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We have spoke with our customer and are working toward an acceptable resolution for both partiesWe have agreed to exchange the purchased vehicle (that was not agreeable to the customer) for anotherWe have an appointment at 4pm today Thanks, Brandon W [redacted] General Sales ManagerKen Garff Honda Downtown

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Until I have reached an agreement with Ken Garff to a satisfactory level I would like to continue to have an open casethe general manager again got his facts wrong with what I will acceptmy last communication was "I will accept reimbursement of purchase price and the worthless warranty sold to me"Please refer to prior communication.I will attempt a face to face meeting with myself, attorney and the general manager.I am looking forward to future communication.Sincerely, [redacted]

Nissan has an open recall to address possible corrosion and rust around the sending unit No corrosion was found so we added the anti-corrosive material to help prevent it from forming as per instructions on the recall The sending unit in his vehicle is not a Nissan Genuine Part as it has been replaced with an aftermarket unit in the past In talking with Mr [redacted] , another shop had told him that the cost would be covered by Nissan but unfortunately they gave him incorrect information.We have called him and offered to do a diagnostic check for free to find the source of his issue but haven't heard back

CRM TEAm Please remove the following customer from ALL forms of marketing in DealerSocket DMMS Please remove him from ALL third party lists for your dealerships If you find him on any dealership lists, please let me know He has made some complaints to the so we want to make sure we do not leave him on any list [redacted] Daytime Phone: ###-###-#### Evening Phone: ###-###-#### Fax: ###-###-#### E-mail: [redacted] Thanks! Becca rebecca [redacted] a [redacted] | director of sales communication | ken garff automotive group mobile ###-###-#### | [redacted] | office ###-###-#### I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] ***

To whom this concerns, ? ? ? ? ? ? I'm the general manager at Ken "Garff" Hyundai? Southtowne and have spoken on the phone with Mr [redacted] last week, I advised him that I would look at the deal and review with those involved the details of this specific deal and have done so, after purchasing(2-7-2017) the vehicle Mr [redacted] had some concerns regarding the suspension on the Navigator and returned to the store(2-10-2017) and we inspected the vehicle and replace all tie rods and ball joints on the Navigator, we also replaced brake pads and did a wheel alignment on the navigator at no cost the Mr [redacted] .? ? ? ? ? ? We have tried to work through the issues on the 152k mile Navigator with him, but it wont ever be like a new vehicle.? I am not aware of any additional moneys he has spent at other dealerships.? Please feel free to contact me as I'm at the store and have the recorded phone calls between Mr [redacted] and my sales advisor and the managers that were here during the purchase of the vehicle.? Thank you Mike T [redacted] GM 801-912-

Mr [redacted] 's Chevrolet Volt was brought into our facility for repairs on March 29thHis vehicle needed? a rear bumper cover and a energy absorber as well as a rear back up sensor harness? The wire harness that was needed to complete his repairs was on national backorder from General MotorsWe reassembled his vehicle without installing the backup harness due to the Insurance company not wanting the extra rental car expenseThis does not make the vehicle unsafe to driveThis was on 4/6/2016? .The customer was not happy with the fit and color of the Aftermarket bumper coverWe reached out to the insurance company about the Aftermarket ? rear bumper cover not fitting properlyThey authorized us to use an OEM part ( original equipment from manufacturer)We had Mr [redacted] come by to take a color sample from his vehicle so that we could pre-paint the part to help with the delayHis color code on the Volt is a Tri stage color meaning it is very hard match with out blending or tinting that colorWe received the wire harness on 5/19/and reached out to Mr [redacted] on 6/1/to come in for the harness and the reinstall of the new painted bumperMr [redacted] dropped his vehicle off 6/8/We had Mr [redacted] come down on 6/15/to see if he liked the color that was painted on his rear bumperHe was not happy with the colorWe reached out to our paint manufacturer and representative to assist with this process

