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Delmarva Power Reviews (645) I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11441878, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I received bill from Delmarva on May It does not address the issue that goes back all the way to March of although I was paying the bills with only estimated readings until the end of That is when I stopped paying because I couldn't get any answers to the past billsAfter trying to understand the bill just received, I am just as confused as everI faxed notebook size papers with multiple meter readings & paper with production readings from solar company from the day it was turned onReadings on past Delmarva bills & production readings -when compared to each other-doesn't seem to compute There was no credit given with the recent bill, but the bill was increased plus a late fee addedI can not accept that the complaint has been resolved Sincerely,

Customer filed a complaint with the Delaware Public Service Commission (DEPSC) on November and was disconnected for non-payment on 11/at 11:am in error prior to contact from DPLThe service was reconnected at 1:pm the same day DPL has responded to the complaint MR [redacted] filed with the Delaware Public Service Commission (DEPSC) on 11/and our position remains the sameI called customer on 11/and left several messages to return my call on the phone numbers he provided in his complaint Mr [redacted] returned my call later in the day and left a voice mail message to return his callI spoke with Mr [redacted] on 11/13, customer has an initial deposit of $is on hand from February 2012, I explained to customer that the additional deposit assessed on August of $is warranted due to the delinquency of the account and cannot be waivedCustomer's increased deposit amount is based on months of the customer’s average bill of $per month, which is how the deposit is calculated The calculation and assessment of the deposit is in accordance with DPL's tariff which is approved by our state regulator the DEPSC The account has had disconnect notices from June to October Our records indicate that on July 1, [redacted] called in to Customer Service regarding the disconnect notice received with a disconnect date of on or after July Customer was offered a month payment arrangement with an initial payment of $by July and installments of $in addition to the current bill to avoid any further collection activity to start with is next billCustomer accepted the offer and paid $on July Customer was advised his next meter read for the new bill was on July Customer's payment arrangement had broken by August due to lack of payment DPL did not receive another payment until September for $ Mr [redacted] is stated he was the new owner of the restaurant and stated the previous owners did not pay DPL records indicate Mr [redacted] is listed as an Associate to this account as far back as 2/ If there is new ownership of the restaurant, the new owner is required to request to activate a new accountI advised Mr [redacted] that DPL is willing accept a payment of $by 11/to avoid any further collection activity, the amount of $ will be applied to his outstanding deposit and $will be applied to his $balance, then the remaining balance can be set on an extended month payment arrangement of $ Mr [redacted] stated DPL must accept his terms or else he will be going to the media I advised Mr [redacted] , I would submit his claim for reimbursement for his loss of business to our Claims Department for review The Claims department has opened a claim, an adjuster will investigate his claim and contact customer

This is a MD customer I have reviewed Ms [redacted] ’s case file In March Ms [redacted] paid a $security deposit That deposit was reviewed for possible refund and was credited back to her electric account on March 24, in accordance with COMAR Refund of Deposits The $credit satisfied Ms [redacted] ’s March electric charges of $leaving her with a credit balance of $258.07-

Deposit refund check for $was mailed out 5/2/to final bill address of [redacted] *** and was returned to DPL for insufficient address On 5/we left a message for [redacted] advising him the refund check was returned and to please call us on 6/he called and we corrected the mailing address ( [redacted] *** [redacted] ***) and the check was remailed [redacted] hasn't contact DPL since that time

I have reviewed Ms***’s case file Ms [redacted] moved into Powder Way on 3/30/ She was assessed a security deposit of $at the time of the transfer due to an unsatisfactory payment rating on her prior account She was not informed of the deposit at the time of her service request because she applied online; however, the deposit printed on the first bill, which was issued on 4/30/(see attached) Deposits are billed in accordance with our Tariff, which can be found via our website at Deposits are address specific and based on a two-month average bill Residential deposits are reviewed annually from the paid in full date, and is eligible for refund once a satisfactory payment history has been established, which is consecutive on-time payments Deposits on delinquent accounts are also reviewed and can be increased if they no longer represent a two-month average In Ms***’s case, the deposit was reviewed in Nov after the fifth disconnect notice in months The $deposit was deemed insufficient and was increased by $to $ Ms [redacted] currently owes a total balance $ Although we are unable to waive the $deposit, we can work with her on establishing a payment arrangement

