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AAA National

1000 AAA Drive Box 61, Heathrow, Florida, United States, 32746-5080

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Advertisement does not specifically state rates are for only one year.
This add is very deceptive since it doesn't specifically state that it is for new members only. Upon trying to get these rates, I was told that since I am a member, I can't get them.

Make them advertise the truth.

Desired Outcome

Fix the ad or charge me what the ad says I should pay

AAA National Response • Mar 21, 2019

I contacted the member and was unsuccessful reaching him with three attempts by telephone. I emailed the member: Thank you for contacting AAA. I received your complaint regarding AAA advertisement and I apologize for the misunderstanding the advertisement has caused and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. I contacted you by telephone to discuss your membership concerns and was unfortunately unable to reach you. If you would like to discuss your membership concerns further, please contact us at 866-222-2273 option 2.

Customer Response • Mar 21, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
With all due respect, I returned the AAA's representative call and left a detailed reason why I made the complaint. The only proper and satisfactory resolution is to explain that the ad is only for new members AND that that is an introductory rate that WILL change. Anything less is deceptive.

Continue to receive mail even though requested MANY times to have it stopped.
My mother, ***, died in March 2017. Her mail was forwarded to my address. I have been calling customer service since 2017 to STOP AAA mail from coming. I didn't keep notes until mid-2018 but I called on 7.27, 9.25, 10.31 and always promised it would stop. It has not stopped. Causes emotional distress to see her name on mail and don't want any mail from you.

Desired Outcome

Remove my address*** from your mailing list and notify me that it has been done.

AAA National Response • Feb 07, 2019

The club has responded that they sent her an email letting her know that names have been removed from future solicitations.

Customer Response • Feb 28, 2019

Although AAA promised the name and address would be removed from their mailing list, I received ANOTHER mailing on February 22. I want to reopen my complaint. Thank you.

I am on an installment plan and being forced to pay the full amount of my remaining balance because they did not debit my account or notify me
I have been on the installment plan for a couple years with AAA using the services. It has always been a direct draft from my debit card. In December 2018 my draft payment did not come out even though I had funds there. They claim that when the draft was attempted it was approved for the full amount but did not go through for some reason. I contacted my bank and they have already confirmed that they funds were there at the time. I did not receive a letter (even though they show a letter was sent out) nor did I get a phone call until January 3, 2019 to let me know that my payment was not drafted and they also didn't draft my payment for January 3 2019. When I called back on January 4, 2019 to see what was going on, I was informed I can no longer utilize the installment plan and that I owed the full balance of $149.99 to be paid by February 1, 2019. I asked about paying the balance owed from December and January drafts that was due which was $33.34, and they informed me that wasn't possible. The only other option is that I would have to let the policy lapse and then I could apply again with a new policy, enrollment fee, etc.. I was also told that I could downgrade my policy so that it would be less that I would have to pay in full. I picked the Plus plan for a reason because I travel and I want to have the safety of having 100 miles towing coverage wherever I am. I don't feel this is the right way to do business because I wanted to bring my balance current and pay what was owed from the drafts not coming out.

Desired Outcome

The resolution I am seeking from AAA is that they reinstate me onto the installment plan starting February 1, 2019 and allow me to pay the $33.34 that is owed for the December 2018 and January 2019 payments so that I can continue my services with them.

AAA National Response • Feb 19, 2019

Dear of Orlando,

Thank you for notifying AAA of ***' consumer complaint with the and for this opportunity to respond.

I can confirm that Ms.' membership was in enrolled in our 12-pay installment plan. Payments are withdrawn on the 1st or 15th of the month 30 days apart. All installment plans are perpetual and will continue to be charged at the same payment plan level at renewal, unless otherwise requested.

After reviewing Ms.' membership, we can confirm that her December 2nd installment payment declined; a rejection letter was mailed on December 5 2018 to advise of the missed payment. When a payment rejects, the membership will revert to direct billing 30 days from reject date unless a payment for the rejected amount is received. Once the membership reverts to direct bill, it cannot be placed back on the installment plan until the following year and any remaining balance is due in Full. Ms.' membership is set to cancel on February 1, 2019 if the renewal balance of $149.99 is not received.

