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• Sep 15, 2021

TV to go AP Horrid
After 3 months of complaints I am still having issues trying to watch local TV or other channels on their streaming service... tries to explain to them its not the internet but either the AP or how they are receiving the streams from various providers.. I am able to watch Netflix. Hulu, Disney, Prime Video all with no issues at all.. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where the problem is given the fact that all other internet services work fine... I do not understand why they are so think headed about fixing it but as of this writing I would not recommend their streaming TV to anyone...

• Sep 04, 2021

I pay for internet that I do not receive in one continuous stream. I went to their headquarters in Coudersport PA 16915 to finally get to the bottom of several issues I have with their "services". I found the parking lot full of cars, presumably employees, yet the front door was locked tight. The premises were very unkempt and disorderly, probably the effects of never having to look upward from your hand held devices. Who sees the windows for the building is in the way.

Everyone, every person, every passerby I speak with about this seems to either have the very same problem (unable to contact anyone for any thing at all ever) or if you do get them on the phone they always dump it back in the callers lap as if it is the buyer's responsibility to make sure the service works properly and continuously.


• Jul 10, 2021

Terrible customer service and unreliable internet
The internet goes out all the time, in and out. Our security cameras notify us when the internet is not connected, and it goes in and out probably 3-5 times a day. I work from home and each time the internet goes out; I get logged out for no internet connection. I am even plugged directly into the internet box and it’s still unreliable. The modem isn’t big enough for the Wi-Fi to reach the whole house and we have a small home. I’ve finally called about this on Thursday evening to which the customer service rep(CSR) had not clue what to tell me why but he would out in a tier 2 ticket and someone would get back to me within 12-24 hours. Big shocker, no one has called me. I called this morning waiting 26 minutes and finally hung up because we have places to go. Ill call back Monday when I have hours to kill waiting for them to answer the phone. Even though I am sure they will tell me “they are working on it” Unfortunately, this is the only provider in our area, and we're stuck with them. I really wish ALLO would install in our area. ALLO has the best customer service and are always right on top of things if there is an issue.

• Jul 07, 2021

WARNING: If you're a customer of Zito, you're dealing with total incompetence.
Today is Wednesday, July 7, 2021. I have been trying to get a service problem addressed since Sunday, June 27. Zito is 100% non-responsive. I have tried calling via phone; texting via their text number; emailing - all to no avail.
The latest kick in the groin was today. Two days ago, their so-called Tier 2 Service Department Technician made an appointment to come to my home today between 10:00Am - 12:00 noon. It is now 4:40PM. No technician, no phone call, no text, no email - nothing. I waited around since 8:00AM (silly me, I thought they might be early) to be here so I could explain the issues that we've experienced. They showed zero respect for my time. Zito is the worst company which I have ever, ever encountered. I am 74 years old, so that should speak volumes. If you are currently a customer of Zito, I urge you to seek an alternative vendor. If you're contemplating becoming one of their customers, please reconsider. When (not, if) you have a problem, they will treat you just like they've been treating me. You will regret that you ever heard the name "Zito".

• Jun 15, 2021

Trapped with Zito
I'm trapped by Zito's monopoly at Treasure Lake PA but if you can avoid Zito don't make the mistake just plain highway robbery! I've been stuck for years because Treasure Lake wont let other company's provide service at the lake! We all know how that works.

• Mar 19, 2021

Zito TV
Zito cable has problems with their TV channels. It seems that when Cable vision of Marion county switched to Zito, the service was bad. They only installed 2 devices and I needed 6. Called to have the other 4 installed, but was told that they would not install them, because I bought them. I have had 3 strokes and a few heart problems. They said the they would help me over the phone in hooking them up. The problem is I need to see it happen and ask them hoe to do it. Very bad company.

only option for internet, SLOW AND UNRELIABLE bs company to deal with
This is the worst internet I have ever had. Pay for 200mb and get maybe 10 to 20 and has so many issues where it goes out and your stuck for days without internet. I had better internet using a wifi puck in the middle eastern desert on deployment. Absolutely ridiculous. You're stuck with it too if you live In port allegany. It's so bad I'm tempted to move. If you call in sometimes you have to wait 40 plus minutes. I've called so many times I memorized what buttons to press. Update 2021, still worst internet in the world. They are quick to turn urs off if your autopay don't work but when the internet is out and they promise to send someone sometimes a week out, they never give you anything for compensation. But they charge you. I truly wish there was another option. Its a JOKE. LOOK AT OTHER REVIEWS

• Dec 22, 2020

Worst Company Ever
OMG this has to be one of if not the worst company EVER! I had service with them that was out of service more than on. First it was a cut fiberoptic line that they lied about for months. The service tech would come out and pretend to be looking for the problem but never fix anything. Then our video service started losing channels and the internet kept going out. The same service techs came out and told me I needed to buy my own modem to extend the wi fi range. What I have to buy equipment to make your service work, yep! That was the last straw I told them to get their equipment out of my office. So then they bill me for service I no longer have and haven't for several months.
Avoid the company like the plague...sign up at your own risk..

