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• Jan 12, 2021

Thinking it was the official USPS site, I also dumbly added my info and was charged $79.95. After reading the other reviews, I guess they added a phone number to their website. FYI the number I called was (929)552-2970.

I called the number and the service agent initially tried to offer me the half-off "deal", but I pestered her until she cancelled the charge completely. The charge was still pending at my bank so I knew she could cancel it. I also called my bank to put the charge on hold from my side in case the company still tried to charge me.

Lesson learned: only apply for change of address through the USPS website.

• Dec 29, 2020

Terrible service
I also thought I was signing up for an address change through USPS. I should have been paying attention. This is a totally unethical company. First, you fill everything out which seems fine. At the end, it asks for your credit card information. There was nothing saying what the company was going to charge. I thought, oh, maybe the post office charges a nominal fee like $5 or $10 dollars. I knew better lol, but I still put in the information. DON'T do it if you haven't yet. This is a rotten underhanded scheme. I had to check my bank account to see what the charge was going to be. It was $79.95. I was so upset. I called the company. The agent said it was too late, it was already processed. It was barely 20 minutes into the scenario, so they do it quickly so you are at least obligated to pay something. They cut the price to $39.95 which sucks because they don't offer you anything at all. Putting your phone on the do not call list, cutting junk mail, changing your address are all free services that you can do yourself, but they pose as something they are not to hook you into paying that $39.95 and they don't care if people are angry when they call. I am definitely sure everyone who gets taken by them calls and they cut it by half and they know most will not fight it because we all know it was a mistake after the fact.

The company is named change my address and the website is : They do not provide any contact information on their site

No business address is listed on their websiteI checked contact us and about pages

The website does not have any address or phone number to provide the only way to contact them is by email

The company is named change my address and the website is :
They do not provide any contact information on their site.

The site does not tell you how much they charge until after they charge you. My daughter let me use her credit card and it needs to be refunded. The site's "contact us" doesn't even work so there is no way to get ahold of them. Something needs to be done.

Hello,Unfortunately the company does not provide an address or telephone number for people to contact them at, conveniently. When you click on the "Contact us" it leads to a form to send a message.

I too used this site thinking it was the USPS. I was lead to believe that I would only be charged $1 for a charge, however, my card was charged $39.95. I have put a dispute into my bank for the charge and I am requesting a full refund of the money. Either way, the money will not go through on my card, sorry. I am demanding a refund.

Review: I was trying to change my address. I thought I was going through the USPS website but I went through this company and was charged $39.95. I have been trying to cancel my order. The website says "no-questions-asked refund is available if you are not satisfied with your order." I am unable to get ahold of this company. There is no number listed and they are not responding when I enter info in the "contact us" section.

Review: Company charged my card 39.95 to change my address. No where does it state on website about charging this much money. It shows it costing 1$. Still have not received any mail from old address. It is a scam of the USPS.Desired Settlement: Trying to receive my money back for the services. A complete refund of $39.95.

Review: I did a Google search for "post office address change" and clicked on this site thinking that it was the official USPS website as it was the very first site that popped up. Upon completing the change form on this fraudulent website I felt uneasy as they had asked me for my credit card info but like I said never gave me the amount of the fee. This caused me to do a Google search on the site. I found that there have been many complaints about this very site.

This site charged me $39.95 to process an address change without advance notice of the amount of the fee. Being that I was led to believe that I was looking at the official USPS website I was under the impression that I would be charged $1.00 (the fee the USPS charges). It is absolutely unacceptable for a company to charge a fee to a persons credit card without telling them the amount.Desired Settlement: This company should provide a full refund of the unauthorized charge of $39.95

Review: I tried to change my address and searched usps address change in google. This website was deceptively similar to the USPS website. While USPS charges 1$ for the address change, I was charged 39.95$ through this website. The website while processing this address change did not mention that it is a privately owned website charging 39.95 for their service. The only place I could find this charge explained was in the terms and conditions as a fine print. This charge was never mentioned before submitting the payment. There was no follow up email or receipt explaining this charge. The only way I found out was after the money was deducted from my account.Desired Settlement: The company refunds my money and puts a disclaimer on its website and clearly mentions the charge for future customers who unknowingly fall prey to this false advertisement and end up losing money for no certain benefit.

