terms state the customer will be billed $1 for a 30-day trial access to our website and services and $49.60 each month thereafter until the customer elects to cancel ths account. Cancellations can be made 7 days per week by calling our toll-free customer service line, or by sending us an email (we process all emails received within one business day) or by cancelling the account directly from the “my account” page in the website. We did not receive any correspondences or cancellation requests from Customer N until 10/05/2013 when Customer N called our customer service department to inquire about charges. We explained the billing protocol and explained that we had no record of previous cancellation. In this phone call, Customer N did not mention cancelling previously. The cancellation number Customer N included in her complaint was the cancellation number issued the same day that Customer N called us, 10/5/2013.

Our billing records show we have not issued any charges or debits to this account after 10/5/2013. Upon receiving this complaint, we called Customer N on 10/15/13 at the number listed on the complaint to discuss and resolve this issue. While we do maintain a no-refund policy, we wish to resolve this issue and as a result, we have refunded the disputed amount of $99.20 in efforts to resolve this complaint. We hope this fully resolves the customer’s concerns.

Review: I signed on for their free trial and then cancelled it and am still being billed for their service.Desired Settlement: I would like to be reimbursed for the charges 49.60 *2 made to me on my boyfriends card.




you for notifying us of Customer C’s experience. We appreciate the

opportunity to investigate and clarify what has occurred with the account.


to our records, Customer C registered for an account on 12/8/2014 and agreed to

be billed $1 for a 7-day trial and $49.60 each month thereafter until

canceled. There seems to be a misunderstanding, as Customer C’s complaint

references a “free” trial, however our registration page clearly state that the

7-day trial is $1.00.


C also states in the complaint that she had cancelled her account. Please know

that we keep a robust internal tracking system that time stamps all completed

registration sign ups as well as confirmed cancellation requests. We do

not have any record of a cancellation until Customer C contacted our customer

service department on 3/9/15. The customer service representative

cancelled her account at the time of her call on 3/9/15, and which stopped any

further billing. Customer C later emailed us requesting a refund to

her account of the 2 monthly charges for a total of $99.20, which we granted on



receiving this complaint on 3/13/15, we called Customer C at the number listed

on the complaint, but were unable to reach her. We left a message

confirming the refund she requested had been done on 3/12/15. It takes 1

– 4 business days for a refund to post back to the customer account. We

are confident this refund resolves Customer C’s concern.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10530072, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


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Address: 5951 Encina Road Ste 208, Goleta, California, United States, 93117


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