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Piper Lou Collection

7868 US 70 Bus Hwy W, Clayton, North Carolina, United States, 27520-5008

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• Jan 19, 2022

First and last order with Piper Lou
I placed an order on 11/26/21 and still have not received it. I inquired about the order multiple times and was finally offered a discount and expedited shipping. A shipping label was created on 12/31/21, but it still shows FedEx has not received that package. I finally just gave up and asked for a refund today after being told multiple times that they would check with the warehouse about my order and getting no actual update. I was told that because the order is ‘fulfilled’ they could not issue a refund. I don’t understand how them being unable to find my order somewhere in their warehouse for over 2 weeks is ‘fulfilled’. I would either like my items to actually be shipped to me or a refund. I wish I had researched this company more before placing an order. There are many, many complaints from other customers who have had a similar experience.

• Dec 20, 2021

I ordered a water bottle in November I think it was around Black Friday. I ordered it for my daughter for part of her Christmas present. It still has not been shipped and today is December 20th . Obviously I won't have it by Christmas. Think it's a little ridiculous that it still hasn't been shipped and is almost been a month since I ordered it ! There are plenty of other places I can order this kind of merchandise from anyway and the prices are probably way cheaper!

• Jun 10, 2021

They are having growing problems
I love the products . But they have a problem with the customer service and getting products out. I do believe they are honest ( lets hope I get my last order) & I did get my 2 refunds today. I canceled because they did not meet their own deadline of getting orders out.
They are having growing problems

• Jun 08, 2021

Horrible Experience, will never purchase again
Placed an order for 4 shirts and 4 wine cups on May 7th for a girls weekend leaving on June 4th. I was charged fully for my order on May 7th. Website says allow 7-10 days for your order. I called May 19th to check and was told it would ship at the end of that week. May 28th I emailed and asked them to cancel the order because my order had still not shipped. I was told NO because it was a custom order and it was being made. They asked if they could give me 10% off my order to make things right. I responded that the only thing that would make this right is if the order arrived at my home on June 2nd at the latest. I was assured it would. The order shipped on June 2nd, and "promptly" arrived at my house on June 5th after I had been at my girls weekend for 2 days. It shipped from a location about an hour and 1/2 from my house, so they didn't even send it overnight... they shipped it regular mail.

I have yet to be given that 10% off that they claimed to care about nor have I been contacted about how they can compensate me for their lack of ability to perform what they advertise they can perform. I would have never ordered if their website was honest and told me 4-6 weeks for deliver.

I will never order from this company again. The product is cute, but the customer service is horrible. They are dishonest and do not care about their customers.

• Mar 13, 2021

Order number was only partially filled
My order number 1447556 I only received three of my five items. will I be receiving the rest? If not please credit my credit card. I received a 2XL, XL and L--I was to have 2 Large, and 2 XL and 1 -2XL


False info about orders
Terrible customer service. Often given false info about orders where the orders are in relationship as to wjhen they are shipped.

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jul 16, 2020

Hi ***,

ORDER# XXXXXX - tracking info here https://***XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

For orders XXXXXXX, XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX - turnaround time is 7-10 business days and you will be notified via email when they ship

PLC lead CS


I lobe Piper Lou! I have had only 2 issues on over 15 orders and both were made right with excellent customer service and response time. The merchandise is beautiful and they have something for everyone.

Yep, experiencing the same issues everyone else seems to be having with this company. I placed my 1st order 05-18-2020 and it was perfect. Placed my 2nd order on 06-03-2020. Placed my 3rd order on 06-15-2020. It's now 07-10-2020 & I haven't rec'd the 2nd or 3rd order. I've left 3 voice mail messages and never rec'd a return call. I was finally able to reach someone. She told me my 2nd order was delivered (I have not rec'd it) and that my 3rd one hasn't been shipped yet. She said I'd rec'd a follow up email letting me know what the resolution would be. That was 5 business days ago.

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jul 10, 2020

Hey ***,
We are sorry for this inconvenience.
For # *** and *** - can you please verify the correct shipping address as your orders were marked delivered.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Customer Response • Jul 15, 2020

I rec'd both orders yesterday. Thank you.

