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11 Worthington Access Dr, Maryland Hts, Missouri, United States, 63043-3804

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• May 12, 2022

Leaf Filter
We purchased the Leaf Filter system several years ago. Unfortunately, this company does not in any way, shape or form, stand by their product. And their lifetime guarantee is quite the sham. The first service visit, the tech took a look at one spot, FROM THE GROUND, concluded that the issue was a figment of our imagination, and left. I had asked him to get up on the ladder to look, and he refused. Another tech said that he came to our house, and looked, stating that there was damage to the system. This mysterious tech never showed up on our cameras, and though our office faces the driveway, was never seen by us (we were home). He then left quite the nasty message on my cell phone that there was no damage to the system. Long story short, many, many phone calls later, a Regional Manager gets in touch with us. He promptly tells us to take pictures, and send them to him. We went out on the roof, and sent him three emails loaded with pictures, along with a follow up phone call. Well, guess what? Have not heard back from him since.

• May 12, 2022

Not Satisfied
I had gutters installed a year ago and didn't realize the filter was not on them until this year when they were clogged. They left me with the warranty that says if they clog call them. After calling them out to my house they informed me that I didn't get the filters installing in the original installation. Why are they called Leaf Filter if they don't install the filter? I didn't realize the filter was not included in the original installation or price.
The day of installation they said it could be completed in 3 hours and it took all day because of miss communication with the installation crews.
Not happy with any of this process and will not be recommending this to my other senior friends that need gutters.

• May 11, 2022

Read all the reviews. SoTRUE on all. I should of hung up the minute I called for a FREE ESTIMATE
I called for a FREE ESTIMATE. Said he can schedule me for the next day. I took it. Then he had the BALLS to ask me if my spouse would be there to help make my decision. I said...what? Again he repeated the question. I said this is MY house I have had for 20 plus years, I make all the decisions. NO SPOUSE.
I went to this company because of a recommendation from a friend. They are not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
I couldn't get this guy out of my house. I know it's all a sales pitch they are trained to do. I think you need to come up with a better sales class. I went from $8600.00 down to $4000.00. Still a NO. I had to tell this guy 10 or more times...I always get multiple estimates on my projects. So far I have done pretty good at this. I can tell he was a sales dude trying to take advantage of a single female. I told him...I'm not stupid. He got angry. Thinking he had a fish on the line. I made him rush thru his sales pitch. Not happy with that. I said many times...Give me a price. I've vented enough. DO NOT USE THEM

• May 04, 2022

Leaf Filter Review
The installer Sam Pyers was on time the day he was to be there. He took care to not damage any plants or foliage. He was courteous & professional, he even thanked me for my Military Service. He made sure the gutters were all cleaned & sealed. He mitered all corners and installed the Leaf filter product. He took extra care which took extra time.
The next day was rain and the gutters were awesome they had no overflow. I would recommend this product to everyone. The price was even less than I expected by $1,500
Wayne Brock- Canton, OH

• Apr 26, 2022

Very annoying
Had the salesman show up earlier than expected. Items below:
1. Tried to become my friend and told me his life history out on the street
2. Told me that he was one of only two salesman out of Calgary and that they originally started with 5. "Red Flag"
3. Complimented me on my lawn, hello let's get on with it please
4. Did a walk around and came up with 194 ft of gutter
5. Came into the house and wanted my wife to be there too, no problem
6. Salesman had liquor on his breath
7. Pulled out his flip book and started in on a rhetorical presentation which I stopped
8. Showed me how bad the competitors products are, not interested
9. I asked him to just give me the quote. $8,360
10. Told me that it was guaranteed for the life of the house
11. I told him I was only looking for a quote so that I can budget for them later in the year
12. Said that if I bought now I could get some discounts. (by the way, that is a sure fire indication that the product is very overpriced.)
13. I told him I am not buying it now and he asked me if it was $500 would I buy now. I said no.
14. Kept pushing and asked both of us if we were seniors and that there were discounts for seniors.
15. I responded with that we were looking for the quote only for budgeting purposes.
16. Salesman told me that we were one of two "dead" calls today and that he had had to travel all the way from Chestermere to get here. I told him I'm not dead yet and neither is my wife.
16. Said he had to call his supervisor to report and he got JW Swanson out of Calgary on the line
17. He told JW all the information and the length of gutters and then told him that I had refused to jump at the $500 quote.
18. JW asked me why we even called if we weren't going to buy it today. I told him that he just insulted me.
19. He pivoted and told me that they had some left over material from a commercial job and he could use some of that and the cost would be $3500 if I signed today.
20. He told me I have 3 days to make up my mind.
21. I told him the conversation is over after yet another insult. Hung up.
22. The salesman apologized for the supervisors rudeness.
23. The salesman made out the quote with my pen because he didn't have one.
24. His display box was dim and didn't work properly and lost the quote apparently
25. Kept asking me to sign the contract after being repeatedly told we were looking for a quote only.
26. Finally ushered him out the door after nearly an hour of BS and annoyance.

