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Rooms To Go customer service keeps giving me the run around about an area rug their delivery guys ruined
On 4/27/Rooms To Go delivered Order# XXXXXXXXI which was for their CORINNE BLUE PC LIVING ROOM WITH RECLINING SOFA Item #XXXXXXXP and the price I paid was $plus taxI paid with a credit card issued to me by ROOMS TO GO / SYNCHRONY BANK account ending in *** The order was placed online on or about 3/8/so I didn't have a seals RepThe gentlemen who delivered my furniture were very nice and acted very professionalThey delivered the new furniture in boxes that it came inThey unloaded everything in my living room where they put it togetherI was very happy to have another recliner because on 3/10/I lost everything I had to a house fire except what mattered most, my three girls and two fur babies It didn't take the gentlemen long to put everything together and pick up the packing material and place it in the boxes that the furniture came inAs they were pi

Ordered two recliners and a sofa from Rooms to Go in Brookshire, TX When speaking with the sales persons he told us that the set we were buying was one of the best moving items in the store and always in stock
On 01/30/I contacted the store to have my items delivered and was informed by a very rude sales person that only ONE of the items was in stock When I asked when the other items would be in stock to be delivered was told I can't tell you that information When pressed on a date the sales person told me that the other TWO items would not be available until at least March 22,
What happened to always in stock The sales person then told me that this item is very difficult to get and is usually not in stock It appears that the other sales person lied to my face to make a sale Since the items were purchased through layaway I was told that a refund is not available but the money can be used for something else in the store
I demand a refund or my furniture in a timely manner

Your internet sales is a joke and your manager is a liar our furniture was purchased online for delivery Monday waited all day no delivery called and was told it would be expedited for Tuesday same week waited all day no delivery received e-mail and delivery date was one week laterCalled and canceled my entire ordernot all of our money has not been refunded for shipping cost and a charge of $is on our credit card? I will never purchase from your internet sales team at Rooms To Go againYou need to have a discussion with your managerPlease feel free to contact me

Materials paid for but no laborDriver tore up, and would not fix
I am writing this for my husband, he is a disabled senior citizenWe had some furniture delivered to our house and there deliver drivers took a piece out of our post at the top of the steps and ran over a border we around the drive way when they leftThis was after they would not bring up the furniture until my husband signed for it firstThey made an offer of $dollars for materials only to fix and replace, and the only way they would give us labor was estimates on a letter headWe informed them that we would take that $60.00, no mention of that being itIt was on there part, not oursIt seems to me they got off cheapProbably knowing being a small job we could not get estimates from a company with a letter head

Furniture purchased had pieces come damaged & delivery people damaged homeRescheduled delivery and again the pieces came damaged
Purchase Date: 01/08/
Sales Rep: Michelle *** ***
Paid in Full 01/08/$5,
1st Delivery Date: 01/12/
We were told at the store by Reneah that the delivery people would gladly move our old bed out of the waymen showed up to deliver the furnitureThe lead guy was furious that a bed was in place where the new bed was going (just mattress on frame with lightweight headboard)When I began trying to get it apart myself (Beth), he came over and helped me and complained the entire timeHe said "They will lie and say anything they need to you in order to make the sale, it happens all the time." As I went downstairs to check on the other two guys, I hear a large crash upstairsI ran upstairs and the new bed was in place and the guy had just pushed the mattress over onto the slats and bedframeI said "seriously!? it

A little over a year ago I purchased a bonded leather couch and warrantyWithin a few months it was peeling and customer service has not helped
A little over a year ago we purchased the Angelo Bay black sectional blended leather sectional and ottoman at the Glades store Our sales associate explained we needed the extra warranty to cover any issues Within a few months the couch was peeling and not in great shape I called and a tech came to inspect the couch (May 2015) The tech wrote in his report that the because we have a large dog the warranty is void I called customer service and explained the dog only sits on one area and that would not explain the peeling elsewhere else on the couch I was told that the warranty only covers food and beverage accidents and nothing else, which was not explained by the sales associate After multiple calls with rude customer service representatives and trips to the store I have accepted that I need to buy a new couch and there is nothin

we purchased a designer sofa from rooms to go on 11/23/after moswe had the seat cushion replaced now its lumpy again no comfort at all
this sofa is of a bad design otherwise it would still be on the marketwe purchased this sofa because of its design we were misinformed when we bought this sofa we have the three year warranty for the force field warranty we were led to believe that this covered the whole sofa and not just the material
I believe that this sofa's not manufactured any more because of all the complaints about being uncomfortable and impossible to keep its shapeif you sit on left side of cushion you lean to the left and the same with the opposite side as the cushions are tapered on each end

