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Big O Tires Reviews (267)

Review: I puchased 4 tires from Big O in [redacted] in [redacted],they did not balance them correctly,went back in to get them done right,and they were rude and told me that it would be a long wait,so I just waited till time for my rotation.When I took it back to them,they striped my lock nuts out,so I didn't want to argue with them,so I just purchased new regular lug nuts and put them on.When they rotated them,the one that wasnt balanced was then put on the front and was real bad,so I called the store in [redacted] to take a look,because I wasnt going back to [redacted].I thought they did a good job,even called them to let them know I appreciated it.Well I recently had to put air in my tires,and when I tried to take off my valve stem covers,they had been lock tightened on all 4 tires,took me forever to get them off,then I had to buy new ones.Well once again,I was losing air,so I took my car to [redacted],because I will never go back to Big O again,and they couldn"t get my tire off because it had been torqued on sideways and they had to break the lug bolt off.I can not believe how much 4 new tires has cost me,and the bad service the provided.




Review: Took my 1989 volvo to Big OTires to have calipers, pads and rotors put on it. Dropped my car off Monday Dec 16 in the evening so they could do the job Tuesday. Around one they called to say my car was ready to be picked up. Went over shortly after they called, paid 182.49 invoice number [redacted]. Order number [redacted]. They didn't say a word about any problems and handed me my keys . I drove off and as soon as I drove off the lot I heard a rattling. noise. I decided I'd better turn around and take it right back as I was going back around I realized the brake pedal was extremely soft and it almost went to the floor. I got the car parked and went back inside the shop. Told them what was going on. The car was also pulling to the left and I told them that. I gave them the keys andtold them I had to catch a ride to work and t me when the car was done . They told me they found a rock in with the rotor. Told me to come get the car that it was good to go . I did and found it still had very soft brakes and told them so they said they would bleed them again. Told me to come get the car again this time telling me the brake distribution block was bad and that's why they're so soft. IThey said they wouldn't touch fixing the brakes because it would be a liability . Yet they knew all tthree times they told me to come pick up my car that the brakes were actually not good to go. They items I had them put on my car is a huge part of the braking system yet they were allowing me to drive away in less shape than when I brought the car in. They told me they were done that it was not their problem. They ([redacted]) also told me that if I didn't get my car off their lot they would call a tow to come get it at my expense. They forced me to move my car in worse shape than what it had ever been in. They did a bad job and knew my car was in worse condition after being in their ghands and then wiped their Hands clean of it . I can't even drive my car now. it is now leaking brake fluid which it wasn't before and they tell me it has an issue that it most certainly did not have before . I am now forced to take it elsewhere to be repaired after their work. I feel they put me in danger and they should refund me my money. They do not stand by their work. I have another place looking at my car on Monday and will see what they have to say about the work that big otires performedDesired Settlement: A refund of 182.49, the cost at big o tires. Also feel entitled to get the cost it will be to get it towed to another shop because the car was in driveable condition when I brought it to them and now it is not. Also I feel they should be held responsible for the junction block they claim to be bad when it did not leak before and I had a good strong brake before I brought it to them.

Review: My daughter took her car in to big o tires for an oil change. Less than 2000 miles later the engine started making a banging noise so she stopped driving it. We had it towed to [redacted] in Scottsdale and they informed me that the car had no oil, and there were no engine leaks. I consulted with 3 mechanics and none could come up with any way that 4 quarts of oil (which is what our receipt stayed big o was supposed to have put in) could have disappeared. We had [redacted] document their findings with the car and had the car towed to big o. Big o mechanic admitted that there were no leaks and that he had no idea where the oil that they were supposed to have put in the car could have gone in less than 2000 miles, but they refuse to do anything to fix the fact that they obviously did not put the oil in the car which caused thousands of dollars in damage. Prior to the banging noise the car has always run perfectly.Desired Settlement: I believe that since big o's negligence caused the engine damage to the car they should replace engine or pay monetary compensation in the amount it will cost us to replace the engine.



