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Reliable Appliance Service

324 Coogan Way, El Cajon, California, United States, 92020-1902

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We had a Reliable appliance Service come out for service of our trash compactor that came out. The serviceman who came was a guy by the name of Jacob. Rude from the time of entry. He came out to saw the problem. You could not open the trash compactor, he said it's broken, we said yes we know, but what is it, he tried to pull it out and said, I know the problem. We asked for an explanation, he said tried to articulate and didn't make sense. We said, so the compactor itself, the part which pushes the trash down is broken and why we aren't able to open it, he said yes, that's it then blurted out a price of $447. we said ok, but want to know the costs and the problem, we kept asking questions, but he wouldn't answer them, then left outside to his car, dodging our questions. He came back and worked on the problem and it was not the part that pushes the trash down, but a plastic bearing from underneath. I said that's not the problem you initially said. he said I told you the price you said ok, so the plastic bearing is 447? he said the parts and my time. I ask him to itemize the products and it was only the one, which he wouldn't do. he said I told you the price you said ok. We said we said ok for a completely different item. he said no, I said. then after we signed he rudely left. I called to complain, the home office would not give us their prices or the cost of the item. they say it's something more expensive and charge for it when it is in fact a minor problem with minor costs.

They scammed us telling us it's a bigger problem when it was one plastic bearing that needed replacement, not the compactor metal ram that compacts the trash as he initially said. a plastic bearing costs max $25-30 and he was here for 25-30 minutes max. costing us $447. with no itemization.

Reliable Appliance Service Response • Oct 14, 2020

We do not charge labor by the hour but rather by the job. The $25 discount has to be mentioned at the time of booking. We changed the main gear, which is a difficult job. If you didnt understand the scope of work involved, you could have opted out to pay diagnostics charge. You signed the invoice accepting the estimate and total charges.

Customer Response • Oct 14, 2020

What we understood and what were told what was to be repaired was different to what was actually repaired. And we asked about the $25 when he started the work and he was dodging the question. He was rude the minute he walked in, I offered him a bottle of cold water to try to change the vibe he was giving us. He specifically told us that it was the arm of the compactor that was the problem, when we replied, so the arm the part which actually compacts the trash, and did the arm gesture to be clear because he was hard to understand and very vague, just saying broken, broken then said the price $447. we said ok. then as we watched him take it apart, I provided a towel for him so that he doesn't scratch the floors, which he did not use, he repairs something different, a bearing at which point we started asking him questions, saying this is not what you initially said was the problem, how is this $447 and he said you agreed to the price that what it is. we asked so what was the problem, he got upset that we would even question him. he carelessly put the trash back and went to signing the paperwork, I ask him how much the part was he got upset and said I said the price you said ok, now Sogn, when we again told him it was different from what you said, he got upset so we paid and got him out of our home. I immediately called and the guy who answered was also rude, and I hung up and immediately filed the complaint. Then cam back to see the work and saw the damages he did to the cabinets. I called back and spoke with Malia, where she apologized and said to email her and that she would try to get it taken care of and would have Peter reach out to us to help fix it. no response so far and I have email. so not only scam us, you damaged our property. after I wrote the complaint, I reviewed the complaints, 89 within 3 years, 30 within 12 months and a F rating.

Reliable Appliance Service Response • Oct 15, 2020

Please thoroughly review our original response.

They dispatched a tech to check my oven igniter. The tech did not appear to know what to do and used his cell phone to ask for directions. without any troubleshooting whatsoever he stated "nine hundred for parts to fix" He did not say 10 words to me the entire 15 minutes he was here. I asked him if Reliable could sell and install a new oven and he flat said "NO" then asked for $69.95 for the service call. Bad business practice, and consumers are unable to leave comments on their website.

I contacted the business for repair on a washing machine and was told by the service maintenance person That someone would get back to me 24 hours. No one contacted me I called again and requested information about if they were going to order a part or if I need to purchase a new washing machine and still no one got back to me. I contacted them again and I was still not given an answer. The operators told me to have a nice day but that there 24/7 service is only for an appointment which the website does not say anything about. I do not like waiting for a new part I do not mind when people do not have access to a new part immediately but no one contacted me back and basically I was ignored.Do not do business with this company, do not call them and do not rely on them for service. Look at all of the one and two-star reviews. If you have done business with this company in the past and have received poor service please fill out a complaint. Of course, it will do no good but it may help some other poor individual from wasting $69.