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:It is and if they (being a multi million dollar company) will not admit their several mistakes and continuing bad service when contacted by your company, I want nothing more to do with them or their negative business practicesI guessed it would be handled poorly by them and I was correctI can say, that I will never purchase another vehicle in my life time because of the experience I had at their dealership and with other equally dishonest, disrespectful, horrible dealershipsDealerships like these are why buying a car is such a horrible experience for so many peopleThey give the entire industry a bad nameThis correspondence is no longer of a positive use to me.? Sincerely, [redacted]

We have had numerous conversations with [redacted] and have profusely apologized for her experience with our store.? ? Her Nissan Juke is now? fixed and in properly running condition? at this time, however, she is still skeptical about the vehicle and would like a Subaru WRX.? We have agreed to? do anything in our power? to help her into a WRX? while limiting her negative equity on her current Juke.? We have taken appropriate steps to ensure that? the issues that [redacted] experienced in our store are rectified and we are always trying to improve as a store Ryan B***, GSM

***,? I just read your message and want to make sure we get everything resolvedI will make sure that all of your money is refunded ASAPIf you have any further questions please do not hesitate to shoot me an email.? [email protected],

Thank you for your request.We are having the Floor Manager, Jager, reach out to [redacted] and see if there is a vehicle that we can offer her at the terms and conditions she is looking forWe feel that we addressed her concerns at the time of the return in an honest and prudent manner and refunded her down paymentAs you know, the availability of used vehicles differs from day to day depending on what is available and if the pricing is in line with the marketWe will do everything in our power to accommodate and satisfy her needs as long as it can follow the guidelines of the dealerships ability to make it a Win-Win opportunity.We appreciate? your time and the opportunity to assist our customers and find ways to say YES!Kind Regards Terry B***Assistant General? ManagerKen Garff West Valley [email protected]?

To whom it may concern,? This truly does sound like an unfortunate experienceThe customer on this vehicle has serviced their vehicle numerous times at our dealershipThe majority of these services are regular maintenance interval oil changes and tire rotationsWe have had a few mechanical repairs as well on this vehicle such as replacing drive belts, fluid exchanges, etcThe customer has only mentioned performance issues with this vehicle twice beforeThe first time was in September at 55k milesCustomer stated the vehicle would shake at idle and actually died one timeThe vehicle did start right back up and they brought it in for serviceWe then proceeded with our diagnosis on the vehicle which involved a test drive, computer diagnosis, and basic overall inspection of the vehicleAt this time, no fault codes were stored in the vehicles ECU and the vehicle drove as it was designed for the technicianWe performed an idle reset at the time which is a procedure that we do on occasion just to reset the idle speedThe vehicle was then released back to the customerThe customer then returned additional times over the course of 9k miles for oil changes, manufacture campaigns, and an alignmentIn July of 2017, at 77k miles, vehicle now out of warranty by 17k miles, the customer came in saying the vehicle felt as though it was driving heavy, and would shake at stop lightsWe proceeded with our diagnostic again, which found that there was a Nissan TSB (technical service bulletin) that related to this concern on the vehicleThe TSB suggested reprogramming the vehicle ECU to the newest part numberWe reprogrammed the ECU at no charge to the customer at this timeWe test drove, found the vehicle to drive as per designCustomer then returned in Feb of at just shy of 87k with a check engine light onCustomer requested a loaner vehicle at this time while we diagnosed the vehicleWe made the customer aware that based on the mileage, the vehicle would be subject to the $diagnostic feeThe customer agreed to this and we issued a loaner and began workHowever, at the time of write up on the vehicle, our power was cut to the building on 02/07/for a period of hours due to a construction incident in front of our dealerWe were unable to have the customer sign electronically on the advisor's tabletWhen the diagnostic was returned from the tech, it was deemed that a mass airflow meter would need replacedWhen the customer came to pick up the vehicle, we provided the estimateThe customer declined the work on the vehicle and stated they would have it fixed elsewhere due to costWe stated that was fine, but they still are responsible for the $diagnostic feeThe customer that came to pick up the vehicle was not the same person that dropped it off originallyHe stated he was not going to pay the diagnostic fee and he never agreed to thatWe politely reminded him at the time of write up that they had agreed on the diagnostic chargeHe continued to argue and stated we were ripping him off, he was not going to pay the diagnostic fee because we couldn't prove he agreed on it, and he then proceeded to call our advisor's some names that I would rather not type on hereAt this point, my assistant manager realized that nothing was going to come of this and told the customer to take his vehicle and leaveWe took care of the diagnostic chargeAs the customer was leaving with his friend, they stopped at the front of our service drive doors and yelled some profanity back into our drive while other customers were presentHe was then asked again to please leave our propertyI confirmed the physical actions of this conversation the following day by watching this unfold on my camerasWhile there is no audio, you can see the motions of the customer and his friend and my assistant manager asking them to leaveThe customer then called in the next day and spoke with me to let me know how poorly he was treated the prior day by the advisorI apologized but did remind him that I reviewed the camera footage and said that it didn't appear that my advisor was the only one at faultHe then started to argue with me stating how unprofessional we were and that he would never be coming backI stated I was sorry to hear that and wanted to know what the customer wanted out of this whole situationHe stated he was going to buy the sensor himself and repair the vehicleI told him fine and I even had my parts department sell him the sensor at a discounted price.? ? I do feel that we did everything as we should have on this vehicleWe followed our repair processes every time the vehicle was here and provided accurate diagnosis and repair recommendationsI do not feel that this customer bought a faulty vehicle from the start, given it has driven nearly 90k miles before having a severe issueLots of factors could play into the transmission going outLack of service on the transmission fluid, overheat concerns, or unfortunately just a general failure of an internal component of the transmissionI am sorry for the customers frustrations, but I do feel we have done everything we could do from out dealerships standpoint.?

