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18 Bartol St, San Francisco, California, United States, 94133-4501

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They send you a link to book your hotel at a price, say $266. You then enter credit card information. A pre authorization is charged to your card, but the booking fails. You are then given the option to complete the booking at a higher price. If you contact them, they’ll send you a link with the lower price, but you can’t book it, you’ll keep getting directed to the higher price. It’s a bait and switch scam.

Snaptravel Response • Apr 01, 2019

Hi *** we apologize for any inconveniences! It is possible that there was a system error with this specific hotel, so we will need to investigate this further. That said, this is definitely not the kind of customer experience that we would want and will need to ensure that this is prevented in the future. In the meantime, we are happy to help you find an alternative hotel within your budget and our *** will be able to provide a credit for the inconveniences. Thanks for your understanding and apologies again for the troubles!

When making a hotel reservation, the dates entered were not the dates that ended up being reserved. I contacted snaptravels customer support immediatly via sms text (the only way given to contact). I asked to have the dates corrected to that I would be able to keep rreservation through them. An agent told me they would work on it and get back to me. The next day I contacted them again and an agent stated that there was a ticket submitted for the issue “but rest assured that this will be taken care of”. The day before our travel day, I contacted them once again in hopes of correcting the reservation dates. I was, unfortunately, given the same response that they were working on it. We ended up checking into a hotel without reservations and ultimately spending much more money. A few days later, I contacted them again requesting a refund. They finally responded back the day after the reservation stating that they would be unable to issue a refund and that they were given information that I had checked in to the hotel on the reservation date, which was not true at all.

Snaptravel Response • Mar 28, 2019

Hi *** we apologize for any inconveniences! Due to strict non-refundable terms to this booking, we need to receive authorization/approval from the hotel to waive the fees. Unfortunately, we have yet to hear back from them; but we will make an exception for you and process a full refund. Please allow about 2-3 business days to receive payment.

Hard times and snap travel took my money
It took hours to speak to a rep...rep telling me they had to speak to hotel to confirm when hotel said it never was there now im told I can't get refund 200 gone instantly

Snaptravel Response • Mar 18, 2019

Hi *** We do apologize for the inconvenience. Although we had requested a full refund from the hotel, the hotel management did not approve the refund request. Typically without approval and authorization from the property, we cannot process a refund to you. That said, we have made an exception for you, in good faith, to process a refund. Please allow about 2-3 business days to receive payment, depending on your bank.
The SnapTravel Team

Very dishonest! They intentionally don't tell you all the fees before charging your card. Stay away!!

Snaptravel Response • Mar 12, 2019

Hi *** we apologize for any inconveniences caused! Please note that any deposit/resort fees are disclosed prior to booking, as well as on your booking confirmation. As disclosed, "Mandatory Fees: We do not charge any booking fees. However, the [name of hotel] charges the following fees that are payable directly to the hotel upon checkin:
Resort fee: USD 39.68 per accommodation, per night"
Unfortunately, this is a fee imposed and collected by the hotel to be paid at check-in and not something that we can control. However, as mentioned, this was disclosed pre-booking, as well as post-booking for reference.
The SnapTravel Team

Overall, it feels like a fly by night scam -- like the flight websites where the price goes up as you're trying to book-- and I don't see using them again in the future. I've booked over 10 nights with them during the last year. When it works, it's fine- but now I've found out that if there's a problem, you're left on your own holding the bag, so I don't anticipate using them again in the future. Just too stressful.
The last two times I booked, I had problems. I found out it takes ages to get in touch with anyone by text (at least on weekends, when you probably need it!), when they do respond you only get to send ~one message before it disconnects you assuming your problem is solved) and you have to start from scratch and wait again. If you request help, they supposedly assign you a travel ninja (human) to help, but it feels like a bunch of those messages are also from bots who totally fail to solve the problem-- or their employees are useless enough that they could be seamlessly replaced with bots.
Yesterday I needed help with a room booking - they swore they'd be in touch ASAP and sent cute little running emojis. I kept texting about once an hour and even emailed them (surprise! They reply to the email telling you to text!) with no luck. Three hours later, they reply to help - by then, the price had mysteriously gone up $100/nt (after being the same price for days) and they wouldn't admit fault or price match the reservation I had been trying to make earlier.
Hotels haven't heard of them, SnapTravel doesn't have the connections like *** or a legit place does, so no help from the hotel if SnapTravel ghosts on you in your moment of need. And good luck if the hotel ask you for a link to where you made that reservation or got the price, because the links are unique and disappear after a few hours.
This company is super sketch and I don't recommend it unless you're willing to roll the dice and take the chance you'll need to book a last minute hotel through a real website.