I have since done some homework on these devices and have found them to be much less than I expected and wouldn't buy them for any reason. The high pressure tactics being used on senior citizens by the salesmen and especially the supervisor fits perfectly with the reviews I have read. I especially was annoyed by the constant putting down of the competitors. If your product can't stand on its own merit, there is something very wrong with it. After reading the reviews, I now understand that the company is a scam and shouldn't be allowed to sell their product in Canada let alone anywhere else. It is overly expensive and not worth the money, especially if you get sucked into buying it at full price. My wife and I were both insulted by the sales tactics used by these "sales people" and definitely will not be using their product nor there services now or in the future.

• Apr 27, 2022

Agree 100%. My review is in the works
If it was free I would say no
Company has principals

• Apr 18, 2022

bad installation
after 9 months all my shingles curled. my roofer came to see why his lifetime warranty shingles were bad. he found that the As the installers removed the old gutter system they cut through the shingles and left long rips into the roof. They had removed end caps, pulled up the bottom 2 rows of shingles, drilled holes through them and then siliconed over the screws as they installed the leaffilter system. my whole 5 year old roof needs to be reshingled

• Mar 07, 2022

Homeowner lw
I ordered some Leaf Filter gutters and they sent someone to put up the gutters with no filter. Then when I inquired about the filter I was told that I had to get another estimate for the filters. Correct me if I'm wrong but the name is Leaf Filter which means filtering the leaves from the gutter. Now they are not returning any calls to rectify this issue. Please anyone that's thinking of using this company DON'T. their customer service is poor they don't return calls at anytime and they don't answer the phones.

• Feb 23, 2022

High-pressured over-zealous salesman - Terrible way to do business!
I went through Angi for referrals for gutters, soffits, and facia work. Leaf Filter called me within minutes. The well-dressed salesman came out the same day (actually an hour early, which is never a good thing if unannounced) and measured for needed replacements. He measured, jotted down numbers, and made some calculations. He said their soffits are made of wood. I asked if they are vented; he said I’d have to drill my own vent holes after installation. Seriously?! It’s not part of the deal? Then he got his salesman suitcase and clipboard and suggested we go inside to talk numbers and color choices. Right away, the 3-ring binder came out and, page-by-page, he touted the positives of the company, even asking what I like about the company so far. (Nothing.) I asked to see the quote, but he didn’t show it to me. Instead, he pulled out a new sheet with some boilerplate info on the top half… then he filled in a blank space at the bottom of the page and said this is the price… original cost: $5486. Asked me if I was a veteran. No. Was my ex-husband a veteran? No. Anyone in my family a veteran? Yes, my dad. Okay, now he can cut me a deal. How about "senior" status... why yes, I'm also a senior. Great!... even better deal coming up. Somehow, the 15% veteran, plus the 10% senior, and some other discount he didn't explain very well added up to a 35% discount. Will you be paying by check or card? I dunno... as I already said, I'm not making a decision today, but yes, do tell me about the next discount. Well, there's no fee to use a card, but I can get you an additional 3% reduction if you pay by check, but ONLY if this deal is written out today. Then, he told me he could save me even more money because he has scrap lumber left over from previous jobs, so I wouldn't have to pay for lumber. Overall, the quote went from $5486 to $2423. I asked for the price-per-foot detail on materials, and he said they don't quote by the foot... only the job itself. He finally let me look at his “quote,” but there were no sketches... just some numbers here and there that didn't make sense. He suggested we get the contract done now so work could begin immediately. When I told him (for the third time!) that I wasn't making any commitment now, he gathered up his stuff and told me, rather annoyed, that he's just trying to save me money and keep his people working. He did not leave me a copy of anything, not even a business card! A reputable company either leaves a copy of the estimate in person or emails it the next day. Nothing. Terrible!

