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Junkyard Jungle, LLC

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Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
Hi , Thank you so much for helping us with thisBasically, we need to reopen the complaint against Junkyard Jungle, LLCThey refunded $of the $owed to usSince May 5th, I have had my wife call daily to try and figure out why the full refund was not applied to our accountMy cell phone has been blocked from calling their business number, both the local and the numbersNow my wife's cell phone number and her work number have also been blocked from callingThe last time she was able to talk to someone, it was ***, and she told him that both of our numbers are now blocked and he said, "I don't know what you are talking about ma'am," and hung upAfter that, she could not call their number from her work phoneThe resolution that is desired by me, the customer, is to get a full refund of $I have tried contacting the company via email, ***@***.com, and have gotten no reply nor the requested phone callWhen I could get through to their phones, I would leave messages asking them to call me back so we can figure something, they would never return my callsI am out of optionsI am really hoping reopening the complaint will get us a speedy refund like the first oneHere is the history of transactions we have made with this company:
We were given a price quote of $the beginning of November '
We made the first payment of $on 11/12/
$on 12/30/
$on 2/3/
$on 3/6/
We have only been refunded one payment of $200, leaving $unpaid.
Since the beginning of March when we paid that payment of $200, we had been requesting the final invoice for $be sent to us so we can get it paid and finish up the transactionWe never received the invoice
When we tried making the last payment of $140, *** had said there were issues with taking our debit cardIt took us weeks to hear that it didn't go throughSince then, it has been a back and forth battle trying to find out the truth on what exactly is going on*** said they don't feel competent enough to fullfill our order for the Jeep engine, so he was going to cancel it and provide a full refundThis is where we are at nowWaiting on the refundBut he has blocked all means of communicationPlease help :(
Thank you for all your time and help on this matter
If needed, I or my wife can be reached at *** or ***
Thanks again,
*** * *** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
This is not my receiptI purchased a *** *** 3.5L Iengine.
I am not sure why they would send this receiptMine was for $1,SEE ATTACHMENT
I spoke with *** from Junkyard Jungle and they are sending a new engine and it should arrive in business days, which would be 9/3/He also stated that if the engine was not to my satisfaction upon arrival I would be able to return the engine and get my money backThey also told me that the other parts I ordered shipped out on 8/27/and I should be seeing them in days
*** ***

Full refund was already processed Spoke with *** *** (spouse who paid)

Customer received a good running engine Please see shipping label and signed delivery receipt

The customer ordered a good used engine that would fit her vehicle Please see the emails attached We do not guarantee the appearance of a used part All of our parts are tested and warrantied to run strong We never received word from the customer that they
were unhappy with the performance As the customer stated they decided to keep the
engine purchased We do not offer any cash refunds or rental reimbursement of any kind The engine received is exactly the engine ordered. Please see invoice, proof of delivery and warranty stating guidelines. Thank you *** Junkyard Jungle, LLC

Engine has been delayed in transit due to weather There has been emails sent to the customer and we have left voicemails Shipping is out of our control Please see *** *** # ***ETA is 3-19- Thank you ***

Spoke with customer, addresssed concerns and we will be proceding with a warranty claim -***

Full refund has been issued.  We explained to customer that we had to wait to issue refund until parts were returned.  We received all yesterday and refund was issued this morning.  See refund receipt also sent to customer.  -[redacted]

Transmission that was ordered was received and we have not had a warranty claim form filled out on this.  The transmission tested fine and we know it was from a good running truck.  The warranty claim and attached receipts, and diagnostic from the mechanic must be submitted before...

replacement is sent.  No casah refunds.

This place is a scam. I like their cut and paste reviews that are the same but with different customer names on their Google reviews.

Please see shipping label attached...

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I haven't a clue what your referring to???? The attachment sent you is what your staff ([redacted]) sent me. IT was e-mailed to you on 1-15 15. If you have something else I need it.

The paperwork was received today and we are still waiting for the completed warranty claim form to be submitted in order to open a claim for the wrong engine ordered.  Waiting on customer in order to proceed.  We have attached another copy of the claim form we need in order to proceed.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
[redacted] here is the receipt that we ordered a different motor than what we received the motor we ordered had 74,000 miles and the one we received had 180,000 miles one it and it was out of a surban not a truck

Customer stated in early Feb that he did receive all parts.  Why wait 3 months to say he did not receive them.  Please see delivered notification attached.  -[redacted]MY BOOKINGSView AllSHIPMENT IDQUOTE DATEORIGINDESTINATIONQUOTE...

STATUSDOCUMENTSINSURANCEDAMAGECANCEL2/3/2014 [redacted], FL, [redacted] from [redacted] TX, [redacted] Delivery Complete Get DocumentsFile

Refund was already issued when customer filed a credit card dispute with their bank last week.  We are in the process of verifying this dispute, customer hass all $ in the interim.  [redacted]

We just spoke w/ the representative at [redacted]  There was a misunderstanding and in fact they owe us a balance.  We both are clear and all issues are resolved. Please email or call [redacted] to verify.  His contact info is below.
Name: [redacted]
Email: [redacted].com
Phone: ###-###-####

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:

Customer put engine on layaway.  We never received final payment and have been unable to accept the credit card for the final payment.  Per customers request a full refund has been issued.  Please see refund receipt attached.  [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
   We did not recieve any notification that Junkyard Jungle responded the the complaint. The documentation they sent doesn't prove a thing. it just shows that they shipped something to somewhere, also they did not even so call ship, if they had've shipped, the right transmission. Their order shows for the wrong vehicle and wrong year. We have a [redacted] with a 5.7 litre engine you can compare the order and see that is supposedly not what they shipped. Also, since they will not answer phone calls or emails from us, they never ever mentioned flling out warranty claim papers or any such info they told you in their response to you. Every time I called there they would hang up on us, they even blocked our phone number so it could not go through. they have scammed us and if they haven't, why are they not giving us the paperwork to get this settled or take our phone calls to work this out. They do this for a living. I even called the company [redacted] wrecking they say the part came from to talk with them about the transmission being shipped from them, they told me they hadn't done business with junkyard jungle in a while. some one is not telling the truth, cause we still are out our money and a car and a transmission. [redacted] even said he would call our mechanic and talk with him about the situation and he naver made one phone call to him. He said that was all he had to do to get a new one out to us. He never made mention of any paperwork to fill out ever.  please let me know you recieved this


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