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On September 3, 2016, I paid $1,to replace the non-functioning stock head-unit in my Lexus GXwith a Pioneer head unitThis included custom work as an install kit was not available for my carAt this time, I was told no other parts or components (such as a new amplifier) would be requiredThe installation went fine and we enjoyed the unit for a few months
However, a few months later, suddenly there was no audio coming from the unitThe head unit itself was still functioning, but nothing could be heard from the speakersAfter having CarToys take a look, it was determined that the stock amplifier had "turned itself off" and needed to be "turned back on." There was no indication that the amplifier was not functioning or needed to be replaced, but instead that it had simply shut off and therefore no sound was coming out of the speakers
CarToys reported that there was nothing at all they could do but reinstall the original, broken head unit to trigger the amplifier

On May 24th of I purchased a sound system from Car Toys and hired them to have it installed on my boat
The installation was never performed properlyThe system would cut off and on when I tried to use itI took it back to Car Toys the next week to have them fix it properlywhen I picked it up again, they told me it was ready and that they had fixed the issueWhen I took it back out to the lake, the same issue happened againTo make the story short this went on for more than two months and me having to take time off work to take it back to Car ToysI had to take my boat back to Car Toys three additional times from the initial installation Finally I had to make a decision to take it somewhere else to have my boat checked outWithin a few hours Super Sound and Security in Rockwall found the issueIt was some relay switch that could not hold the powerI paid over $to Car Toys for the installation, and Car Toys of Rockwall was never able to get it working properly eve

To whom it may concern,
We take full responsibility for not getting Mr*** install completed in a timely manner. We will be refunding the entire install back to Mr*** for all the extra trips and time spent at the store. We thought we had everything under control but a
couple of jobs took longer than expected. On a Sunday we just didn’t have the man power to make up the time.
Best Regards,
Argola R***
SWA Regional Manager

To whom it may concern,
I just called Mr*** and apologized for our customer service to him on Sunday. We promised to install a premium keyless entry and charged the customer. We failed to deliver our end of the bargain even though the customer paid all of the
additional money requested. We will be refunding the additional money charged, ($104) over the initial advertised system and we will install the additional parts sold at no charge to the customer. Mr*** will be making an appointment at his convenience at which time we will refund the additional charges and install the additional parts
Argola R***
Car Toys Inc
SWA Regional Manager

12/1/took Porsche to CartoysTold salesperson wanted a new stereo with blue tooth, navigation, and new speakersNo budget limitationsShowed me a unit and said it would do all I wantedSaid the install would take hourThree hours later car is ready and I pay $as agreedWhen I tried to operate the unit at home found that the navigation feature was not operational with my IPhone and carTook it back and new salesman said I had been sold the wrong unit but that to change to a different model (actually cheaper) would be $for installationI said then Ill just cancel the entire transactionManager arrived and said, "no it was our mistake we will simply swap out the new unit for no additional charge and make it a priority" hours later went to get car and was given a bill for additional $Manager said they had some unexpected install problems and that was the chargeI reminded him of our "no additional charge " conversation and he said I was lying and it didn't

I had a backup system installed for my Fpickup and had a problem which was only apparent at times when I was near Car Toys Olympia Lead Intaller "CJ" showed me how to isolate the problem when it occurred, and quickly fixed it when this had been accomplished Hats off to CJ for Great customer service!! I would buy again from Car Toys Olympia

To Whom it May Concern,We reached out to *** *** on Monday, April 2ndShe shared with us that the install was less work than expected and felt the installation charge should be lessWe charged her $and she agreed that $was more fairWe refunded her $and she was satisfiedThis
has been resolvedSincerely,Darrell ***District Manager, Fort Worth RegionCarToys Inc

I should be able to put the remote start in your vehicle and I will do so at the price you were under the perception it would be (50% of the original install) in attempts to keep you a Car Toys customerPlease let me know when you would like to go to the Tacoma store to have this completed
Don L*** | Regional Manager

