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New Jersey Medical Institute Kaplan Medical

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A response dated 4/30/was mailed from Travelers on 5/5/2015, the business area was awaiting a reply from the agent The response is as follows: "I am writing to you in response to your correspondence sent to the on April 19, You stated you received a bill for a business auto policy you never signed up for The policy referenced above is a Business audit policy issued by Travelers and brokered through SmartChoice Insurance Agents with an effective date of November 28, Our records show the yearly premium totaling $#,###with a total of $#,### having been paid toward the premium If you never intended to have this coverage or have placed coverage with another company please contact our service center for cancellation assistanceWe may be reached at (contact # provided) option # 3, our hours of operation are am to pm Monday through Friday I hope this information has helped with the questions regarding the billIf you have any additional billing questions please feel free to contact me directly at (respondent phone number provided)."

A response was sent to Mr **, 5/18/as follows: "We have been contacted by the Better Business Bureau on your behalf, concerning the above noted policyThey have shared your statement regarding the refund that was due as a result of the cancellation of your policyI appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns and provide some additional clarification I have taken a thorough review of your account and understand that your desire was for a check to be issued to you as opposed to the electronic refund that occurredUnfortunately by the time we were made aware of this, the refund had already been sent back to the account that had been used to pay your premiums Once we have sent this refund to the card company/bank, the money is no longer under Travelers control; we cannot cancel the transaction once it has processedIn the event the account is closed, or if for some other reason the refund cannot be processed by the receiver, we must wait to be notified by them of such, and the money is then transferred back to TravelersI have found that this refund has been rejected and was subsequently transferred back to TravelersAs a result, we are issuing a refund check today that will be mailed to youThis will arrive under separate cover I apologize for any frustration this situation has caused youOur goal at Travelers is to provide our customers with a superior experience throughout their experiences with us and I regret that we did not meet that expectation in your case Thank you again, Mr**, for bringing these concerns to our attentionShould you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact me directly."

A response has been sent to Ms [redacted] 5/6/as follows: I have completed a review of your homeowners policy in response to your request for the credit and supporting documentation During my review, I was unable to locate the verification of the alarms sent to us prior to April 17, We successfully received the required proof of the burglar and fire alarms via fax on April 17, We have modified your policy to include the credits for the June 11, – June 11, policy term, as well as your upcoming renewal for June 11, – June 11, The upcoming renewal for June 11, was mailed to you originally reflecting a total premium of $ A credit of $was applied to this policy and an updated copy of your policy was mailed to you The revised annual premium for the renewal is $ Regarding your billing and how these credits have been applied, your policy was paid in full for June 11, – June 11, in the amount of $ When the renewal offer was issued, the balance was $ Two credits of $have been applied, reducing the total balance due to $ If we receive a payment from your mortgage company for an amount other than this balance due, we will issue a refund check directly to you for the difference As of today’s date, we have not yet received payment Enclosed, I have provided you with a confirmation of the policy change for the current policy period, expiring on June 11, I have also included a copy of your billing history reflecting the credits we have applied to your policy A copy of your policy has also been mailed to you under a separate cover Please feel free to contact our service center if we need to update your mailing address

A response was sent 1/22/2015:"In your letter you referenced that [redacted] informed Travelers of the replacement of coverageUpon a thorough review of our records, we do not have any documentation on fileWe would like to resolve this for you and are awaiting your proof of replacement coverage in order to process the cancellation effective the date your replacement coverage with [redacted] startedPlease email the proof directly to (contact email and phone number were provided in the letter)."

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The offer reduces late charge for which the company was responsible for but it does not address the misinformation given to us by the customer service representatives which put us in a situation where we were not insured and cost us additional premiumsIt also does not change the problem of misinformation to the public.This is not was insurance should be Sincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The response is unacceptable I cancelled the policy back in October when I requested a refund! Their agent did not notate the file correctly and I should not and will not be penalized for their mistake and miscommunication They claim to record calls and therefore need to listen to the call because I clearly asked for cancellation when I asked for the refundTheir mischievous practices are deceitful and illegalAlthough they say they are not charging me for the second policy, what they are not saying and being truthful about is the fact that there should have never been a second policy in the 1st place I ONLY CALLED FOR A QUOTE AND YET AGAIN THEY TRIED TO UNDERHAND METHE POLICY WAS REQUESTED TO BE CANCELLED ON THE OCTOBER CALL WHEN I ASKED FOR MY REFUND AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN CANCELLED ACCORDINGLY Sincerely, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] PS - As of todays date I have NOT received the promised check