Consumer beware. I was priced gouged on my air conditioned serviced on Aug 15. It happened on a Saturday on one of our first hot days of summer. He told me I needed a capacitor and it would cost $550. I told him it sounded high and he said wholesale on that part is $325. He said I could either pay or just bake in the heat. I told him if that's the normal cost and not the inflated cost due to the circumstances, then to do it. He assured me that was the going rate. After the 10 minute job was completed, I spoke with other friends that had AC problems. They told me they paid anywhere from $100-$200 for the same job. I also had friends do themselves because it was a $20 part off ***. I called the company afterwards to dispute and they said they would look into it. I have since placed at least 10 calls and they keep taking a message with no return call. I've never left a review before but I feel like its my civic responsibility to warn people. I will update this review if we can resolve this issue, but so far its been 5 weeks and counting with no response.

We had a technician come out to fix our broken ice maker on 7/29/20. He identified a part that needed replacing. He said he'd need to call around to find a price and a distributor. I never heard back so I eventually tracked him down. He said he'd order the part and it would take 4-5 days. 3 weeks later we hadn't heard back so I called him and left a message. No response. I called the main office number and they said they would have him or his supervisor call me back. A week went by and still no call. I have called each day this week to see if anyone will call me back. No response. I can find another company to do this work but we've already paid for the original service call which should apply to the overall repair price otherwise I paid for nothing but bad service! I would not recommend this company as it's now September and the fridge is still broken.

Great company to work with. Mike came to my home on time. He fixed the problem with my outside AC unit. He showed me, in detail, what he was doing and explained why my system wasn't cooling. He was courteous and professional. I am very pleased with the result.

I first called Reliable on May 25th 2020. At that time a technician came and was here around 20 min. H e said we needed a defroster that was located on the top. He put in something and asked four hundred and thirty nine dollars and 09 cents,{439.09} He told us to leave the freezer off for 24 hrs. which we did. When we turned it on, we had the same problem. Of course I called them back and he came over on the second of June {6-2-2020} After looking at the freezer again, he said t the other defroster was not working. He wanted 1.381.40 [one thousand eighty one and forty cents} to fix the other defroster. At that point I called to talk to the owner. He would not even speak to me civilly He just told me that his technician was a professional and thats all there is to that. I was able to track down a factory rep. from GE. He told us that was not the problem. The problem is that it cannot be fixed. So instead of telling me he couldn't fix it, he just change a part and charge me. Meantime I have heard a lot of negative thins about Reliable. Thank You

Reliable Appliance Service Response • Aug 07, 2020

Thanks for your feedback. Please follow the instructions on the back of your invoice should you disagree with work performed.

I didn't actually get any work, but I thought it would be an improvement in service would perhaps be for the person who answers the phone to be more helpful. I had a refrigerator that stopped cooling. With my extremely limited expertise, I thought it may be a temperature control not knowing that my 4 year old refrigerator is electronic. They were quick to advise me of the $69.95 service call charge if there is no repair. The dispatcher might have asked age, make, model, etc. and determined it was still under warranty. The technician upon arrival asked why I called him since it's a warranty repair; if I only knew. Not a real complaint, but this would have gone a long way in my calling them again.

The technician comes out and works on the appliance. You don't see if they are actually doing anything. They charge you and leave. The appliance is not fixed. When you call back (even everyday) after to get them to either come back and fix the repair successfully or give you your money back they string you along for weeks. They make appointment windows day after day and no one ever arrives. They basically steal your money! We paid them $455 and our washer is not fixed. It's as if they did nothing at all to it.

Reliable Appliance Service Response • Jul 06, 2020

Thanks for sharing your opinion. Please refer to the back of the invoice, if you would like to request a refund.

Customer Response • Jul 07, 2020

I have made numerous attempts to get someone out here to fix my washer and complete the job I PAID for. I can't even get a phone call back from this false company. I have zero confidence that writing a letter to the address on the back of the invoice is going to resolve anything or result in a refund. This company is a complete scam. The fact that you can't even get a refund in a normal manner is another huge red flag. If this was a reputable company, they will fix my washer or issue a refund without a BS letter being sent. Read the yelp reviews. They are CROOKS!

Reliable Appliance Service Response • Jul 08, 2020

We have been in business for 25 years and have specific protocols in place. You can do as you wish.