[redacted] brought a 2006 [redacted] with

105,293 miles into

Big 0 Tires on 12/07/2013 for a high mileage oil change . The

car was not brought in by Mr.[redacted]'s daughter .We

performed the oil change and noted

that the engine

oil was very dirty and the air filter was dirty. We recommended a new air filter and an oil additive treatment to help clean

the engine. He

purchased an air filter but declined the oil

additive treatment. Big 0 Tires adheres to a mandatory oil

change double check

policy. The lube technician performs

the oil change

but a second associate always

verifies that the oilfilter

is correct and tightenened, the drain

plug has been

marked,correctly tightenend and the correct

amount of oil has been added to the vehicle before leaving

the bay. This policy was followed and documented on this

vehicle .


March 7th, [redacted](?), the mother

of the daughter,said

the car had

been at [redacted] and they stated it

had no oil in it.

Later, the car was towed to Big 0 Tires. When we received

the car it had


miles on it and

it had more than 1 quart too much oil in it. We

found that that the oil filter we installed on 12/07/2013 was still on it

and it was

tight and not leaking and

the drain plug,which was marked,had not been touched

and was tight and not leaking. We

did not receive

any documentation from the BrakeMasters about

the condition of the car or the work they performed on 03/07/2014. We are uncertain

how they determined that no oil was in the car,because they did not appear to open the drain

plug to drain the oil out.

There is no way the car could have traveled

1,996 miles from 12/07/2013 to 03/07/2014 with no oil in the engine.

The engine would have seized almost immediately. Mr.[redacted] stated in his complaint

that the vehicle had no previous conditions

and ran perfectly prior to 03/07/2014. However, [redacted] gave us a copy of the oil change and work that was performed by [redacted] on 09/12/2012. They indicated

that the car was

leaking oil from the oil adapter housing

gasket and they did $312 in work to correct that leak. [redacted] also stated

that the engine may have other leaks. It appears that the engine had been leaking prior to

09/12/2012 and may have continued to have a leak which resulted in oil loss,consequently damaging

the engine.


is certainly an unfortunate incident,but

it appears to have been caused

from the vehicles history of oil leaks and not

the result of the oil change performed by Big 0 Tires. We have included copies of the 12/07/2013 work order and invoice and the 09/12/2012 receipt

from [redacted] which was

provided to us by [redacted].


Big 0 Tires

Review: I own property managed by CM. In 2012 a special assessment was added to my monthly common charges stating only that it was for an increase in property insurance. I asked for documentation from the previous and prospective insurance carriers to substantiate the amount being billed to each property owner in the complex. The requested information was provided to me. However, the amount of the increase in overall premium was, according to the documentation CM sent me, $9,341.00. Divided over six months, each of the 24 unit owners would have to pay $64.87 per month above the usual common charges. CM was asking for $100.00 per month above the usual common charges. I paid the $64.87 for each of the six months. I also immediately on October 8, 2012 requested substantiation of the remaining $35.13 per month. I did not receive a reply. I made numerous phone calls, but did not receive a call back. I wrote another letter on January 29, 2013, continued making phone calls and being asked to leave a message. My most recent letter was sent on February 7, 2014. I purchased the property in July of 2007 and have never been late with my common charges, including special assessments; however, I am not in the habit of handing over money for something whose validity has not been substantiated. I have copies of the letters I have sent to CM. I continue to receive monthly notices requesting this unsubstantiated amount threatening to place me in collection and/or hand the matter over to an attorney. I have reviewed the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and believe I have an absolute right to be provided with substantiation of an alleged debt, which is what I have been trying to obtain for a year and a half.Desired Settlement: I request that CM cease and desist in their attempt to collect this alleged debt for which I have been requesting substantiation for eighteen months.



WE are checking with our accounting department for clarification.

