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Flagship One Inc.

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Jan 16, 2020

Like Mr James, I too wish that I would have read these reviews! Class Action Suit, anybody? I'm out $157.49 to the shister who won't even show his name anywhere! I wonder why! My nightmare started on Nov 6, 2019 when they sent me a 'Refurbished' ECM for my wouldn't even start. It's replacement wouldn't either, so I guess I'm under the proverbial Bus!

Wendl O.

Nov 29, 2019

I purchased a ECM from Flagship One , after only 6 days it failed . Sent it back to get a replacement , was told after it was bench tested it was viable to use . So they told me in no uncertain words , no replacement . They said there were 8 pins for the coil packs and 8 pins for the fuel injectors . All they said was pins were correct , ECM would work . A bench test is not the same as in a running situation , so I refused the ECM being sent back to me . 3 days later I was sent 2 EMAILS , ( 1 , was to let them know if I wanted a replacement ) ( 2 if they didn't hear from me a refund would be issued )this was to be before the end of their day . EMAIL'S were sent 3 minutes apart , I work 6:00am till 4:30pm I don't get home till 5:30pm . So it would be impossible for me for to answer them before the end of their day . I sent EMAILS about this NO RESPONSE from Customer Service . I purchased another ECM from another company , more money out of pocket . As for the refund , I paid $214.24 to FS1 and refund was $91.99 . So as it stands I'm not very SATISFIED with FS1 at all . I would not recommend this company ! Allen Ross a dissatisfied customer

Would give a zero stars but it wont let me. This company sold us a pcm, it took over weeks before we actually got the part, meanwhile our customer just waits, they kept telling us it was on the way. Finally received it and installed it and it was garbage, made customers car run worse. Called and emailed for a couple weeks, finally got through to get a refund, they kept 265.00 of our 899.99 we spent on the part for restocking? Are you serious? You sold me bad parts and kept 265.00? Great for their company, this company is a joke and a scam! consumer beware!

The absolute worst... They obviously write there own reviews.. After they take your money and you receive a unit that does not work you are out of luck..They will not back their so call warranty... I had to contact the BBB in New York/Jersey to finally get a refund.. They are the absolute worst for customer service (non-existent) Do Not Use this company...

Nov 12, 2019

What an incredible business model! If you receive a unit that works from them, you are the lucky ones! Mine did not. It took a week to get to me and it did not work. when I contacted them I was informed that I had to fill out an online form (contract) to return it. I did and they sent a shipping label. I sent it back. it took 3 weeks for a replacement unit to arrive. it didnt work. I sent a text informing them that It didnt work and asked for my money back. I was informed that it had been more than 30 days since my purchase date, so they could not offer me my money back, only a replacement or store credit. Translation: all sales are final. you lose. This is the worst online experience I've had to date. I've played there game and filled out their form each time and returned the units 3 time over a coarse of 4 months. they have sent me 4 units that do not work on my vehicle. The forth unit was actually the third unit that they tested in informed me it was not defective and showed no codes. I believe that. I don't however believe that it's programed for my Vehicle and it still does not work. Obviously this is not their concern and even had the gall to send a form where could leave feedback and they hope that I am satisfied. I'm not. I spent $225.00 and have received 4 paperweights. they have wasted my time and my patients and they dont care. they made their money. My original purchase was july 16. it is now November 11. If I had depended on this company, my vehicle would still be down. Fortunately, I bought a unit from another supplier the same day I received the first failed unit. The other company sent a unit in two days and I have been driving with it for better then three months. It would be nice if I could at least get a working spare from Flagship 1, But I dont think thats going to happen. It was just a $225.00 lesson

Oct 28, 2019

This is hands down the worst company I have EVER dealt with! Countless calls and time on hold. Being put to voicemail and not receiving return calls. Zero communication. Waited 3 1/2 weeks from time of order before finally giving up and asking for my $412 back. I hope I get it.

Oct 18, 2019

Beware of this company there are no words that I can use to describe how bad these people are the work is poor and they dont honor the warrntee 1 month without a car
I am sending it to another company they take the $$$$ and then they lose your number
if you have gotten a computer from them and it has failed they rely on people from out of state so safe yourself from aggravation just keep telling your story on the web

Jul 29, 2019

I order computer for my jeep , computer com in 13 days from orginal order and suprise jeep is no start , I was tel computer is coming program put in and start. When I call tree time I was put on hold when I tell my problem and after 15 minuts phone was cut off. Wher is you customer service?

order was supposed to arrive 6/20 arrived 6/26 part was defective contacted them on 6/30 contacted again on 7/01 I was told rep would contact me contacted again on 7/02 I was told rep was out of office and I called to close to closing time after being on hold for 30 min I was told account rep out of the office for the week

I bought 1 for my car $227.49 I got it quickly but not working apparently not flashed security light flashing security working just fine talk to service department then account manager she told me they was having some problems to return it so I sent it back in to be flashed cost almost $12.00 to return it well supposed to be return quickly well account manager said my vin number was incorrect well it's not I checked it multiple time's to be sure then later on I sent pictures of my car title proving it was correct well account manager no longer reply to me email or phone and service department either after almost 2 weeks later the service lady said it was fixed be sending it out next day or so well next week rolls on I call service manager answer let me know unit will be arriving that day well it did but it still not working same as before I guess I been scammed so don't buy from this place ripoff ! Now got to come up whith more money to get another one from a more reliable place to get car going car been broke for months I guess another month won't hurt

It took much longer than promised to receive the part. When you try to call in, they put you on hold forever. No one was ever available to check on the status. I was promised someone would e-mail me the status and shipping info. Never happened.
Received the part finally, and put it in. Turns out, the programming was done incorrectly. The vehicle cannot correctly operate. Called the company back, and they said it will take at least 2 weeks. Ridiculous.
Very disappointing from start to finish. Wish we would have read the reviews beforehand to save ourselves all of the drama. Very poor service all the way around! If you look at their website, you would think they are the best, but if you look at actual reviews online they are terrible.