It all started when I got a stereo and wanted them to install itThe new stereo had an issue after it was installed went back to the storeThey told me I had to have subs to fix the problemI bought the subs and continued to have the issues had to take it back and pay to have it fixed againI was told the box behind it had to be hard wired to the fuse box and that it would start the amp and subs when the car startedThis fix did resolve the issue with the stereo but after that I had to go in times for replacement subs because the subs kept messing upThey did replace those under warrantyThe last time one was replaced was in marchI am now out of the one year warranty and both subs have blown againNothing Is touching the subsEither the product that I paid a lot of money for is defective or they have done something wrong with installing itThe subs blowing like this isn't normalI took my car to them because they were supposed to know what they were doingI am not stupi

Recently I took my *** *** into Car Toy’s to have a navigation and back up system installedBefore I had the installation, I talked with three techs to verify that my current DVD headrest systems would pair with the new systems, I was assured that they would pair and left my car to be servicedAfter they installed the new system I was called and informed that I had to purchase their headrest DVD’s to pair it with the new systemIf not, I would be without a DVD system
With the new information, we decided to purchase two new headrests that had dvds in themOnce the installation for the navigation system, the backup camera, and the DVD headrest was installed we picked up our vehicleWhen we went to pick the car up I was informed that they had done something wrong during the installationThey had not properly connected the system so that sound adjustment could not be made on the steering wheel, and that they had not paired the new DVD headrest that they installedThey tol

Hello My name is *** ***, I bought a Kenwood GPS / Stereo at Everett Car Toys Store, model DNX893Si paid 1865$The unit had issues right away and it was replaced at my 3rd visit to the storeunfortunately, it looks like there is a bug in the Kenwood software, if you have Android phones in the car, they "clash" with each other and do not switch properly and losing connection to the unit, which creates number of usability issuesOn my 4th visit to the store,(!) I asked to return the unit and put my factory unit back, since I cannot really use the way it supposed toSales rep: Edgar A*** told me that they refund only cost of the unit but not the laborSo, I got back only 1225$ !!!! Let alone the sales represantative had no knowledge of the unit, its features and how they should be workingWhen he was in process of selling the unit, I specifically asked about features I need, none of them worked in the unit after installation due to the issue aboveThank you ***

Please let me start by thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concernsI reached out to you by phone to gain a better understanding of your experience and gather more information to see how I can best meet your requestWhen a product is defective and we do not
have a comparable product to complete a warranty exchange with, typically we will refund laborAlthough after also discussing the interactions with the sales person involved (whom is also the store’s assistant manager) he explained a slightly different series of events that explained why he opted not refund labor in this instantNone the less, I would like to offer you two optionsWe can discuss ways to refund the labor you a requesting back or I can upgrade you to a model from Pioneer with Car Play/Android Auto if you still wish to solve the need you originally came to us forI would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss these options with you in more detailMy direct phone number is 206-626-to allow you to contact me at your convenience
I look forward to hearing from you soon
Don L***
WAS Regional Manager
Car Toys, Inc

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:The store has ammitted to giving me a refundI have a witness on june 21st who heard the agreeement of the full refund and the damages that this store caused by forc fitting automatic locks in to a car that they knew needed mazda parts in itIt broke once the store "fixed" the problemMike only offred thes parts when the more doors broke and I had a diagnostic done for the automic start which stated that the after market productI refused these parts as you didnt not provide the expected services I paid for braking yours side of the contractI can provide you with the damages and costs of the products the store installedThe store already has the diagnostic portion form mazda and expensinseI will only except the refund as it was the only resolution that the store and I came to an agreement and the damges fixed and payed for!
*** ***

To Whom It May Concern:
On 4/29 we had taken Mrs. [redacted] 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer in to perform a detailing service. Due to the fact that our install bay was to capacity with other vehicles we parked her car partially in the bay with the rear wheels on an incline. The car’s hand break was set and...