Review: On 5-15-13 at 1529, I took my 2004 Pontiac Grand Am with 142,931 miles on it in to Big O Tires in Seymour, Indiana for a brake job and an oil change. I paid $340.00 for this service visit. I was headed home, didn't get very far and the temperature gauge went up to the highest hot temperature. I knew it had to do with my service job at Big O, since the car had never overheated before. I immediately turned around and took the car to Big O. A staff member at Big O that worked at the desk accompanied me out to my car. He lifted the hood of the car and stated,"I see your problem. The radiator cap was left off." The fluid was spilling over. Another staff member came out and filled it with radiator fluid. Cap was put back on and they reassured me everything should be fine and that if I had any further problems to let them know. I thanked them and expected no further problems. From 5-15-13 to 5-30-13 the car overheated to the highest temp x 3. Fist time, I took it back to Big O immediately and let them know the radiator cap would not screw on tight. They agreed that could be the problem and replaced the cap for free. They reassured me that I shouldn't have any more problems. 2nd time it overheated I immediately took it to Big O and they said they let it run for a long time and that during that time an air pocket passed and that air pocket could have caused the temperature gauge to go up high. They reassured me that I shouldn't have any more problems. 3rd time it overheated I was afraid of the engine blowing and immediately took it to [redacted] GMC at [redacted]; Seymour In 47274=the place I purchased the vehicle. Findings: Vehicle is overheating. Goes up to 260. Tested system and found exhaust gases escaping into cooling system. Pressure builds immediately. Head gaskets are blown. Removed the headds and had checked. Replaced the head gaskets with related seals. Was charged for sealant, gasket, gasket, gasket kit, coolant, spark plug, oil 8.8, filter kit, wire kit, thermostat, bolt, bolt, seal, seal, seal, gasket, bolt, bolt, Ray's crac 228402. Total repair=$1899.73. Being that I'm a single mother raising two kids I did not have money laying around to pay for this. So, I had to get a loan with PFC (Personal Finance Company) to pay [redacted] gave me a loaner car for the time that it took to have the car repaired free of charge, since I bought the vehicle off of them in the past. I felt like I should not have to pay for someone else's mistake. On 7-10-13, I called Big O Tires and spoke with [redacted]. I explained the situation. She had remembered me coming in for this problem. I asked for a refund or at least a partial refund. She said that I would have to speak to the manager and that he would be back the next day from a Florida vacation. She reassured me that she would have him give me a call the on 7-11-13. I never received a call from him on 7-11-13. On 7-12-13, I called Big O Tires and explained that I never got a return call from the manager. They said that he was not in at that time. Then, they said he just walked in. He asked me what the problem was. I told him in detail what had happened. He asked me how many miles were on the car. He said I should not have taken it to [redacted] without his permission. I explained that I had given Big O-three opportunities to fix the problem total and that I was afraid of blowing my engine or something that would make the vehicle inoperable and that my daughter needed this car to get back and forth to college and work. He asked me for my phone number. I gave it to him. He said he knows his insurance company will not pay any money and neither will he---with a firm voice. I felt very intimidated and hung up on him. I was shook up. Since then, I have not received any call or attempt to give me a full or partial refund. I work at [redacted] in Seymour, IN as a nurse and have discussed the problem with my co-workers and friends. I have received stories from them that the Big O has messed up on other's vehicles and that the manager will not make it right and was firm and intimidating with them also. I feel like I have not been done justice. I am a law abiding citizen and a veteran of the United States Army for 4 yrs of service in active duty. I feel that my experience has led me to attempt to get justice. Please try to help me in this matter. One reason I dreaded taking action is because I bought 4 new tires from Big O on 2-14-13 paying out $414.35 in which I had to get a PFC loan for. I would also have to go in routinely for free tire rotation to save money on my tire rotations. I called [redacted] in Seymour Indiana and they said they would charge $30 something dollars for each tire rotation.Desired Settlement: I wish to be refunded $1899.73 that I had to pay out to [redacted].