Snaptravel Response • Mar 06, 2019

Hi *** - we are so sorry for any troubles caused! In order to properly address your case, we will need to investigate thoroughly from the automation to human agent element. As you know from being a multiple-time booker with , we strive for excellent pricing and customer experience. Needless to say, we will definitely investigate this further, as it appears to be a rare edge case and want to ensure that this is prevented in the future.
In the past few weeks, we have dedicated a great deal of time analyzing our end-to-end customer journey; from the time you run a search, all the way through to checking out of the hotel. There are many components that make up this journey - and making it a positive one. Customer experience is very important to us; and although we do not always get it right, it is important for us to help solve and prevent in the future. We're sorry these past couple of times were not ideal, but we're hoping that you can give us another shot down the road if/when you're ready!

I wish I could do 0 stars! My fiance and I were on a CA road trip. We booked the *** Lodge in the *** Park for a night. The road to the Lodge was closed due to snow and trees that have fallen. We were stranded in freezing temps with no cell service and luckily, they had a room left in King *** so we didn't have to freeze to death in the car. I went all over their ***, text message, ***, etc., finally they had enough of me commenting and posting how are their company is fraud. So they tell me to call sure enough I do. The lodges manager even made notes in the computer about what happened. They said I would get a refund in 3 to 5 days that was 10 days ago and 13 days since I have started reaching out to them for help! I call again today they said they are going to mark it as urgent and send it to their financier for review since they still haven't heard from the hotel. Which is complete BS! This company is fraud. NEVER BOOK THROUGH THEM!

I booked a room a week ago and received a confirmation through snaptravel. The area I booked in had several events going on which ended up making rooms scarce. I received a text message from snaptravel two days before my trip stating the hotel overbooked and that they needed to cancel my reservation and relocate me to a different hotel. The hotel was a 1 Star vs. a 3 star that I booked. They cancelled my rooms. I went to booking*** and had to book my same room at the same hotel but pay twice the cost. Nobody from snap travel is responding to me. They aren’t answering the phone call and their text response is rote, as if a robot. They clearly gave my room away to people willing to pay twice the amount. Terrible scam of a business. Scary considering ***, a reputable company now uses them. Buyers need to be aware of this happening.

I made hotel reservations thru this company, they debited $225 from my bank account with free cancellation by feb 5, 2019. I have tried repeatedly to contact them by text messaging, telephone & email.. as soon as they found that I was wanting to cancel my reservations, they have stopped communicating with me..

Snaptravel Response • Mar 06, 2019

Hi *** - we apologize for the troubles! Per your request and as already confirmed to you over chat, your booking was fully refunded on February 1 2019. You should have already received payment within about 2-3 business days after. Thanks!

Customer Response • Mar 06, 2019 have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Sincerely

Online scam. Charged credit card for hotel reservation never made.

Snaptravel Response • Mar 06, 2019

Hi *** - we sincerely apologize for the inconveniences! We will need to investigate further with the hotel to understand their disconnect and why they could not locate the booking initially. However, per your request, we had already cancelled and fully refunded your booking, in an effort to expedite your request. Thanks for your cooperation!

Customer Response • Mar 06, 2019 have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Sincerely

Terrible, unethical company with no concern for their customer.
I booked a hotel in *** where they showed me a cheaper rate. I booked trusting them and after a few minutes as I was searching for the directions to the hotel on *** maps, it showed me a price available on *** far less than what I had paid snap travel. I let them know and the customer service personal said prices change often and they cant do anything about it - but within minutes, really?
Second, when I arrived at hotel, the hotel told me that my amount has not been paid for and charged me. They charged me with far less than these guys at snaptravel (17 percent cheaper than the sbap travel pric). This was the real price the hotel was for and I confirmed with them that it didn't fluctuate for the night. Which means snap travel had actually bumped up the price. But ti my surprise I found that my card also charged by snap travel for a greater amount.
I have contacted custoner service last night and they have stopped responding after I asked them for a refund and a question that how would they feel as a customer if this was to happen to them? They lied about cheaper rates and charged me telling the hotel that I have not been charged so they charged me again. I saw the system at reception where it clearly said I had not paid while others who booked from other travel sites had.
The customer service folks have not responded after several followups. See screenshots. This is a very unethical company. If they dont refund, the last resort for me is to file a dispute with my card company but if that happens I will make sure my friends know about this and no one uses them for booking.

This third party "company" will not communicate with you or stand by their cancellation policy. Don't even bother trying to call their phone number, much less except an email or "text" response. I wasn't refunded for a night at a hotel when I wasn't able to stay due to an unexpected work emergency. AVOID THIS SCAM AT ALL COSTS. You've been warned.

