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Emmy Pentycofe Photography

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Dear Customer, We are very sorry to hear about your disappointment with our services.The price you were given at the beginning was an estimate based on statistics data that we have and previous shipments done by carriersUnfortunately we are not able to influence the end price since it is based on an offer of a specific carrier who is ready to move your vehicle, only thing we can do is accept the offer or decline it and continue waiting for an available carrier with original priceWe represent your shipping needs to carriers and fight hard to achieve the best pricing resultOur manager [redacted] did his best to stay in contact with you and your every call was answeredOnce again we apologize for your negative experience and hope we could do business in future

We are really sorry to hear about that.We got in touch with client immediately and did our best to resolve this matterWe have checked our records and we see that you've signed a contract with our company for $all includedYou indicated that the first available pick up day should be Dec 19thOur sales agent after numerous attempts managed to assign a carrier for $The driver supposed to pick up your vehicle on Dec 19th as we agreed onAnd according to the contract if the driver is assigned to the order any cancellations lead to $cancellation fee, since we have to confirm the load to the driverWe regret that process of transporting your vehicle was disappointing At this point we already cancelled your order and canceled authorization of $70, you should see funds unblocked in full amount within next few daysAlso we really hate to leave our clients unhappy so if there is a way how we can settle this misunderstanding, please let us know.Best Regards, team

Dear ***,We are very sorry for this situation and for misunderstanding with the carrier companyYou manager Juliya did her best to assign the driver for you, she spent a huge amount of time trying to find the carrier for your orderDriver who took your order said that your vehicle would be
picked up and delivered within suitable time frames for youWe understand we caused problems for you, but Julia called to the driver every day and heard the sameIt was a big surprise for us too that the car was not picked up! We will never work with this carrier company again and we put a negative review, because we never treat our customers this way.We are very sorry that you are not our customerIf you decide to do business with our company we will be happy to help You!

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: 1) By asking me to wait patiently for weeks without scheduling a driver, they took away my opportunity to go with their competitorsThen with less than one week before my move date, I was then told the going rate had increased by 15%If they were an honest company and felt sorry for the "unexpected" price hike, they could have helped offset that increase with some of their commission or at least informed me of the going rate much earlier in advance2) This company makes it sound like all companies in this industry wait until a week before the move date to schedule drivers for customersIn reality, the reason why they have trouble scheduling drivers in advance is because their offer prices are much too lowUnfortunately, they are not up front with customers about this to lure them inOne would expect a business would honor their advertised/quoted price - but this business does not and takes advantage of the time sensitive nature of customers long distance moves3) The business said they would waive the company fee next time, but did not define what the company fee is and what it is worth in dollarsThey should refund me half this dollar amount and then provide the other half should I decide to use their business again.Regards,
** **

Complaint: ***
I am
rejecting this response because: The keys have been lost since 7/29/today is 8/8/more than a month has past and I have only received the same response "we are working on it" To resolve this matter it requires a check in the amount of dollars so that I can purchase new keys
*** ***

Hello, we apologise for the inconvenience, our manager will contact you shortly to resolve this situation.Best team

Hello, Mr***. We are really sorry for the inconvenience, To assign a driver, who will deliver your car fast and safe we do a lot of actions, contact several dozen carriers, check for feedback and insuranceBut not everything depends on us, the driver, from his side can agree to do the job,
but, then cancel the deal due to his circumstanceIn this situation we have no other option then find another driver as soon as possibleThe second driver might ask for more money for the same jobWe never push our customers to make a decision towards more expensive option, and do our best to find the most convenient way to move a vehicle. Best Regards, team

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
*** ***

Hello, ***We always try to find the best and the cheapest possible carrier company for youWe take responsibility for the contract, according to which we have business days to assign the driver for youWe always try to do our best hereCarriers rejected the original price and one of the options that day was to go with the driver for the 250$ higherIt was the only option on the day you need your car shippedRespectfully, *** *** MoveWheels

Hello, Mr***.At this point, we explained the situation from our side and have no additional informationPlease help me to find a way to resolve this issue.Best Regards,***

Hello Ms ***,We apologize for the inconvenience. The driver that was originally assigned to deliver your load canceled the deal with us due to some unknown reasonThere was nothing that your manager could do. We use most innovative monitoring software to find carriers who can be in
the area and agree to move your load to provide this information to you immediately Your shipping agent offered you next best option on the market Since you refused all our offers we were not able to assign you a driver and had to close the deal.Best regards,*** Team

