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Review: I am a seasoned real estate broker and agent for the past 36 years. Part of my business over the last 26 years was handling foreclosed, distressed, REO, bank and mortgage company properties. On January 30th, 2015 I received a phone call from a company representing themselves as REO-PRO. They stated that I had been referred to them by other REO companies in the business and was represented by excellent referrals for doing top quality work. I was told that their company wanted to send me three LISTINGS for foreclosed homes in my area. Further that they would take care of turning on all utilities, doing the trash outs and cleanups both inside and out. Additionally their company would maintain the properties and provide inspections for the properties to insure that they were always in to notch condition. It was required that I allow a $400.00 charge on a credit card to be able to access their systems and to be able to process the required paperwork, including BPO work. I agreed, supplied them with a credit card number and received an emailed receipt for the charges. As well, I received three properties needing BPO services completed. I did the BPO research and completed the three requests and submitted all three on time. A few days went by and I received notices back that all three BPO's had been submitted and accepted and that if these properties turned into foreclosed properties and I was the agent selected, then I would be the listing agent. A far cry from the original agreement presented to me on January 30th, 2015.Desired Settlement: I want a refund of $400.00 posted to my credit card for deceptive business practices and fraudulent activity on REO-PRO's account. This company is a sham operation. There is no verifiable relationships with any bank, mortgage companies or GSE's to represent them as a vendor for processing distressed properties or REO homes. The best I can determine is that they procure BPO's and then sell them to various lending institutions to be use for that firms analysis of values for subject properties. They are misleading in that they get the BPO's done for free by various brokers and real estate agents, requiring them to sign up for REO-PRO's software for $400.00. There is no intention of ever supplying listings for properties because they don't have that type of business relationships with the various lending institutions nor the authority to do so.

Rest assured I will be filing a complaint the the Attorney General of Delaware.

Review: We were contacted by REO Pro rep [redacted] on October 29 asking if we would like to work with his company in getting REO property assignments. He said that his company receives REO (bank owned properties) and they would assign the ones in my area to us to manage. He was going to assign two properties right away that we would need to accept and do Broker Price Opinions on. Mr. [redacted] said that I was referred to their company by Bank of America, who I've worked with for several years. He said, all I needed to do was pay $400 tech fee. [redacted] spoke with my partner [redacted], and [redacted] told him that he didn't have his credit card but he would give out mine. Mr. [redacted] knew he wasn't speaking with the card holder but still continued to process the credit card in my name. In my research later that day, I found out that Bank of America didn't recommend me to this company. I found out that the properties that he assigned me, claiming they were pre-foreclosures are not actually in jeopardy of being foreclosed on at this time. He lied about the services, and after I checked them out on I immediately contacted Mr. [redacted]. Me and My partner emailed him around 7:30 PM on October 29th, and CC the main company email. I instructed them that I wanted to cancel the service and get a refund on the $400. We were emailed back the next morning, not from Mr. [redacted] but from the company asking for a phone number to contact them. I send my number, but we then got a call on my partners number from an Eli. We missed the call, and called Eli back several times. He never answered his phone when we called and we've left several voicemails. We also emailed Mr. [redacted] once again and he didn't respond.Desired Settlement: We want an immediate refund of the $400.00 that was charged.



We acknowledge the fact that the customer was dissatisfied therefore, we addressed the issue promptly. The customer states that they never received a response from us. However, we responded to the customer in a timely manner. Then, I called the customer to try to resolve customer's complaint. The customer did not pick up the phone, I left the voice mail. I did not receive the call back from the customer. As a result, I kindly issued the refund to the customer. Document reference I will show you the return receipt.

Review: ReoproCorp is a lascivious company that is claiming to represent banks as their asset management service, when properties have NOT been assigned to them for their servicing. They then scam agents into paying for their "platform" to receive assignments of these listings. They charge agents $400 on credit cards, and can not deliver listings since the properties are not actually under their management. They are getting away with this by claiming that the charge is for use of their platform.Desired Settlement: Refund all agents that they have ripped off, Federal investigation by the consumer finance Bauer

Review: On November 25. 2014 I was contacted by REO Pro soliciting their product to me in relation to my real estate business. They promised I would receive at least 2 properties to market and sell within 1 year. They assigned me BPO's on properties that were never followed up on. One property was not even available as it had sold recently. Their money back guarantee states as follows:

"If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program and would like to cancel, contact the REO pro customer service line at [redacted] or by email at [email protected]".