Review: I purchased six (6) Michelin tires ( [redacted]/**/[redacted]) from this company on 8/3/2010. They were installed on our 31-foot motor home by this company on this same date. Odometer reading was 51417 miles when installed. Since then, the motor home has been driven 17,294 miles. Our most recent trip was from the Phoenix, AZ area, round-trip to Derry, New Hampshire, round-trip mileage of 5,730 miles. In the sixteen years we've owned and maintained this vehicle, we've never experienced any tire problems until this last trip when three (3) of the six Michelin tires failed in "blow-outs" with rapid pressure loss and tread separation. First was in Eastern Oklahoma on our way East, second was in Eastern Oklahoma on our way back West, and third was approaching Flagstaff, AZ continuing on our way Home. In each case, we had to have Road Service and purchase replacement tires for each failure, and the motor home sustained significant damage from the 1st tread separation blow-out. I subsequently learned that Michelin had issued a mandatory recall on this type tire with the DOT code [redacted] which is the code on one of the remaining tires from the Big O purchase. Big O had erroneously entered an INCORRECT DOT code on our purchase (they entered [redacted]. Because they showed the 7th character as an "L" rather than as the correct "E", we were never notified, by either Big O or by Michelin) about this recall and, instead, took our trip with these dangerous tires. After these experiences, on Monday, July 21 2014, II contacted Big O's Mr. [redacted] who absolutely refused to follow-up on the problem in any way. Today (September 4 2014) I contacted another Michelin tire dealer who removed the remaining Michelin tires and found that one of them contained the exact RECALL DOT Code of [redacted]. The dealer immediately replaced the recalled tire, at no cost to me, and will send the recalled tire back to Michelin. The costs we incurred due to this non-notified RECALL were the replacement tires we had to buy along the way on the trip, totalling $612.24 plus the costs to repair the damage to the motor home, estimated to be $1235.00. The fact we were never notified of the recall is due to Big O's negligence in recording, incorrectly, the DOT ID number on these tires. We still have all the invoices, etc that substantiate this information.Desired Settlement: I think Big O should reimburse us for the tire purchase expenses we incurred as a result of their negligence in incorrectly recording/tracking the Michelin DOT Codes. To date, these expenses totaled $612.24. (receipts are available). I also seek their apology for the unprofessional way in which they treated us about our problem last July 21. Note that I contacted their "Corporate Offices" about the problem but was told "They are a Franchise, and we can't make them do ANYTHING".

Review: My wife purchased 4 Nankang 17inch low profile tires for our 99 Mazda protege back in July. Yesterday November 19,2014 our tire got a hole on the seam. She called big o tire in montrose colorado and told them. They informed her that they never sold her tires. Hours later they finally found her in their system under a misspelled last name. We paid 35$ for a 3 year warranty on the tires. They couldn't find where they had ordered the tires from and ordered us a new tire. It was a different brand from our current tires. They called today November 20,2014 to let her know they got the tire in so she could go get the new tire. She arrived at the store and they refused to put the tire on the car stating they "just didn't have the time". She put the tire on herself and once she had the new tire on she realized that the tire is a bigger size 17 inch. When I called I spoke with the manager [redacted] and was told that there was no way it was a differ size and was then told that there was nothing they could do about this issue. I am very upset with the way they handled this and that they don't believe that they did anything wrong. I have a small child that rides in that vehicle and I don't feel it is very safe for her or my wife to be riding in a car with different sized tires. I would really appreciate something being done. Thank you for your time.Desired Settlement: I would like them to get me a proper tire so my tires are the same size and I would like them to put the tire on and balance it so it is right with the other 3 tires.



The exact tire was not available for a couple of months, so we put on the same size tire with as close a tread design as possible. After the call from deserae I told her she could take the vehicle to the store in Delta to have the store manager look at it. They did not go in.

I'm sorry to admit that got taken for a ride there. Yes it was the low priced oil change and tire rotation. I passed on the tire rotation just wanted the oil changed, after about an hour I see that my car is inside but nothing is going on so I asked how much longer and that is when the guy tells me that my oil drain plug is rounded off and that they couldn't proceed because if they got it out they might not be able to get it tight. It requires a new plug, OK it's 9.99. The guy informs me that who ever changed the oil last must of done it. The problem is that I have owned the car 22 years and all of the oil changes were done by me and like magic the oil drain plug is wrecked. To top that off another person in for an oil change has the same damage. Like the other guy mentioned to me it only $10.00 right but how many times a day do they sell an oil drain plug. I'm really glad I didn't let them rotate my wheels. Big O has seen the last of me at the [redacted] store.