Hello, ***! Thank you for getting in touch with us through! We want to confirm that *** placed an order with our company to transport three vehicles from ** to **In our contracts we always indicate that prices are a subject to change and to be confirmed by the carrier
Unfortunately, driver that was assigned to the order was not able to pick up the vehicles, so we offered another option to our clientPrice was confirmed prior to pick up and we have a signed contract with *** *** for $Vehicles were picked up and delivered successfullyWe are very sorry for the short notice, but due to the urgency we have to find a way to pick up vehicles and did our best to offer the best solution to our customerWe respectfully disagree with refund demand form *** ***

Hello, we apologize for the inconvenience, your car is no longer posted

Hello sir.We apologize that such misunderstanding occurred. The contract #*** you've sign states that Company has business days to provide a carrier since first available pick up date, in this case - Friday 10/27/The carrier has been provided on the second business day - 10/30/You received the notification over the email but decided to decline that driverThere are no violations or any fraudulent activitiesWe've never charged your credit cardAt this point, we provided all the necessary informationIf you have any questions or suggestions - please contact us directly Best Regards,*** ***

Hello Mr ***,We apologize for the inconvenienceThe driver that has been assigned to your load initially cancelled the deal to an unknown reasonAs soon as it happened your shipping agent done her best to find another carrierWe got several offers, and this one was the closest to initial
conditionsThe driver we offered to you was just an option to move your carSince you agreed to following price condition by signing another contract, we proceed on transportationIf you have any other issues or suggestions please contact us directly via email or @***, and we will be glad to assist you.Best Regards*** team

*** *** placed the order with us as over the phone on the 10th of April to ship her vehicle Lexus ES from : *** ** *** ** *** *** ** ***,she has been provided with quote $what she agreed upon over the phone but
didn't sign the contract that was sent to her,her vehicle had to be picked up on the 12th of April 2016,I was working on her case to assign a driver ,but later on I was checking the Nationwide board Central Dispatch and discovered that she was working with a few transportation companies and shopping around ,what decreased my chance to get a driver on time ,she called me on the 11th and canceled the order with me because she decided to go with another company.I have canceled the order,but she got back to me on the 11th of April again and asked me to help her.I posted the vehicle on the Nationwide board Central Dispatch for the price I quoted her($700) but there was no driver who would accept it because the location of *** ** ***, it is a mountain and not popular route and drivers not willingly going there.We have finally found a driver, but for a higher rate.Driver was assigned and I explained the situation to *** *** and provided her with details why price gone up and told her that it is just offer and she can accept it or I can continue searching for a better price ,that she needed to ship her unit ASAP and agreed on price of $800,new contract with the price of $indicated on the contract has been signed with us and we assigned a driver

Hello Mr***, We will do our best to improve our business in the futureAt this point we described the situation from our side, please help me and tell what we can do to resolve this issue.Best Regards,*** team

Hello, Mr ***,Thank you for your feedback, your opinion really important for us.We received a request to ship a vehicle for you, so we hire a trucking company to do the jobThe contract for delivery has been signed 11/25/The car was picked up and delivered successfully and we received our
payment for the job we've doneNeither our company or the driver had an issue with the deal - all parties are satisfiedSince 12/02/the deal has been closed. We have no clue who contacted you our behalf and why are they demanding moneyOur company have no problem with the payments.We never provide personal customer information such as phone number or email to third parties.Best Regards, Team

Good day, Mr*** ***,We apologize for the inconvenience.As it has been discussed over the phone - we provided you a carrier who have had an insurance for cargoAnd we *** be glad to help you if you can provide a proof of the damage during the transportationThe easiest way to do it is to
get a bill of lading with the damage indicationIf you miss this document please contact the carrier company. Best Regards, team

Good day Ms***We are sorry for the inconvenience. The contract you've signed was confirmed by the driver, and everything was setUnfortunately, the driver couldn't keep his promise and canceled the deal two days before he should pick up your car***, did her best to find you a driver as
soon as possible and for initial price, but the best option we got is the one that was described to youWe never push our customers for a more expensive option and absolutely understand your frustrationThank you for your feedback, we will do our best to improve our service. Best Regards, team

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