We thank the for bringing this matter to our attention.I hope my explanation has been helpful in resolving the matter. We look forward to serving Ms. for many years to come.


Candace W
AAA Member Experience

I am sending this complaint regarding AAA Roadside Assistant service being unreliable, unsatisfactory and uncaring.I used AAA Roadside Assistant service yesterday (which was Saturday January 5,2019 at 8:17 pm in the evening because of I was experiencing tire issue. I proceeded to speak to several customer service representatives as well as customer managers ( Micheal,Jessica and Bruce)about the tire issue. Every last individuals was rude as well as uncaring. I was even given an allotted eta time ( which was 9:27 pm) no one called me to check on me and my eta time (9:27 pm and was never honored at all. I quickly became concerned and proceeded to called AAA Roadside Assistant servic to file a complaint about eta time 9:27 pm that given me was never honored. I spoke three customer service managers( Michael,Bruce and Jessica) all were unprofessional and uncaring and they gave me the run around. I stood in my car for five hours in unsafe area no one really care.

Desired Outcome

Refund I would like to fully be refunded ($100.00) as well as to keep an complaint on file about AAA Roadside Assistant Service being unreliable and unsatisfactory. PS:Please advised the company to train all customer service personnels to give superior customer service.

Call center
On today , I contacted triple a to have my vehicle towed. I call the contact center and as I was explaining I could instantly tell Jamilla was irritated by shed responses. I then informed her where I would like it towed . I informed her Nash Cheverolet I told her the city was either in Snellville or Lawrenceville but it's only one Nash Chevy so whatever pops up , she then snaps back and says and says well I don't know either. So I then said we'll pick whatever pops up, there is only 1 . Then she just says hold on while I find a driver with an attitude . She then comes back says her scripted message and at the end says bye. Didn't ask was there anything else I needed, thank you for calling or any sort just a bye . I asked what her name was and that's when she gave it to me . Overall , everytime I call the contact center it is always someone with a nasty attitude as if they are the one servicing my vehicle . I do not pay money for any holder on my account to be treated in a nasty manner . When conducting business with anyone to whom I am giving my hard earned money I expect respect . I am a loyal customer but I will withdraw if I continue to deal with people such as Jamilla every time I call .

Desired Outcome


Older, single woman, left stranded on turnpike at night for 4 hrs.
Member #: ***
I had a horrendous experience with and due to AAA on the late afternoon/evening of Sat., Oct. 27th, starting at 4:40 pm. I've attached a detailed timeline of events for your review. In summary, despite 8 phone calls over 2.5 hours, and an additional 2 phone calls over an additional hour by my friend at home, it took a total of 4 hours before a tow truck arrived. I was stranded on a section of the FL turnpike that is completely rural with no overhead lighting. It was totally dark for the last hour and 40 minutes and my cell phone was dead for most of that time as well. I don't know if there's any way to adequately describe the sheer terror I was feeling from 7 pm onward as a single 61 year old woman with a disabled car, the dark, a dead cell phone, and no action from the organization I've paid to protect me in these situations. For the first time in my life, I had a panic attack that wracked thru me for 30 min+. In the end, I called 911 and a *** Ranger arrived.