We have given this customer a gift card and invited him back to the dealership to have his car detailed Thank you so much ***Deborah H [redacted] Customer Advocacy Manager Southfield Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Office Phone: 248-945-Fax Number: 248-799-Cell Phone: 248-930-

We have spoke with our customer and are working toward an acceptable resolution? for both partiesWe have agreed to exchange the purchased vehicle (that was not agreeable to the customer) for anotherWe? have an appointment? at 4pm today? ? ? Thanks, ? Brandon W [redacted] General Sales ManagerKen Garff Honda Downtown

Contact Name and Title: [redacted] , ExecAsst Contact Phone: [redacted] We have done everything we possibly can to remove the customer's name from our marketing data baseWe have been told by our advertising agency that the customer's name has been taken off their listOur extend our sincere apology to the customer

we are working with the customer now to resolve the issuewe delivered the vehicle to there home today 4/7/around 3:in the afternoon with a full tank of gas and all concerns addresseswe did have a few issues that held the process up and we have since appologizedthis was a customized vehicle that we over promised on getting things taken care of and we under deliveredwe had thought we had resolved all issues with the customerwe will keep in contact with the owners

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your vehicle.? After researching the situation is sounds like our West Valley store installed new brakes, updated the PCM, flushed the transmission and offered to have the spark plugs replaced at the selling dealership.? All was paid for except for the brakes which has issues because a nail had became lodged into the caliper.? I was told that the CAM at West Valley has now handled this with you.? If not, please reach out to him at ###-###-####

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I have not received the part in question I will accept the 'resolution' once I receive said part Otherwise, this complaint will be closed again and no action will be taken by your company I was also told I would receive a follcall on the status of the part and that did not happen yet And for the record, I find it sad that I had to reinstate my complaint before you would reach out to me I reached out to General Manager Winston times with no response Sincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I have ring Texas have that stock number for the Laramie out the door Sincerely, [redacted]

? I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted]

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Address: 431 Pine St, Burlington, Vermont, United States, 05401-4726


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