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jul 16, 2020

You are welcome!


Horrible customer service. I ordered tumblers as gifts for 6 adults for a vacation trip. I ordered on June 3rd for a 10-14 day delivery as we were leaving on the 19th. It was close so I followed up with an email to make sure I would receive the cups in time and made them aware that I would need them no later than the 19th and if that wasn't possible, please cancel the order. 3 days later, I received a response that they were checking the status. 2 days went buy and I emailed them again to check the status and again let them know if the tumblers wouldn't arrive in time, I would like to cancel. 3 days later, I got an email with tracking information that they had shipped and were scheduled to arrive on the 20th - to my house where I wouldn't be because I was on vacation. Had they responded in a timely manner, I would have gladly changed the ship to address to our vacation rental so we could have received the tumblers. But the response time is horrible and rude. So I came home to almost $200 worth of tumblers which I can't even return because my order status is still listed as 'pending'. AND I didn't receive my 25% discount which I also asked about when I noticed the charge was higher than expected. Again, no response. I would keep the tumblers because they are cute but they say Piper Lou on them and I don't want to promote this business in any way.

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jul 08, 2020

Hey ***, I sent you an email as I need to show you the invoice where the discount was applied. May I offer a 15% discount on this order as a token of our apology and regards, please reply via email if you accept and we'd be happy to apply it.



5 order that's not correct I've taken responsibility for one. They will not refund my money or send me what I ordered. I'm waiting on a correct order from February. Customer Service sucks. I'm blown off everytime I reach out to them. I have bought more than a 100 items from them. I'm so over how they disregard my emails & never fix them. Today I just got 2 of the same shirts. I didnt order both of them the other day I received the wrong tumbler. I'm so aggravated. I will find somewhere else to get what I want. I'm over this .

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jul 08, 2020

Hi ***,

Just to be sure, are you just missing 1 tumbler - see screenshot below :


You just need that one with a grumpy face?

Customer Response • Jul 09, 2020

no your absoultey wrong on that. yes uncle Grumpy with Grumpy face is one. im still owed the other its a clark thing in purple 30 oz, im also owed a resting bh face that makes me pretty in pink 30 oz. im also owed a FIT *** im tired tank top in med. there defintely is a reason im sick of dealing with this company. they cant get anything right!!!!

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jul 09, 2020

Hi ***,

I sent you an email and I just want to verify everything before I ship out the missing items.
Will be looking forward your reply there. Thanks!


Worst customer service EVER. I ordered a tumbler & never received. I've submitted over ten emails just wanting a refund. They keep stating its been delivered, new shipment has been mailed. I called once & spoke with customer service & she said supervisor would call. I'm still waiting for that call!!! I get another email stating a replacement has been shipped. No tracking number no information. I tried to call today
& it's says number not found. That is number I called last week! This nightmare of an order just keeps getting worse!! I just want my money back. Your company is a rip off.

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jul 08, 2020

We are sad that our shipment did not meet your expectation. Although we would like to hear that you always have a delightful customer experience with Piper Lou, we are glad you took the time to send your candid feedback. We take customer feedback very seriously and the information you provided is critical in assisting us with achieving our goal of continuously improving our performance and service.

Please accept the code *** for a 25% discount on your future order.

Your order is now cancelled and you should receive a refund notice via email too.
Your credit should reflect on your payment method in a few days, depending on how your bank processes refund transaction.
Feel free to coordinate with your bank anytime regarding the incoming fund.

We still do want to do business with you and we promise to impress you on your next order.


ABSOLUTELY THE WORST SERVICE EVER! Ordered 7 tumblers for nurses day. Ordered in April, today is 6/30/20. HAVE YET TO RECEIVE MY FULL ORDER. No one answers the phone! Sure didn't take long to take the money out of my account! I wish I could give a negative star review. Take your time & money elsewhere.

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jul 02, 2020

- this order is already delivered on May 15 with tracking info ***
See screenshot here :


Kindly contact USPS to locate this package.

Customer Response • Jul 07, 2020

The original package was sent & received. There was one tumbler that was incorrect. I had to send back at my expense, before they would correct the error. Now I have neither. Poor company, absolutely no customer service, they have yet to call me and explain what you got as their standard answer "it's in the mail " Sorry, I don't buy it.