Snaptravel is a complete scam. I made a reservation through snaptravel and then immediately called the hotel myself to confirm - then the hotel told me that they couldn’t accommodate me. At the same time, the hotel told me explicitly that I needed to contact snaptravel directly and have them cancel my reservation and refund me. Subsequently, I called snaptravel and was told by the representative that they would cancel the reservation immediately so that I could make a new reservation somewhere else for the night. Right away I received a confirmation message from snaptravel on *** messenger, saying that I would be refunded within 2-3 business days. I then spent the next month of my life reaching out to snaptravel daily because they never refunded me. Each time I spoke with them, they would give me the same nonsensical excuse: they were waiting for the hotel manager to approve the cancellation and they hadn’t heard anything from the hotel. They repeatedly evaded my pleas for them to reach out to the supposed “hotel manager” that was to approve this (mind you, the hotel explicitly communicated to me that Snaptravel had to cancel my reservation and refund me directly and that there was nothing that the hotel could do). Weeks later, with no progress whatsoever, I finally had to report Snaptravel to my bank so that I could get my refund. A week after this, Snaptravel blamed it on the HOTEL, saying that the hotel refused to give me a refund, but that they were going to be nice and refund me even though they don’t have to. This was 4 weeks later...after Snaptravel had both verbally confirmed, as well as confirmed in writing that I would be refunded and in a timely manner from day 1. This company lies, deceives, and evades their customers, and shouldn’t be allowed to continue doing business.

Was sceptical at first since they had the cheapest prices compared to every other website but then I just took a chance. It was a great deicision since I ended up having one of the best trips ever. They even managed to get me a free upgrade to a bigger suite. ***!
I was able to talk to them on the phone because I needed something last minute, only waited for 5 mins which is pretty good compared to the other travel websites.

This is a scam. Do not use Snaptravel. I made a reservation on 8/24/18 and my card was charged. When I arrived at the hotel, there was no reservation/booking from Snaptravel. The hotel owner mentions that these scams are on the rise. I had to cancel my card and dispute the charge out of concern that more bogus charges would occur.
I asked Snaptravel for a refund but they state that the hotel now recognizes the reservation from Snaptravel and the hotel will be refunding me. This is a complete lie. I spoke with the hotel owner at length about this and they indicated that this is part of the script.

company who misleads customers, doesn’t deliver on reservations and has no phone number to talk to someone

Booked a hotel through snaptravel. My credit card was charged. When I arrived at the hotel I was told by *** that nothing is showing up in their system since it was shut down earlier today. I was told by *** to get my money back through snap travel. I had to text them because when I called their number they do not answer the phone. I began to head north on *** when after 30 minutes they said they could now honor my stay. I informed whoever was texting me that I was already on the road and won't be turning back around. I want my refund honored. How am I told there isn't a room and then 30 min later be told there is. Ummmm in the middle of a hurricane someone is being dishonest.

Snaptravel Response • Sep 25, 2018

Hi there - sorry for any inconveniences caused! We have investigated and to confirm, a full refund was already processed on 09/13/2018 to your card on file. You should have received payment within about 2-3 business days after, depending on your bank. Thanks for your patience and cooperation throughout!

I am trying to get an itemized receipt from them, by day, and they claim they have no way to provide that. If they can total the amount for the hotel, they have to have the details by day. Their customer service does not exist. It is all automated. You cannot talk to a person, to resolve issues, nor can you get a direct answer that is not one of their canned responses.
I will never use them again.

Great experience! Easy to book and great savings. Would highly recommend!

I booked a hotel room in Las Vegas through SnapTravel. I arrived at the hotel and found out that there the hotel had no record of my booking. I showed them my confirmation email but they said that was the booking agents confirmation and not mine. I contacted SnapTravel and they promptly assured me that they would fix the issue. Mins later, the person/bot from SnapTravel told me that the room could not be booked. I explained that I was 4000 miles from home an need a room. They offered me free cancellation (even though I never cancelled)
I asked SnapTravel to find me another room and I was told it was against their policy. I was told I would be issued a refund within two to three business days. I did receieve the refund, but instead of simply reversing the charge, they physically refunded the money. The issue with that is that I paid USD from a canadian account. So What happened was I paid exchange to both buy the booking and to have it refunded. It actually cost me money to have SnapTravel screw up my booking.
I don't know if you can imagine what it would feel like to be 4000 miles from home, on limited funds in a resort city in the late afternoon without a vehicle, but I felt certain that their error would put me an my partner on the streets for at least a night.
Please please be careful with any company that takes your money without registering your booking with the hotel right away.

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