I don't hold AAA singularly responsible for the situation. The fact that my cell phone died and I didn't have a backup battery in the car was my fault. It won't happen again. But the majority of responsibility for this traumatizing situation lands squarely in the lap of your organization.
The initial AAA agent couldn't find my location on a map despite my giving him the specific 125.5 mile marker, northbound turnpike instructions.
The tow truck company confirmed that twice the tow truck drivers were given my location as mile marker 113 - 13 miles south of my location.
I informed the 3rd AAA agent I spoke to that due to the 150 mi distance from my location to my mechanic, I wanted to be towed to the Canoe Creek Service Plaza and then I'd arrange another tow the next day to continue on to the mechanic. The agent failed to tell me that wasn't allowed.
The AAA agents were unable to appropriately and compassionately respond to the sense of urgency created by the dark and the dying cell phone.
Since I wasn't able to use one of my additional tows, wasn't allowed to upgrade my plan, and my friend wasn't able to use one of her 200 mi. tows to get my car to the mechanic, it cost me an additional $300 out of pocket: an exorbitant sum given I'd been out of work recovering from surgery for the last month with no income. This would have been a good time for one of the agents or supervisors that my friend and I both spoke to, to offer some compensation in recognition of the horrendous service AAA provided.
On a previous occasion 6 years ago when AAA stranded me and my child for 3.5 hours, the supervisor apologized and acknowledged that AAA didn't live up to their promise of service. She comped that tow and provided an additional free tow for the membership year. This time, not one of the AAA agents or supervisors ever acknowledged that there was any urgency or any responsibility on AAA's part for creating a horrible experience. In fact, the first apology I received was from Marilyn, the security guard at the corporate headquarters.

Desired Outcome

Given the number of hours without adequate response, the time of day.... I feel a year's free subscription is appropriate, instead of the paltry $30.

Recently while trying to use my membership benefits, it appears that my benefits are being obstructed by AAA employees.
I've been a AAA member since 1993. Recently while trying to use my membership benefits, it appears that my benefits are being obstructed by AAA employees at their call centers and auto service centers. Numerous times I've been intentionally given false, and inaccurate information. While trying to request a tow truck, looking for automotive services, car rentals or AAA auto insurance. This includes charging a higher price than written, not receiving AAA member discounts, being refused Hertz car rental, AAA car care centers refusing to service my car by lying about availability, service hours and wait times. It appears that these employees are receiving some type of incentives to deny their services. I pay my annual fees each year and I'm being denied the listed services that being an AAA member has.

Desired Outcome

Resolution is to have these business contacted regarding these matters and have each issue addressed and resolved. This includes having my vehicle serviced in a timely manner at the same rate that is offered to other AAA members and being able to receive the membership discounts.

I have had a Gold Plus RV membership forn3 years now. In that time I have made 3 calls for roadside assistance. Each time I have received bad customer service, not unsatisfactory or poor but bad. I have been given eta's the were wrong by hours, be spoken to rudely and lied to. Everytime a supervisor has told me they have filed a complaint and I have had a follow up. Because regions are separate I can't even contact the same person twice to follow up myself.

Desired Outcome

Contact by the Business I want AAA to contact me directly from their national office to explain why none of my complaints have been followed up on, and I want them to provide every member customer service representatives that can be called directly instead of trusting supervisors to submit complaints about their own call centers.

AAA National Response • Dec 17, 2018

Club stated that they called member again and left voicemail providing name and callback number. Club is sending please call letter because they were unable to reach member by phone - if member calls back as requested will be addressed at club level.

On August 2018 I bought round trip tickets for 3people to go on a cruise well my grandson girl friend want to go so I paid for her too then she backs so I ask AAA I want a refund this in September 2018 here it it December and they have not refund my money they keep telling lies after lies and I need my money be fore I go on this trip December 10 2018 plz help thank u***
Product_Or_Service: None
Order_Number: None
Account_Number: None