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jul 08, 2020

Which cup is incorrect so I can send you a new one.

Customer Response • Jul 09, 2020

I returned a "*** " cup for a "***" cup. Received 2 ***'s

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jul 09, 2020

One of our staff sent you an email on June 5, 2020 and we never received a reply from you, see screenshot here :


I can send you a*** cup but I need what color of cup so we can ship it asap. Do you need Yellow or Navy?

Customer Response • Jul 09, 2020

Navy please

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jul 10, 2020

I already made a request to send you a navy SUSAN tumbler.
I tagged this as urgent as well and will ship once done processing.

They have horrible customer service and once you ask for a refund, responses stop. I ordered two tumbler cups on 04/23/20. I received them on 05/05/20. When I opened the box, I received two cups I did not order, but the packing slip showed that I did order what I wanted correctly and they sent the wrong cups in error. I promptly sent an email including a picture of the packing slip and cups that I received. I did receive a prompt email the next morning that I would get the cups I originally ordered and to allow processing of 5-7 business days. On May 30th, I inquired about the cups again as I had not received them or received shipping updates. Again, I received a fairly prompt emailing saying they asked for an update directly from the warehouse. I never heard anything after that. On 06/04, I emailed asking for an update and was emailed a response the same day that it was awaiting shipment. June 16th, I emailed because I still hadn't received shipping updates or the cups themselves. I expressed that I was frustrated as it had been more than 6 weeks. The next day a response came in saying they apologized for the delay and it was unusual that the replacement hadn't been received yet. On the 19th, I asked for a refund because I was over waiting. On the 22nd, I got a response offering a 10% discount to save my order and if not they would refund right away. I responded the same day (06/22) that I appreciated the discount, but I wanted the refund. No response after that. I emailed again on 06/25 saying I wanted a refund. No response. Yesterday, on 06/26 I said I wanted a refund yet again and mentioned not getting responses once I asked for a refund and that I would be looking into disputing the charge with my card. I received an email later in the evening telling me I wasn't being ignored and then they provided a shipping update. The irony is they printed a shipping label to prepare the cups for shipment two days after I asked for a refund. I don't want these cups at this point. I want my money back. This business has terrible customer service and I am more than disappointed. Each response came from a different customer service representative as well. I'm beyond frustrated and I want a refund. They can keep the cups.

If I could give this company 0 STARS I would. I ordered tumblers as a gift for people I was staying with on vacation. I ordered in plenty of tine to arrive while I was there. I am leaving in 2 days and still no shipping confirmation. I've called 3 times to see what the status is and never get in touch with anyone. NO RETURN CALLS BACK EITHER. This is ridiculous. At this point, I'm ready to take my business elsewhere. Of course, I'll NEVER get in touch with them for a refund or help.

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jun 29, 2020


ORDER# ***

We are sorry for the delay as we are a little backed up in our warehouse.
Would you like to just change the shipping address now or you still want it to ship to the original address?

Worst customer service in the world. Only interested in selling and then email blast marketing all day long; EVERYDAY, to generate more sales, long before you ever receive an order. Zero accountability, zero competency in inventory, warehousing, planning, or logistics. Wait weeks for orders. No returned calls and days for email replies. If an reply comes, the excuse is how busy they are with offers of 20%. How about you fill the orders you have before you sell me more. After Pay buyers beware; when you order; they have no intention of shipping within 2-3 weeks at best.

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jun 26, 2020

Hi ***,

We are sad that the shipment did not arrive on time as you requested. We've been trying our very best to fulfill all orders despite the constraints that COVID 19 has caused us. I understand that you also requested to change the address but our warehouse had picked up the orders prior the request hence, change was not filled. Please contact FedEx for information on how to retrieve your package and let us know their feedback so we can assist you on possible reshipment.

