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• May 06, 2024

completely incompetent
was charged two different amounts, contact the billing department, discovered there were 2 accounts under my name, was assured they would combine them, this never happened. was also told that they would credit back one of the charges and they could not credit the debit card used, would have to send a check. upon checking back was told they refunded the amount on card. do they not know what they are doing? also was told they could not credit anything back! buyer beware!

• Feb 28, 2024

Stupid, stupid online appointment reps
4th call to Simon Med to set up an MRI. Each time the rep puts me on hold and then the call hangs up. Absolute nonsense. This company is the absolute worst ! On hold now for 1/2 hour. What the blazes do they hire there. Is there no one with a GED !~


• Dec 18, 2023

MRI. They Scheduled an appointment when they were closed.
Call to make an appointment for a MRI. They scheduled me for a Sunday morning at 8:30 in the morning. I found that odd but didn't question it because I figured they would know when they were open.Get emails and text all week reminding me of my appointment. To my surprise when I get there and find out they are closed. I call their phone number it tells me they are closed and then give me the run around to phone numbers that tell me they are closed. I then get a message reminding me of my appointment and a phone number to reschedule. Call the number and they are closed. This company is so unprofessional it's not even funny. If they don't know when they are open. What makes you think they actually know what they are doing. Rating them 1 star is way too much.

• Nov 28, 2023

Worse possible customer service
Avoid this business like you would avoid a plague . I had to wait over 3 weeks to get a preauthorization from them , almost every time I called to check on it I was getting different answer . At the end it was not done and I had to cancel the appointment after all that time. Total disaster .

• Oct 03, 2023

I was not alone who was scammed.
My first visit SimonMeds: Good: The staff is very nice;
Bad: My first visit: MRI Equipment does not work and a new appointment was made.
My second visit: 01.26.2023, new referral because of suspicious spot in the brain. the Computer System does not work, and I was asked to pay $500 co-pay even though there should be zero co-pay according to my policy. I was assured that they will check after and I get a refund.
Now I have been trying to get my $500 refund since February. Today is October ! 9 Months!
I have been following up on SimonMeds many times. Every time they ask me to wait 30 days.
I've called and sent emails to Billings and Compliance Departments multiple times: and still was not able to receive an update. It looks like they hope that I give up, so they can keep my money.
I checked out Better Business Bureau and found out that I was not alone who was scammed.
You can find current alerts from Better Business Bureau here: /> BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning how consumers allege the business has failed to respond to billing and refund inquiries. The business has failed to obtain pre-authorization from insurance providers before requesting payment from consumers; failed to forward insurance claims accordingly and in a timely manner; failed to report patient co-pay’s to insurance providers, which caused the business to be overpaid. The business has failed to provide refunds as promised; failed to inform consumers of pricing before service; failed to send invoices to consumers in a timely manner; and billed consumers inaccurately.

• Sep 15, 2023

lies about co-pay
I went to the turkey lake location in orlando fl to get the my TC SCAN,After getting it done,I asked the front desk lady about my co-pay,she replied that my insurance covers it all,then after a month I got a bill of$ 370.00.that is so improfetional.After that I took my wife for an MRI breast screening on 07/12/2023,I askd the front desk how much is my wife's co-pay,she said it is covered by the insurance which is not true.07/31/2023i got a balance of $115.13.there is no manners no customer service it always money.I dont know why is that happening in this healthcare facilities.

• Aug 15, 2023

I had to cancel a ct scan appointment and I went into the local office and told the receptionist I would call them when I was ready to reschedule. The relentless badgering and harrassment by their automated robo calls to reschedule an appointment is beyond annoying. I've blocked the number that keeps texting me relentlessly every day and the number that leaves a voicemail every other day. I'm calling my Dr to find another imaging company that won't solicit my business for a volunteer medical procedure.

• Jul 15, 2023

Extremely bad operation
I scheduled an appointment June 20, 2023 for an Ultra Sound at the AZ Ahwatukee location. Appointment time set for 7/14/2023 at 1 PM. Arrive at 12:45 PM to complete paperwork. On Thursday July 13th I received a text confirming my appointment. I arrived at 12:40 PM to an office with one slow confused front receptionist and 3 people waiting in line ahead of me. At 12:55 Another receptionist from behind the door called me to see her. Upon checking me in she said that my appointment had been cancelled. She didn't understand why so she called the tech and was told I was late. The tech said I was scheduled for 12:30PM. I showed her my confirmation that said 1 PM. After 30 minutes of the receptionist talking to someone in the back she informed me that SimoneMed had updated my appointment on 7/14/2023 to 12:30. No notification given me except today I see at 1:19PM on 7.14.2023 someone there sent a text message to my phone that my exam has been updated to a 12:30 time. I had to leave, my breast lump hurting. I called SimonMed to complain and was told they wanted to see a Mammogram before doing the UltraSound and I had to now go to my doctor to get a copy of my last Mammogram and reschedule the UltraSound.
The complaint department said they would have the scheduling department would expedite a rescheduled date and call me. Today is 7/15/2023 - no call

• Jul 05, 2023

went on 4/23 and asked about copay and abigal at the desk told me she called and verified that my copay was $10, I paid and wrote her name on the reciept as I had told her I needed to know what my copay was so I would not be surprised and get a bill I didnt expect, she told me she verified it and it was $10, well I got a bill in the mail for another $15 for my copay and I have called simon med various times and explained what happened and am told someone will call me back and they do not, all the people I have spoken seem to think its okay to tell you one price and then bill you for another, how do the get away with this DO NOT USE SIMON MED! If every dr. or lab does this you could end up with alot of extra owed co-pays? NOT GOOD!

