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Unauthorized charges
I received a call from Direct Fairways for advertising at San Juan Oaks golf course in town. Nice discussion I said I had no need of there service I thanked them for the call.
After looking over billing in July I find that they had billed me in February for $400.
I called the company this morning after an e-mail I sent to them yesterday. They returned the email and strangely enough added an art request. In the call they said I had authorized a charge to my credit card on my wife's credit card number from my phone.
When I said this charge was not authorized they would listen. They took the money did nothing to earn it and now sent me an art request to clean up their mess.

Lie, Lie, Lie
This is my final email to Nicole Souders after they charged my credit card for $750.00 without authorization.

Please see the attached six (6) pages of emails for my account. Page 1- On Monday, July 23, 2018 I requested the scorecard advertising was for two years. Page 3 – see Invoice #52205 with the notation – Scorecard Advertisement Two Years for $375 and Balance Due $0.00. Page 4 – On Tuesday, January 29, 2019 I paid Invoice #58052 for $750.00. This is an error, since I had paid for two years on July 23, 2018. Then in February 2020 I received a call from Ryan Chapman wanting a payment for $750.00 for 2020 advertising. I explained I was retiring in May and did not want to renew. Page 5 - Ryan said, I had committed to two years. He said, he would cut the cost to $375.00. Page 6 - I paid Invoice #79357 for $375.00. Then in looking at my credit card Statement I see a charge for $750.00 to Direct Fairways on April 9, 2020

The April 9, 2020 charge was not authorized. ($750.00)

Invoice 52205 was payment for two years, Invoice #58052 for $750 was paid in error (I should never have been billed $750.00).

On February 7, 2020 I was told I had committed to two years – Yes, I did in July, 2018 for 2018 and 2019. But, I appears, Ryan Chapman, misrepresented my commitment for 2020 advertising. I stated I didn’t want to renew my advertising in 2020 due to my pending retirement. ( I should not have been pressured in to paying the $375.00.)

This is what I figure I am owed - $750.00 on April 9, 2020, $375.00 on February 5, 2020 and $750.00 on January 29, 2019 for a total $1,875.00 refund due. Please let me know how you will be remitting.

Thank you,

Direct Fairways...Horrible! An absolute rip-off. I was told it was $750 to advertise but I was charged over $2300...for nothing! If anyone would like to start a class action lawsuit, please contact me 989-387-9456. I am meeting with an attorney next week to see how to proceed. They are simply terrible people.

Received the woodcreek yardage book in the mail was very pleased on how my ad turned out Thank you art department for my new design

I received a call from Direct Fairways on or around January 16, stating they would advertise my business on [redacted] golf scorecards for $My husband and I did the math and agreed to advertise with the companyWe received another call on or around January 18th, stating that they would upgrade me to a larger marketing platform of which I'd be the only business advertised for years for an additional $I said no stating that I needed to go over my marketing budget with my husbandThe representative on the phone said how about we go ahead and lock you into this offer since it expires after today and that if I didn't want to proceed I can call back and cancelI was in a hurry for an appointment so I said okayThey immediately sent me an updated contract by email and charged my for the upgradeI called back within the next day or two, on or around January 20th, to cancel the upgrade and had to leave a voicemailToday is February 15th, and I never received a call backI have called back several times within this period of time, each time leaving a voicemail and still have not received a call back I had also sent communications to their art department for the original contract on the scorecards stating that I did not want to upgradeThey were supposed to email a proof back to me regarding the art within 7-business daysTo date, it had been days and I have still not received any proofs As a result of not receiving any callbacks or proof of my artwork, I emailed the reservations department stating: HelloI have tried calling several times to deny the upgrade for this ad and have had no return contactIt is interesting that anytime I called prior to making any payments I got call backs immediately but now that I am trying to get refunded for a service that I do not want, nobody will contact me backI am emailing in an attempt to resolve this matterFurthermore, since I am not getting the service one should expect from making a total of $purchase, I wish to cancel all contractsThe verbal agreement was that if I did not want to take up the offer I could call and cancelI appreciate your prompt assistance in contacting me regarding this matter I finally received an email back 2/15/from them simply stating: Hi Melissa, What is the reason for not wanting to move forward with the upgraded spot? Thanks I sent an email back stating why I did not want to upgrade and again requesting a cancellation of all contracts and requested a refund for the $they charged me for and am awaiting a reply From the reviews I have read and the statement listed on the website, it seems that Direct Fairways has not eliminated this pattern of complaints as they apparently agreed with as stated: PATTERN OF COMPLAINT & ALERT files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning contract and refund/exchange issuesComplainants allege that the business does not honor contracts by failing to provide services that have been paid for in a timely manner as promisedComplainants also allege difficulty in making contact with the business after payment for servicesThe business has cooperated with and answered or resolved all complaints on file, and has also signed an agreement to eliminate the pattern of complaints