Desired Outcome

Refund They took $314 and $304 out of my account I want a refund asap

Signed up for AAA Roadside Service and was told I could not use for a few days, but not given a specific time frame & threatened to charge more if use
called 11/21/18 to reinstate service because I bought a AAA battery that was under warranty and they came to my house to service. It promoted me to reinstate AAA. When I called and told this story to the representative, he told me that he would charge me an extra $50, when asked why he said because I said I would use the tow service. I didn't say that and he became argumentative even when I promised not to use the service. He said just because I said the car wasn't working he had to charge me and stated the call was recorded. I told him I removed the battery and called the AAA dealer where I bought the battery to come and test and then was taking it to *** to get it charged. I even offered to have him charge me if they suspected that I did use it the same day. I asked to speak to his supervisor and spoke to Linda #*** and she was able to assist me but said I can't use the service, I asked when could I use it and she said in a few days. I asked what is the typical protocol that they tell customers who use the service and she said it depends on what they say every customer gets a different answer. Although I purchased the service I had to promise not to use it and she said if I used it within 3 days they would cancel my plan (classic) and recharge me with a $50 fee. When I googled how soon could I use AAA when purchased it said with the classic I could use right away. She said effective 10/1/18 this policy was enacted. However, I wasn't able to get a clear answer as to when it was available to use, but since this is a service that I am not able to cancel and only get 4 tows, etc a year, I don't think it mattered. Both representatives were extremely rude and nasty and I left feeling very mistreated. I would like their policy clarified and posted for the world, also I don't believe this to be a fair practice and should be investigated or reviewed. There is too much competition out there for this service and it shouldn't matter if I needed the service right away or not, if I only get for services a year, then that is my right as a consumer. AAA still makes money for the customers who never use the service. There are people in this country who do not think about AAA until they need it and then there are others who are precautious and will get ahead of time. That is discrimination to exclude those who they state can use a service and then they have these barriers which they didn't before. If this was a recent change, it should be required to post on their homepage so that a new customer is aware. But mostly I would like the answer as to when can I use the service, is it 3 days, 5 days, is it 24 hours, is it in a week? I still don't know yet they took my money after I had to beg and plead my case (which is on the recording for those in authority to hear and review). Please do something about this bogus practice and customer service and provide concrete answers. I find that charging customers extra versus asking them would they like or recommend additional service to be an unethical practice. I wasn't even going to use the service, yet the first representative was going to charge me anyway, you can't do that. Charge me afterward if you feel that I did something out of line, but not beforehand. This is not a good business practice and something should be done about it. Consumers need to know that they may be charged based upon what they say. If I were going to pay an additional $50 then I want an extra $50 worth of service for the year, not to have my car towed. But again, they didn't ask, they misconstrued what I said and told me that they were charging an extra $50 to the $52 dollar service I was purchasing. Please stop this practice.

Desired Outcome

I would like an explanation of service, clear answer as to when the service i paid for is effective, customer service addressed regarding the rudeness and argumentative practice and policy change (if any) posted on their website for the consumer to know what service they are actually getting and address the practice of unethically screening consumers for information to be used against them.

AAA service not being available again to me, in the night-time hours yet again. I forward a message/ complaint to them, No Response.
On 10/13/2018 @8:57, I was in Kinder, LA and I phone AAA because I walked outside of an establisment and found my vehicle on flat. When I called, the young lady ask all the questions she was suppose to and sated she wold get someone out to me; but between that time and 4;09 am, she called me back at lease 4-5 times and stated tat she couldn't locate a truck. On the very last call she made to me, she stated, there will be "No Truck" coming out, that I would have to call back between 7-8am (when they began working again), as if the drivers doesn't work during the night. I even asked her (did they not work at night), but the very first call I made was before 9PM. The the young lady tells me, "I can't keep this ticket open, you'll have to call back" in the morning to open another one; she didn't care even a little bit that I was stranded.

So here I am again stranded, as AAA let me a few months ago, before I renewed my membership again, I had file a complaint back then, where I was left stranded in the middle of the night with a blow-out. How could this happen again, incidents so close to each other, same situation. If I didn't know any better, I would think it was done "on purpose". I'm a 62yr old woman, who do not have any business being alone, at night stranded, no woman should be, yet I have AAA and they have left me twice within the last two calls to them, I'm so confused. Its a good thing I was at a facility that stayed open all night, but what if I wasn't? I would have had to sit in my car from 9PM until abut 8AM or longer, but by the grace of God, a security personnel drove around the parking lot very early I the AM between 5;30-6AM and he came to help change my tire.