I have done both and all I get is nothing. [redacted] contacted me and stated that I had to wait till the 1 year had passed to receive a refund. I have requested the refund several times via email and phone. Based on the quoted paragraph from their refund policy I am asking that you assist me with obtaining the refund as I have not been satisfied with their service from the beginning.Desired Settlement: As they have failed to perform as promised from the beginning of this I request a refund in full. They threatened me with legal action, claims against my credit and criminal charges if I attempt to utilize my credit card provider for a chargeback. This was disclosed after they had placed the charge on my credit card for purchase.

Review: I signed up with this company in January 2015. They promised me after paying 400.00 I would receive home listings within a short time. I have not been able to get in touch with the company since and they do not return my phone calls. Unfortunately I found out about their negative business practices after I paid the money. I have emailed them several times and no answer back. I am very upset with myself that I did not do my due diligence in this situation.Desired Settlement: I would like a complete refund of 400.00 due to breach of contract with this deceiving company.

Review: I am a real estate broker and we were contacted by a representative from REO Pro July 2014 with a proposition to begin a relationship with their company and mine. We were told that we would be assigned BPO's that, if they became listings, we would be recommended to the bank/servicer to manage the assignment. We were told there was a money back guarantee that if we did not receive 2 properties to market and sell within a year we would be due a full refund of the $400 sign up fee. We received 3 BPO's and completed them however there were no other BPO's assigned and we never received the listings for marketing so we emailed for a refund with no response, we then called and no matter what option you choose they all take you to a voicemail box that is full. We cannot even get thru to call and request a refund. We are very disappointed that this company has a national phone number to contact but the consumer cannot get thru on or leave a message on. I look forward to seeing my money refunded as per their REO Pro Money Back Guarantee.Desired Settlement: Full refund of the sign up fee of $400. We waited the full year as told to us in the sales pitch and subsequent agent package. They got three free BPO's out of our company but all we ask is that they refund our sign up fee as promised by their guarantee.

Review: REO Pro Corp has a series of complaints on the internet already. I was unaware of this at the time to reached out to me and dozens of Realtors in my area. The requested a fee upfront by credit card. They failed to provide any receipt. After I learned about the scam artists they are. I called and left a message for them to cancel immediately. I did not receive a phone back. I attempted to cancel on their company website. Finally got a phone call back. They would not refund back to the credit card, but after several hard sales pitches agreed to refund by check. Saying it cost them too much to refund back to cards. I did receive the check in the mail about a week or so later. It bounced. Bad check. If this was a real company, this would not happen. The address they have listed is a virtual office through Regus. It does not appear they are actually located at this location, though I cannot verify.Desired Settlement: I believe with the trouble I have gone through my time is valuable. They should credit me the amount + $100 for inconvenience.



We acknowledge the fact that the customer was dissatisfied with the services provided to them. Although the customer was provided with the services, we fully refunded the customer directly to their credit card account. The copy is attached for your review. Due to the technical issue in the system, the customer did not receive an email with the refund notification to their account. Further, the customer received a refund check from us, which they claim was bad. Since the customer received a full refund to their account, we voided the refund check. We explained the situation to the customer and apologized for the inconvenience. The customer accepted our apologies, and said that they understand the technical issue. The customer was sent a check to reimburse their bank service fees. The emaU conversation is attached. The customer received a full refund for the account, and a full reimbursement for the bank fees. If the customer has any further questions they may contact us directly

Review: On 7/24/14 I contracted with REO PRO services in which their contract states clearly they would provide me with at least two real estate listings within a year which their representative, Chase [redacted], assured me that their desire was to not just give me two, but to provide many throughout the course of our relationship. Their contract specifically states that if I did not receive at least two listings during my first year that the $400 fee they charged me would be refunded. My last correspondence received from them was 8/6/14 congratulating me on passing their online certification quiz. I never heard from them again and never received any listings. I had e-mailed both Mr. [redacted] and their general e-mail contact (c[redacted]) on 10/31/14 to follow up on our contracted agreement for listings. I received no response. I e-mailed again 12/10/14 to follow up on receiving listings - again no response. I called in February - again no response/return call. I e-mailed my last e-mail on 8/18/15 requesting a refund of my $400 and a response by 8/21/15. Once again no response.Desired Settlement: I would like the refund guaranteed me of $400.