I have reviewed Ms [redacted] ’s case file referenced aboveMs [redacted] was billed a deposit of $525, October, due to the delinquency of her accountOur records indicate Ms [redacted] spoke with a CSR on October 27, who waived the deposit as a onetime only deposit waiver Customer was delinquent again in November and December, which generated another disconnect notice and assessed another deposit of $due to the delinquency of her accountThe assessment of a security deposit is in compliance with the MD Public Service Commission, COMAR, Ms [redacted] has had disconnect notices generated between July and DecemberPrior to DPl’s new billing system, this process was done manually, with our new billing system if a customer receives or more disconnect notices within a month period, they will be assessed a security deposit if there is no deposit on the account If the customer has a deposit on the account and their consumption history is higher than it was when they were initially billed a deposit the deposit will be increased and an additional amount will be assessed due the increase in the consumptionMs [redacted] ’s, security deposit has been set on a month installment plan of $per month in addition to the current bill on January 18, The deposit will be refunded to the customer, once the she has paid her balance down to zero and makes consecutive on time payments each month by paying the balance due in full by the due dateI left a message today with a gentleman for Ms [redacted] to return my call to my direct phone# [redacted] ***

Customers are billed once a monthIf they have an outstanding balance a customer may be required to make an initial payment to establish an installment plan on their delinquent balanceIf a bill generates shortly after the initial payment and the establishment of an installment plan the due date may fall within the same monthBills have a due date of days after the invoice has generatedOur records show a payment arrangement was established on the customers utility balance on 07/Records show that arrangement was cancelled on 08/due to representative errorAnother arrangement was established on 08- on both the utility and deposit accountThe September bill generated September 1st and should have been due on September 22ndThe bill was mailed late extending the due date until October 5thThe September payment posted October 6thThe next meter reading was October 1st and the bill generated October 6th and giving a due date of October 26thWe have not received a payment for the October billv

Mr [redacted] previously had service with Delmarva Power at Village Circle #A in Newark, Delaware under account number [redacted] When service ended at that location on September 1, there was an outstanding balance of $left on the account Mr [redacted] then requested service at [redacted] , Maryland Service was granted in his name at the new location and the outstanding balance of $from his prior account was transferred to his current account and placed on a month payment arrangement The payment arrangement cancelled due to the terms of the agreement were not maintained Mr [redacted] then contacted DPL and advised that he had been making payments using his old account number The payments were applied to the old account and had previously showed as a credit Prior to the request being completed to have the payments applied to his current account the system automatically refunded the credit balance from his payments that were made on his DPL Delaware account as a result of the newly implemented billing enhancement No debits or credits can be automatically transferred from a DPL Delaware account to a DPL Maryland account As a result the overpayments made to the DPL - DE account were refunded to Mr [redacted] I have attached a statement of both account to reflect all charges, payments and refunds processed on the accounts.Tell us why here

Customer has had past due notices sent in the past monthsThere have also been broken payment arrangements during this timeDelmarva Power is able to bill a security deposit due to unsatisfactory payment history with the companyWhile the deposit cannot be waived, Delmarva Power can offer a month payment arrangement on the balance with a payment of There is no current disconnect notice on the account

As of 09/21/the customer had a balance of $A final notice was mailed to her on 09/23/for the past due amount of $Due to the customer having had four installment plans in months that cancelled, she was advised a payment of $was needed to stop the disconnect of service establish another installment planOn 10/10/she paid $380.00, she paid $initially and the remaining $later in the dayWhen the customer made the second payment for $and called to establish the installment plan the plan was set up using the $as the initial payment not $making the installment plan $for four months with a final payment of $for a total of $Once the payment of $posted to the account the payments needed to pay the account in full was reduced to three months instead of six months A payment $is due with the October bill, $due with the November bill and the final payment due with the December bill would be $108.46, totaling $The customer is entitled to a six month arrangement so she may call the call center to reset the arrangement to be paid over the six monthsThat would reduce the monthly installments to approximately $per month in addition to her current bill I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below While the issue has been resolved, their statement that they told me I would need to send in documentation on the 2nd of November is falseI spoke with a representative who told me the issue would be resolved without further documentation being needed, only to call in on a later date with another rep telling me that they had no record of any such conversation happeningThis is what has upset me more than the months it's taken to get $transferred between two accounts both under my name, and while I no longer need remediation for that payment, I don't appreciate my utility company, the only choice I have for that matter if I want to use electricity in my apartment, trying to gaslight me into thinking they didn't lie to me for months and thinking they don't have to offer some kind of remediation as any other business would offer like a voucher or discount Regards, [redacted] ***

A request has been sent to our credit department to trace how many refund checks were sent and cashedIf confirmation is received only one refund check cashed, balance will be removed