• Dec 21, 2019

[redacted] sold me an ad spot for our company for the yardage card at a local golf courseI knew that our advertising wouldn't be displayed yet, but I wanted to see an exampleWhen I went in, I was told that the yardage cards weren't even displayed because some of the advertising on them wasn't okay with the golf courseI have been in contact with ***, and employee of [redacted] and he has avoided me and my questions, hasn't tried to help in any way to resolve the frustrationI've done more research and wasted more of my own time on trying to make sure the money I spent isn't just being thrown awayWhen I asked to speak with someone else, [redacted] had his assistant call meWhen I asked to speak to someone else, his assistant told me there was no one elseNow they keep trying to offer me things that they can't even fulfillI just want my money back and to never have to deal with this company ever againI have text threads where I haven't received a response until I messa

We have two companies, with all phone lines to both companies coming in to the same main officeAfter receiving multiple calls to both companies from Direct Fairways, and letting them know each time that we were not interested in advertising, I finally began asking them to take us off our call listThe calls still keep comingSometimes five or six in a single dayLast week, I asked a gentleman why he was calling, since we are on their "do not call list", he told me that he couldn't SEE that we were on the do not call list unless he hovered over our numberAnd since MY employee had called HIM, and given him this number, he hadn't bothered to hover over itI told him my employee wouldn't have called him out the blue, requesting their serviceHe told me YES, she had called him, and he had her cell number to prove itAfter discussing with the employee, it came to light that, Direct Fairways had somehow gotten ahold of the company mobile number that she carriesAfter missing two calls within two minutes from them, she assumed it was a customer, and called backNot knowing the situation, she told him she had no authority to make decisions, and that he should call the main officeSo yes, she did call him, but ONLY because he called her firstHe grossly misrepresented the situation to me All of this has been going on for several months, and we just received another call today (9/6/17)

• Dec 04, 2019

See email string below between myself the Direct Fairways rep “Karl S [redacted] 480-389-Karl has stopped replying to my inquires I was cold called by direct fairways and they offered to put the logo and advertising on the scoresheets of Miracle Hills Golf Course that is situated right next to my restaurant After I paid them $over the phone they contacted me and said they only do business with Milts Driving Range and par course and Lake Ridge both of which are too far away and not very nice golf coursesMilts is really not a golf course See exchange below Karl S [redacted] < [redacted] > Dec 7, 2018, 10:AM to me Dan-- It was nice speaking to you...Check out the attachment below and I'll call you back around to go over everything:) Thank you, Karl (***) ***- [redacted] Attachments area Preview attachment ScoreCard Ex 1.PNG ScoreCard Ex 1.PNG Reply Forward Dan O' [redacted] < [redacted] &g

• Nov 29, 2019

I wrote a review, and hopefully you can read that for a detailed description I would have copied and pasted had I known I needed to post it twice Basically, they do not follow through on their contract They made a money back guarantee that I would receive not only calls, but at least enough business to pay for the ad I received no calls for approx the first year I went to the golf course to inquire about the ad in their brochure The pro-shop had no clue as to what I was talking about, but finally went to a cabinet and pulled out the brochures They said, "they don't leave them out because they get so few of them." I have tried to talk to Direct Fairways about this several times, but they are very difficult to reach I called [redacted] *** golf course, but the person who placed the ads no longer worked there, and the manager refused to speak with me I had a lawyer write them a demand letter concerning the money back guarantee They have not responded in any way Thi

• Nov 29, 2019

This company presented information at the time of saleAt the time of sale, the ad product was presented as a bi-fold piece with a top right and bottom left position leftBased on that fact and the demonstration presented in the email we decided to place the adA week later another individual called and said; "another top line advertiser-backed out and they wanted to present us with a premium position." At first, the deal sounded good and I pursued it further But after some time to think about the situation in its entirety, I decided to back outThe entire situation was rushed from the onset and after multiple conversations and statements like; "he didn't know what he was talking about when he presented the bifold option," I concluded it very much felt like a bait and switch tactic I have never given them art to place the ad and they indicated they would just grab something off our websiteI did not give the permission to do thisOn multiple occasions, I told the s

• Nov 19, 2019

I have repeatedly tried to get a hold of *** His ad was produced and sent to the course a while ago I do not know who he spoke to at the course, but they gave him misinformation His ad was published, as promised and we sent him a hard copy in addition to an email containing a pdf of the page he was on in the book Thanks, James

• Nov 10, 2019

My company was promised by Direct Fairways to have an ad featuring our products on the Joliet Country club scorecards for golfers to see as they kept score of their game From June 25th until July 13th I received no return calls or emails from the sales representative, Janae, or anyone else after numerous attempts to reach them because my ad was not ready when promised Finally on July 17th I talked to Golden C [redacted] at Direct Fairways and had the golf course on a three way call and I'm told that the ad will NOT be on the score cards as promised but instead on some other brochure The ad proof was emailed to the golf course, which was then emailed to me The ad proof which was "ready to go" per the email I have from a man named James, doesn't even have the ad that I paid $in it I was also shocked to see another jewelers ad in the book when I was told we would be exclusive, being the only jeweler in it That statement has also proven to be false Also, this ad was supp