A response was sent as follows: "We understand that you disagree with our underwriting approach related to drivers who are newly-licensed in the United States, and we regret any inconvenience you may have experienced as a result However, we respectfully decline your request for a full premium refund, as coverage was afforded to you from the date this policy was issued, December 19, 2014, until the date you instructed us to cancel it, February 15, 2015." Contact information was provided in the response letter, if they have any further questions.%

A response was sent to [redacted] , today, 5/18/as follows: Thank you for your follow up inquiry through the We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns As we discussed by phone, we are unable to adjust the cancellation date of your homeowner’s policy more than days without proof of replacement coverage The first request we received to cancel the policy was received on April 8, At this time, the homeowners policy, [redacted] , remains cancelled effective for December 21, with a total balance due of $ There is no balance due for your rental property, policy number [redacted] Proof of replacement coverage may be submitted by fax at [redacted] , email at [redacted] or by mailing to the address listed on the cancellation request form enclosed (Contact information was also provided by the individual responding to this complaint.)

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: this is a promise to deliverI will report back if the promised paperwork indicating the accounts are in order is receivedIn the meantime, please keep this case open Sincerely, [redacted] ***

5-7- I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meTHANKS, YES SINCE TRAVELERS ARE GIVING ME THE CREDITS TWICE OF $32=$DUE AS I INITIALLY REQUESTEDI'M SATISFIED.I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO FILE A COMPLAINT FOR TRAVELERS TO ACKNOWLEDGE MY BILL IS $INITIALLY! Sincerely, [redacted]

A response was sent to Ms [redacted] on Friday, 5/15/as follows: "Thank you for your recent inquiry through the We appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns and the opportunity to assist you Please accept my sincere apologies for your recent experience We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional customer experience and regret failing you in that regard Although I am unable to provide a reason as to why you did not receive the original check, I see that our service team had this re-issued to you on May 7, During my review of your billing account for the above referenced policy, I see that you received and deposited the check on May 13, As we discussed by phone today, a refund was re-issued to you on your homeowner’s policy for $ Please expect this check within 7-days under a separate cover Again, I apologize for the delay you experienced receiving the check by mail."

A response was sent from Travelers, 2/5/2015......policy has been cancelled and contact information was provided should there be any additional questions from [redacted] ***

A response was sent to Ms [redacted] as follows: "We have been contacted by the Better Business Bureau on your behalfYou have asked for a status confirmation of the above noted policies Your condominium policy has been reinstated, without lapse A reinstatement declaration was issued on you on May 17, Your auto policy has been cancelled in accordance with your request, effective May 12, Ms***, we apologize for any inconvenience you experienced and thank you for insuring with usPlease do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions" (contact information was provided in the response letter)

