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We are sorry to hear [redacted] feels this wayOur maintenance department works around the clock to make sure that all of our equipment gets repaired as quickly as possible and our health clubs remain spotlessWe work very hard to make sure that this is accomplished because we pride ourselves in our clubs! I have attached [redacted] 's membership contract with WoW, we have received her cancellation and have updated her account appropriately to be terminated as of 12/31/after her initial month term is complete

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: No one at the gym notified me that my membership agreement was available on the websiteNo one gave me a physical copy of the agreement because they said it would be e-mailed to meThey sent it to the wrong e-mail, so I never received my agreement, which I am entitled to a copy of after signing (according to their own contract)They were not planning on giving me a copy of the membership contract until I brought up the issue Regards, [redacted]

I have thoroughly investigated this for [redacted] and there is no record of a cancellation request received for [redacted] ***'s WoW membership account We have replied to all inquiries submitted by [redacted] to our online Support Desk We have explained to [redacted] that she may submit proof of a prior cancellation request and we will further review her account with us I have reviewed the inquiry with one of our owners, Mary R*** Mary does not normally do this, but she will take [redacted] ***'s word that she attempted to cancel her membership in Mary has made the exception to waive the balance on [redacted] ***'s account and remove her file from collections We hope this helps If [redacted] is looking for a health club in the future, we hope she keeps WoW in mind!

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I was not given an opportunity to read that contract, never received a copy of the contract, received a contrary oral representation from Stephanie (who, upon information and belieg has since been fired bc of issues related to dealing w customers), and therefore that provision is legally not enforceable I signed a electric pad I did not agree to pay this fee I believe this is not only a violation of the Consumer Fraud Act but is also a deceptive business practice Wow recently settled a class action lawsuit involving similar claims The contract is not legally binding I was not advised and did not agree to pay any such fee, and in fact was told it was $a month plus tax, no contract, no other fees, and it could be cancelled at any time Again, I am respectfully requesting the annual membership fee be refunded Thank you Regards, Nicole Tierney

I have looked into this for [redacted] and we have been in communication with him through our Online Support Desk On 2/13/ [redacted] has submitted documentation from his new home address Per the terms & conditions of his agreement with us, on 2/15/ [redacted] was billed 10% of his total contract price and his personal training agreement has been canceled [redacted] 's membership is set to be canceled on 2/28/2018.Although the required documentation was not submitted by [redacted] until 2/13/2018, we have made an exception to issue a credit card refund for the personal training payment received on 2/7/2018, in the amount of $ We hope this helps! [redacted] may speak to his credit card provider for further details regarding the status of this transaction We hope if [redacted] moves back to this area, he will come back to the Jersey Strong Family!

I have thoroughly looked into this for [redacted] According to our records, on 12/27/ [redacted] enrolled under a Personal Training agreement with an initial term of monthsThe agreement included 4, 1/hour personal training sessions per month and was billed at $each month As stated in [redacted] agreement with WoW, upon completion of the initial term, he may cancel the personal training agreement at anytime by submitting a request through our online Support Desk at [redacted] *or- by Registered/Certified US Mail Upon review of our records, it has been determined that [redacted] submitted a Personal Training cancellation request on 6/14/ [redacted] request was processed and the Personal Training agreement was cancelled as of 6/15/ All of the sessions purchased by [redacted] are available for his use The expiration date on the sessions can be extended so that [redacted] has the opportunity to use all sessions that he has purchasedWe hope [redacted] comes in to use the club today!

I have thoroughly looked into this for [redacted] According to our records on 4/29/ [redacted] ***r enrolled in a personal training agreement, with an initial term of months [redacted] confirmed her knowledge of this agreement by making payments and using the sessions provided*** [redacted] was notified through email, if she purchased the ***e training package with a lesser initial term, her monthly payment would have increased [redacted] was billed monthly training payments of $ The ***e package, with a lesser initial term, would have been billed at $250/month According to our records, [redacted] ***r paid a $processing fee, months of payments at $197, and a 10% payment to cancel prior to the completion of the initial term at $240.10, for a total payment of $1, If [redacted] ***r was enrolled in a lesser term for the months of payment and the $processing fee, [redacted] ***r would have been responsible for a total payment amount of $1,537.We do understand [redacted] ***r's frustration and we have added personal training sessions to her account with us The sessions may be used by [redacted] ***r at a later date, or the sessions may be gifted to a friend or family member We hope [redacted] ***r is able to use these training sessions!