Another fail with AAA, and it's really a shame, esp after I renewed my membership. This is two incidents in a roll and I now may have to take the matter further, poss legal action, they can't keep doing this and getting away with it, someone's going to get hurt or worse. That last time frighten me when I was left stranded, now with it happening again, I no longer feel safe driving at night, because I don't have adequate help with my roadside assistance company that I thought I had. I'm so hurt by this and they better not count that call as one of my used calls, because they didn't help me at all.

Desired Outcome

I want partial or all of my money back that I paid them and still have my service for the year, because they have failed twice and if I don;t get one of them, I am taking the matter further, enough is enough. They have placed my life in danger twice, by not giving me the service I paid for.

I would like the Chief People Officers contact info so that I can communicate in a professional matter and give AAA the opportunity to right their wrong after reviewing phone records. I have had a AAA membership for 5 years and waited over 3 hours for assistance after making 4 phone calls and being lied to 3 times, last night. Roadside assistance NEVER came. I am very disappointed. A supervisor ended the call in the middle of her trying to communicate and though she had caller id...never called me back. (The Poorest Customer Service) ...After calling 4 times, I realized that the service that I had paid for FAILED me and I was not going to get the service that I had paid for even after waiting 3 hours.
last name OSBORN - called 3 or 4 times last night - Irving TX 8:30PM - please look it up.

I signed up AAA service for a couple of years, upgraded to gold card a couple of months ago. Since we will be out of the country for about a year, I called to down grade my membership to the basic one instead of cancel it. To my surprised, I was told, you can never down grade your membership( but you can upgrade it anytime)! What a scam it is !!! You can always pay more to upgrade, whenever you want to down grade, I'm sorry, no way!! lol
Product_Or_Service: plus membership

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) Down grade my membership and refund

AAA National Response • Nov 02, 2018

Thank you for contacting AAA.I am sorry to hear about the trouble you have experienced with your AAA membership. Per AAA policy, we do not offer midterm cancelations or refunds on membership coverage, however as a one-time courtesy, I have requested a $59.00 refund for the fee of the upgraded membership coverage. The refund will be issued in the original payment method in 3-5 business days. I have included a link below to our membership handbook which includes the membership benefits and guidelines.

If you have any additional questions or require further assistance with your membership, please contact us at 800-222-1134. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday 8am-9pm and Saturday 8am-4:30pm to assist you.

I *** contact Richard with AAA insurance I am having a problem with the bank they could not find a deposit that was my 09-10-2018 this was a problem so the bank put a block on the account until this was taking care of they are still looking into the matter. on 10-05-2018 I call Richard at 714-850-8175. we spoke and ask If he could backdate my payment for 09-27-2018 and I will make the 10-27-2018 payment on time he said that he would call back the same day because he was working late. He calls me back to let me know that he was still working on 2 other customers but I have not heard from him and he looks to make sure I have time before the cancel date still no word when I call I just got the voicemail and now my insurance is canceled
Product_Or_Service: 02-2008
Account_Number: caa

Desired Outcome

Billing Adjustment I need help sometimes thing happen that we have no control over and this is one of those time.Listen I have been a customer for over 9 years and I love my insurance company so please can someone take the time to help me

AAA National Response • Nov 06, 2018

Club informed us that the following was sent to the member: "A review of our records reflects that on September 14, 2018, we received your payment in the amount of $171.35. Based on our receipt of this payment, we mailed you a bill for $157.30. On September 21, 2018, your payment in the amount of $171.35 was returned by your bank. As a result, your policy was assessed a $7.00 late fee and a $15.00 returned check fee. The returned payment increased your minimum amount due from $157.30 to $350.65. ($157.30 minimum amount due + $171.35 returned payment + $7.00 late fee + $15.00 returned check fee = $350.65 revised minimum payment). As a follow up to your telephone conversations with Richard L, we are truly sorry to learn that you were not feeling well. We understand how overwhelming and distressing your current situation can be and we wish you a swift and healthy recovery. As an accommodation, we have eliminated the $7.00 late fee and the $15.00 returned check fee. As a result, your current balance is $972.22. At this time, your policy is in force, there have been no lapses of insurance coverage and your policy is in good standing." And that the situation is resolved on their end.