• Jun 26, 2023

As a former worker and teacher of Allied Health and ED experience, I have NO TOLERANCE FOR MISCOMMUNICATION in healthcare. These people are awful. They rescheduled me for an important procedure, even sent a phone message, so after a 2+ hour drive I arrive and that's the time the receptionist quibbles over not having an order!? Hello, you could not call ahead? I am a female vet from the Vietnam era. I have a lung nodule. I was exposed to Agent Orange and tons of Monsanto crap. They should be paying for every single test I need, but the point is - this company needs to learn proper communication skills or shut their doors.

Worst billing experience of my life
I had several X-rays in early 2023. They requested $124.20 up front and I used my flexible spending account card to pay it. However, when the claims were processed, there was 0 patient liability. And the card was flagged for more information that I cannot provide. We called several times, the billing department is a call center, no information is available and they were never going to notify me of the credit on my account, according to the rep. I have been around and around, but so far no refund has been issued, they give the same answers and will not give me a supervisor or manager to speak to. At this point, the payment is being flagged as fraud and reported to the IRS as taxable income. I have no other recourse, and these people are laughing all the way to the bank. They make up amounts to charge up front for all of their services and then refuse to provide any details as to what the prepayment was for. I used to love this imaging center but when they sold to Simonmed, I am now never doing business with them again. Beware, anything to do with Simonmed is a huge scam. I would give 0 stars if I could, they are the worst billing experience I have ever had to deal with.

Poor SERVICE Little concern for patients
I am 65. So I have had many people injecting things into my body and drawing blood out. So I was quite surprised when this visit cause such pain and distress on my arm and body. During the procedure it felt as if the attendant stuck me several times. There was an unusual amount of pain at the injection site. My doctor had requested two different MRIs with contrast. When I arrived they informed me that I was only scheduled for 1 MRI and needed to make a second appointment to do the 2nd one. Clearly it would have been better to have done both at the same time. But clearly two times would generate more income for them. They disregarded my time and my doctors request adversely affecting my health having to wait to get results until another appointment was made. To be honest I did take my time to make a second appointment as I was trying to figure out if my experience the first time was the normal procedure when getting an MRI w/contrast or if the attendant hurt me while injecting contrast. I still do not know the answer to that but after 21 days with some pain and two red spots at the injection site I schedule the 2nd appointment. When I explained my concerns, and that I was willing to do the contrast again, they chose to not do the contrast and suggested I take benadryl for a allergic reaction. This was twenty-one days after the procedure. I told them that I would take the risk for a good picture. People don't get MRIs every day. But they refused to provide that service. You don't have to be a doctor to know that if this was a case of an allergic reaction, it would be a little late for benadryl. It is now 31days since the initial injection and I still have two red dots at the injection site and some residual pain. Never in 65 years have I been treated so rudely or experience such a lack of concern for the patient and the testing results.
I really don't know what happened during this procedure but I do know that rather than figure it out and provide the requested service SimonMed would prefer to take the $ and make room for the next victim.
AVOID THIS PLACE is my prescription. Los Gatos CA.

Ahwatukee & Ahwatukee North AZ locations
never got as far as billing so can't add to previous comments regarding that. Went to 1st location at 4pm to find locked door, no sign; went to 2nd location to be told that "the line was too long, no more xrays today".
next day, checked website continuously 30 minutes before leaving: 1st location said 0 waiting, 2nd one said 4. Arrived at 1st location at 3:19; note on door said no xrays after 3:30, but sullen young lady said the line "is too long, so not taking any more".
This place is HORRIBLE! They don't close til 5 pm! Two days and 3 tries and can't get an xray without taking a day off? Ridiculous!

Just don’t…
Desk staff was rude and all but rolling her eyes at me when I told her the price I had confirmed with my ins co was $70 less than they were asking for. I paid it anyhow as I needed this scan. Well, so sorry, the printer is out of ink, can’t print you a receipt. Hmmm, very suspicious. Over an hour after appt time another pt walked in for same test and was told the machine was broken, no one else was told this. I walked up and told them to reverse or void those charges, I would be going elsewhere. A different desk staffer did void the charges so I had her take a picture of the computer screen on my phone as proof it was supposed to be reversed that day. This was just one visit, I have many horror stories of this company, I suggest you find a different imaging group for your needs as if you find yourself with Simon-Med you will be treated terribly and ripped off to boot. Wish I could submit this with zero stars.


