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Valley Environmental Resources, Inc.

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I was approached late at night by a woman claiming to work for the city doing free water tests to ensure the water in the area was safe she handed me a bottle to fill with water that I took to the kitchen sink to fill when I removed the lid I found it strange the bottle was already wet like it had been used recently she asked me for my phone number and offered a dollar gift certificate if I would allow them to come back and deliver the results a sales man with a fancy chemistry kit showed up the next day to test my water in my kitchen and proceeded to start using the same techniques I have seen door to door cleaning supply salesman use he put some stuff in my water and his to show how unsafe my water is he used a lot of sales techniques over the next hours before finally getting to the price of this system the price was dollars but if I ordered that night only it would be I said I have to do research that this is a big purchase so he reached into his bag

Sounds like a great product; time will tellMulti-persons sales/service team; some better than othersWatch for typos and incorrect information on formsCredit card company utilized charges a $annual fee

Good systemReally like the soft water Getting rid of the junk that screws up the plumbing is what I like the bestI did feel pressured to make a decision on the spot to purchase the system

We have only had our system for a couple weeks, but are very happy with it I used to have such a hard time getting my soap to foam in the shower, now I get instant suds Cleaning is so much easier, I hardly have to use any soap I am enjoying the free cleansing all natural products we received Drinking water is amazing The marketing team was great Within the first hours I noticed a leak from the back of my house I called (note it was a Saturday) and had to leave a message I was called back within a couple hours and in about an hour after that someone was out to resolved the issue I am confident that I will be spending so much less on cleansing products I have already seen a difference in the time I have to spend cleaning Invaluable when you have a family and work full time Looking forward to my continued business relationship with this company

We had Valley Environmental install a water softener/purification system in our home in Sept The change in our quality of water was amazing and instantaneous Our water tasted better and was actually clear Now when we do dishes there is no residue on any of the plates or glasses You could see this after the first wash Skin is softer and you don't need to use as much soap or shampoo in the shower You can actually just use water in a lot of cases to clean things For example, we can clean our bathroom mirror with water and a paper towel, no more windex needed, no steaks *** was our salesmen and he did an excellent job, we're so glad we decided to get the system The installation only took hours and they explained everything about the system, and came out when it was convenient for us We couldn't be happier

Moving to Arizona from the Midwest, I was surprised by the difference in water quality Most of the people I talked to about it just accepted the hard water and what it did to their sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, appliances, dishes, clothes, and bodies When my wife and I moved to San Tan Valley, we tried to use the pitcher filters, but even after the water went through the filter there was sometimes a strong chlorine smell from the drinking water We then bought bottled water, but that was a reoccurring expense There were times where our dishes would not get clean in the dishwasher, and there were always hard water stains There were times when my wife would have dizzy spells in the shower because she would inhale the vaporized chemicals in the steam
After we had our Aqua Guard Water Treatment system installed by Valley Environmental, many of those problems were solved We have cleaner dishes and clothes, and I feel better about the life of our appliances Our water does not leave hard water stains on dishes, sinks, showers, tubs, or toilets Cleaning is easier and more efficient Our skin feels cleaner and there are no issues with harmful fumes in the shower And the drinking water is crisp and clean
All of the people at Valley Environmental were awesome Parker was able to demonstrate how their water system was able to work to our advantage The instillation team was quick and neat And we were able to use the system for a couple of weeks before we had a follappointment All of the people at Valley Environmental wanted to make sure that we were satisfied with our purchase

I love the water softener and RO systems that have been installed in my home! I have always struggled with my hair, it is course and curly, but now it is easier to dry and has less frizz Also, my kids and I NEVER buy bottled water We prefer the neutral taste of our water and save a lot of money using refillable water bottles when we are away from home The people from this company are all caring and professional I would highly recommend this company

On February 9th, we had VER representative David come to our home to present to us the Aqua Guard water filtration systemThe very next day, we had the equipment installed first thing in the morningThe installation was quick and the workers were nice
I left to run some errands later that morning and when I returned home I discovered my kitchen floor and living room floor covered with water which then also managed to seep from under the wall into the adjoining bedroom that was behind the fridgeI called the owner and they managed to send someone out to fix the problem withing the hourThe next afternoon, the same thing happenedI called the owner again and he had someone there an hour and a half later
The owner guaranteed me that he would replace the baseboards if they developed any mold or water damage
The filtration system is wonderful and I have definitely noticed the differenceI have noticed I clean the mirror less than beforeI can easily wipe the occasional water spot with a cloth rather than having to pull out the WindexThe dishes are cleaner than before and my glass has never looked so shinyI am pulling out less lint from the dryer and the clothes look and feel betterOur skin and hair feels softer and rinses quicker in the shower than before we had the water softener
I am an avid cleaner and since installing the system I find myself using less cleaning productsI cleaned the grout in between my tiles using nothing but warm water and a toothbrush! The water also certainly tastes better too! I find myself, husband and pets drinking more of it than beforeBoth my husband and I are very happy that we made this purchase
I am happy that I had a quick response to my needs from the management when we had an issueExcellent customer service! Thank you

We have had the system in our house for about a month and can only say we love it! Our skin is softer and smoother and don't reach for the bottle of lotion as oftenWe also no longer have hard water spots and calcium build up in sink and shower areasMakes for less scrubbing on cleaning days, Best of all the water taste greatPurchase this item you wont regret the product or service, First rate from the salesman to installation wish we would have purchased it years ago!