I was forced into paying AAA auto insurance on 30 aug 2018 183.00 to 182.00 for auto insurance that I did not want and I cancelled the insurance on the same day I was forced into getting it and they are refusing to pay me my money back and I have gotten nothing but the run around in getting my money back and I think they think they are getting away with it not paying me my money back and I want my money back.
Product_Or_Service: auto insurance

Desired Outcome

Refund I want my money back for the insurance I did not want and for the lady that forced me to sign up with AAA for her be put far away from dealing with people. this happen in vallejo ca

Customer Response • Oct 23, 2018

From: ***
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 8:46 AM
To: ***
Subject: complaint against the company

The company did step in and took care of the problem. I really do believe if I had not contacted they would have not taken care of the problem. thank you

AAA gave my paid Towing to thief's without verifying it was me calling in. AAA never calls me back regarding a resolution.
January 2017 I became a victim of identity theft and obtain a police report. A year later January 2018 I had a flat tire and called in my first AAA towing. During the call I found out that the same people who stole my mail used my AAA towing services. I obtained an addendum to the original police report and faxed over to AAA. They in turn put a password in place so when I call in I would need to provide the password to obtain services.
August 2018 I contacted AAA to update my new address and found out that my AAA towing services were stolen again. From that time until now I called AAA numerous times with an average of 70-150 minutes on the phone trying to figure out why AAA has not contacted me back.

September 2018 my final call in attempting to receive answers a male supervisor gave me a case number for the first time and asked that I give AAA ten days to get them to call me back. During the call I found out that AAA had another number that was not mine (possibly the thief's) and AAA had been calling and leaving messages there. AAA never attempted to contact me at my actual number.

Today on October 3, 2018 I have tried to find out why I have not received a call back regarding my formal complaints. The supervisor who took my call said the AAA towing services I paid for have been given back and that I would never find out if the employee who gave my towing services away would be reprimanded for their actions. They also refused to give me a free year of membership even though it's their fault.

AAA continues to not ask for my password when I call in nor contact me back. It is with great disappointment and frustration with this company that I am requesting for your assistance in a possible resolution.

Desired Outcome

Free year of membership for their mistake.

Falsified billing info to reinstate policy
I called in after July 10 and was ready to pay my insurance again. The representative told me that I only had to pay around $200 to start up my insurance again. I asked, "are you sure? Because they sent me a letter saying that I had to pay $500+ to reactivate my insurance policy. The representative said, "yes, you only have to pay $200+". And, I asked, "well, what about for the months of May and June" and she said "you only have to pay the $200+ to reactivate you policy". I called back again when I'd gotten paid and they said that I had to pay the $500+ and I'd mentioned my previous engagement with the other representative, and they said, "sorry, that phone call wasn't recorded". So, they basically told me I'm out of luck. This isn't my fault, and it's not fair that they aren't holding themselves accountable, because the facility id called apparently doesn't record their phone calls; but that's not my fault. I asked for it to be escalated and they never had a manager call me, I called back 6 weeks later, and I asked for a manager to have it escalated to this department above her that doesn't have any contact information but an address to send a letter to. I've never heard from them.

Desired Outcome

I just want them to adjust my bill for the additional amount I'd paid, which should be about $300+ towards the amount owed now

AAA National Response • Oct 18, 2018

Club has informed us that they have left a message for the insured to contact them back at 855.991.3222 to discuss her policy. They are awaiting her call to resolve this.

Customer Response • Oct 18, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I'd called them and spoken with Stephanie. She apologized and informed me that though the call wasn't recorded, or even if it was, that department still would've had to collect the full amount owed to them in the letter they'd sent me. I educated her and let her know that even though I understand that, regardless of what that letter stated, that representative STILL represents AAA, and that they need to abide by what she said, because I asked her multiple times if I owed anything more, and she assured me I didn't. This call was recorded.

Customer Response • Nov 20, 2018

Also, when we'd spoken over the phone, she's mentioned that, in order to reinstate my policy, the cost would be around $1500, not $1800.