• Oct 18, 2020

Constant disconnects, sometimes 50 times a day! Modem reports T3 and T4 timeouts which causes it to restart. Multiple phone calls, tech finally came by after a month and installed splitters which did nothing, which I said it wouldn't because it's obvious the problem is on their end or at the utility poles but they don't seem interested in fixing it.

• Sep 26, 2020

There are now multiple lines hooked up to my original line. Was told by the tech that this was actually illegal and that maintainance would have to run another line from the pole..2 months ago. Still have not had the problem resolved.

Back in business
I got my answer to my problem the minute the local technician arrived at my house. Apparently Zito has added more downstream channels to this area. Still don't know why my modem could no longer connect with bonded channels to give me my 100Mb connectivity. This could be an issue with outdated firmware on my modem, but really not sure. I wish there was a way I could update the firmware on my modem, but the only way firmware is pushed out to a modem is from the ISP. Anyway, I bought a new Arris Surfboard modem and all is well. Zito does provide me with the best option in the area for Internet connectivity at a reasonable price. Sometimes as a customer we are left in the dark and I would definitely give Zito better reviews if they would ensure customers were informed about issues that impact their service.

No Customer Service
It has been over a week now with degraded service. Zito was suppose to send a tech to try one of their modems to see it that would correct the connectivity issues, but two days in a row no tech. It is very sad that Zito Media has to resort to deceptive practices to make a buck. Front line no customer support can only reboot a modem or send it to some that you will never get to talk to for a solution. As a customer I sit here not knowing what is going on or what recourse I have. I will tell them to just down grade my service to 30Mb since that is what I am getting, but paying for 100Mb. I am sure the price will not be that much less, but it infuriates me to pay for a service I am not receiving, and no customer support.

Don't Trust Zito Media
I have been using Zito Media for one and a half years. When their equipment is working, I can get the speed and connectivity I pay for. Now I am having an issue, my connection is supposed to be 100Mb, but only getting 30Mb. My modem is a Motorola SB6120 and is capable of 150Mb download speeds and supports DOCSIS 3. It normally connects with four downstream channels and two upstream channels. I opened a trouble call because of my degraded service. My modem is only connecting with one upstream and one downstream channel. Zito Media is saying my modem is not capable of four down and two up! This is absurd since again, I have been a customer for one and one half years with a 4x2 connection. They tell me to buy a new modem or rent one of theirs. I requested to speak to a manager and the front line will not connect you with any other representative. If you contract with Zito be prepared to deal with frontline mns and marginal service. You will not get what you pay for.

3rd Rate 3rd World Company!!
Started losing channels on the video/tv side of their media. Ordered a service call and two guys showed up and again same old song and dance we cannot do anything it is your TV it has the wrong channel tuner (no cable box available they say). But we have a new ap that has all the channels in it stream it from roku and cost is $4.95 per month. It took them at least an hour to get the ap set up. Then it wouldn't work as the wi fi router was to far away... right it is in the back room 20' away not like it is next door. So I ask what do you need to do, hook up a wifi booster...they said well no ours don't work you need to buy your own and it set up. I said NO I don't think so... I am not buying st it is your equipment you fix it. So one guy storms out the door cussing. The other guy said we are just tired of people yelling at us... Well no st sherlock do your god damn job and people won't yell at you. I am still pissed... and right back where I started. missing channels and no fking help from them... So to recap they want me to buy my own equipment from Wal Mart,( they recommend) set it up so their equipment will work. The only reason I keep these aes is I have to have a land line and fax for my business. AT&T charged me $800 per month Zito Media cost is $180 for internet, phone/fax, video/tv. when it works and there is not other options in this area. Trust me I have tried to replace them. I have other problems like a broken fiber optics cable dealt with for months and more...they friggin suck...

