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11 Worthington Access Dr, Maryland Hts, Missouri, United States, 63043-3804

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• Nov 21, 2021

Very bad
signed contract august 9 after pressure sales pitch. installation postponed repeatedly. first installers arrive 2 months later but didn,t have a ladder to do the job, unbelievable huh. rescheduled the installation date. got a call the day it was to be done. cancelled again, some bull about the truck not working. postponed another 3 weeks. finally I gave up and asked for my 500. deposit back. had to chase after them for weeks to get my money back. suggest you find a more reliable and honest company to deal with

• Nov 18, 2021

Reward for recommending neighbours and family
Hello , I recommended to both my neighbour in Calgary and my brother in Edmonton to have this system installed too which both did. I was understanding that I would get a $50.00 for each . Your company sent me a cheque for the amount of $100.00 but after I deposited it the bank the bank sent it back as your company had put stop payment. I spoke with someone out your Ontario office and was assured somebody would get back to me, that was over 3 weeks ago and still have not received my $100.00 or an explanation on way the first payment was stopped.
Please get back to me with an explanation.
Regards Gerry Kitchen.

• Nov 10, 2021

Biggest rip off ever! Don't do it. Price gouging deceitful salesman.
The bid starts off at 12k and then bring it down to 8k. You think you are getting a good price. but they will charge you whatever you are willing to pay. This isn't a complex system and it doesn't take long for the install. They quoted the screen and told me they would install brackets every foot in the gutter. They will only put in your gutter what they think you need. So you end up paying for things you aren't getting. Then I find out that a friend of mine told them no and they came back with an even lower price of 4k. What happened to paying for the product and labor it takes to install it? These people are not honest of ethical. I wish I had read all of the bad reviews before I did it and I wish I hadn't done it at all. I have never felt so ripped off in my life. What a joke. I've kicked myself a thousand times for not listening to my intuition and saying no. They also left so many screws in my driveway I'm surprised I didn't pop a tire. And so much trash in the yard they didn't clean up. They are a bunch of shysters. Beware!

• Nov 06, 2021

Incomplete job
The salesman was on time as was the install crew. When the installers left it was nearly dark, so the next day after checking a portion of the back eave had not been installed, the phone line had been pulled away from the house and not reattached, and portions of the 2nd story gutter screen was visible from the ground, too much angle. A crew was to come and correct the flaws, upon arrival, it was late he only checked the deficiencies and left. Another day was scheduled, they called and said it was too cold rescheduled 4 days later. On that scheduled, day they called and said that portion of the gutters was not on the contract, so they would have to rebid for that portion and they would not be there and I have not heard form them since.
The installers don't seem to know what the sales people mean, I guess.
More training is needed for the installers.
Incomplete job
Incomplete job

• Nov 03, 2021

Stay away!!
On march 2021 they did work on my roof, they charge me $4K one person 6 hours of labor plus around $400 worth of material. They left screws all over the deck, they never clean up after they finish work, after first rain gutter been completely clogged. After I called and made an appointment to clean up the gutter, they called me and cancel appointment due to they don't have a time. Their warranty sucks.
Stay away!!
Stay away!!