NOT COVID COMPLIANT - UNSAFE!!!I called for the business called Around the Clock and apparently your call is now rerouted to this business. The technician was dismissive and irritated by my questions. Incredibly Rude. He did not wear gloves, socially distance or wipe anything down and was coughing. He touched multiplied kitchen surfaces with no gloves. He left a mess - not putting anything back under the sink, The repair to the was $260 for what amounted to 5 minutes of work.We were not able to communicate at all regarding what the repair was actually for and I it was only when I read his writing on the receipt that I knew exactly what he had "fixed" replaced. OVERPRICED AND AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE. I see now that the reviews for Reliable are "F" and one star. It is not clear at all that you are being sent to Reliable Appliance Service and not Around the Clock.
My complaint is 3 fold - COVID issues, the customer service, and the misleading information about which company you are actually hiring.

Reliable Appliance Service Response • Jul 06, 2020

Our response to your preposterous claims and review has been publicly posted. We are not responsible for your husband getting upset due to a financial decision made by you.

Customer Response • Jul 06, 2020

I think the complaint was not understood properly. I am registering a complaint about COVID compliance, overcharging, and unclear communication from the technician.

Your response speaks volumes and confirms I was right to complain.

Reliable Appliance Service Response • Jul 07, 2020

Thanks for your feedback. Have a great day.

I am writing this letter regarding the service I received from reliable appliance service on June 26,2020.
I called requesting refrigerator service, I was told a technician would arrive at my apartment around the hours of 2-5pm The technician was not on time, he came around 6:45pm.
When he shows up, he observes the refrigerator, then he plugs a tool to my electric outlet and tells me he found the problem. He says Problem was my electric outlet was damaged.
He writes an invoice, charges me, and leaves. He wasn’t at my apartment more than 10mins.
I call my apartment buildings electrician the very next day, he comes to my apartment and he tells me that the electricity is fine and shows me by plugging up another appliance to the same outlet.
I’m not sure what your technician did, but he didn’t do a very good job solving my problem. My fridge still isn’t fixed and I’m still waiting on answers from reliable services.
I’d like my refund of $70 , thank you.

Reliable Appliance Service Response • Jul 03, 2020

Thanks for your feedback. Your request is out of's jurisdiction. We suggest for you to follow instructions in the back of your invoice.

The service technician was extremely rude and unprofessional. He refused to answer any of wife's questions and after a partial dismantle of my oven he did a horrible job of reconnecting it. I called to complain on multiple occasions and never received a call back. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone.

Technician was scheduled to arrive today between 11 and 2. At 3 I called and they said I would be contacted by the technician. At 4:30 I called again was told the same thing. At 4:55 I called and they said they had a note that the service needed to be rescheduled. When I protested they said I could call someone else. Crappy service/attitude/customer service. Just because business is so good, you can't commit to someone and they not show up or call and then tell them to call someone else!

Reliable Appliance Service Response • May 28, 2020

Thank you for your feedback. Our records indicate an offer to reschedule the service appointment was made, but declined by customer.

Customer Response • May 28, 2020

This is utter BS! They did not offer me anything nor did they contact me. I had to call them 3 times. Not one call from the technician nor the company all day. Appoinment was 11-2 range. Nothing/Nadda. Guess business is too good to treat a customer properly or with respect!

Reliable Appliance Service Response • May 29, 2020

We are disappointed to learn you've felt disrespected by our inability to offer you service.

Customer Response • Jul 08, 2020

I do not accept the response made by the business to resolve this complaint

my washer was not draining, the company come and changed the drain which works ok now, however, something was bent or broken during service because now the machine cycle makes a horrible loud noise in the spin cycle. This noise was not present before repair. I called and the business was supposed to send out somebody on 5/11 and no one showed up, then they rescheduled for 5/16 and again no one showed up.

Reliable Appliance Service Response • May 25, 2020

Our records indicate services were rendered back in March of 2020 and the first contact was made on May 1, 2020. Although you do have a warranty for the work we have performed, the noise is unrelated to our repairs as there are no protruding parts that may get bent during drain service. Nevertheless, we will explore options and will follow up with you shortly.

On 2/19/2020 a “technician” from “Reliable” Appliance Services arrived at my residence to determine the problem with my *** refrigerator. After explaining the issue, the “technician” did nothing more than look at the LED screen and said he needed to order parts. He did not examine the unit or explain what the issue was. I took this “expert technician” for his word….mistakenly….and agreed to have the part ordered.

He agreed to come back with the part on 2/22/2020.

The “technician” returned on 2/22/2020 empty handed. He stated “they” ordered the wrong part and therefore repairs could not be made as promised/agreed upon by “Reliable” Appliance Services.

The “technician” promised to call my on Monday AM 2/24/2020 with an ETA of the part.

The “technician” NEVER called as promised. I called Monday late afternoon. The “technician” did not acknowledge/take responsibility for not calling as promised. He only stated that the part was still not available and had zero ETA on when promised/agreed upon repairs could be made.