Review: The company intentionally misleads and used very fine print to state the $39.95 charge that will be charged to my account. I mistook the company for the real USPS website and entered my card information. I know that the USPS only charges $1.05 so when I noticed that my bank account was missing more money than it should I found out that I had been mislead. While trying to determine how to contact them to cancel the "service," no phone number is listed on the website. The only option for contacting them is to either email or mail them. Why isn't a phone number listed? This is unacceptable and very misleading. I have yet to get a reply from them.Desired Settlement: I would like my money back ($39.95) and removal of my personal and credit card information from this site.

Review: This company scammed me into thinking they were the USPS and charged me $39.95 to change my address.Desired Settlement: I want my $39.95

Review: to a website that claims to charge $1.05 (same as USPS) to change address. It purposely uses wording to make it seem like an official USPS site, even though it provides some wording saying it is a private company. This is not clear since it is hidden in tiny print and should be "plastered" just as it shouts USPS name and terminology in large letters.Also, the $1.05 that it was to charge (making it seem more like the USPS) turned out to be $39.95. When the company was contacted (using their "contact form" all the mails were returned as undelivered. There is no way to contact the company. Also, the actual change of address confirmation had the wrong address, which is why I was trying to contact them. Only then did I check the internet and found out about the scamming. I have contacted my credit card company and cancelled the credit card and they will deny payment of the charge.Desired Settlement: Payment of fraudulent charge denied.

Review: On 11/24/14 I searched the internet for USPS and selected what I believed to be the USPS. I ended up with "Change My Postal Address". I followed with ordering, including offering three different charge cards before they accepted one. They responded "Your address change request is confirmed. A confirmation has been sent to your supplied email address" I have not received anything. I have since tried to contact them through their "Contact Us" email system and have not received anything although they followed the request with "Thank you for your communication. A representative will reply to your message shortly." Their contract states that "All sales are guaranteed and a no-questions-asked refund is available if you are not satisfied with your order." I am certainly not satisfied! Their charge ($39.95) has been posted on my charge card. I am also concerned that they have information on three charge cards!Desired Settlement: I hope that I am not a victim of fraudulent activity. I would like a no-questions-ask refund as stated in their contract. Thank you

Review: Went to this website on accident thinking I was at to change my address. The cost of the service isn't clear-only listed down at the bottom in fine print (i assumed the usual 1.05 for change of address service). A couple of hours later a charge for 39.95 showed up on my bank acct. Their website says that they offer a no questions asked refund. There is no number listed on their website, I used the "contact us" page to attempt an email and emails dont go through. I googled this company and found others complaining who had a phone number so I called-the lady on the phone did confirm that I called the correct number. She claims that she cannot find my transaction so got my email address for someone to contact me in a few days. Waiting to hear from someone.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund from the company for 39.95.

Review: The website does not explicitly communicate it's charge of $39.95 for a service you would assume is about a dollar. I have reached out to the company, which only has an email form for customer complaints, and am awaiting response. I did this immediately after submitting the payment, in order to halt the services. I am making this complaint as a safe measure in case funds are removed from my debit account.Desired Settlement: At this point I do not think funds have been removed yet. I'm assuming my complaint to the company will not be received in time to stop this transaction. I have listed the scenarios I would like to see below:1. (if process hasn't started yet) Cancellation of my transaction without debiting any funds2. (if funds are removed) Refunding of any charges from this company

Review: I googled "USPS address change". The first result is You enter all of your contact and payment information first, then the disclaimer says this site is not affiliated with the USPS. They never tell you that you will be charged $39.95 for the service. The charge showed up on my credit card with a phone number, but there is not a contact number on the website. I called and was able to cancel the service and got a refund. It is misleading and very overpriced. The USPS charges $1.05 for the same service.Desired Settlement: I think this website should not be allowed to be the top result in a USPS search, should have to state more clearly that they are not affiliated with the USPS, and should have to state how much the service will be more clearly and allow customers to review the charge before submitting the order.

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