AAA National Response • Nov 21, 2018

November 21, 2018, Inc.
1600 S. Grant St
Longwood, FL 32750

Re: Complainant: *** File Number: *** Central Florida:
We are in receipt of your office's inquiry. We have reviewed Ms. complaint to your department submitted on November 20, 2018.
At this time, the policy is not active due to the cancellation of non-payment that occurred on 10.10.18. In addition, the policy has a remaining balance of $466.52 for coverage extended to the 2017 Ford Focus from 08.22.18 thru the cancel date of 10.10.18.

As outlined in my original response our position will remain the same.

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to review your concerns. Should you have any questions or require any additional information please contact me at 855.991.3222 Monday - Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.


Stephanie L
Policyholder Relations Service Consultant
CSAA Insurance Group

Faulty AAA Battery exploded in my vehicle. AAA Technician stated Battery was faulty!
AAA Corporate Office: A Member For Over 25Years
Issue took place on 08/13/2018 at 12Noon.
Stop at Jacksonville, Florida at a BP Gas Station. As I pulled to the side of BP Gas Station, we (spouse and I) heard a loud bang and then smoke coming from under the hood. When exiting vehicle we then noticed a bump on the hood, I opened the hood and noticed that the battery had exploded, gushing fluid from the battery all over the inside of the engine compartment.

Called AAA for service, after 40 minutes of waiting I was told that they were having an issue with the battery replacement-battery under warranty. The battery (124R-C) was in back ordered by AAA and AAA stated they will most likely receive it within two weeks. I was told by AAA technician that I should purchase a Walmart battery, the fact that I would not get a warranty replacement battery (124R-C) due to not having this battery in stock by AAA. Please note that this battery was still under warranty by AAA!

AAA charged me $101.93 and $40 for pick of battery from Walmart and to install it into my vehicle. A total of $141.93, this replacement battery should have been FREE as outlined in AAA Battery Warranty. If a battery fails within 36 months of purchase, it will be replaced free of charge by AAA. The AAA-Service Technician or company was "J and J Automotive Company of Jacksonville, Florida." The charge was to our Bank of America, *** Credit Card. Receipt enclosed for viewing!

When we got home I noticed the spacer that the AAA- Service Technician used on the positive terminal of the Walmart battery had moved from its place, due to the fact that the battery terminals were not the correct battery size for my vehicle. The positive terminal was the wrong size for my vehicle battery cables connectors. The AAA-Service Technician used a spacer to hold the battery cables connectors in place which moved and came off from the positive terminal from driving from Jacksonville to New Tampa. Have taken numerous photos of damaged spacer, of which the AAA technician banged down into place with a socket wrench.
This enter issue took over three-four hours to replace the battery. I would like to be reimburse for my total cost and time for this issue and the damaged that this faulty explosive battery caused... After being over 25 years as an AAA member we are overly frustrated and angered with this horror.
Have contacted AAA and the Manufacture, for this faulty battery and they blame each other for this faulty battery and the responsibility of this issue.
Item 1: AAA Purchase date of battery-11/07/15 that exploded in vehicle
Item 2: AAA-Sq. J&J Automotive- Charge of $141.93 for battery on 08/13/18
Item 3: Hyundai battery purchased on 08/14/2018-$144.45
Item 4: *** with deductible of from repair $500.00
Item 5: Fcillo repair supplement summary form for battery explosion- Item 6: *** vehicle rental Info. We paid out of pocket*** $97.64
Item 7: Enterprise charge oFc $97.64

*** & ***

Contacted AAA Member Resolution Team Cynthia
1 866 222-27773
*Should receive call back from AAA Member Resolution Team
By 08/24/2018-Never did, had to make numerous of calls.

Battery Info:
Dist, by Club Assist US, LLC
155 Technology Park
Lake Mary, Florida 32746
1 407 322-7033

Purchased Battery on Nov. 2015
Bar Code 0 8399602188 4
Made in USA 1509
Part No. 124R-C
CCA @0 F 700
RC 110
Serial 9183198

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590
1 888 327-4236
Claim #11123193

Desired Outcome

For my out of pocket expense on this issue provided in my original statement above.