At this point, I communicated that I wished to cancel their “service”. NO correct part was ever ordered per the “technician” and any “service” that was promised per the contract was confirmed by the “technician” as undeliverable.

I find it convenient that this company has legal stipulations that a consumer has to abide by yet when the consumer’s rights are violated, the company hides behind their “terms and conditions”.

Reliable Appliance Service Response • May 18, 2020

Please send us direct correspondence to address your concerns as monetary issues are beyond bureau's expertise.

Took advantage of my senior mother, and failed to fix the dryer issue after charging her $217.
She went to dry a load of laundry and it still would not heat, she called them back, then they wanted another $270. Needless to say, she did not agree and called me. I tried to get them to refund the payment due to the fact they did not repair it. but they would not return her payment.
Was unable to get the money back from the creditcard Co. because she had
authorized" the repair. The fact that it did not fix it apparently did not matter. SO
on 6/22/19 - invoice

On 4/29/2020 we had an appointment with Reliable Appliance Service, inc for repair on refrigerator that was leaking water from freezer to the floor. Service Repairman John showed up for the service and my wife answered the door. This repairman didn’t have face covering or shoe coverings on. My wife asked if he had face covering due to the county requiring during this COVID pandemic, his answer was no. As we were reluctant to let this repairman into our home he stated $69.95 service fee for showing up. Under protest we let him in to look at the refrigerator since he said we were on the hook for the service fee. After less than 5 minutes looking inside freezer, he said all you need is a cleaning on water line, but not guaranteeing that’s the problem. Said he could clean the line, no part needed for $200. I asked him if I was paying $200 for his opinion and the leak could come back tomorrow? He said yes. He demanded $69.95 and said he’s leaving. Had to pay him to leave and was scammed. He only pulled the refrigerator out after I insisted on him looking at all areas in the back. At one point we said go ahead and clean the line if that’s the problem... he said no, fix it yourself, I have other customers and demanded $69.95

Reliable Appliance Service Response • May 05, 2020

We were able to enter your home at your discretion as our technicians are concerned for their safety and well being during this pandemic just as much as you are. The service call fee you've paid was for an estimate and diagnosis, which we have provided. Feel free to contact us should our technician's recommendation fail to restore proper function of your refrigerator.

Customer Response • May 05, 2020

The service tech did not have Face covering is just one issue, if he was concerned for his safety he would have entered the home with face protection. He continued to advise us we are on the hook for the $69.95 service fee for just showing up. Once he entered, he opened the freezer and immediately stated we need a water line cleaning but no part necessary. That’s amazing to me without even moving the refrigerator or removing the line. He said it’s his opinion on what needs to be done but wasn’t sure. So $200 to clean. I asked him if the line is clean when he removed would there still be a charge of $200, he said, yes even if no cleaning was required. He then rudely said do it yourself then. He would’t leave until we paid for his 3 min opinion which was a SCAM. I should have refused payment and called law enforcement because this is absolute theft by a business on a customer. After debating the work I told him ok clean it for $200. He refused to do the service and said he has other customers and demanded his $69.95 for walking in the door.

We will not accept any response other than a refund on this service that wasn’t rendered. He refused to do the cleaning and told me to do it myself when I considered it. I had no other option other than calling law enforcement but to pay the $69.95 because he wouldn’t have left without payment.

My next option will be small claims court if this matter is not resolved

Reliable Appliance Service Response • May 06, 2020

Please refer to the back of your invoice, should you decide to formally request a refund of the service call fee.

Customer Response • May 09, 2020

On the back of service call receipt it stated in section categorized in Disputes: we want you satisfied! If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the service provided, and cannot resolve the dispute through your local dispatch office, please describe the problem, and what can be done to satisfy dispute. Then has address ***This dispute section is vague. Do we email? Write letter to address listed? I have made 3 phone calls to try and settle dispute and local dispatcher said they would forward my message and have Serg call me. I received no return phone call on this issue. The communication on this matter is impossible. Please advise how to continue on requesting a refund. Local dispatcher was no help. We are requesting refund of $69.95 on services not rendered and repairman John refused to do anything and said he has spent too much time here and had other customers and told me to fix it myself. If refund is refused, please let me know the proper address for serving small claims court documents as I am filling a small claims case regarding this matter/refund