• Feb 12, 2022

sales pitch was so aggressive that I had to kick the guy out of my house
Extremely uncomfortable sales pitch ; spent an hour showing me his loose-leaf folder of "information". Then he started with a quote of 12k . When I said that seems expensive and I wanted to consider my options he got angry and condescending saying" I am the expert" and asking me "do I want my house to get destroyed by not using his product". Then he tried to trick me into signing a contract by saying that it was just a price guarantee. I told him to leave and he finally got the message. But then he knocked on my door again 20 minutes later to ask me if I wanted a small section done. Like his life depended on making a sale. It was all so uncomfortable and awkward and I can't imagine how they are in business acting like this.

While was in my house I felt like he was trying to strong arm me into signing and I felt bad for defenseless customers who are probably coerced into getting a product they don't want. Do not let these guys into your house! You will be sorry that you ever called them .

• Feb 02, 2022

negative zero rating
Stay as far away as possible- total negative experience- the new gutters leak and water runs down the side of my home. I would do just as well - with no rain guttering at all!

• Jan 29, 2022

Copy of our contract
Terrible experience, did nothing they said they were going to do except throw the gutter guards up on existing gutters. You better read the fine print because what the salesman writes on your contract "maintenance free for life" means nothing. Copy of our contract below. Can't give a zero stars or I would. I also have another review on here I just wanted to add contract so buyers could beware.
Copy of our contract

• Feb 01, 2022

I have an update, after contacting Leaf Filter by email they addressed my issues completely.

• Jan 28, 2022

Terrible workmanship
The salesman specifically in writing put on my estimate maintenance free for life. I did not check the install afterwards and when the top clogged with pine needles I climbed up " which is why we had them done to begin with" to check, terrible workmanship is what I found. Called company and they say it will cost 95.00 to get someone out to do maintenance. They have not heard the last from me.

• Feb 01, 2022

My issues were resolved completely after emailing company.

• Jan 24, 2022

I asked him straight up, "How much per foot?" He said, "We don't charge by the foot, we charge by the job!" He was true to his word. Without taking a single measurement, he quoted me a price which was approximately 90% of the home improvement loan he had just qualified me for over the phone (which I could have done myself If I had know I was eligible). It was for over $40/ft. Obviously, they charge for whatever they think they can get out of you and it's not at all based on the labor, material and profit basis.

• Jan 18, 2022

Very disappointing product
While the concept of Leaf Filter sounds great, the product itself is not. It is very expensive and does not do the job as described and promised.
We had the Leaf Filter system installed in October; it is now January.The gutter has clogged, there is a pool of water that drips/pours 24/7 directly on the cedar siding of our home, on the sliding glass doors and onto the deck. We live in snow country and this problem will not go away until the summer. The water freezes at night, and leaves large ice patches on the cedar siding and glass doors.
The service tech, on his first visit, said that pine needles were the issue and that I (the homeowner) would need to go up a 30 ft ladder and clean them out! Pine needles are NOT the problem, and I took photos and videos of the problem area to prove my point. On his second service call visit, he said there's nothing he can do until the deck is dry enough for him to place his ladder safely...again, this means summer before the issue can be addressed and resolved. I will not tolerate the dripping and potential water damage to my home for the next 4 or 5 months, and will be demanding a full refund.
Steer clear of this product!

• Jan 28, 2022

Did you get your full refund?

• Jan 16, 2022

Over priced
The salesman come out and gave this awful overpriced estimate of all but 12,000. Then he gave us his pitch to lower estimate. Took it to 5,000. Told us we have 3 days to cancel.. I explained my husband has stage 4 cancer, and we would like a little time to think about it. He then replies, well I can't guarantee the price then, so my husband felt pressured. When I returned home to cancel the job the same day as quote, my husband said they were coming today, and so they got my husband bad… awful company to charge this much money and take advantage of sick people. Don't even deserve 1 star. I hope they can sleep at night!