Review: Big o tire installed 5 new tires and valve stems on 2004 gulfstream motorhome. Valve extenders were discussed at initial meeting with [redacted]. I ordered 5 tires, valve stems with extenders. Both agreed valve extender were fraying on shield. Priced up vehicle 10.5 hours later to find old frayed valve extenders on 5 new tires with new valve stems.Desired Settlement: Replacement of 4valve extenders at his expense and apology. [redacted] acts like it is my problem and frayed, 5 year old extenders are safe, but 5 year old tires and valve stems are recommended to be changed at 1350.00. [redacted] has made a mistake.



Thanks for sending the complaint again. Mrs. [redacted] never asked that the valve stem extenders be replaced. We did discuss the option, and had she asked for them to be replaced then certainly we would have done that. I told her I would check them carefully for damage and even put them in water to check for leaks, which we did. The valve stem extenders were fine. She call backed upset about the extenders not being replaced and I told her to bring it back I would not even charge her the labor do redo it. She then stated that she thought I should pay for the parts and labor. I explained that that was not going to happen since she did not first ask for the new parts. She then said she would get back to me.

Hopefully this resolves this issue.

Thank You

[redacted]-Big O tires

fax [redacted]

Review: They charged us a fee of $19.95 for putting the truck ( ford ranger) on a rack and turning us down on the work we needed done,, although they have no posted signs that state this would be the case anywhere. We wanted a chance to fix the truck and take it back to them but they said they would still not rebate the fee for any reason. They also stated they would not allow me to get the truck out until the fee was paid.Desired Settlement: Want cash back and either stop the fee or post a notice that it would be a charge when they have done no work just for a rack fee




It was explained to the customer why the rack fee of $19.95 was charged. We never did turn down the work the customer needed done. We was willing to do it that day but the customer refused. We have sent the fee back to the customer & hope we can continue doing business with them.

Sent on: 1/24/2014 8:08:21 AM

Review: On 5/29/2013 we replaced the front brakes on our 2000 Jeep Cherokee, the front right caliper, and the front left rotor. Today, 6/20/2013, we find out that our break issues on the front right of the vehicle were misdiagnosed and because of this, the break pads were worn down to the metal. We tried to explain this to the manager, he proceeded to place the blame on us, telling us that we were warned. We were not warned that if something wasn't done about the break line, that part of the repairs that were done would be destroyed by a partial/misdiagnosed repair. This situation is very frustrating, as we feel as if we paid 170.00 for an repair that had to be partially repaired three weeks later.Desired Settlement: Please refund the amount for the break pads and the labor.



Response taken over the phone by [redacted], According to [redacted], General Manager of location. customer came in on May 29 to have brakes looked at. Upon inspection it was noted the following needed to be replace: right front caliper, right front rotor, rear wheel cylinder, rear brake adjustment cable and front and rear brakes. Customer declined suggested repairs which was initialed by the customer, and wanted repairs that would get them through the day (mail route). Customer was to return to have the rest of the repairs made however never returned until around June 20th complaining their brakes were doing the same thing as before. Upon checking all work done on the 29th had been damaged because the suggested repairs were declined. Nothing more the company can do.

Review: Big O Tires offered a coupon with a free AC check. It said:Free AC inspection. We'll thoroughly inspect your freon, switches,compressor, belts and hoses, pressure and temperature. Freon Extra.10/31/12No way did I expect it to cost $96.75. The have labor at $88.99 and shop supplies at 7.12 plus .64 tax.I feel like I have been ripped off.Desired Settlement: I only had the ac checked because of the coupon they offered. I would like them to honor their coupon.



I am sorry that Ms. [redacted] feels like she was taken advantage of. We have called her twice in an attempt to resolve this situation but she was too busy and not willing to talk to anyone at Big O Tires. As she states, the coupon did say Freon was extra. We did give her a written estimate for her A/C check which was $139.99 and she did sign the estimate. Her vehicle required freon and an evacuation and recharge service in addition to the free A/C Check in order for us to identify where the leak was originating. Although she agreed to the $139.99 by signing the estimate on the invoice she was only charged $96.75. The breakdown was $39.99 for freon, $49 for the evac and recharge $7.76 for shop supplies and sales tax. We are willing to reimburse her for the $49.00 evac and recharge if this would resolve her complaint.