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:This still does not answer why we where told we could cancel at any time and then when we tried they told us that we can't cancel until after a full yearThe plan was presented as a month to monthThe product was falslely represented to usAnd we also we where never told that freezing the account would extend the contractWe were mislead to believe that we could freeze the account with no stipulations, and that the membership could be canceled at any timeYou are also misrepresenting the second email where your response was "that we cannot freeze the account because it was already set to cancel"It was never explained that the cancelation was set to happen after the full year was completeAnd as for the first email we never recieved a response thus generating a second request from meIt wasn't till the third email from you where anything was explainedAnd the information I recieved at that time was to the contrary of what I was told at the initial signing of the contract Regards, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:my back pain has been a permanent disability since I was years old and have been going to physical therapy and chiropractors since then per doctors orders, I have not used my personal training sessions as per the email below suggests I should not pay a cancellation fee, for services I no longer can do I go to the gym now just to walk on treadmill- that requires no heavy lifting or excess amount of strain Regards, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:My membership should have been cancelled simultaneously with my wife's membership I joined the club and attended twice in two years You can see that my wife's membership was cancelled successfully in July while mine was not Both Phil and Hansel were aware of this situation and have subsequently decided to have a lapse in memory regarding the cancellation and non processing of my cancellation when approached by their supervisors So it is my word against theirs Fortunately I have a text message conversation with my wife indicating that both our memberships should be canceled at the same time and were I will bring these transcripts to small claims court Regards, [redacted]

We have thoroughly looked into this for ** [redacted] , and I will be happy to address his concernsThe proof of move policy is also stated in [redacted] agreement with usUpon the member's change of permanent residence to a location more than miles from the club or an affiliated health club offering the same or similar services and facilities at no additional expense to the memberIn a cancellation under this paragraph, WoW shall require a proof of the new permanent residence and shall retain a prorated share of the total contract price based upon the date the notice was received plus reimbursement of for expenses incurred in an amount not to exceed 10% of the total contract priceI see that we received ** [redacted] Proof Of Move document on 8/25/and at that time our customer service agent disclosed the amounts owed in order to break your contract and cancel immediatelyOn 9/8/we issued a refund to the card on file for [redacted] WOW membership of $This amount is the difference between their 10% total contract price difference for both account and what they were charged on September 1stBecause we did not receive your Proof Of Move document until August 2015, we are unable to refund any further payments madeHere's a breakdown of the $credit issued to Mr [redacted] account : $(9/Charge for both accounts) - $(10% total contract price for both accounts) =$6.64We hope this information helps, and we wish them well!

I will be happy to answer any questions that [redacted] may have about her Jersey Strong membership According to our records, on 11/8/ [redacted] enrolled under a VIP+ membership, with an initial term of 12-months Her membership is not eligible to be canceled until the initial term is completed In addition, on 11/10/ [redacted] enrolled under a separate personal training agreement As stated in each of [redacted] ***'s agreements with us, if a cancellation request is submitted in writing within hours of enrollment, the agreement may be canceled with no further penalty We received notification from our Manalapan club that [redacted] verbally requested to cancel her personal training agreementAlthough a written request was not received, an exception was made to honor the verbal request and [redacted] ***'s personal training agreement was canceled accordinglyA refund check in the amount of $was issued for the initial payment made on this agreement and mailed to the address listed on [redacted] ***'s membership account I have thoroughly reviewed our records and a request to cancel [redacted] ***'s membership was not submitted within hours of enrollment; therefore, [redacted] is responsible for the full term of her membership agreement Please note, [redacted] ***'s membership & personal training agreements are not combined She is responsible for the terms & conditions stated in each agreement with us If [redacted] would like to cancel her membership at the end of the initial term, she may submit a request to and select the Cancel Membership support categoryWe hope [redacted] comes in to enjoy her membership today!