worst ever imaging. I have been on phone exactly 7 hours today. Starting at 10 a.m. I had appointment tomorrow at 10. They verified my appointment via text. Than they called and cancelled saying it wasn't approved. I gave them authorization number 5 different times.. I spoke with 10 different people and was given run around telling me to call many and got nowhere. They promised they would not cancel and would call me if they had to do so. Everything seemed to be straightened out than I called to verify appoint. They cancelled after being in pain for 9 weeks and waiting weeks for appointment. NOT! I will not ever ever go to them as of now

SimonMed has lost their way!
So 2 years ago, my wife was deathly ill. She was scheduled for a lung x-ray. It was hot and it was outside waiting since she was sick and the waiting room was full. They said if we left we would lose our place in line. I just wanted her to get somewhere cool. Fast forward to today. They do NOT schedule X-ray. First place said, oh we don't have an x-ray tech. They "might" show up this afternoon. Went to another and was told 1.5 hour wait. She said there was a "couple" ahead of me. I snuck out and did some errands. an hour later the x-ray tech said I'm sorry, but I'm doing double duty and I'm the only one here. There were 19 people ahead of me. They clearly lied and they clearly do not value your time! I left.
My wife left after her x-ray, was admitted to a hospital where she stayed in critical care for 5 days!

Generally Inept
AVOID JOHN SIMON'S PUZZLE PALACE! I wouldn't go to SimonMed if my life depended on it, their knowledge of Consumer and Patient rights is abysmal. The absolute worst in customer service, a million questions trying to set up an appointment, most of which are unnecessary and intrusive. Once you get there you end up waiting for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Then the clinicians are short, ill-tempered and not at all concerned with any physical limitations you might have. Then, after all of that is over and done with, 8 out of 10 times they will ignore all the billing information they give you and create a nightmare that can last for months.


Mammogram service
On June 2, 2022, I had a mammogram. The normal procedure has been to notify patients of the outcome in writing. The most they have said in the letter is if the results were normal or not. I never received anything and called Simon Med. For reasons nobody can explain to me, they now claimed they DO NOT notify the patient! When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told he/she was too busy. I did contact my physician who stated he got the results. I was further informed that by state law, I HAVE TO BE INFORMED BY SIMON MED! Next year, I will be going to another imaging facility.

Most painful 45 minutes I can remember
I have been to SimonMed at 2 locations. E. Flamingo and Mountain Vista in Henderson. I had an MRI on my left shoulder in November 2021. They placed me in the MRI with my left arm over my head with a sand bag to hold it. I was it that position for 15 minutes and the MRI was not working. They brought me out and I could not lift my left arm. I had to lift it with my right arm to bring it down. They did this 2 more times and was unable to get the MRI to work. I was in extreme pain, my arm was numb and I was sweating profusely. They finally got the MRI with my arm by my side on the 4th attempt.
Next: I went to get an MRI again on my left shoulder on May23rd at the Henderson location. This time I was wrapped in some thick plastic blanket. I was moved over to the right so they could get the angle they wanted. My right arm was placed over my head and placed in a very uncomfortable position. This MRI went on for 45 minutes. My arm went to sleep and my right shoulder joint was aching very badly and I kept yelling how much longer as I was in extreme pain. I wanted to wait until the MRI paused, so they could get as much as they could. When it paused I began squeezing the emergency bulb to get out. Fortunately they were done. I could not lift my arm or make it do what I wanted. They right shoulder was numb with NO feeling. Although my I am getting better after 5 days my right shoulder is still numb and I have seen a doctor to see if there is any permanent damage. I have also seen a physical therapist. It is a wait and see at this time. I will NEVER go to any of their facilities again and will NOT recommend they. I was there for a workmen's comp issue and have informed them what happened. I have not heard back as yet. If you go to SimonMed, I wish you luck.

What a FAIL these FOOLS are
If I could give these FOOLS no stars I so would. I booked an appointment, went to the appointment bright and early. I checked in, hand over my referral only to be told-"Wrong body part". Are you kidding? I have it clearly stated. I call my Dr and Insurance. They said Simonmed put it into the system incorrectly.
My Dr calls and confirms the body part. I go to the next appointment-STILL WRONG BODY PART. Fuming I call then to make a THIRD appointment. I was hung up on twice and yelled at and mocked by the third scheduling agent. I make the appointment with a Manager who was so rude himself. I ask him to check to see if the correct body part is entered. He says "Cant tell' make the appointment and we will see. What kind of answer is that. So unhelpful and disgusting customer service.
TODAY: A phone call " This Brianna from Simonmed, we have no tech, we have to reschedule you" all in a most unprofessional ghetto speech. She made no effort to make another appointment, I am again at the bottom of the barrell. She says 5/12 at 3pm. I cannot do that time as I work, I require 7:45am. She then says she has a 7am. Again I asked her to check for the next available at 7:45am. She refused to check. I then asked for a Supervisor. She tells me SHE IS the SUPERVISOR. You have got to be kidding. Simonmed-Brianna needs to be FIRED. She is a complete disgrace.
I will never return to SimonMed, they are a complete and utter waste of space. They have no corporate customer service, no accountability for employees.
If you want to be treated by a piece of garbage, this is the place to go.

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