Review: Took my truck in on Saturday, March 14, 2014 in the morning for an oil change. Drove it without a problem. They started to work on it, and offered to do something in addition at no extra charge. They ended up breaking my oil pan. They did not take responsibility for breaking it! We spoke with the district manager Mr. [redacted], and he was not accepting responsibility either. We asked for our truck to be towed at their expense to our mechanic. They agreed to that. Our mechanic called us up today, and confirmed that the oil pan was broken and that it would cost $1300 to repair. We would like for Big O Tires to pay the entire amount.Desired Settlement: Would like them to pay Bryans Automotive in [redacted], **. They have the truck right now.

Review: I took my truck in to get fixed I spent 2300 dollars for the first time I sent my truck in they put the truck on the computer to find the problems I got my truck back and the check engine light came on a day after I got it and it overheated in a drivethru and had to have it towed home took it back into them spent 800 dollars to fix the cooling fan now I have had it back 1 day again and the check engine light came on again and the truck isnt picking up speed and its moving sluggish also it doesnt start in park it only starts in neutralDesired Settlement: I want this location investigated I think these people are causing problems to get more service in their shop



I would love Mr [redacted] to bring his Jeep back so we can get to the bottom of this. The work we did was change all the fluids and install new spark plugs-per his request-Mr [redacted] just bought this car and it had been sitting for several months-per Mr [redacted]. We recommended new tires front brake pads and an alignment, we also repaired a leak in the trans fluid cooler line,(there was no fluid in trans and Mr [redacted] commented that it did not shift well.-he approved all of this-total=$2304. He filed a complaint about the Jeep over heating. When he brought it back we found that the Auxillary fan was not coming on. He also informed us that his blower motor was not coming on. We replaced the fan and the blower motor resister and both problems were fixed. I do not know why the check engine light is on at this time but I am happy to find out for Mr [redacted]

Review: I took my car in for some routine maintenance - oil change and tire rotation and balance. I had a coupon they mailed to me - it included $10 off the oil change and free tire rotation and balance.

When I checked out they charged me for a 6th quart of oil for $7 which wasn't needed - oil capacity for my car is 5 1/8 quart with filter change. Secondly, the tire were rotated as I watched and waited but they were not balanced as the "free" coupon offered. Lastly, the tire pressure on the 4 tires were 40, 35,34 and 29 psi - I checked because the car was pulling to one side on the way home. I called the store and spoke with [redacted] apologized for the over charge - said the tires were balanced and said their tire pressure gauge was off. Offered to credit my account for the over charge and a free oil change. i've lost all confidence in their ability to correctly do routine maintenance and will not return there.Desired Settlement: Refund of money paid ($39.92) to them plus $40 to have my tires properly balanced at another automotive shop.



We offered to give this customer his $7.00 back which we missed charge him for and even offered a free oil change next time. His tires were balanced as I did them self and the tire pressure was checked. This is a perfect example of people who think they can complain enough will get something for free. We have offered to fix his issues and he is just rude.

Thanks [redacted]



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: First, I will accept their check for the $7.00 they tried to cheat me out of. They can mail it to my home address: [redacted].

As to the balancing, it did not happen as I watched the tire rotation done with four floor jacks outside the service bay. The tires never got near the balancing machine. The free oil change offer, I already covered that - I have No Confidence in their correctly servicing my car. As to being rude - yes, I was annoyed, you pay good money for service and your car pulls hard to one side on the way home because of incorrect tire pressure then you check the Car's Owners Manual and realize you were cheated on the amount of oil used/charged for. I believe that would annoy anyone. They sent me a free coupon for a tire balancing - they didn't do it. They should pay me to have it done somewhere else - I don't trust them to do it. Simple as that.





Big O Tires policy with a 2 or 4 tire purchase it is always recommended and encouraged to have the front end alignment checked; which is a service offered free of charge. On Ms. [redacted] receipt it is noted tire warranties do not cover pre mature wear due to mis-alignment or worn suspension parts. We are not aware that the customer either had the alignment check or returned for the service thereafter. Based on our visual inspection the severe premature wear on the front tires is due to misalignment or worn front suspension parts. The manufacturer of the [redacted] product will not make an adjustment due to mechanical wear.

