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Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling

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Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Reviews (124)

We have had positive experiences with Hutchinson, and especially with our favorite technician, Nick. They have always quickly responded to our calls, triaged our problems, and gotten our systems up and running quickly.

Wayne M. from Hutchinson's was here yesterday to perform routine AC maintenance. Wayne has helped us for many years and continues to provide a top-notch professional job, alerting us to the best ways to maintain our air conditioner and issues to consider for the future. We regularly request Wayne's excellent service, as needed.

I have used Ted R. for servicing my air conditioning and heating units for years. He is a very nice guy who is trustworthy. Ted works very efficiently. I would highly recommend him.

Had service by Terry from Hutchinson Plumbing and was totally satisfied. We had a window schedule and he called 15 minutes prior to arriving on time. He was very reliable, professional, courteous, and super efficient with the job required and very patient with my inquisitiveness. If I should need further service for whatever repair I will call Hutchinson and I will request Terry should he be available.

I was made aware of you service call and the phone conversation that you had with my dispatcher. She reviewed the initial call recording to make sure we quoted you properly about our Dispatch Fee plus any additional work we perform during the call, which she discussed with you...

on your follow up phone call. The technician replaced a burnt wire so he could further diagnose your system and provide choices on repairs. I agree he should have quoted that repair before making the fix. He than quoted you flat rate choices per his findings which includes parts and labor. At that time you declined the choices provided so he put everything back together.  The invoice for $202 included the dispatch fee plus a flat rate to diagnose and replace the burnt wire. I apologize if he was unprofessional on presenting your choices and the delay on responding to you.I will adjust the invoice to $79 because he didn't get prior approval on the 1st repair.

Where do I begin? I submitted the contract back to them in late June. They cashed my 1/2 deposit check in the first week of July and never called to schedule an appointment. After I hounded them for an install date, they agreed to 7/31. That day they show up and take away my outside AC condenser unit and then realize that they have no permit. They then leave and say they will return. Several weeks go by and then they show up to finish the install. Still no permit. They say they have to come back for an inspection. On 9/17, they set time for permit inspection between 8am-2pm. No inspection completed and crew leaves. They blame it on the town inspector not showing up. Still have no idea when my job will be completed of if I will just get my money back. Have requested the CEO to call me to discuss constructive business process improvements. NO CALL. My personal experience with this company from multiple touch points is horrendous. I would not recommend them to anyone. Also, they were $2000 more than a local quote(which I should have just accepted but I knew the sales rep and threw him a bone so to speak).

I would like to commend Kevin C. from Hutchinson Heating and Cooling for his outstanding professional service provided at my home recently. Kevin initially came to service my heater and was very polite and explained everything that he inspected, issues he found, and what the next step was for my service. A part needed to be ordered and Kevin explained I would be contacted when the part comes in and at that time a schedule for the part placement be done. It was very quick to reschedule and Kevin again was very professional on his return. He worked very quickly and neatly and at the end of the replacement he explained everything that was done for the replacement service. Truly Kevin is an asset to the Hutchinson company and would definitely request him for my next service

Review: They did work on neighbors a/c unit and in the process broke the drain line on my a/c unit. Called them about it, they were rude to me, and said kids probably did it and they were going to do nothing about it.Desired Settlement: I just want them to fix the drain line they broke.



I'm sorry for the delay this is the 1st that I'm seeing this complaint.I have forward to my supervisor for his feed back.will be back in touch once I speak with him.

Review: Hutchinson Heating air installed a new central air condition they confirmed to me that my entire system was check out through there engineering department and they felt very confident what was needed to complete the job. After the installation my pipes started to freeze up. there response was that my fan was not blowing enough air through the coil. There fix was to change the size of the pulley that did not work I can not get my unit to run below 73 degrees also they told me that I can not put filters in my air condition and I should leave the doors open and the covers off the vents not good this a brand new $5,000 system they never follow up to see if the work was successful when ever I call they always say [redacted] will call you back I think [redacted] is code name [redacted]Desired Settlement: I would love to get what I paid for. They show no concern for there customers after they are paid. Please help I never went through something like this but after spending $5000 dollars you would think your air condition would work well. I am about to tell everyone I know not to use them and post what a awful company they are on Facebook ,twitter and so on



We certainly understand [redacted] concern if the system is not performing to his expectations and upon discussions with [redacted] our supervisor will inspect the system this week. Based upon the results of the scheduled inspection of the system we will work with [redacted] to ensure his system meets or exceeds required performance levels.

On 12/03/2015, [redacted] Heating corrected a problem I was
having with my Electronic Air Cleaner. He was very efficient and corrected the
problem in under 30 minutes. Hutch is the best.

Review: I saw an ad for a 85.00 cleanout for a furnace so I called to have someone come out.. My exhusband worked in the heater business so I knew what that entailed. When the Hutchinson technician came out he went in my basement for about 5 minutes then went and sat in his truck for about 25 minutes. Then he knocked on my door and told me my heater was too old and was emitting high levels of carbon monoxide. He told me he tagged it and shut it down. I knew the heater was working because it was running.he proceeded to tell me if I didnt get a new heater my entire family could DIE! I i told him I could not afford that and it was working. He then said it was too old and nothing else could be done. Again the heater was working. I had a friend come over and check it out. He saw they put a tag on my heater and disconnected the power inside the burner. I then called a local heater man I have used in the past. He cleaned my heater and there is no carbon monoxide problem. This was a scare tactic that was used on me. Ans I also had to pay the 85.00 for the cleanout that was never done.Desired Settlement: I want this business to be investigated to see how many people are scared and intimidated into buying a new heater. There was no other option given to me by this company. All it required was a simple cleanout and they are a heater repair company. Why are they not repairing heaters? Its a scare tactic especially when they know you have no heat and no other options.



