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Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2014/02/18) */ Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Ms [redacted] concernsI was able to confirm that our client, [redacted] Services, performed the services on 11/27/Due to the age of the account and the billing service unable to explain what happened (or didn't happen), we are refunding Ms [redacted] $and deleting any reference of this account from her credit reportI will send Ms [redacted] a letter confirming this as well as the information I did receive from our client regarding the services provided I hope this addresses Ms [redacted] ' concerns [redacted] President Merchants' Credit Guide Co Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (2000, 7, 2014/02/18) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) With the help of and Ms [redacted] from [redacted] Radiological Services who was also in contact with Mr [redacted] , this issue was resolved in a timely manner and I am fully satisfied with the outcomeThank you very much

After a medical facility neglected to submit my claim to insurance or bill me directly, MCG obtained the debt for collections If it were not for MCG contacting me, I would not have caught other associated charges still outstanding with the facility and sent to a separate collections agency - again, all due to the facilities billing and administrative errors Credit agencies get a bad rep and of course no one likes to have debt, but the employees at MCG are just doing their job, it's not personal Furthermore, everyone I spoke with was extremely friendly and helpfulI typically don't write reviews at all but I was surprised to see only negative complaints on file and felt this deserved to be reported I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr [redacted] concerns We received accounts placed for collection from two of our clients back in After we received these accounts we were notified of insurance payments and adjustments applied to these accounts There were small self-pay balances remaining after insurance Upon receipt of Mr [redacted] complaint we contacted our clients and they agreed to write off the remaining balances Today, we will be sending deletions to all credit bureaus previously reported to In addition, we will send Mr [redacted] a letter confirming these deletions [redacted] , President

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr [redacted] complaint Unfortunately, Mr [redacted] understanding of the FDCPA and the FCRA is inaccurate We have not violated Mr [redacted] rights We have provided Mr [redacted] with the documentation required to validate the debt He knows what the debt is for and he knows he is responsible for paying it Due to the age of the debt, it is due to drop off of Mr [redacted] credit report anyway, we have sent the deletion of the collection item to the credit bureaus to remove our trade line from his credit report A letter confirming this deletion will be sent to Mr [redacted]

Thank you for the opportunity to address Ms [redacted] concerns First, on 2/5/17, Ms [redacted] was provided notice from our office when her account was placed for collection to her last known address We never received return mail on this notice A second notice was sent on 3/15/ Again, we never received mail returned None of our efforts to collect the account were in violation of the FDCPA, FCRA, or any other law On 4/13/we received a letter of dispute from Ms [redacted] We were in the process of requesting verification of the debt from our client when our client informed us on 4/18/that they had received payment in full At that time we updated her account as paid in full During the time since we received Ms [redacted] dispute letter, we suspended our collection efforts to verify the debt, as is required by law On 4/25/17, we received a call from Ms [redacted] , upset that we were on her credit report Before we could confirm her address, she ended the call That same day, our client called and asked us to remove the collection item from her credit report On 4/25/17, we deleted the collection item from Ms [redacted] credit reports A letter confirming the deletion will be sent to Ms [redacted] to the address on this complaintDan Burtis, PresidentMerchants' Credit Guide Co

So that we can close this account due to identity theft, we would need Ms [redacted] to submit an affidavit of Identity theft, a police report that indicates the identity theft resulted in these two accounts being fraudulently opened in her name, and a copy of a picture ID Upon receipt, we will be happy to investigate and confirm the identity theft with our client and close the account Thank you

In reference to previous complaint # [redacted] on 6/6/(listed as 6/26/on the website) Merchants Credit Guide is again erroneously attempting to collect on an account sent to them in error As stated in the previous complaint, pursuant to Illinois Administrative Code: "If an eligible individual is entitled to medical assistance with respect to a service for which a third party is liable for payment, the provider furnishing the service may not seek to collect from the individual payment for that service if the total liability of the third party for that service is at least equal to the amount payable for that service by the Department;" (Illinois Administrative Code, Title Chapter I Section(d)) The medical provider has been provided with the appropriate information to properly submit for payment from the responsible 3rd party but has still failed to do soAs such they may not seek to collect from meOnce again, Merchants Credit Guide has no legal authority I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted]

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr [redacted] concerns Upon receipt of the complaint, we contacted our client and asked them to review Mr [redacted] ' account Upon review, the account was sent to us in error We have closed and returned the account, deleting all reference of the collection item from his credit report - it generally takes a few days for the credit bureaus to update their files In addition, we are sending a letter to Mr [redacted] to confirm this deletion[redacted] President

I'm afraid Ms. [redacted] has been misinformed. She has received services from one of our clients for which she agreed to pay. She has not paid the total amount that is due our client. On August 24th, I mailed her copies of the agreement she signed with our client. We are an... agent for our client. We do not have nor need an agreement with our clients' customers to collect the money that is due our client. We stand ready to work with Ms. [redacted] when she is ready to resolve her delinquent accounts with our client. We look forward to hearing from her. [redacted] PresidentMerchants' Credit Guide Company

Thank you for the opportunity to address Mr [redacted] complaint The allegations presented in the complaint are inaccurate Mr [redacted] has never called our company asking for verification of the accounts listed in the complaint His insurance did not cover all these accounts There are self-pay balances after insurance Regarding Mr [redacted] HIPAA concerns, we are a contracted Business Associate of the clients we represent The information provided by our clients to collect payment is well within compliance of HIPAA On January 29, 2017, we received a faxed letter stating he disputed the debt and refused to pay On April 20, 2017, we received a letter from Mr [redacted] asking for verification of the accounts placed in our office for collection and reported to the credit bureaus We are gathering the account information from our clients to provide Mr [redacted] the information requested Upon receipt, we will forward the information to him There has been no violation of Mr [redacted] rights We are happy to work with Mr [redacted] to come up with a manageable solution to these accounts

