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Mr. Rooter Plumbing

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[redacted] was prompt, courteous, efficient, clean and absolutely knew what he was doingHe was a pleasure to do business with, and was a credit to Mr Rooter

I called Mr.Rooter to install my water heaterMr [redacted] who came to do this job was very helpfulI did not have the paperwork for my heater as it was my husband who knew where the paperwork was, and since he was ill and in the hospital, Devon helped me get a replacement by taking the extra step to go on the company's website and find the informationHe did a good job installing itI hope the new water heater will last me a long time I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [I reject this offer because of the bait and switch perpetuated by Mr [redacted] Their response states that they have different types of drain cleaning service - jobs with outside access and jobs with inside access As stated by Mr [redacted] , these type of jobs vary greatly in the time and effort necessary to complete them Given those differences and large price differences it seems germane to determine which service is needed when providing a quote Mr [redacted] neglected to do so and got me to commit to a dispatch fee under the pretense that the job would cost something in the neighborhood of $100- Given the extreme misrepresentation of the job's cost, I do not I feel I owe the dispatch fee Mr [redacted] chargedAlso, I reject Mr [redacted] 's offer to perform the job with the appropriate discount fee applied along with credit for the dispatch fee as the job has been done by another company For reference, Mr [redacted] 's competitor charged $to clean the line This is the same charge as the last company who performed that service I am not trying to tell Mr [redacted] what they must charge for their services They are free to charge well above their competitors if they wish But I do feel they owe honest and accurate pricing to their customers, which they neglected in this case.] Regards, [redacted]

I filed a complaint with you in regards to this business Nov under case #XXXXXX I have not received a resolution or response I filed a complaint with you in regards to this business Nov under case #XXXXXX I have not received a resolution or response I had a plumbing problem with wet carpet in spots and seepage noted in unusually places and some back up in the bathtub MrRooter told me the problem was a backed up sewage line which they repaired, however, within a short period of time, the same problem manifested They have made promises to come out and fix/assess the problem but have not showed

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Refund not issued Regards, [redacted] ***

I have been dealing wit MrRooter plumbing from out of state Thier reponse time and and services provided have been outstanding Very professional organization beginning with thier customer service staff throughh the service technicians

Called Friday afternoon expecting to make an appointment for Monday or Tuesday and was surprised to find they could book a regular appointment on Saturday. Made an appointment for a window from 2pm to 4pm because my morning was busy, and the service guy showed up right at 2pm. Was impressed that they were so prompt and called to let me know 5 minutes before the plumber showed up. If you want prompt service, this is certainly the place to go. Unlike many businesses in this area, they seemed eager to provide service ASAP and to do so in the most professional way.

This complaint has already been settled with Mr [redacted] Our company has already given him a refund of $We made a settlement with the customer based on his request and with the understanding that the issue had been resolvedMr [redacted] signed the agreement on July 22nd, and the matter was settled.Sincerely, MrRooter

Hi [redacted] , I will be looking into this further and will be returning your call no later than WednesdayLet me know if you have any questions Thanks, [redacted] MrRooter Plumbing