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: As I have said I do NOT WISH to have my account placed on a freezeI will not be able to return back to gym PERIODI want my contract canceled as well as the $they took from me that I was NOT able to use for the personal training as well as partial payment of the amount that I paid in the beginning of JanuaryI ONLY had sessions with TimSince then I have not been able to return to the gym This is upsetting for me the the fact that I am NOT able to use the gym or any serviceBut at the same time I am NOT GOING ALLOW this gym to keep or take my money for a service that I am not able to useIf I do not get the resolution I am asking for I will go to the Attorney Generlas Office with this complaint FURTHER Regards, [redacted] ***

We have looked into this for [redacted] and according to our records, on 2/5/a cancellation request and doctor's note were received by our office for [redacted] membership and personal training agreements As [redacted] personal training had one month remaining on the initial term, a cancellation was applied for the end of the term, with a last scheduled bill date of 3/1/2018.Please note, if [redacted] training agreement was canceled prior to the completion of the initial term, he would have been responsible for a 10% cancellation fee in the amount of $Because the final payment on his agreement was less than the 10% cancellation fee, an exception was made to cancel [redacted] agreement at the end of the initial term [redacted] was not billed for the 10% cancellation fee of $We have received notice of a credit card dispute filed for the final personal training payment received on 3/1/ We have made an exception to waive the final month of [redacted] initial term and the outstanding balance on his account No further charges will be applied for his personal training agreementWe hope this helps!We do apologize for any confusion; however, [redacted] personal training agreement states no refund will be issued for unused personal training sessions The training agreement purchased by [redacted] is billed based on a monthly charge, and not billed for individual personal training sessions As stated in his agreement with us, [redacted] training sessions have expired- days from the date of payment We will be happy to extend the expiration date and honor the sessions that [redacted] has paid for if he wishes to come back as a JERSEY STRONG member or guest in the future If [redacted] has any additional questions, he may contact me directly at [redacted] during regular business hours

Since [redacted] initial submission we have reimbursed her $42.86, waived her remaining balance of $69.48, canceled her WoW membership account for herWe will go one step further and process [redacted] cancellation request even though her membership is still in term and we did not receive a cancellation submitted in accordance to her agreement [redacted] WoW membership account will be canceled as of 10/31/with no further payments dueWe have done everything we can to help in this situationWe thank [redacted] for being a member with us and wish her the best!

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I would like my compliant case reopened again number [redacted] because I do not agree that I have to continue to pay them when they lied to me when I had specified I did not want a one year membership and they had told me they weren’t going to put me into this one year membershipI am anger because I got lied to and I don’t find it that I should owe them anything after they had tricked me into signing a one year membership Regards, [redacted]

We have thoroughly looked into this for [redacted] O 12/31/ [redacted] enrolled on a membership that has an Initial Term of months [redacted] 's membership cancellation cannot take effect until completion of the Initial TermWe have received [redacted] 's cancellation notice dated Sep and her Membership is set to cancel on 12/31/ [redacted] 's last billing date will be on 12/1/We hope she comes in today to enjoy the club!

We would never not disclose or hide anything from our members [redacted] WoW membership agreement was available to him at the time of enrollment upon request or at anytime by logging into our member portal The Annual Membership Fee is stated on the first page of [redacted] membership agreement, and it is clearly disclosed As stated under the heading "About This Membership", "An Annual Membership Fee of $will be assessed to your membership and billed once per year starting at month of your membership and then annually thereafter..." [redacted] account has been billed in accordance to his agreement with us I have attached a copy of [redacted] membership agreement for his review and to keep for his recordsAccording to our records, on 8/31/we received a request through our online Support Desk to freeze [redacted] membership from September through January In our response dated 8/31/we advised [redacted] that his membership was set to be frozen beginning 10/1/through 1/31/and his account would be billed our reduced Student Freeze Rate of $+ sales tax, per month of the freeze Although we do require days notice for all freeze requests, we try our best to honor the member's request when we are able As [redacted] freeze request was received on 8/31/and his September membership dues were set to be billed the next day, our billing software would not allow an adjustment to this charge; therefore, we froze [redacted] account for the following month However, we have issued an account credit in the amount of $16.05, for the difference of [redacted] September membership dues and the student freeze fee We hope this helps!At anytime, if [redacted] has questions regarding his WoW membership account, he may simply submit a request through our online Support Desk by visiting We will be happy to assist [redacted] in anyway that we can

Though there is a fee associated with purchasing a new membership agreement if you are an existing member, we will make the exception to waive the downgrade fee of $+ tax for our Fitness plan option for [redacted]

On 7/01/at approximately I spoke with [redacted] on the phoneThis matter has been resolved satisfactory

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