AAA National Response • Oct 11, 2018

Dear Mr.,

Thank you for contacting AAA. I am sorry to hear of your recent experience and the inconvenience this has caused you. As we discussed by phone, your AAA battery warranty does not cover an exploding battery and we would be unable to reimburse you for all of the expenses associated with your battery exploding. However, due to you being a valued member of AAA since 1994, we will reimburse you $141.93 for the *** battery that you had replaced the next day. I have processed your reimbursement check for $141.93 and you can expect to receive the check within 2-3 weeks at your home address.

Please contact me at (313) 749-2374 if you need further assistance.

Jessica S
Service Monitor, Automotive Services
The Auto Club Group
1 Auto Club Drive
Dearborn, MI 48126
Phone: 313-749-2374
Fax: 313-336-2975
[email protected]

Refund of Activation Fee
I was on road side assistance and opted to open the new AAA service on 28th June 2018 and called AAA customer care and they said i'll be charged $60 activation fee as a new member
and an additional charge of $35 on the day.I was unaware of the additional fee of $35 and they told if your service was
activated on mid night the $35 fee would have waived off and since I activated in the morning there were no offers at that time.I was told to pay the entire amount to activate new AAA service.I paid the entire amount of $100 and got new AAA service and then my vehicle was towed off.

Desired Outcome

i been an AAA member on and off for long years and request to waive off the additional Fee of $35 charged to my account.

Lackluster customer service.
On August 25, 2018, my family (husband, 7 year old, 10 year old and 11 month old) and I were on Route 50 east (Washington, DC) headed to our destination and our rear passenger tire blew out. We pulled to the side of the road to see what the problem was. We decided to call AAA at 1049am, I explained to the representative that I was on the shoulder of a busy interstate and I did not feel safe in that location with my entire family in the car (My husband is a police officer and is witness to many distracted drivers hitting cars disabled on busy highway shoulders). I stated the ages of my children and what the issue was with my vehicle. She asked, more than once, what my location was and each time I told her. She told me that someone would be there to assist me at 1120am. I said thank you and we ended the conversation. I called back at 1120am, after there was no assistance in sight and asked the status of the tow truck. I was transferred to a person that has knowledge of the tow truck service and I was informed that the AAA request was just received at 1120am. The explanation was, there was no geospatial location associated with my request. I was then told that a tow truck will be in route once they finish with their last job and we ended the conversation. I called AAA again to speak with a representative, once in contact with a representative, I verbalized the chain of events and informed her of what I was just told regarding when the request was actually requested. She said that what I was saying did not sound right and she said she would check it out, I was placed on hold while she researched the situation. She returned and validated what I told her and apologized for the inconvenience. I asked to speak with a supervisor and I was transferred to "Lawrence", I was a couple words into what the issue was when he interrupted me and said that the representative already explained to him what the issue was. He informed me that there was some sort of glitch in the system and that someone should be with me shortly. After I expressed to him my disappointment and the fact that I am on the side of the road with three children he said to me, "I don't know what else to tell you." I asked him, "To be are saying to me, a paying Premiere Member with kids on the side of the road, that as a supervisor 'You don't know what else to tell me.'??" I feel that his attitude with respect to the situation at hand lacked of compassion, was extremely dismissive and unprofessional. I feel that I am not appreciated as a paying AAA member AND AAA car insurance policy holder. The fact that this person KNEW my children were on the shoulder of a busy highway and expressed such a nonchalant attitude when I expressed my disappointment infuriated me. The tow truck arrived at 1152am. I am asking that this concern be rectified because continuing to give my money to this company is problematic for me. Thank you.

Desired Outcome

I would like for our next AAA renewal fee to be waived.

AAA National Response • Sep 27, 2018

Club responded stating they called and left second message. Also sent an Apology Delay Letter and 4 movie tickets. They consider this resolved.

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