Review: I was contacted by this company to take REO Listings. They made me pay $400 to use their data portal and guaranteed me 4 listings to list and sell for them. I did 6 BPOs for them giving them price points for listing them (which usually fees out about $50/each)I did them in good faith thinking that I would get assigned the listings. Two were sold at foreclosure auction. I have tried to contact them to receive a refund on my $400 , I cannot email the original person I was dealing with (Elliot Parker)phone has been disconnected and emails unanswered. Emails to main co come back undeliverable. I tried to call the company number and their voice mail is full. Please helpDesired Settlement: refund of my money

Review: On Oct 7th I signed up and paid for a service that would send leads and REO assignments. I received the paid receipt for $400 and was helped by [redacted], my assigned Representative, to log into the system. Since then I only had 1 assignment and started to question their services. I was told that there was a money back guarantee. Read about the company online and its obvious that its a scam. I have since discovered that this company is doing this to people all over the country as well. I am concerned about getting a refund due to the complete lack of response and cooperation. Tried to get a hold of them and got a response back after 10 days of emailing and serval phone calls. When I did receive the phone call I was not satisfied with the outcome and lack of cooperation and understanding from their side.Desired Settlement: Full refund of my $400



The customer addresses their deep concern about our company in their complaint letter to However, as the customer was properly serviced by our company and was always receiving timely responses from us,the customer has never sent any complaint directly to our company. Last time we spoke to the customer, we received a positive response that the customer is happy and fully satisfied. If the customer addressed any concern directly to us, we would definitely make everything possible to keep the customer satisfied.

As evidenced by submitted documents below, the customer received services from us in full complaints with our Terms and Conditions.

Exhibit 1. Customer's profile. The customer received an access to use our online platform on 10/07/2014; then the customer continued to our services; last log in was on 10/29/2014.

Exhibit 2. The customer accepted and completed an assignment using our platform. Exhibit 3. The customer accepted our Terms and Conditions.

We believe that customer's sudden allegations toward our company are unfair lies and are very premature. We would much rather offer our services to another agent, to whom we can trust. Therefore,we deactivated customer's profile;all their leads will be reassigned. We have provided the full refund to the customer. Attached you will see a refund receipt (Exhibit 4).

If the customer has any further questions, they may contact us directly and we will gladly resolve any concern.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: When contacted by the company REO Pro Corp - they stated that they would be able to supply me with business if I completed some work for them and guaranteed that if they could not get me business I could receive a refund of my $400 within 1 year. After attempting to contact the company about any possible business they kept saying they were working on it. Now that the 1 year mark is up I cannot get a hold of anyone at the company by phone or email. After 4-5 months of no work I asked for my money back and they advised me that they would not refund the money until after 1 year and if I went to my credit card company for a refund I would be sued for the amount back as well as all attorney's fees.Desired Settlement: Desired outcome is a credit of $400 to my credit card so that I do not have to take it into my own hands to locate them and have fraud charges brought against them.

Review: I was conned into signing up for REO assignments and guaranteed at least 1 assignment which I have never received after doing several BPO's for the company which never paid me for my time.Desired Settlement: refund me my $400.00

Review: we were guaranteed to have at least 2 closed REO sales in a year or we would be refunded our money back in full. They gave us some bogus leads which we turned in the requested BPO s and kept all the paper work. they responded to each one completed that the BPO'S waS excepted and sent to the investor. When ever I called asking about if we were going to get assignments OR LISTINGS they would call back and give me another BPO with an address of properties that were clearly not theirs. After a year we sent in all the paper work requesting our refund. We had 2 transaction with them and both were handled the same way. When we sent the request in they said that they were looking in to it . That was in May now non of there numbers can take messages . we just received a call from an other company trying to do business the same way sounds like they just changed their name and Maybe location, but it sound like they are doing business the same wayDesired Settlement: They owe us for 2 CHARGES $ 400. EACH (A TOTAL OF $ 800.00)WE WANT AN immediate REFUND.