Dear [redacted] ,I am writing to you in response to the recent complained with the assigned ID [redacted] Thank you for contacting me regarding this situation as the customer in question did not provide you with the details of the situation We were contacted by the customer on 10/12/ as a result of a sewage backup in the basement at the residence of service Upon arrival at the home, we learned that there was no electricity in the home and required the use of a neighbor’s electricity to utilize our machines Upon arrival, there was water, sewage and debris on the basement floor The drain line was cleared by our plumber The line was cleared from the outside due to the fact that the line was highly pressurized due to the fact that the sewage was fully backed up through the line to the city main line Floor drains are typically cleared from the outside Upon clearing the drain, the water in the basement receded and sewage and baby wipes were left on the floor The plumber flushed all toilets, ran the sink and tub lines and there was no water appearing in the basement which signifies that the line was clearWe have a picture of the basement following the recession of water and the debris left on the floor The customer was contacted and provided the name of a restoration company to which he stated that he would have his maintenance man clear the basement floorHe was warned that the maintenance man should not push the sewage and debris back into the drain or an additional clog would occur He was provided a day one time guarantee for the service provided We were contacted a second time by this customer on 10/15/at which point he stated that he had poured a glass of water down the floor drain and that it backed up He told us to use the lock box to enter and that his maintenance man would check in with the plumber at the house Upon arrival, the plumber let himself into the vacant home as per the owner’s instruction and learned that there was still no electricity The neighbor was not at home and the maintenance man never arrived to help provide electricity While at the house, the plumber flushed all the toilets, ran the sink and tub lines and there was no visible water in the basement or near the floor drainPlease note that the floor drain is the lowest point and therefor if there was a back-up, water would be present at the basement floor drain when sinks, toilets and tubs are utilized The floor had been cleared of debris but toilet paper was present on the floor drain On this date, we contacted the customer with this information and told him that the maintenance man never arrived The plumber reported his finding but stated that he could not run the line as per customer’s request, due to lack of electricity We returned the following day, 10/16/16, for a third time in which we brought our own generator to run the machine The plumber once again ran the sink, tub and flushed the toilets and there was no clog found or water in the basement or near drain The plumber ran the main line from the outside and found that the line was clearIt should be noted that although the line was clear, he did pull back baby wipes and grit which although they were not clogging the line signifies possible abuse of the line and if wipes continued to be flushed would cause an additional clog in the future The customer was provided all of this information and it was recommended that we camera the line to see if there was an additional problem causing his concerns with the basement floor drain He refused to have us camera the line Please note that we did in fact provide this customer with the service that he paid for which was clearing the line There is no clog present and there was no additional sewage back up found which is the service that he paid for with our company There is a possibility of an additional problem within the line which may cause problems in the future but since he did chose not to pay to have us camera the line in order to identify the problem we cannot accurately diagnosis his possible secondary problem Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns.Sincerely,Michael *H***Mr.Rooter

[redacted] was polite and always willing to explain things about the projectHe did a good job of cleaning up after

Service very professional....beyond expectations

I received excellent service from Ruben Gand Gabriel Rat MrRooter's Aiello Drive (SJ) office Both Ruben and Gabriel were very professional, courteous and friendly Ruben worked diligently and made it a very educational experience as well I would highly recommend this team and will use them again as needed Thank you so much! ~ [redacted] (Fremont)

Complaint: I am rejecting this response because: I am still waiting for the refund of $that you overcharged my credit cardYou said at the first time you would sent it Regards, [redacted]

Please send a confirmation email that you received this attached response to me at [redacted] Thank you

In 2011 Mr. Rooter repaired a water leak in the wall of my kitchen. On October 4, 2016 we discovered another leak in the bedroom wall and called Mr. Rooter. Kyler T [redacted] responded and repaired the leak. When he restored water to the lines he discovered another leak. He also repaired that leak and explained to me the problem and the only solution was to re-plumb the entire house and abandon the old copper pipes that were continuing to spring new leaks. Kyler put in a call to Thai, his supervisor, and he explained to us the problem and the best solution as Kyler had done. I decided to get a second opinion and the second company was a much larger company and their bid was very competitive. We decided to go with Mr. Rooter because of the rapport that Kyler had established with us by his knowledge and his communication and plumbing skills. We weren't disappointed as Kyler did a superb job within the time that he told us it would take, and the quality of his workmanship.

We had a technician named William come out and take care of our issue in a timely manner.he was courteous and polite and explained what needed to be done
We had another tech come out from the company that was below customer standards and customer service skills
Than you William for your great service

My parents home required the services of Mr Rooter They came out immediately and after assessing the issue, went straight to work The job was completed in a timely manner After inspection, the hole was filled in and landscaping was immediately replaced My father was very pleased with the work and the friendly plumbers I needed a itemized paper copy of the work order and Dino was very helpful in obtaining the information for me

Just had MrRooter install a new back flow valve for my sewer systemThe technician Jason was very informative and answer all questions I asked of himHis assistant Alex was also a pleasureI would recommend this crew to anyone

I called Mr.Rooter to install my water heaterMr*** who came to do this job was very helpfulI did not have the paperwork for my heater as it was my husband who knew where the paperwork was, and since he was ill and in the hospital, Devon helped me get a replacement by taking the extra step to go on the company's website and find the informationHe did a good job installing itI hope the new water heater will last me a long time

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