I bought a water treatment system from Valley Environmental and have been very happy with it We drink a lot of water and not having to buy it to get truly filtered water has been nice I can't begin to tell you how nice it is to not have spots all over my dishes It has saved us money on products like Lemishine for the dishwasher and fabric softeners for the washer and dryer When we bought the system, we had a fantastic sales associate *** *** who knew the business inside and out; and our installation guys *** and ***) were friendly, fast, and were great with my boys - who ask A LOT of questions I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but honestly I have been very happy with the purchase

Quality install, good response to questions, system works great

We have been doing business with VER for almost years, so almost since they started and I have to say they are the most responsive guys and extremely professional! Jacob and his team always respond immediately to any questions or concerns we might have in a matter of minutes We decided to buy a new home about a year and a half after we bought our system Called Jacob and he came and moved our system to our new home! Don't hesitate to do business with them, they are great!

Our experience has been wonderful, one of the best decision we have ever made Since purchasing our health is improving, our teenage son's acne (sever) began clearing up instantly, I have sever RA (rheumatoid arthritis) so cleaning is a very big chore but the water system has made cleaning so much easier We noticed after a few days of the system being installed our hot water heater worked better & the water was hotter than beforeOur skin has been softer and I don't have to use lotion to soften & hydrate, now it is a choice I've even gotten away from using hair conditioner The service this company provides is well above any other companiesThe marketing representative, and technicians are very professional, friendly & helpfulThe owner of the company welcomes you alsoVery few if any other companies owners actually take the time to introduce themselvesWe would and have and will continue to recommend this company and water system to everyone we know and meet

We love Valley Environmental Resources This is a wonderful company Our experience with everyone we encountered was wonderful Everyone was very knowledgeable about their product and timely We had been considering a water softener and are so glad we went ahead with a water treatment system The crew that installed the system was very efficient and quick They made sure nothing was leaking and everything was working properly, as well as explained to us what we needed to do with the system We would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a water treatment system

The demonstration of the Water Purifying system was very eye openingWe had been looking at different systems prior to this demonstrationWe decided to purchase the whole house systemThe sales person was very knowledgeable regarding the system and options for our purchaseWe have had the system for over days and noticed a positive and significant difference in our waterWe are very pleased with the system

We purchased this overly priced water softener system back in August by a sales man for the company who failed to mention a few things
We were 1st told by having him come to our home and listen to his product we would be entered in a drawing to win a item of our choice, he never even asked which one we were interested in!
He was aware that we were moving soon and we were hesitant on purchasing this system, if it would be a problem once we moved to remove it and place it at our new homeHe said it would be simple, all we had to do was call and they come to the rest! Well, we called and got told to remove this system we need to pay a $fee and to hook it up to new house would be another $roughly depending on location of installment! NEVER were we informed that and we NEVER would purchase this if that was caseWe did have them come remove the system and was told they would box it and we could store it until we could afford the set up feeThey never boxed it, jus

We recently purchased our water softener/RO system from Valley EnvironmentalEveryone we interacted with were very professionalWe really didn't know what we were getting into when someone came to the door to collect a water sampleWe are, however, VERY happy with our purchase! Our salesmen, Mike Parker, was awesomeHis demo really showed us what we were missing out on - he pretty much cleaned my entire houseHaha
It is a lifelong investment and we absolutely love our new waterThe RO system provides pristine drinking water and I really love showering nowNothing feels stringy or dry! I don't even need shaving cream anymore nor do I need lotion afterwardsWe are simply thrilled with our system and it was worth every penny

We have had the water conditioning system for about months and have been nothing but thrilled with its performance My husband even calls himself a "water snob, ruined forever" since we have had the system installed Our water used to be terrible, we couldn't even drink it It was literally off the charts in hardness and had more chlorine than a public swimming pool (we know these stats thanks to the pre-treatment water testing performed at the demonstration of the system) ** was friendly, knowledgeable and professional in his presentation of the product and we never felt pressured to make any decision we weren't completely comfortable withThe system was installed in a matter of a few short hours and our water was instantly better Now the laundry smells better, our ice is clear and sparkly and there are no streaks in the toilet from the hard water deposits We are 100% happy with our water system and would recommend this company to anyone!

The installation was easy with the team that was sent out, they had it installed and completed within the same day of ordering our system! I was pleased with the professionalism of the representative and the crew that came to install the systemThe system as a whole is awesome and holds up to the companies expectations and quality of waterThe water is great and the products are also wonderfulI would recommend Valley Environmental Resources to my friends and family

We love our new water system We do not like to drink a lot of water, and with the new year's resolution we made to become healthier, water is the best thing Now that we have your system and the RO water, it really is amazing I have even come to take a half gallon jug of "my water" to work so I can continue to drink water all day
We also appreciated the gentlemen who installed our system They were efficient and actually cleaned up after themselves! That is a rare happening now a days!
Thank you for the softer skin, cleaner clothes and the savings on detergent All of these benefits were apparent immediately after the system was installed When all our friends come over, we don't offer soda's always water! Then we tell them about your service! Lastly, the dog is happier with the tasty water too!

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