Rooms Go refuses to refund my money for damaged furniture until its returned Four separate pick up dates scheduled but Rooms to Go did not show up
Rooms to Go scheduled pick up dates of 6, 12, 14, & Jul and they failed to show up each time The initial purchase and payment happened on May and over days later I still do not have the right furniture or my money refunded as I requested At this time I am not able to go and purchase a bed for my son to sleep on because Rooms To Go refuse to return my money and they continually have not shown up on the dates they scheduled This is bad business and not proper

Rooms to go failure to deliver shipment on scheduled delivery date, and failure to communicate inability to provide driver with legal access to base
On Friday, July I purchased over $6k worth of bedroom and living room furnitureI requested a quick delivery date so that my family and I might settle in on base housingI was offered Monday July as the earliest availabilityI accepted as did the delivery company contracted by Rooms to goI received a phone call Monday indicating that the initial driver that was scheduled to deliver did not have the appropriate clearance to get on baseThe driver explained that someone would contact me to provide a different delivery time with a cleared driverI did in fact receive a call from Rooms to go around saying that my new delivery timeframe was between 1300-At approximately I called rooms to go to find out what was going on with my shipmentI was placed on hold for some time and then told that the delivery manager w

IConfort by Sertamodel blue firmrooms to go has refused to exchange saying I no longer qualify for exchanges
my back was acting up after the exchange that was done back in april/mayI requested rooms to go ,to come out and reevaluate the bed that was exchanged on may the tech came out and did his string measurementsthe next day I got a call from rooms to go and was told that the bed was only 1/inch bad .that I did not quality for the exchange to call back in a month / month in a halfI was upset and called the store where I purchased the bed and the store was surprised that I got the results so quicklythe worker Isabel informed me that she will inform managementthe next day I got a call back from rooms to go and was informed that I no longer qualify for exchangesI was very upset and surprised for they are NOT the manufactor of the bedthese beds are not cheap

I called the stored to question purchasing an item The item isn't at the store so I have to pay more to pick up at a warehouse or have it delivered
I called the Rooms To Go center today to question purchasing a table to go with the partial set we purchased in the past The item is item number XXXXXXXX and retails for $ I called the store to see if I could pick it up and they said no it wasn't available I said ok can I pick it up in the warehouse and they said no They said its another $charge to pick it up in the warehouse or I could have it delivered for an additional charge that I did not get and exact quote To me this is advertising You can't sell an item for a person to buy then after they buy it, make them pay more money to acquire what they just bought If the table is $thats all I should pay to get this item and take it home There should be no more hidden fees that I have to pay to get the item I bought I asked the rep on the phone if the

Dealing with lazy delivery workers that lied and did not want to remove old mattresses for the new mattressesLeaving us find a person to remove mat
Always an issue with delivery! So we had our mattresses deliveredThe guys that set it up were rude as ***And would not remove our old mattresses They lied and said it was soiledI was livid! The sales guy talked to the delivery supervisor....only to to take the word of the delivery supervisor and not the customerThe delivery guys stated that they took a picture of the old mattresses and would not remove itThere weren't any pictures taken.My husband was standing there the whole time.And the mattress wasn't soiledThey didn't want to do there *** job! And the salesperson should have put in the notes to remove the old mattress in the first placeMake a long story shortI am the customer and I was lied on by the delivery guysAnd I cannot return the merchandise I bought so I am stuck with this billI WANTED THEM TO TAKE

Reported poor qualityReceived no response after tech said he can't fix it.want replacement
$sofa set
Visa payment
Rooms to go : XXX XXX XXXX
Sales rep : a man Nomani

Refused to fix, replace, or take back furniture that was broken on delivery
Around Feb 28th, I purchased a recliner set and coffee table from Rooms To Go Prior to scheduling the delivery, the sales associate informed me that the arm rest was broken on the love seat and that they would deliver it at a later date (free of charge) while they waited to replace the arm rest
The sofa arrived and after a day's use, metal was sticking out from behind the couch About a week later, they sent a replacement piece for the broken sofa and delivered a loveseat with a broken arm rest The arm rest would not go down and they informed me that it was an easy fix and that a technician would be out to fix it the next week
The following week, the technician arrived and informed my wife that the problem was different than what he thought it would be He tried to make some adjustments to the arm rest My wife stated that she was not happy because the arm rest was still not going down That