10/12/ - I have reviewed Ms [redacted] ’s filing Records show she called on 8/29/requesting a disconnect of service as of 8/31/ Service was disconnected as requested on 8/31/16; however, we received a call from a woman identifying herself as [redacted] saying that service should not be off and that the original caller on 8/29/was not [redacted] Once we confirmed identifying information from the 8/31/caller we issued an order to reconnect the services The electric and gas service was again disconnected at customer request on 9/27/ Ms [redacted] ’s balance as of 8/23/was $ Her final charges from 8/24/through 9/27/were $ A $deposit was credited to her final bill and the total balance due is $ Delmarva Power is very concerned about our customer’s personal information and takes all necessary measures to ensure this information is protected When a customer calls us we also ask them to verify specific information, such as account number, social security number, and address to verify their identification Customers must also take proper precautions and protect their personal information from others While we regret this situation happened, Ms [redacted] is responsible to safeguard her personal information and accounts [redacted]

Contractor that did gas work for DPL has completed repairs Usually, repairs are done once the entire job is completed

Per the DE Tariff, Delmarva Power can require a cash deposit for an existing customer until satisfactory credit is establishedI have attached a copy of the tariff regulation as well as the two prior disconnection notices that Ms [redacted] received prior to the deposit being assessed on the account Our records indicate that the account had only been paid in full by the due date once in the twelve months prior to the deposit being assessed on the account The service does not need to be physically disconnected in order for DPL to assess a security deposit on the account The disconnection notices states that there will be a reconnection fee charged if the service is physically disconnected It states that a deposit may be assessed or increased Based on the review of the payment history on the account, the deposit is warranted and will not be waived In the event Ms [redacted] cannot pay the deposit in full she does have the option to request to pay it over three installments

Delmarva Power Call Center Representatives are required to verify information when receiving a call from a customer to insure they are speaking with the party responsible for the accountThis can be the customer of record or an associate on the accountInformation about a customers account is confidential and should not be shared or dicussed with anyone other than the customer of record or an associate customerShould someone other than the customer of record wish to be able to call for information or discuss options for payment their name may added to the acountA review of the account shows three payment arrangements have been established on the accountThe dates the payment arrangements were established are 09/15/15, 12/29/and 4/28/Our records indicate the customer of record called on 4/28/to establish the payment arrangmentUnfortunately, there is no documentation confirming the customer of record was the party that made the arrangements in This will be investigated and coaching will be provided if needed I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below roblem: Since May of 2016, I have been asking Delmarva to put my account on a payment plan, and each time the rep claimed that they had and it was taken care ofI have spoken to several reps about this, and each time my request was ignoredI have been cut off, hung up on, and ignored in this matter for months nowNow Delmarva claims that my account is past due, due to their errorThe second I received a notice that the power was going to be disconnected, I called Delmarva and they refused to speak to me about my accountThey hung up on meI continued to pay my bill for the monthSoon after, I received a notice on the door that the power was going to be shut off unless a payment was made, even though I had just made oneThe notice said in order to prevent disconnection, to call the number listedI called the number as instructed, made arrangements, and about an hour later my power was still disconnectedNow Delmarva claims they cannot reconnect my power with out another $payment that I cannot afford, even though their mistake put me in this situationIf Delmarva had listened to me when I requested a payment plan, this would have never happenedThey have the most horrendous customer service I have ever had to deal withI have never spoken to a company that had so little interest in helping or keeping their customersTranslate Desired Resolution / Outcome Desired Resolution: Refund select Desired Outcome: I would like a refund of the $reconnection fee and an apology from Delmarva regarding the terrible customer service and lack of customer support

Ms [redacted] owes a prior balance of $and has been aware of this balance for many years In the DE State Service Center assisted her with the bill and paid $on the original balance of $ Our records also show in September she was advised again of the $balance when she called Delmarva Power asking about the balance owed Although she been aware of the balance owed for many years, she has made no attempt to pay on her outstanding balance This balance represents regulated charges that were billed to her for services she used in accordance with our Tariff As regulated charges they are due and will not be forgiven; however, we will accept 50% of the balance $in order to grant new service and then offer her a month arrangement on the remaining $

A review of Ms [redacted] account has been conductedAn adjustment has been made on her account removing all charges billed to her I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowThe company's answer does not respond to why the bill was incorrect Why did the bill indicate that there was a balance but that I still owed on the accoutn Finally, I have a dollar credit on the accoutn because I paid ahead Regards,

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