car put in gear for a period of time. While the cars was being worked on with the passenger door open multiple witnesses heard a mechanical pop and saw the car start rolling backwards where the open door caught the building and damaged the door to the point that it would not full close. We immediately went to secure a rental car to have ready for when the customer was to arrive in about 2 hours, we did not immediately notify the customer. Customer arrived at the agreed upon time and was told and shown the damage and explained that Car Toys would take care of all cost associated with getting it repaired, including rental car. Customer was understandably upset and she let us know that the rental car we got her would not work for her. She was given a ride home as we made attempts to get her a rental vehicle that would meet her needs which we were able to on Sunday 5/1. Car Toys secured a repair quote from a auto body repair shop that the customer was agreeable to and store staff submitted proper documentation to our Car Toys Corporate on 5/2 to turn over to our Insurance Company to handle the repair process.  Insurance Adjuster has been in contact with customer and car is being repaired currently. As well we have reimbursed customer for incidentals related to the incident including the cost for the original services to be performed.
Jeffrey J[redacted] | Oregon/Olympia WA. Regional Manager | CAR·TOYS Inc.

Hello Mrs. [redacted],
I believe I know where the confusion occurred. One of our company’s best practice policy’s allows us to offer the removal of this type of equipment at a 50% charge of the original installation fee. This process is none to us as taking the vehicle back to “stock”...

(uninstalling the aftermarket equipment). The 50% offer only covers the uninstallation portion of the transaction though. I do apologize for the confusion and possible misunderstanding, none the less I would like to take care of you and keep you coming back to Car Toys as customer for your future needs. Can you please provide me with the year, make and model of your new vehicle? I would like to see if I can possibly get your previously purchased remote start in for roughly the price you were expecting to pay. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you,
Don L[redacted]
WAS Regional Manager
Car Toys, Inc.

To whom it may concern,
[redacted] was contacted on 10/7/16 to discuss her concerns and requests. I (Regional Manager) provided two options to [redacted], while also giving her the opportunity to choose the location, date and time of her preference. The following two provided options would allow us to...

address all of [redacted]'s concerns and have the work performed at the preferred location, date, and time of her choosing. 
-        Option 1:  Determine the issue causing her unit to reset after powering down the vehicle with management owning the responsibility of mirroring the settings of her older unit supported with a detailed demonstration of how to operate.  -        Option 2:  Give her a full credit towards the purchase of a different unit. 
[redacted] made the decision to move forward with option 2 while having the work performed at our Baybrook Location. [redacted] will email me a day and time later today once she has made her decision. 
Best Regards,
Lupe H[redacted]HTX Regional Manager & B2BCAR•TOYS Inc. have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Sincerely, [redacted]

Regional Manager has called this customer today and have worked a deal for the customer to come back and get a new radio at a discounted price.  The customer bought the unit in June 2012 and has multiple tickets in the system for different issues.  Currently his radio output for...

steering wheel controls have gone out.  Putting in a new radio makes the steering wheel controls work right away.  Bluetooth is poor quality due to the older unit from 4 years ago.  The store has moved the microphone into multiple different locations.  The backup camera has gone bad again.  Overall this is more product related and the customer did not buy any extended warranties.  Customer is going back to the store to get a Pioneer AVH2800BT and new camera which will fix his issues and we will agree on a price that will work for the customer.  The customer is thankful we are working with him and addressing his issues to the best of our abilities.  He is scheduled to be done tomorrow.
 Jason J[redacted]| Regional Manager Southern Colorado | CAR·TOYS

To whom it may concern,
In the interest of customer service and no admittance of guilt, Car Toys would meet his claim (which he stated to me was around $650 and not the claim the $400 was sent to the halfway.  I explained to Mr. [redacted] that it would be 7 to 14 business days before he would receive his check.  He stated he would accept the proposal and the case would thus be closed.  I did a check request for Mr. [redacted] on 6/24/16 at 4:50 pm.  I called Mr. [redacted] before sending in the request to ensure his address was correct.  At this point I’m sure the check is following the due procedures and Mr. [redacted] will get his agreed upon $325.
Argola R[redacted]
Regional Manager - SWA
Car Toys

To whom it may concern,
The requested refund amount was refunded back to Mr. [redacted] credit card on November 7th, 2016. I spoke with Mr. [redacted] on November 8th, 2016 to both notify him of his refund and also to follow up on his satisfaction of the outcome.
Best Regards,
Don L[redacted]
WAS Regional Manager
Car Toys, Inc.

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