• Oct 31, 2019

We're a small company of years strong, and simply, always do what's right for our customers We are a seasonal business that moves with the storms, never knowing when or where we will be at any given time We were contacted by Direct Fairways to advertise with them on a local golfcourse in our (at the time) current area After over a two dozen calls, texts, and emails, they finally convinced us to advertise on the Pebble Creek golf course, promising that the ad would come out before and during our hail season months They knew it was pointless for us to run any ads after the hail seasonThey soon called us back making more promises if we would run an additional ad at half price, for the second portion of the course The first ad was for $and the second was $350.00, for a grand total of $ The $ad came out approximately months late, after the hail storm season, and after we had already left the area( It was also printed in the wrong location of the score

• Oct 29, 2019

They said that they were going to advertise my company but after they received my money nothing has happened and they will not return phone calls or emails I would like to get a refund

They won't stop callingThey don't know the difference between the city golf course and Augusta NationalsWhen I asked to be removed from the call list the sales person laughed

I paid for advertising in May of this year and it still hasnt been sent to printI requested a refund and was told there is a 24hr cancellation policyI guess they can just delay my add forever and I cant get a refund? In my eyes Direct Fairways is in breach of contract and running a scamMy type of services are typically utilized in June/July when the add was supposed to printNo one wants pressure washing to be done in the winterSo for now I cant get a refundSave your moneyI am also filing a complaint with

• Oct 20, 2019

Direct Fairways charged me for goods and services I didn't accept and that weren't delivered as agreed 3/29/The representative from Direct Fairways contact my business by phone and offered to do an advertisement for one year at [redacted] and said it will go in the printing at the end of the June The sales person told me the quantity of prints and said that all members of [redacted] will receive the guide of the country club with advertisement complimentaryThe sale person gave me more information by phone and charged my credit cardAfter receiving the contract later, I couldn’t find the details what I have been told on the phone in the contract and I wasn’t happy about it 4/3/The sales representative from Direct Fairways contacted me again and offered 2-year advertisement at Windyke country clubThe sales representative was hurrying me up to reserve the spotI told him that I will not agree without seeing the contractI reject the offer withou

I too have been swindled by this company! I paid just about $1,for my business to be listed in their yardage booksEach time I emailed them for a copy of the yardage books, they assured me it was in the mail...still waiting 3-months laterAfter attempting many times to get in touch with these THIEVES I still have received nothing...And, after trying to find out if I was listed at the golf course they proposed, there was nothing in my name at all!!! I have a hard time believing the positive reviews??? Once they called me for the first golf course, at $for advertising...they called several days later saying they would give me two years for the same price as onePLEASE Do no fall for these LIARS! Does the even look into this stuff? Why after all these negative postings they are still in business? They STEAL!

• Oct 14, 2019

I was contacted by Direct Fairways to place an ad on the score cards for The [redacted] Course in Sherrill, NYI called the golf course to confirm it was a legit solicit and spoke with Ruth at the courseRuth verified that the course is buying score cards from this companyI went ahead and placed the adI received a receipt via emailMy initial phone contacts with Direct Fairways was Stephanie, then Cory, and Cory sealed the deal on the adAfter I placed the ad and my credit card was charged, I was contacted by Matt to upgrade my ad about 4-days laterAfter a persuasive conversation, I agreed to upgradeAfter I agreed, I called Ruth to verify that again this was legit because Matt stated the score cards were upgraded by the golf course to a tri-fold score cardRuth stated she did not upgrade and would only ever obtain a bi-fold score card for the courseRuth asked me who I spoke with and I couldn't remember at the momentShe asked me if it was Collin and I wasn'

I received a call yesterday from a company called "Direct Link Corporation" aka "Direct Fairways." They said that they were looking for a new, exclusive Realtor to feature in all the local golf course's newsletters because they had received several complaints about the existing Realtor's service and no longer were going to allow sub-par service for their high-end clients. Ya right is what I was thinking. Anyway, I did what I usually do for sales calls and requested that they email me their information and I would get back to them when I could. They did email me and the sample newsletter looked like something my 12 year old could create so obviously I had no interest.
Today, they have called me over and over. Finally, I answered and told them, first of all, their price was too high ($3,495/year) and, second, their newsletter wasn't professional looking so I didn't want to be part of it. "Mike" then said he could reduce the price to $1,580/year and that what he sent me was just an example, but the real newsletter was really nice because all their staff has been to college for design. I told him to send me the real newsletter and then I would decide. Instead he had "Josh" from their "art department" call me. Josh was yelling "shut up!" to someone in the background when I answered. Super professional...He then said Mike said I had some questions for him. I told him I wanted to see an example of the newsletter. He asked if I had been sent the July one. I told him I had but that the sales rep told me it was just an example, not what the real newsletter looks like, and I wanted to see the real one since the example was hideous. He snapped back "That's our newsletter. If you don't like it, you don't have to be in it." Thank you, sir, for confirming exactly what I was already thinking - this is nothing but a scam.

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