• Oct 17, 2021

Stay away from LeafFilter !!
Everything started on a positive note. With that I mean the salesman, Greg Rawlings, showed up on time. Actually a few minutes early. It basically went downhill from there and took a few upswings and then the final straw that lead me to this review and to shout from the rooftops "Stay away from this company." I wish there was a way to put zero stars, or less.
My wife and I had recently purchased a home in Statham that was built in 1985 and called LeafFilter because they were located in our little town. After all the pleasantries and introductions, my wife and I showed Greg the two main areas of concern. There are two valleys on our roof, one at the porch and the other on the other side of the home. Each valley converges into a corner with about an 18" gutter on each side of the corner. Leaves were piled high in each section of gutter and the facia was rotted behind both. This is very important to note. Greg saw the leaves piled up, the rotted facia, everything. He suggested we increase the size of the gutter from a 4" to a 5".
An increase of only 1" did not seem to me like it would be enough, but I have never sold gutters. I have never installed gutters. I have never even cleaned gutters. That's why you hire professionals, right? Looking at the amount of roof these two sections of gutter were being asked to deal with seemed to me like a task for much larger gutters. But, remember when I mentioned hiring professionals to sell, install, and clean gutters?
After a trip around the house we went to the deck to discuss numbers. The estimate to assure all the existing gutters were properly sloped, change one downspout, address the aforementioned corners, and install the LeafFilter system came to just under $3,000.00. Greg gave us a discount, the 1st of many, just for letting him give us an estimate. He gave us a military discount even though we told him neither of us were in the military. He lowered the price when we balked at the quote and lowered it again when we still declined. We told him we wanted to get more quotes when he pulled out the big guns. Greg told us he had been the manager of another LeafFilter location and he was going to be the manager of the Statham, GA branch. This gave him the authority to take out their profit and install the system just above cost. The final quote came in at just under $2,000.00. Well, we were tired of getting quotes from subcontractors and such and decided to let them do the work. Besides, their office was located right here in Statham, GA.
The crew did not show up on the day they were scheduled and I never received a call telling me they wouldn't be able to come on the scheduled day. I get it, things happen and schedules get changed. Especially when you are dealing with houses. However, customer service 101 says let your customer know you won't be at their home when scheduled. This was my first sign this relationship would go south.
Guess what happened the first time it rained. You guessed right if you said the 1" increase in gutter size wasn't enough to contend with the volume of rain they were being asked to contend with.
I called Greg and left him a message and waited another day without hearing from him before I sent him a text. His reply was simple. Call customer service. Not, hmmm, let me see how I can help you. Sign number 2 this was not going to be a healthy relationship.
I emailed customer service and got a prompt reply stating someone from a local branch would be out to address the issue. Someone did come out and clean the gutters. Let me point out that little backsplashes were I stalled on the two corners of concern and leaves had piled up behind the backsplashes. This didn't look like it was going to work to me, but again, I have never sold, installed or cleaned gutters.
The actual branch manager of the Statham, GA branch did call me. Forgive me, but I have never been able to understand him when he tells me his name. We talked about what was going on and he asked me to call him on his cellphone if we had anymore problems. No doubt to keep corporate out of the picture. As luck would have it, we got rain just a few days later. Rain was overflowing the two corners yet again. I called the manager and left a message. I waited a day before I contacted customer service and received another email stating someone from our local branch would be out to address our concerns. This exact scenario just kept happening and they continued to send someone out to remove the leaves that were piled up behind the backsplashes. On one occasion, the tech called me and asked when was a good time for him to come. I told him all the gutters were installed outside and he could come whenever he wanted to. On a separate occasion, the manager called me and told me his technician sent him a picture of what was going on and offered to forward them to me. I told him I live there and I see what is going on every time it rains.

• Oct 16, 2021

Job not finished
Leaf filter left all of my downspouts loose or not connected. I called Corporate and they put me in touch with the local company who said they were sending someone out and I was not at home. They said they would call back and reschedule but it had been two weeks with no call back.
Job not finished
Job not finished
Job not finished

• Oct 14, 2021

Is anyone planning to sue LeafFilter for poor to no service?
If you are planning to sue LeafFilter please include me. We've been trying to get service since May 2021. Phone support answer most of the time and Angela is rude. Our gutter issue is simple but getting someone to call back or help is the PROBLEM. LeafFilter has a Lifetime Guarantee which means we should sue them for negligence, damages, lying, and breaking their contract/agreement. I did not want to click any star for "satisfaction rating" but the program forced me to choose 1.

• Jul 29, 2021

No accountability for a bad job
LeafFilter instead of replacing my gutter had to come back to patch MANY holes in it. So much for the free gutter inspection. They'll tell you anything to get them to buy the product. Sorry I did it & in reading other complaints, realize I am not alone.
No accountability for a bad job

• Jul 29, 2021

Shady Salesman & No Inspection
I called in January 2021 for new gutters. Bob, the salesman did his "inspection" from the ground on a 3 story house using his cell phone to take pictures. I told him the gutters were bad and the water pours out of the back gutter when it rains. He said they were fine except for a small gutter that was crushed by a tree falling on it. I received a overpriced amount for the work and was then given a deep discount. More like he inflated the price to make it sound good and sell me the leaffilter system. I was willing to do both. Once the first rain came, my back gutter was still pouring water onto the siding of the house. The worker came back and said "oh the gutter is full of holes. thought it was something we did". I said "no, it's because of something you DIDN'T do which was replace the gutter". He said they didn't notice. REALLY over 20 holes and a day on a ladder up close and you didn't see them! They were all patched, but I wanted a new gutter in the first place. I called the office & complained, wrote a letter and still have not received any type of fix. Would not recommend them unless they replace that gutter for "free".

Sue L - Sandy Hook, CT
Shady Salesman & No Inspection
Shady Salesman & No Inspection

• Jul 23, 2021

Their 'lifetime guarantee' Is only for one year.
After that. They will charge you to come out to clean your clogged gutter, that's never supposed to clog because of the filter.