Let me start from the beginningMy husband and I ordered a brand new living room set a little over a year ago, this is how the process wentIt first took over a month for delivery due to "back ordering"Fast forward to the deliveryThe delivery drivers called me multiple times and said they couldn't find our addressOffered to meet them and they told me no and hung upThey call back and ask for directionsMeanwhile as I'm giving directions they're doing nothing but talking over me and laughing and jokingThe finally arrive two hours after the set time frameThey park at the end of our street and set up the two end tables and the coffee tableI ask for their names and they refusedThey left the furniture there and took offMy husband and I had to carry it down to our houseThe tables all had to be replaced due to being all scratched upA month later we get the replacement set and then get a delivery date for our couchesThey arriveNow when we purchased the set they said we have a warranty and that cleaning can be arranged if neededAbout months later my niece spilled juice on the chair and didn't tell usSo when we found it, it stunkMade a claim, the came out and looked it over and told us arrangements would be madeI get a phone call a week later to set up the cleaning date and they tell me I have to pay out of pocket because the guy in the report said we had claimed we had a friend pee in the chair and she had been in sitting in the chair for over a monthLet me tell you I can't even begin to tell you how furious I wasWho has that amount of time to sit in a chair for that long?! So I argued with customer service to try and dispute the claimTo no avail to did anything changeEvery time I've tried to call to get thing fixed with the company I get hung upAlso we were told we'd get free cleaning solution for life so clean stains or whatever, we go back in for that and we get told we're not allowed to have it and tried to charge us for it I left reviews on their facebook page trying to warn others of this misfortune, all negative comments are deleted and I am now blocked from their pageThis company has done nothing but lie to usHere we are about and half years into owning this set and we're having to replace it

Sofa and loveseat was displayed in store with no assembly issuesStore disessembled to prep for delivery and I am unable to get it back together
I saw the set fully put together in the show room and it is an as is setThe set had no flawsBusiness only has 3rd party delivery which they advertise and provide you flyers for to setup deliveryI chose a delivery person per the sales rep recommendationWent in next day because I am required to sign off on the 3rd party picking up the furnitureWhen I arrived I was shown my couch in the back of the warehouse disessembled in piecesOnce delivered seats are leaning and there are gaps in the seats that should not be thereI called Rooms to go to ask for a manual or assembly information so that I can adjust it myself but they did not have itThey advised me to contact the location I purchased from and request the documentation or ask that they send someone out to assemble the furniture accuratelyI called the outlet store and they we

Delivery to replace faulty mattress was missed by Rooms to Go twice Both times, we were given a hour window in which we had to wait
I had an order that was supposed to be delivered today, but I have not heard from anyone about delivery timeI know from past deliveries that they are supposed to call and text two days prior to notify me of delivery time frameI got neither a phone call nor a text with delivery specificsI did get a text and a phone call on 2/confirming that the delivery was scheduled for 2/10/18, but haven't heard anything since
I am beyond irritated with Rooms to Go right nowLet me briefly explain the sequence of events, so you can understand my frustration and direct my concerns to the appropriate person
* First bed was delivered June Poor quality and comfort/didn't meet quality of floor model, etcRooms to Go graciously made an exception on return policy and exchanged the bed
* Delivery of new bed taken end of July Although thi

Cannot refund ForceField protection despite it was never applied on the item I purchased
My father recently bought a sectional couch and the salesman convinced us to also purchase the ForceField protection which protects it from food and drink spillsIt costed an additional $
The couch arrived today, 8/7/2017, and I tested with water to see if the treatment was done, but it soaked in every spot I spilled it on
I called customer service and the first lady that picked it up told me the ForceField treatment does not repel liquids
I then informed myself on the net only to find a lot of comments by people going through the same issue
I called again to customer service and I was told to call the store I purchased it from for a refund on the ForceField protection
I called the store, spoke to my salesman and the store manager and I was told the treatment was non-refundable despite it was never applied on my couchThey told me they would send an agent to do the treatme

year extended service warranty effective 10-1-Filed claim on 6-15-due to swivel chairs not gliding
company ordered batteries for chairs in June of 2018, said it would take days to receiveHave not receive batteries, have called ce several times no one can give me any specifics about my claimMy warranty will be up on October 1, I called to tell them the chairs want glide with electricity so it can't be the battery but they said they must wait for the batteries to arrive before they can do anythingToday they are saying the batteries are in and it will take another weeks to get them to meBy then the warranty will be expired and they have not address the problem of the chairs not working by electric

My previous purchase was picked up and I was assured that I would receive a refund and after it was picked up, I was told that I could not be refunded
I do not have my order number however my phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXXThe sectional was delivered to *** *** *** Avenue Apt *** *** TX XXXXX
My sectional was defective and I called customer service and they said it was discontinued and they could pick it up and I could select a new itemThe item was picked up last Tuesday and I went to the store and could not find anything I likedI called in and the guy I spoke with said I could be refundedI told him I would think about it and call backI ended up calling back and asking for the refundThe next guy I spoke with said I could only do a reselectAfter speaking with him for abut minutes, he put me on hold and then came back and said, "ok we can issue a full refund." So then I called in several days later to check on the status of my refundThey said it was not

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This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Rooms To Go, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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