• Dec 12, 2021

Do research before giving them a dime!!
I had this LeafFilter garbage installed in 2018. On three sections of my roof, each not near the other. I regret that I did not check this site and even more so the complaints on the BBB site (link BELOW). CHECK IT OUT but get a BIG bag of popcorn before you start, because there LOTS to read. There are complaints posted very frequently by very dissatisfied customers. So if you think that I am posting this only out of a personal agenda, then LOTS of folks are doing the same. Another thing that I want to point out before I get to my own aggravation is that as much as you like the salesperson who comes to do the sale, you will likely never deal with them again. From then on, you are at the mercy of whoever picks up the service number in the local office or at the warranty hotline in Ohio. And don't fall for the responses posted after each Google complaint advising to call to resolve the issue, because it is hard to get anyone helpful there to talk to.
NOW MY STORY: I had this installed in Oct. of 2018 and very soon after, every claim that I saw on their pretty website and every promise that the salesman gave me, evaporated. Like many complain about, the LeafFilter quickly became clogged with common roof dirt. The wind blows leaves around and even if you are not near trees (I am), leaves will end up on your roof and cause small particles to block the filter. (Leaves pile up there too, contrary to the claim on their website.) Once it clogged, the rain started pouring to the ground as if there was no gutter there. I called the local office and someone came out to inspect the problem. I was told that it will continue happening and that I need to go on the roof with a bucket of hot water and pour it on the LeafFilter to clear it. That did not sound safe to me, so I never did that. Two of the three locations where I had the product installed was on a roof overhang so when the water ran over, it did not directly touch the house or the foundation. Just created a muddy mess and probably still not great for the foundation. But the third area had no overhang. The end of the roof was right off the house. So when water ran over, it hit the wall, the bay window (paint pealing terribly), and down to the foundation. Recently, we had a huge storm. And the rain was flying off that roof. Before long, I had water in my carpeted basement and my unfinished half of the basement with boxes with stuff in it. A big mess! I knew that I had to do something as this was not working. Before I had a chance to get this garbage removed, another storm was coming. I called a handyman in my area and asked him to remove the section of filter that was on the roof without the overhang to protect my basement from flooding again. And wouldn't you know it-we had the heavy rain-but no flooding! It was then that I saw an ad for this product which mentioned the lifetime warranty. I had forgotten about it. So I got my paperwork and saw that I had that. I decided that I would request a refund and purchase a different product. When I called warranty # and told my story, the guy rudely interrupted me and said: "well you know that by removing that one section, you have voided the warranty". I went back to the warranty paper that I had and it did say that warranty is voided if homeowner modifies/alters the product. And he was saying that by taking off one piece to save my basement, I had modified the product. I was too stunned to respond on that first call, but I think I called back a second time to explain my position-that EVEN IF they wanted to be nit-pickey with me and void the warranty on one section, they should honor the warranty on the other two sections and give me back 2/3 of what I paid. It was the same guy on the phone and he was nasty as the first time that I spoke to him. And he would not agree to honor the warranty at all. LOOK OUT! If you are brave and insist on getting this product, be forewarned. I wish that I had seen these complaints earlier.

• Dec 11, 2021

I need my deposit back!
I paid half ($2800) & found out how
Overpriced the gutters were! I then asked for my money back & no one calls me back ! I’ll keep working on it!

• Dec 02, 2021

Hard Sell - Did Not Bite
Figured it couldn't hurt to get pricing so had the salesman out. Went from $12K for the job to $4K if I would commit to doing it tomorrow. Excuse me? How does it drop 8 thousand dollars? Reads me a supposed email thread from his boss saying how "piss poor" they are doing and says that in order to not have installers leave due to lack of work they offer these discounts to keep installers installing. When I told him that anyone that commits to that kind of thing in one sitting is not very smart he assured me they are a 1.8 million / billion (whatever) dollar company so people are buying. Well not me. And told him his hard sell was not welcome, good bye. Glad I did reading these reviews!

• Nov 21, 2021

Very bad
signed contract august 9 after pressure sales pitch. installation postponed repeatedly. first installers arrive 2 months later but didn,t have a ladder to do the job, unbelievable huh. rescheduled the installation date. got a call the day it was to be done. cancelled again, some bull about the truck not working. postponed another 3 weeks. finally I gave up and asked for my 500. deposit back. had to chase after them for weeks to get my money back. suggest you find a more reliable and honest company to deal with

• Nov 18, 2021

Reward for recommending neighbours and family
Hello , I recommended to both my neighbour in Calgary and my brother in Edmonton to have this system installed too which both did. I was understanding that I would get a $50.00 for each . Your company sent me a cheque for the amount of $100.00 but after I deposited it the bank the bank sent it back as your company had put stop payment. I spoke with someone out your Ontario office and was assured somebody would get back to me, that was over 3 weeks ago and still have not received my $100.00 or an explanation on way the first payment was stopped.
Please get back to me with an explanation.
Regards Gerry Kitchen.

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