ABSOLUTELY THE WORST!!! I placed an order for some shirts. When they came in, the order was missing two shirts and two were the wrong color. I sent an email with the packing slip of what was missing and the color issues of the shirts and I received a response that I needed to take a picture of what was received. So next email sent. Weeks pass and still no replacements. Email again and get a response that they are on the way. Two more weeks and no shirts. I have requested 3 times for a refund since and keep getting the shirts are on the way. Just yesterday I received a tracking number that they JUST generated. I want my money back for the order. This is insane. The emails keep coming from different people and they don't even know what the last customer service rep sent. This company is a rip off and should NOT be allowed to conduct business. They are ripping people off!

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jun 22, 2020

This shipped and delivered :

Please let us know if you need more help.

Customer Response • Jun 22, 2020

It I amazing how after requesting for almost two months, you say it is delivered. The problem is, I should not have had to ask or inquire as much as I did. The truth is, I asked for a refund and instead you continued to have excuses and say it is waiting to ship out... etc. I was pretty much accused of not telling the truth about not receiving the items the first time. I understand mistakes can be made but take care of you customers. I ordered the shirts in March and to not have this resolved until the later part of June is unacceptable. By the way, checked my mail and the shirts are not there. Says it delivered but apparently someone else is the proud owner of some shirts. They did not get delivered to my address.

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jun 23, 2020

We recommend for you to contact USPS, they can help you locate this package.
They usually forward it to a post office so please make sure you provide them with your Tracking # ***
You may also schedule a pick up or re-delivery to your house.

Customer Care Center
Email: USPS�® Customer Service
Call: 1-800-ASK-USPS�® (1-800-275-8777)
TDD/TTY Relay: Call 1-800-877-8339. Ask for 1-800-275-8777

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8 AM - 8:30 PM ET
Saturday 8 AM - 6 PM ET

You may also give it another 24 hrs to make sure this package is delivered to you.
For some reason couriers mark their status page delivered in advance.

Let us know their feedback so we can check and see what we can do on our end to assist you may reship this order.

I ordered a tumbler and a shirt on June 7. I was told, "Your order should arrive within 10-14 business days." On June 17, I called because I still had not received a shipping number. It took me several tries to get through to them. The representative told me that she was going to send "it" to the shipping department to make sure it was taken care of and for me to look for a shipping number within a day or so. Here it is June 19. I still have no shipping number nor any indication that they are actually going to ship me my items. I have called and called to check on the status every 20-30 minutes since 10:00. It is now 12:00 and I've not heard back from this company. I don't really know how to go about cancelling this order, as they NEVER answer the phone. Would I recommend this company to anyone? NO, NO, NO!!!! The worst customer service EVER!

As others have stated, this company does not treat customers with respect nor value the awful feedback. If they truly want to be up and coming, they need to respond and do what they are paid to do, i.e. get orders out the door when they say they will, answer phone calls, and put customers first.

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jun 22, 2020

Hi ***,

# ***

This order is cancelled and it should reflect on your account on the next few days.

We are sad that our shipment did not meet your expectation. Although we would like to hear that you always have a delightful customer experience with Piper Lou, we are glad you took the time to send your candid feedback. We take customer feedback very seriously and the information you provided is critical in assisting us with achieving our goal of continuously improving our performance and service.

Please accept the code *** for a 25% discount on your future order.
We still do want to do business with you and we promise to impress you on your next order.

Thank you for your understanding and enjoy the rest of the week!

NO WAY! After two months and first shipment of blank tumblers I finally got a response that they were resending my order. Well the order arrived today and it's NOT MINE! This company seems fraudulent and does not care about their customers AT ALL!

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jun 15, 2020

Hey***, my apologies for all the mess. We already responded to your email and made you a new order.
Thanks for calling our attention on this matter.

I ordered a tank top that was wrong when I received it. I've emailed several times. I can't believe anything this simple is so hard for a company to resolve! I just want a refund now and can't get any response back!

Piper Lou Collection Response • Jun 16, 2020

Hi ***,

We already shipped the replacement apparel - reference code 839687-REP-EDGE
Please let us know if you need help.

They have the worst customer service. I purchased a large order and they sent me the wrong thing and will not return calls or emails. Do not order from them. They won't make it right. Website says 24/7 customer service and that's not true.

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Address: 7868 US 70 Bus Hwy W, Clayton, North Carolina, United States, 27520-5008


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