We sincerely apologize for this unfortunate incident, however in an attempt as a Big O Tire dealer can offer as a courtesy to Ms. [redacted] a $50.00 in store credit that can be used for any future purchases at the location on [redacted].




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.


Thank you for your response but I had the car checked at another company and it had nothing wrong with the alignment or anything else on the car and we bought tires at that company and have had no problems with those tires. I believe it was defective lot number of the tires bought there. I have bought tires there before and had no problems. Even with no alignment, 4000 miles is not that much time to wear them that bad.

Review: On Feb 2 2013, We took our Nissan Murano into Big O Tires, to have the front left and right struts, upper strut plate repaired. This cost us $631.38. On March 17th 2014 we had to take the car back and [redacted] drove the car and said, " there was nothing wrong with it. The manager [redacted] told [redacted] to put it up on the rack, and that's when they discovered the upper strut plate was not on proper. we realized that something wasn't right, and it was the upper strut mounts. so they said they fixed it. It is now May 31 2014, and the front end is still doing the same exact thing. Making terrible noises. we don't want to go back to Big O because we were harressed and told before nothing was wrong with the car.Desired Settlement: We want to take our Nissan Murano to a Nissan dealer, so a Certified ASE Mechanic can do the work the proper way, we would like Big O to pay for this.



I am responding to the complaint filed by [redacted] regarding his front strut mounts.

[redacted] came to us with ride complaints asking us to quote front struts on his Nissan Murano with 161,000 miles on the odometer. Those struts were installed on the car in February of 2013.

Five months later, the car returned with a clunking noise that the customer attributed to the struts we installed. We diagnosed the problem as being lower control arm bushings and not the front struts. The struts and everything associated with those assemblies were fine. Those control arm bushings are a common wear item on the Nissan Murano. We have done several sets over the past few years. The customer got upset that we were trying to take advantage of them and rip them off, so I quoted the work and requested they get a second opinion.

They found that a second mechanic had in fact agreed with our assessment, that they needed the control arm bushings, and they had him change the bushings. They made sure to point out to us that he did them for less than our original quote.

The Murano returned to our shop in March of 2014 with a very small knocking noise coming from the front. We diagnosed this as a small amount of play in the right front strut bearing plate which we installed at the time we did the struts. The part was still under warranty, so the item was replaced at no cost to the [redacted] family. The noise was gone.

I am not aware of what could be causing their current issue. The customer did not bring it to us to look at. The car does have over 170,000 miles on it and parts will go bad, just like their control arm bushings did. There are many other wearable items in that front suspension that can cause the issues mentioned in the complaint, but without seeing the car, I can’t speak to what their problem may be.

I am sorry that the [redacted] family is not happy with the work performed on their vehicle. I can assure them and the that our ASE certified mechanics did the work properly and the parts are from reputable dealers. The work on their vehicle is still under warranty, and I would be happy to have a look to see if we can solve their problem. If it is related to anything we worked on, it is covered at no cost to them.



We accept there offer since it is still under warranty, but we would like another Big O Fix our car, we now live in Middleton and we saw there was one on Caldwell blvd in Nampa. we did get two second opinion's on what was wrong with the front end, and we would be more than happy to take it to big o and have it fixed properly.

Review: When I took my vehicle in for repairs they left a few bolts loose resulting in Vehicle Damage requiring Further repairs.Desired Settlement: This Business to be investigated



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The work done on [redacted]'s vehicle was done on 2/28/2009 or almost 5 years ago. We were not made aware of any problem. In a phone conversation [redacted] did not think to contact us. The problem was stated as a bolt being loose but he did not know which one. We definately would have helped him if he had contacted us and if it was something we were responsible for. We are a AAA approved suto service repair company and our reputationis very good. We are sorry [redacted] did not call us. Obviously there isn't any warranty obligations after nearly five years and we don't have an accurate description of what the problem was.

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