When the original gutter was installed, there is a metal corner piece, that has now dead leaves and dirt on top of the filter. The water spills not over that section, but a half a foot away from the gutter section. It doesn't catch the rainwater and it pools on the ground.

He came out. I showed him the warranty card that states "We will fix the issue if it ever clogs." Spoke to a lot of company people and refused the work, because I didn't want to pay, for an issue, that never supposed to happened.

They lie. Don't use them

• Jul 16, 2021

cant get in touch with leaf filter
I have had leaf filter out to my house 3 times to fix my problem I have called left messages and all I can do to get in touch with them and still no one comes out or answers or calles me back about my problem they need to fix or give me my money back and take this crap off my house

• Jun 25, 2021

Valley Guards Clog
When we bought our system in 2014 we were told "we don't want you on your roof, if the valley guards clog just call us, we'll come out", and a couple times they did, even suggesting on one area to change the screen to the more coarse version so the water enters more easily. So I call today 6-25-21 and am told they'll come out but it's now a $95 service charge! They referred me to the local office, that does NOT have a local number (only the 800 number) to "waive the charge" at their discretion - I told the woman that if not waived, I'll stand in front of their booth at each home show with my iPad showing a video of the overflow to their prospects! Too bad, most of the system works well, but this little "surprise" will really cost them!

• Jun 04, 2021

Leaf Filter Rip Off
My neighbor and I both had Leaf Filter install gutter protection a couple of years ago. What a total waste of money. The dirt off the trees in NC will completely plug up the screen in no time at all. Their warrantee is useless. They sent a representative out, went on the roof then told me he would talk with his superiors and get back to me. We never heard from them again. They even lied to the BBB telling them they had settled with us, They never ever contacted either of us. Total Rip Off

• Jul 12, 2021

I am a victim of leaf filter! It has damaged my home all the way around my house! I have called and called for the last 18 months trying to get them to remove filters and repair my house but no one every called me! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Donna

• Mar 30, 2021

LeafFilter Price Gouging
I had a LeafFilter sales rep come to my home for an estimate. He quoted $12,650. I told the rep I would consider the price after I received 2 competitive quotes. As he was leaving, he dropped the price to $6,000! So, in effect he was ripping me off for $6,250 at a minimum. For me, these practices are an early warning of a potentially bad experience. Essentially, this company is installing pieces of plastic. The product cost and associated labor can easily be calculated and offered on a formal rate sheet. That would be the professional approach.

Poor product & installation
We had LeafFilter installed in February 2020. We were pressured into a quick sale & very quick installation. We have had several issues with this product bowing in the middle, as I do not believe it was properly installed. The company has sent installers to our home on several occasions. The product looks ok now, but since it has only been a few months, I am concerned about how it will stand up under the weight of leaves in the fall & heavy snow. I have asked for a partial refund or compensation for this faulty product in writing, and have asked for the company to respond in writing. They have left several phone messages, but have not responded in writing. The trouble with phone calls, is more pressure.

They did work for us after talking with them at a Senior Expo. So friendly, ha! They told us we would not have to climb up and clean out the gutters anymore. That is a laugh. The gutters look bad. They also told us when they came out that they couldn't use the good stuff because our home was a mobile home. So they had to put something else on that they just happened to have on the truck. Sure! They had talked my poor husband into getting this done and we also got the high price, then lower, then lower and he also was a Veteran so a discount was due also.

The salesman was so aggressive I did not want to do it but he talked my husband into it.

We already had guards on the house!

Not happy!

They did work for us after talking with them at a Senior Expo. So friendly, ha! They told us we would not have to climb up and clean out the gutters anymore. That is a laugh. The gutters look bad. They also told us when they came out that they couldn't use the good stuff because our home was a mobile home. So they had to put something else on that they just happened to have on the truck. Sure! They had talked my poor husband into getting this done and we also got the high price, then lower, then lower and he also was a Veteran so a discount was due also.

The salesman was so aggressive I did not want to do it but he talked my husband into it.

We already had guards on the house!

Not happy!

Very pushy sales person would have probably bought the product if not for the sales person. Should have probably looked at this web site before I booked the appointment. The sad part is that my daughter was in her room and hear this sales person yelling me of why I did not feel comfortable to buy this product from him.

LeafFilter Response • Mar 09, 2020

Hi, Joel. We're disappointed to hear that you had such an experience with LeafFilter's salesperson. Would you provide us with a reference number and phone number so that we may reach out?

We have been working with the customer to address the issues they reported and had a service technician there last week to make any needed repairs and inspect the system We have confirmed with the customer that the most recent visit was positive in reference to the work that was done as well as the technician that performed the work and now the customer is just looking forward to a much needed rain

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