TL;DR--the technician was untrustworthy, rude/unresponsive, had no regard for our floors, had shady pricing practices, and took advantage of a vulnerable situation. Horrible experience--do NOT choose Reliable Appliance Repair!
On Saturday, my 4-year old Whirlpool refrigerator decided to make clicking sounds from the back panel. Of course on a weekend, of course after just restocking groceries , and of course during the COVID crisis, when all these factors become amplified tenfold.
Tried calling a couple trusted repair services, but neither could support that short notice. Considered just buying a new fridge, but no one could deliver within a day or two.
Found RAP as a "*** Guaranteed" local business with decent reviews. Was hopeful when they said they could send someone out that day. Repair visit was 10 minutes, remarking that I needed a new motherboard. Of note, he muscled the fridge without raising the front feet. After subtly suggesting that he raise the feet, he said "no need." Charged me a large "deposit" to order the part if not in stock.
Come Monday, no word from the repairman, who was supposed to let us know if the part was in stock, if it needed to be ordered, how long delivery would be, etc. I had to have him paged twice before he ever returned a call hours after he said he would call me. Unfortunately, the part wasn't in stock, but at the end of the day he said the part would be in Tuesday. We settled on a time block.
Tuesday comes and he naturally comes at the end of the agreed window. When asked to raise the fridge feet to avoid floor damage, he said "I didn't have to last time." At that point, we were over this experience but he was in the driver's seat. To add insult, he said we owed an amount even larger than the initial deposit! None of this was clearly conveyed, so definitely felt shady at best. Since then, quotes from other repairmen indicate I was likely charged double the going rate.
Generally, I've had good experiences with plumbers, AC repairman, electricians, and mechanics. Totally dissatisfied; should've bought a new fridge for the amount paid and headache.

I was serviced by Davi repaired the handle on the fridge replacement of rubber gasket afterwards refrigerator does not seal tightly causing food to spoil in this pandemic and will not make ***,The Superviso Joesph said maybe it was my recipe he would just give a refund regarding the matter, only to be recalled couple hrs later by the Davi which did the work and laughed at me and my complaint , then Joseph Supervisor recalled laughing as well my complaint.then said he is not going to give refund and they have to come out reassess I told him sure my husband is home. he said in return that oh my scheduled is full today.I expressed to him about my refrigerator was making *** prior to them servicing it. Now it gets worst.I called back to speak Peter Manager and he says you will not get a full refund and you are welcome to come to San Diego ( knowing its much to far to travel to discuss this matter ) and will not be sending no one to inspect this issue . I expressed I bought another box of *** and it did not jiggle ,no jell, NO

Reliable Appliance Service Response • Apr 23, 2020

As per our telephone conversation, the area supervisor arrived to confirm the seal gasket was properly installed, which it was. You have originally contacted us and requested to repair the door handle and replace the seal gasket - we did so based on your desired course of action. Perhaps there are additional issues with your refrigerator, but we can not confirm that because we did exactly what you have asked us to do and no further inspection was made on our behalf. There is no need to misconstrue my comment about your trip to our corporate location in San Diego as you are the one whom wanted to come to our office to request a refund. Furthermore, during our conversation we have agreed you would change the temperature setting inside the refrigerator to determine if that may be the issue and follow up with me, but I have not heard from you since. We are disappointed to learn your *** is not getting jelly. However, the repairs were performed based on your relayed concerns with the appliance during our original visit.

Customer Response • Apr 23, 2020

My refrigerator does not have a tight seal .Its really unfortunate that unable to to make a simple dessert like

Reliable Appliance Service Response • Apr 24, 2020

The seal is functioning properly. Unfortunately, we do not have any further recommendations regarding your ***.

called this company based on recommendation. the dryer part of the stackable washer / dryer we have was making a weird noise.
they sent a technician who"diagnosed" the problem within seconds by listening to it.. he quoted a fee of $400 to fix, with a
$200 "deposit", he said he would "order" parts, and left.
after several phone calls, he finally returned ten days later.
after ten minutes working on the appliance, he told me the problem was not what he diagnosed, but another part, and quoted a fee that was so outrageous, I declined any further service.
after the technician left, it was discovered the dryer no longer dried clothes. the only reason we called was because the dryer was making noise. it was drying before the technician touched the machine.
since then, this company has taken my repeated phone calls, and promised to have someone call me back. I have heard from a "supervisor", who was very rude. he said he would "talk to the technician", and call me back. he never did.
when I called again to find out when he would call me back, I was told the "general manager" would call me. he called me once when I was not available, and when I called back, I was told he was out of the office, which is what I've been told with the four calls I've made to their office since then.
because of this, I've been forced to dispute the charges of $300 they made on the credit card I gave them.
these people should not be allowed to treat people this way. they are ripoff artists, pure and simple.

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