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr [redacted] concerns First, allow me to set the record straight The treatment received from our client was not due to a work related injury, therefore not a workers' comp claim This is clearly indicated on the registration filled out by Mr [redacted] Second, Mr [redacted] received a series of treatments over a three month period of time resulting in over transactions, some of which were for the same type of treatment on a different date of service, thus **king it appear that there are "duplicate" claims reported to the credit bureau, but they are not duplicate transactions The collection items Mr [redacted] speaks of were the transactions that qualified from a balance standpoint to be reported There are **ny more smaller balance transactions/accounts that were not reported Third, Mr [redacted] insurance company paid on several of these transactions leaving a co-pay or "applied to deductible" self-pay portion **ny other transactions were denied because the insurance company needed additional information from Mr [redacted] to process the claim Our client called Mr [redacted] to request the additional information needed to process the claims, but he did not return the calls Mr [redacted] **y still have an opportunity to provide this information to his insurance company for them to process these claims, but he will have to call his insurance company If the insurance company re-processes the claims, there **y still be co-pay or applied to deductible amounts due These accounts have not been paid There are not any duplicate reports of any transactions There is nothing fraudulent in our actions There has been no violation of the Fair Credit Reporting ActThis complaint is the first time we have heard from Mr [redacted] after numerous attempts to contact him.We are sending Mr [redacted] a copy of all the transactions, a copy of his registration and signed financial policy from our client We would welcome the opportunity to be of assistance in helping him get this **tter resolved[redacted] PresidentMerchants' Credit Guide Company

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Ms [redacted] concerns There are three accounts One for the date of service 8/28/for $279.00, another for date of service 9/3/for $279.00, and one for date of service 4/16/for $ Though the provider did not receive the insurance information at the time of service, they have verified that she was eligible for coverage for the two accounts for $each The provider verified the third account for $was denied for lack of coverage, resulting in the account becoming a self-pay obligation We have taken steps to delete the two accounts for $and will send Ms [redacted] letters of confirmation of these deletions The account for $remains due We are sending Ms [redacted] the account statement for her review We suggest Ms [redacted] contact the insurance company to have this reviewed They may reconsider it If the provider tries to re-bill the claim, the insurance will deny it again[redacted] PresidentMerchants' Credit Guide Company

I filed a complaint against them as the debt they said they were collecting for did not existOn the second attempt to contact me, they tried to cut a deal "If you pay now, you can pay it at this lower rate, I'm just trying to help you out" And when I asked to pay directly to organization I owed, the representative threatened my credit score The first time I returned their call, the call kept dropping and the woman hung up on meThe second time, the representative hung up on me after I said I would follow up directly with the agency they supposedly representedWhich that group said that multiple customers have been reporting scam collection calls from them

On October 3, Merchant Credit Guide received my certified letter requesting validation of accounts they are attempting to collect [redacted] and [redacted] They never respondedThe debt collection agency has thirty (30) calendar days to respond to a debt validation requestAll debt collectors operating in the State of Texas must be able to verify, or "validate," any debt on which they are attempting to collect paymentTexas Finance Code Section requires a debt collection agency or credit bureau to provide the alleged debtor with specific information concerning their debt including but not limited to: The name of the original creditor the original date of default or non-payment of the debt the date the debt was transferred from the original creditor to the third party debt collector The original balance The current balance Surety bond information respond or did not respond in timeIf a debt collector has failed to respond to your debt validation request, then the

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr [redacted] concerns Upon receipt of Mr [redacted] complaint we asked our client to review the history of the accounts The subject medical claims were filed with the third-party's insurance company by our client The insurance company did not pay the claims Upon investigation of Mr [redacted] claims, we were informed by both the insurance company and his attorney representing him in his personal injury case that the case had settled, the funds were received on June 3, 2016, and is now closed Therefore, the responsibility now falls to Mr [redacted] to pay for the medical treatment he received from our client

Thank you for the opportunity to address Mr [redacted] concerns The reason why Mr [redacted] has not received any bills for these accounts is because they were sent to his old address Actually, Mr [redacted] has three accounts in collection from [redacted] Emergency Medicine Specialists The first account is for services rendered on 7/14/by an [redacted] physician His current address was provided As soon as the account was placed in collection, Mr [redacted] promptly paid this account The next two accounts for services rendered on 2/20/and 2/22/ An old address was provided Apparently, the bills sent were returned We will send Mr [redacted] copies of both the invoices to his current address.Should Mr [redacted] have any questions, we will be happy to help him [redacted] , President merchants' Credit Guide Co

Thank you for the opportunity to address Ms [redacted] concerns Upon receipt of Ms [redacted] complaint we immediately contacted our client Due to the age of the account, they have agreed to write off any balance We have closed the account and sent notice to the credit bureaus to remove this item from Ms [redacted] credit report Ms [redacted] will receive a letter from us confirming this deletion

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/09/24) */ Thank you for the opportunity to address Ms. [redacted] 's complaint. Upon receipt of the complaint I immediately checked with our client to see if they ever received any money from a personal injury lawsuit. As of 9/22/15, they have not... received any money towards these now self-pay balances. I will send a copy of the statement we received from our client to Ms. [redacted] . If Ms. [redacted] can provide me with her attorney's name and number, I will be happy to make a call to confirm the status of the lawsuit. For the record, we are Business Associates with our client and therefore are able to receive and use for the purpose of payment of the account. We are in complete compliance with HIPAA XXX-XXX. At this point, we are unable to delete the trade lines from Ms [redacted] 's credit bureau reports. However, if she can show that she won her personal injury case, we will delete our trade lines immediately. Dan [redacted] President Merchants' Credit Guide Company

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