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1&1 Internet, Inc

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The company named social feed info is listed as being registered to your company It also lists you as the contact agency I am requesting your company to remove my name from your social media feed page as it was placed there fraudulently and pretending it was meI believe someone stole my info and placed it on your website as fake and informationI want my name removed with the comment {;ease remove the info as requested .Thank oyu

We've called this place repeatedly and cancelled ALL services and they continue to contact us for renewal payment

The charge my account after I remove my credit card from their accountThey have taken over days to refund my moneyThey charged my account without my approval when I email them business days prior to my debit card being chargedThis put my account in the negitiveI still have not received my refund

I purchased a domain from & on the 13th of April, I immediately marked it against auto-renewal to prevent auto-renewalA year later, an e-mail from them arises - coming with an attached invoice for $They auto-renewed my contract, even though I received e-mails from them warning of the expiration of my domainThese e-mails asked me to renew my contract - proof that I asked not to have it auto-renewed

Hello, charged me without my authorization for the domains I had auto-renewal turned offAll of my domain names have auto-renewal turned off, so I can decide which one to renew and which one not to at the end of the contractBut instead charged me for $without my authorization and permissionI had to contact my bank and they thought my card might have been compromised and blocked it right awayI contacted to cancel my contracts and refund the amount that was charged without authorization and permissionThey canceled the initial domains that were charged and instead of refunding the money back to my card, they charged it back for the other contracts in my account, again without my permission or authorization and without prior intimationThey also falsely informed me that the refund was made to my credit card but instead they refunded it back like store credits and charged it back againPlease help me get back the amount that was charged fr

I'm very satisfied with this company - very competent - reasonable prices - nice customer service

I have attempted to cancel my service with this company, their site says that I have to confirm my cancellation over the phone I have attempted to contact that numerous times to no avail They refuse to pick up the phone This is not unlike their customer service I have received in the past where it has taken them weeks to respond to a support ticket
My account is to be cancelled, and my domain is to be unlocked so that I can transfer it to ***.com At the moment their control panel does not allow me to unlock the domain for transfer
My bank has been notified that any future charges from this company are to be considered fraudulent
Customer ID: ***
Product ID: ***
Processing ID: ***

In January 2015, I transferred my domain name (***.com) from ***.com to I had just paid my annual fee with ***.com, but I decided to transfer my domain name to anyways has a policy (all domain name companies do), that if you transfer your domain name to them, you get the remainder period of when the domain name expires + the year you pay for with the new company Since I transferred my domain name to and I bought a year, I should also have the additional year I had left on the domain name with ***.com However, I noticed that when I transferred the domain name in January 2015, I was NOT given the additional year I called 1andcustomer support on March 11, and spoke with Justin, who said he would add a credit to my account and that when it came time to renew the following year, I could just inform 1andto apply the credit to my next year's domain
I called back 1andon March 24, to make sure there was a cred

Unauthorized credit card charges , this company managed to charge my credit card twice a month for $ eachNot only frauded me but also was able to go undetected at first I have tried to call the company several times without any human contact or a way to gain information on why they charged me

Hello I am *** *** account holder for 1&account (ACC # RETRACTED) want to file a formal complaint on the grounds of DISHONEST billing AND FRAUD
I called on Thursday April 5th concerning the TOTAL COST for renewal on the domain ***.net and I was told by the IT AGENT my total charge would be and was billed for which included 1&basic WHICH I WAS NOT TOLD ABOUT
On Friday April 6th, was taken out of my account and held WITHOUT MY CONSENT resulting in in overdraft fees from my bank as the charge did not show up until Monday April 9th My bank also told me you held it hostage without my knowledge which is against ***'s (debit card holder) policy
After discussing with my bank, I was informed that I would have to fight 1&for the overdraft fees as it was not a bank error
I was informed by ANOTHER IT AGENT that my call on the 5th would be looked at and NEVER WAS
I have attached said call as pr

Dear *** *** (Customer ID # ***),
I sincerely apologize for the
inconvenience associated with this matter
In regard to this particular matter, unfortunately, no
matter how much or how little is due as an outstanding balance under an old
account, no services/accounts can be added or set up without first resolving
the past due payments associated with any other account/sIn order to assist
you with that, as a courtesy we are going to pull and waive the balance from
collections that is associated with Customer ID #***Once that has been
processed, moving forward you would have the option to open up a new account
That being said, when you first tried to set up the new account,
you may have had a test charge in the amount of the first invoice that would be
generatedThe reason that you may have seen that, is because anytime a credit
card is entered into our system, the test charge is applied to: 1) inform our
system there is a valid payment method being offered for any service that may
in fact be activated and charged afterwards, or 2) so that if this is a
fraudulent attempt by someone other than yourself, you see it within your
bank/credit card records so that it can be remedied quicklyHowever, as
mentioned, this initial charge of $68.98, would have only been a test
attempt, and will be returned to the credit card in question within hours,
unless your bank or financial institution has a different policy on their
holding/test charge reversal times
This email serves as your record of confirmation that Customer
ID #*** was not activated, therefore, no actual invoice has generated in
order to fully debit the charge in question from your credit cardYour bank or
financial institution would be able to confirm this as well
Once more, we apologize for any inconvenience that has been
caused here
Thank you
David M***
Customer Care
1&Internet Inc