When the technician arrives they are trained on how to perform a proper heating inspection and they follow the same process on all calls. In the training they learn the area’s to look at on different manufactured equipment to make sure the heat exchanger has no leaks. If you have a bad heat exchanger our policy is to shut down the unit to prevent CO from entering a home. Of course, you the homeowner can turn it back on and assume the risks.I assure you we do not take

our customers Safety lightly. There are no scams but simply us doing our job

finding problems and keeping our customers safe. We know it is expensive to

upgrade and there is never a good time to find out that you are in need of

replacing the equipment. If you would like to discuss this important matter

further don’t hesitate to contact me. I would also like to send out my Service

Manager to check the heat exchanger. Please let me know your decision.



Review: [redacted]He never said anything about a heat exchanger nor did he write that down on my receipt. He did in fact take a wire out to disable my heater. In regards to what the company said he could have shut off the gas switch and in turn told me to use at my own risk. He told me my family would die if I used it!

I am rejecting this response because:




Mark [redacted] our service manager has spoken with the client. He reviewed how the process should take place and apologized that the process wasn't followed.He then used this opportunity to perform a coaching season with the technician so this doesn't happen in the future.We also refunded the customer her money for her inconvenience of the service call.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


He was very courteous, clean, meticulous, explained the operation very well with good detail.

Hutchinson's service technician (John H) was extremely professional in the performance of the heater maintenance. He was very polite and courteous. John was very conscientious in the way he performed the task at hand. When he finished, he rechecked everything, to be sure the system was in perfect working order.
I'm not sure if Hutchinson has a training program, but if they do, John would be a terrific representative on how to treat a customer. The way he interacted with us (the customer) was exceptional.

Hutchinson completed the work within 24 hours of my initial call to them. Terry was very knowledgable and competently handled our plumbing needs. Additionally, he was extremely friendly and polite. I also appreciated the complementary walk-thru
of all our plumbing areas to check for any potential problems.

Review: My husband, myself and two year old officially bought and moved into our new home on September 18th, 2015. Prior to the house being purchased there were issues with the Hvac system and the previous home owners had Hutchinson come out and certify the unit (we have the receipt confirming this). We went to turn on our heat 2 days ago and it was not working. We called Hutchinson this morning and explained the situation and that the unit was certified in working condition, which it is clearly not. They told us we would be charged $100 for someone to come look at the unit and additional charges for the unit to be fixed. We should not have to pay anything for this.Desired Settlement: We would like Hutchinson to come out and inspect the unit free of charge, also not be charged cost to fix/replace the unit if need be without having to get a real estate attorney involved.



We sent our Service Manager to the location to inspect the unit. He found an defective gas valve when he arrived.Another company said it had a cracked heat ex changer but we couldn't find one. We replaced the gas valve and ran the system to make sure everything else was ok.Customer has heat and we didn't charge for the gas valve or labor.

Had heater maintenance and service today by technician [redacted] from Hutchinson. He is awesome, spends extra time and goes the extra mile to make sure everything is performing at it's best and is clean and well maintained. Joe is always
respectful and helpful. I feel secure and relieved when he comes to check or fix my
heater. I have had about 4-5 heating companies during my years, and Hutchinson is absolutely the best and most reliable. Thank you, [redacted] and Hutchinson for always excellent service. From a happy client, [redacted].

Adam was very professional and courteous, did a great job and answered all my quesitons

I wish to comment on my recent service I received from this company and the great service I received from [redacted]. Great at dealing with customer needs. Customer service is great and has a great personality in dealing with people.

Review: Purchased heating, air and water heater for 15,000 back in November. For the heater it took 3 calls and 1 month to get it up and running. The air I called in late May for them to verify it was functioning. Called in June to tell them it turned itself off. Repair person said it was an install issue. Called them back in July and the person send it was the heat was not going out of the unit. Called again in August to say the problem still exist the air runs but never cools the house. Person said he had to wait for the warranty team to come in on Monday and once verified he would be back on Monday with the liquid. Ends up they had to order it and they won't be back until Wednesday and even then it needs to run for 48 hours to see if it works if it does not then they'll have to replace the part. So that takes us in to September. We paid in good faith and have been without air conditioner for the whole summer. Communicated with the sales man, the technician and the support person and they have no concerns that we have no air. I have a 12 year maintenance agreement with them, I paid in good faith for air conditioner that never worked. Called carrier and they said there has been a bulletin out since April 1,2015 about the problem. Hutchinson has been here 3 times for the same problem that they should have been aware of back in April.Desired Settlement: Looking to get a replacement since this and the heater were both new and so far I have had the installer back to my house 5 times. My prior heater and air ran for 22 years without issue. This is truly bad equipment.



since the customer sent this complaint we have been there and installed the solution per the service bulletin from the manufacturer. Our service manager and field supervisor also went to the call and confirmed that the equipment is running per the manufacturer specifications. We also made a repair on the existing duct work which will increase the performance of the equipment. I spoke with the homeowner today and we are set to perform the maintenance on the heater next week and she also will receive a maintenance on her a/c next spring. I have also provided my cell phone number to the client if she needs anything in the future.

Kevin C is the best Tech in the business, he is the only Tech that can work on my A/C & Heating.He is really down to earth,and knows his business !!!!!! Great job KEVIN !!!

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