The PCM in my Jeep Wrangler had a check-engine light, but ran fine. After having the PCM re-built by a company, it was much worse. I ordered a part from Flagship1 and it arrived in four days. My mechanic plugged it in and checked operation.
My experience with Flagship1 was excellent and I would recommend them to others.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
contacted Flagship One Incin regards to whether my product had been shipped and in regards to the complaint I was placed on hold for over minutes to start with, then they were completely dismissive of my complaint All this on top of the product not being shipped again! It's clear, customer service is not a priority at Flagship One I was so tired of the run around I asked for the time stamp of when the tracking number was generated (after the way I've been treated, I was curious if it was after my call while I was waiting on hold) and since the sales rep kept referring to our conversation as being taped, I asked to get a copy of the original conversation....again I was dismissed At this point, since I've waited so long for the product, I just want to receive it and be done with Flagship One When considering the price of their products just calculate all the other costs that you will incur while waiting for a processing time I was told today that I should have the product no later than Thursday.
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
[Your Answer Here]
The dishonesty with this company never ends I was originally given the wrong tracking number I called Flagship One to follow up and was given the correct one I did thank the sales repfor getting me the right tracking number but did not thank the company for their service I would never recommend this company to any one
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above
*** ***

I was told several times my BCM was shipped, and when u checked the tracking number, All it said was, a shipping label was created!

The worst experience and customer service I ever experienced in my life , please for your own good, find another place, I’m so upset with this people they don’t care, or have no matter.

I am so sorry for any inconveniencePlease contact us and we can resolve to your satisfaction

Yeah, right! Your customer service is the worst I’ve ever dealt with! You have to ask fire a manager right away because nobody else can look at your account. You sent me the wrong bcm for my van, so I sent it back. 4 weeks later I received the replacement and had it installed. It works fine, but you added 75,000 miles! Wtf? I gave you the mileage when I ordered it! Does anyone at your company know what they’re doing? So, now the book value on my van dropped in half because of you! I feel I deserve a refund, but I know how your company operates, and I’m not sending it back, because I can’t go another month without a vehicle, tou would probably send me the wrong one, and I’d have to pay installation again!

Currently, my repeated phone calls to get a refund for my second bad PCM have been basically ignored. I have been on hold and transferred between customer service reps for a minimum of an hour at a time, multiple times. Promises have been made for return calls from managers, nothing. Repeatedly, I have been told I will receive emails, nothing. I have returned the latest PCM a month ago, no contact made with me, period. I'm running a small auto repair shop and my last two transactions after been disasters. The first was great! I thought this is a great, cheaper way to resolve customer electrical issues and we had found the honey pot! WRONG! Their pathetic customer service ultimately has led to my own pathetic customer service. The most recent PCM debacle, ended with me scrambling to find an available PCM for the customer who had already patiently waited for their vehicle to be repaired as I waited for their part. When it became apparent that the part was not arriving in the near future, I called to find out the PCM hadn't even been programmed, much less shipped! Now here I am, waiting for my refund and no one responding to anything. There will not be another opportunity to fail. I will now spend my time making sure that they have accurate reviews on every site looking for accuracy on their incompetence.

I ordered a PCM for my Dodge truck. It did not power everything as they said it would. In the beginning I would have accepted a new one, but I could not get a response from the company. After going through the, I received an email from the BBB stating they company said they emailed me an RMA, but they didn't. About a week later the BBB said the company responded to them again that they had sent me another RMA via an email promising me a refund minus restocking fees. Guess what? Still no RMA. And to add insult to injury, the BBB of New York closed their case. STAY AWAY from this company. The customer service is a joke, unless you have positive things to say and their warranty is something that they do no honor. I have sent numerous emails and made several phone calls to no avail.

This company is terrible, unscrupulous ,incompetent and impossible to deal with. I have been a shop owner in the automotive business for over forty years. I purchased a computer for a 2005 Ford Escape (with keys). First problem, none of the keys would start the vehicle after I programmed them according to their instructions. I could only get the original key to start the vehicle. The vehicle ran rough. I drove it and it quit. It did throw a code indicating a miss in #4 cylinder. We diagnosed the vehicle and found nothing coming out of the driver in the computer for that cylinder. I called the company and they asked me to fill out a computer form showing the previous problems and my current diagnosis, which I did. I called the company four days in a row and they kept telling me a supervisor would call me. Never happened. They finally told me That I couldn't return the defective unit, all I could do is send it back to them and they would test it. They wouldn't let me talk to a supervisor or their "Technical Department". The ignorant female customer service rep told me I probably damaged the unit and they wouldn't exchange it. Absolutely unacceptable. They should be shut down for unethical business practices, a complete rip-off company. I will file as many complaints with as many government agencies as I can find. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY> Rude, uncaring and totally incompetent, just read all the negative reviews. The dishonesty never ends with these people. I would give them negative stars if I could.

I ordered a ecm ... I was told 1-3 days and it would be shipped out I also paid for expedited shipping... I called in today to get tracking info but I was told that my component was not program... that's fine but what bothers me is on day 2 I called and was told it was being programmed at that moment so why on day 4 they decided to program it ... before I ordered it I made it a big issue on on when I needed it and was guaranteed within that 1-3 day turn around... I wish I would have read the reviews first

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Address: 21 Ryder Place, East Rockaway, New York, United States, 11518


+1 (516) 766-2223
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