Review: They are proclaiming to be an real estate asset manager and are sending our bpo orders for bank owned properties for listings.I have only gotten one and cannot contact anyone and am fustrated and my money should returned !Desired Settlement: This company needs to call me for an explaination

Review: I have found this company to be a scam, no receipt recd for $400 charge on my card. No services render by company for my charge of $400 I have asked to have a credit issues to my account. They will not respond. Have placed a dispute with my credit card company for the charge. Just would like a refund and have no more to do with this company.Desired Settlement: Refund to my credit card of $400.



We acknowledge the fact that the customer was dissatisfied therefore,we addressed the issue promptly. The customer was contacted by us multiple times in hopes of resolving any issues.On 7/21/2014, we got in contact with the customer; however,the customer stated to be busy and to call back later . Our records indicate voicemails being left on 7/24/2014,7/25/2014, and 7/30/2014. Also on 7/30/2014, an email (Exhibit 1) was sent to the customer kindly stating that we have made the attempt, multiple times, to reach out to them in order to find a viable solution in regards to the initial issue and the complaint. The customer stated that "They will not respond". This argument is invalid due to the fact that we have made the attempt, more than once, to get in contact with the customer.

The customer states no receipt was recorded for a charge of $400.Exhibit 2 shows a copy of the customer's receipt that was sent to the customer's primary email immediately after the transaction took place .You will see our company's name and phone number on the top right corner. Therefore, we consider the customer's complaint unsupported .

If the customer has any further questions, they may contact us directly and we will gladly resolve any

Review: On Feb 6 2014 I had spoken with and signed up for a service from REO PRO LLC in the amount of $400. The service was to be for receiving local REO listings in my area. The sales representative had taken my credit card number over the phone so that I could sign on to the website and learn more about their services and platform for receiving listings. Within 24 hours, I decided not to use this website service and called to cancel. My call was not returned and I sent an e-mail. It took several days for a return email and the only response I received is that the sales person would call me back. I stated in the email I was not interested in their services and would like to request a credit. I did not want to speak with the sales person again. The credit was never received. I have disputed this charge with Chase, and received a temporary credit. When Chase contacted REO PRO LLC they had stated it was my error and the charge should stand. The charge was made again to my account for a re-bill to REO PRO LLC on 3/25/2014.Desired Settlement: I would like the $400 credited to my credit card.



The customer received a refund from us on 3/3112014, as evidenced by the attached refund receipt.

Customer's initial request for a credit was received after the customer filed an official complaint with their credit card company. We could not issue the refund at that time, since the customer's account was already credited. As soon as the chargeback was resolved in our favor, we issued the customer the full refund.

If the customer has any further questions or concerns, they may contact us directly and we will gladly resolve any issue.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: I was contacted by ReoPro Corp on February 3, 2015 regarding REO Properties and being a BPO Listing Agent. I was required to pay a fee of $400 and received a welcome package with the REO Pro Money Back Guarantee that states the REO PRO GUARANTEES THAT IF IN 1 YR WE DO NOT PROVIDE YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO MARKET OR SELL 2 PROPERTIES WE WILL REFUND YOUR INITIAL SET UP FEE OF $400 and that I need to contact them at least 30 days before the 12 month period is over. As of September 10th, 2015 I have received no properties to market and have had no contact from REO Pro. I have emailed customer service at [email protected] as instructed and have not received a response back.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund of my $400 as like they say they will do on the REO Pro Money Back Guarantee in the Welcome Package I received when I signed up and not to be charged again with any renewal fees.

Review: REO Pro states that if they do not give me one listing within one year from my registration (May 21, 2014) then they will refund my $400 registration fee. I've tried calling them to request my refund and all I get is a "full mailbox" msg. I've emailed several times for over a month and have gotten no response and no refund.Desired Settlement: I want my $400 back to a new card rather than the one I used to register with because the card I used to register was mine and my Dad's card and he has since passed away so that card is not available for the refund.

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