• Sep 23, 2020

Customer always knows more than the techs do not have to purchase any internet to carry Zito’s tv2go app ...Zito will actually put in a modem carrying 20m internet speed to run the tv app if you don’t have Zito internet and don’t want to get it (at no cost to you!) so basically that’s free internet and the purpose of all this is to get Zito systems ready for a fiber to home system change over in the near future which is to not only solve the issues customers experience in a coax cable system but also increase speeds ...go wireless in homes and all do it at a cheaper cost (fiber to home is the future of cable) do your research before you think you have all the answers

Spend money with a different company.
Update. Zito Media switched to a steaming ap for their TV/Video side. In order to keep their tv programing you had to purchase unlimited internet, Roku or something comparable and then order their new streaming ap for additional $4.95 per month. We decoded not to. So we canceled the tv/video service and keep the internet/phone part of the service. The tech guy just came out and disconnected the tv service and after he left my phone/internet stopped working. I even asked him twice that he would leave the internet phone service on. I have tried to get it fixed with no luck. And I don't have any expectation a service tech will come out to fix it. It seems Zito Media is punishing those that cancel their cable tv service. Avoid this company like the plague. There is no customer service at all, their equipment is crap and stops working constantly. If you have to spend more money with a different company.

Poor Customer Service
The guy I spoke with got very aggravative with me asking questions about my account and literally started huffing and puffing in the phone, did not sound very nice at all, if this wasn't the only internet around other than Windstream I would so go to someone else.

Mr [redacted] ' speed issues have been addressed We have provided him with a newer model of modem and he has purchased his own wifi unit to avoid speed issues that occur with multiple devices running different operating systems Our wifi equipment was not designed to interact with multiple operating systems all connecting via wifi and therefore, this is what was causing the latency in his speeds We do not feel there is anything further needed regarding this complaint at this time Sincerely, [redacted] Customer Advocate

After reviewing both of these complaints, it appears that [redacted] lived in this residence and had the Zito Media service in his name at this timeHe has since disconnected service and a new tenant has taken over this residenceThe new tenant is [redacted] and he is already scheduled for services to be disconnected at this timeThe odd thing here is that both customers have the exact same contact phone numberI attempted to reach out to either of these customers using this number and I was unable to make contactI feel there is nothing further necessary on either of these complaints as neither customer has service with us any longerMy apologies for the delay in response regarding these issues although these were not received by me until 7/6/(after both subscribers have disconnected service)Sincerely, [redacted] Customer Advocate

Zito Media S Main St Coudersport, PA SFourth Street Louisville, KY Re: [redacted] Complaint ID: [redacted] To whom it may concern: This is a response to follow up for complaint ID: [redacted] We are sorry to hear that this customer has had such trouble with his servicesWe have had a Technician out to restore servicesThe customer is now online and has no packet lossWe will continue to do work throughout the week of August 8th to ensure services stay up and stableWe have credit the customer’s account from 7/31/– 8/8/in the amount of $We consider this matter resolvedSincerely, [redacted] Customer Advocate Zito Media

This is in response to the complaint # [redacted] This customer is subscribed to our Ultra Speed Internet which provides speeds up to 100Mbps downloadHe called in on 03/31/at 3:30am and spoke with one of our representativesHe explained that he was getting 40Mbps downloadOur representative offered to troubleshoot with this customer and asked him to get a speed test while directly connected to the modem via an Ethernet cableThis type of speed test is imperative as a customer may be getting their speeds but if they have wireless devices connected to it then he would not get an accurate speed tests resultsHe refused to troubleshoot properly and did not run a speed test while directly connected to the modem via an Ethernet cableWe cannot guarantee speeds over because there are so many variables that effect speeds and we can only guarantee speeds via an Ethernet cable When this customer called in, he did not let our representative know that he was recording the call until 6:minutes inShe did advise him that he was not allowed to record her call and ended the callIt is illegal to record a call without the other party’s permission which he did not gain initiallyThis call was recorded on our end and we did listen to the callIf this customer wishes, we will still be happy to help him with his speedsHe would need to contact our customer service to perform troubleshooting and determine if there is any trouble with his speedsOur phone number is ###-###-####Thank you, [redacted] Customer Advocate Zito Media I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below That is ridiculousI have reached speeds of 80mbps at other locations on all of my apple devicesThis is not resolvedThis is not an issue with my device as we had been reaching speeds of 40+mbps when Zito fixed this originallyThis is not an issue with Apple devicesI will gladly provide screen shots showing that the phone can reach those speeds with other ISP's and Netgear routers [redacted] and [redacted] have quit responding to my emails after they specifically mentioned providing the upmost attention to my issueI don't want it to come to this, but the amount of time I have spent and the amount of money I've spent getting less than 10% of what I'm paying for is forcing my handI am asking for a 100% refund of all funds I have given to Zito for faulty internet Also, the tech did not bury my cable completelyHe just simply hit it under my deck and if he would have buried it like he said he would, my dog would not have been able to pull the cable outI am also requesting a new drop in the exact spot I am requestingHis laziness is a prime example of why Zito fails Regards, [redacted]

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