Dear *** *** (Customer ID # ***),
I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience associated with
your account
In order to assist you with this unfortunate situation, we
are pulling and waiving the overall balance of $from our Collections
Team*** *** will remove you from any list that they have, and this will
not, and has not, affected your creditNo more money will be owed on this
account, and you will no longer be required to contact *** or 1&Internet
regarding this matterThis means that there are no longer any locks on your
account that will keep you from transferring the domain names
To transfer the domains, you will just simply need to
contact the provider in which you want to move them to, and initiate the
transfers from their sideOnce this has started, we will be able to release
the domains via a transfer to that other registrarThe process of transferring
a domain can last between 3-days, which is a process that we do not have the
ability to expedite, as it is ICANN policy that can cause this waiting time
For your records, listed below are the authorization codes that you will
also need in order to transfer your domains
***.net - authorization code: ***
***.com - authorization code: ***
***.com - authorization code: ***
***.net - authorization code: ***
Moving forward, you will no longer be billed or invoiced for
these services since this account had been canceled
Once more, we apologize for any inconvenience that has been
caused here
Thank you
David M***
Customer Care
1&Internet Inc

I purchased a domain through and for an active and open business websiteThe domain was no longer active so I called into the customer support center to see how this matter could be resolvedThe representative during the call (ticket number ***) informed me that the domain was locked and I would need to provide updated payment information so that an annual fee of $could be processed and the domain could be restoredI provided the representative with the information for a new form of payment and he informed me that I was being charged the discussed feeFurther in this conversation the representative put me on hold while he "unlocked the domain name"
When I asked about how long it would take for the domain to be restored he informed me that the domain would be restored in a matter of minutes, no more than an hour
I waited several hours and still the domain appeared to be locked and was not connecting to the website
I called back into the and customer s

I had had an account with this company for a while, and wanted to cancel services I repeatedly sent emails or used live chat to request my account be canceled and am still receiving collections letters for a service which I thought had been canceled Now they sent me a letter stating that I am being forwarded to a collection agency and I will also be responsible for a $collection fee

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
The representative from 1andhas, predictably, lied about no longer contacting mePlease see the attached proof of continued "silent-voicemail" harassment (###-###-#### is 1and1's marketing department):
*** ***

I never heard of 1&Internet Inc nor have I ever done business with them They claim I owe them money but like I said, I never did any business with them They recently sent me to a collections agency for their fraudulent charges

Dear *** * ***,
I sincerely apologize for any
inconvenience associated with these charges and claims to active services
As previously mentioned, since I have not been able to find
any accounts within our company database under your name (*** * ***),
or associated with the email/street address referenced in the Complaint, I currently
cannot assist you
That being said, we do not typically release account specific
information that is not first directly provided to us by the customer, but I
will release a first name here in an attempt to help you, and get this matter
going in the right direction for a proper resolutionBy doing a search in our
system under your last name, “***,” I have found some accounts that
appear as if they may be questionablePlease respond to this email, and
confirm with me, if your husband’s first name is “***,” and if he goes by
any other name as wellIf so, this will help me to start my investigation, and
move forward with resolving this matter
I look forward to your response in order to assist you
Once more, we apologize for any inconvenience that has been
caused here
Thank you
*** ***
Customer Care
1&Internet Inc

Dear *** *** (Customer ID # ***),
I sincerely apologize for any
inconvenience that has occurred with your account and the downtime of certain
When I first received this complaint, I forwarded the matter
to my Domain Specialist Matt, who has been resolving this matter and contacting
you via emailI have followed up on the case to make sure that everything is
being taken care of correctlyAt this time, as you have already been informed,
the domains in question are active within your account again, and the sites are
back up online
That being said, in regard to any invoices that generate for
an additional years registration for the reactivated domains, they will be
waived/refunded as Matt had explained to you in his last emailAlong with
that, due to this inconvenience, I am refunding you the most recent month Home
Hosting Package invoice that was billed on 7/17/in the amount of $
Please allow 3-business days for this refund to be processed
Once more, we apologize for any inconvenience that has been
caused here
David M***
Customer Care
1&Internet Inc
……………………………………………………………………... /> For our records, listed below is the most recent email that
Matt sent to you in regard to this matter having been resolved:
Dear *** *** (Customer ID: ***),
Thank you for your patience
Regarding the domains below:
I have followed up with our administrators who have
successfully reactivated the domains for you.
All the domains above are no longer canceled, and are currently at ready
status in your Control PanelThese domains may be updated as needed at any
time. Our sincerest apologies for any
confusion in the cancellation process, and for the delay in reactivationAs
per my previous email, I will continue to check on your invoices to make sure
all charges are reversed for these domains in order to provide you with free
domain registration for all domains for one year
The rest of the domains in your cancellation remained
canceled as you set them, except for ***.com. The cancellation was able to be revoked for
this domain only since the cancellation date set for was not until
NovemberIf you want us to reset a new cancellation for this domain, please
just let us know and we will set the domain to cancel as you had originally
Again, our apologies any inconvenience. We truly appreciate your patience in this
matter, and look forward to your reply
Thank you
Matthew P***
Solutions Expert
Caretaker Team
1&Internet Inc

I transferred my account to my sister over a year ago (maybe 2) and I got a bill yesterday for a delinquent payment
I called the customer service number and the guy told me I had to fill out forms for the transfer but I told him I already filled them out but he refused to accept that

For years now I have been trying to cancel my services (that I do not use) with 1&I have records showing phone calls into the company, employees and broken promises of cancellation and credit

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