A response was sent from Travelers 5/21/as follows: "I am writing in response to the inquiry we received concerning the above captioned claimWe regret that Ms [redacted] is not pleased with the claim handling process or the liability determination This claim was reported to Travelers by Ms [redacted] on April 27, and was immediately assigned for investigation and handling An initial statement was taken from the Travelers’ Insured driver, "***", on April 27, An initial statement was also taken from Ms [redacted] on the same day In your initial statement, Ms [redacted] stated that she was backing from a parking spot and the impact occurred between her vehicle and Mr [redacted] vehicleShe stated that she was all of the way out of her parking spot, stopped and ready to put her vehicle into drive and move forward when she felt the impactShe did not state that she ever saw the vehicle being driven by Mr**She stated that there was one witness to the accident, but she did not have the information for that witnessThe damages were scratches to her rear bumperShe provided three close up photographs of the damage In his statement, Mr [redacted] stated that he began backing out of his parking spotAs he was backing, he saw Ms [redacted] vehicle in motion and, after coming to a full stop, the impact occurred Mr [redacted] states that he was more than half of the way out of his parking spot when he stopped and the impact occurredThe impact to Mr [redacted] vehicle was the rear bumper, although the vehicle did not sustain any damage On April 29, 2015, it was communicated to Ms [redacted] that liability would be denied as this was a word verses word situation in which both versions of the facts of loss differ and Travelers must support our insured in the matterWe regret that the conversation regarding the liability decision escalatedWe spoke with Ms [redacted] father, and discussed in detail the reasoning behind our liability determination and her options for repairing thru your insurance carrier and recovery options, subrogation and arbitration, that she might have with them On that same day, she contacted Travelers back and provided us with the name of a witness, ‘**’We contacted the witness and he informed us that he did not see the accidentAt which time we advised Ms [redacted] of this development and reiterated our initial liability decision On May 1, 2015, Ms [redacted] contacted Travelers again and provided the name of another witness, ‘ [redacted] ’We attempted to reach this witness several times and were unsuccessfulWe then reiterated our liability position again and advised Ms [redacted] that if the witness came forth and was able to provide valid information, we would take it into consideration into our investigation We regret that this unfortunate accident occurred, however we feel that we fairly investigated the claim and reached an impartial liability determination, to include a timely investigation of the facts and a review of all available evidence Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me." *

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: They did unfairly deal with me and my concerns were never addressed properly My advice is that they not deal in auto insurance since they are incapable of truly and honestly helping the insured Sincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: This insurance co is fabricating eventsTravellers Insurance says that their adjuster denied claim from the beginningActally, the adjuster DID approve it explicitly stating that damage was caused from waterNot only did she approve it but discussed with me and with **, the licensed [redacted] Dealer's repair service center manager, exactly where and when the reimbursement check from Travellers Insurance would be sent [redacted] at [redacted] Dealer can verify thisTravellers Insurance states that the corroded wiring harness is located under the vehicle's hoodWell, yes, where it is for any vehicleBut, this one is specifically is located right where the hood props up when hood is openedIt had been raining so hard for weeks that the sealant normally preventing rainwater from dripping under the hood dissolvedThis allowed all rain from those hard storms to wash under the hood and onto wiring harnessHence, corrosion Travellers Insurance says that I inquired about whether I could "reach out to" NopeTheir fabrication againActuality, was never, ever mentioned at any time by me or by any representative of Travellers was never included in any conversationNever Travellers Insurance says their rep told me I was within my rights to contact Revdex.comonce again, those words were never spoken as was never mentionedObviously, Travellers Insurance is rather confused with actual factsTravellers Insurance say that their rep (Mr [redacted] ***) was not rudeWell, I alone, was the other person in those conversations and am here to say their rep was downright smug and condescending towards me I would suggest that Travellers Insurance reevaluate their company's lack of standards, or rather, their company's acceptance of blatantly unprofessional behavior.Travellers Insurance suggested that denied claims can be the reason for their customer's construing of poor serviceThat is insulting to all of their customers throughout the nationThis company infers that their honest customers, are not smart enough to identify an issue in question as versus identifying the demeaning attitude of their representativeThat reflects greatly in a negative was for Travellers Insurance.To the hard working consumers out there - reflect on what is happening hereNotice the effort Travellers Insurance is spending to deflect their responsibilities over one, single, small claim that was not going to cost much from the beginningI am simply identifying unfair practices of this insurance company Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: They are wrong Page of the settlement includes gastroparesis They have denied the bills purported billed as sore throat, but in reality are also part of the claim as the sore throat arose from constant vomitingShe was hospitalized for several days for severe vomiting just days after that.Also, during the day of the settlement, their attorney agreed to pay all bills Their statement in their letter stating they rejected it, we have nothing in writing in the contract that substantiates that We reject their claims Sincerely, [redacted]

Travelers attempted to contact [redacted] *** by telephone on January 7, 2015, to obtain additional information, however, a letter was also sent January 7, to request that same information "I’m sorry we weren’t able to speak by phone today, however I wanted to follow up the message I left you with a brief noteUpon review of your account, the renters policy cancelled effective July 23, and the amount of $requested from collections is the earned premiumI see that you have a home with us as well for a residence in [redacted] ** that is still active and in forceIf you have moved coverage for this home, what was the exact date you took out replacement coverage? With this date we can make any needed adjustments."

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