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Dear ***,Your refund of $has already been processed by our Finance department on 2/9/If usually takes 3-business days to this to reflect on your cardYour website was also taken down on 2/9/and is no longer active onlineJust to provide some background, we do not
show a cancellation request in October and your year contract required that you continue to pay through January but we want to honor the request in December since we do have record of you speaking with Client DevelopmentThis is why we have refunded your February charge so January will be the last charge for your account and would fulfill your contract periodPlease let us know if there is anything else we can do for you

I spoke to a representative and signed up with this company asking them to delay my start date due to how busy I was at the time She gathered my information and said that would not be a problem After a couple of months I decided not to use their services and ask them to refund my initial sign up cost considering they never provided me any services I called the first time and they told me I had to contact a different department I called a second time and they refused to refund my money Please reconsider ever signing up with this company They are very unethical!
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowI have attached the true leads from their effortsI count a total of SEM from Z57 none of which have resulted in any kind of a leadWrong phone numbers, emails that don't exist, people that I have talked to said they never filled out any formsmonths and that averages to leads per monthIf we were receiving hits per month it seems we would receive more leads than that
My business partner and I were told that they were guaranteed true leads from qualified people looking for real estateWhen we have asked for a copy of the recording from the salesman they have refusedWhat are you hiding Z57?
When asked to produce the traffic they are claiming, they refer us to their own web siteYou have no proof that we are receiving that kind of traffic to our web siteYou can double talk us all you want but show me concrete proof of the trafficYou know if you wanted to prove we were receiving that kind of traffic you could have put a counter on our site where everyone can seeAre we hiding something again Z57?
It is simple you have lied to us we are not happy with your serviceWe should be released from our contract with no further costsIt seems you just tie businesses up with this contract and never produce what you promise
*** ***

Hiring this company was my biggest mistake since I'm in real estate The sales representative sold me a product that was never deliveredThe websites from other realtors which he showed me, does not look anywhere near mine Every time I called customer service, took a week to answer back, and when they did, they offered to pay more money to have a better product I do not see the day to get rid of them!!!!
They have done such a bad job with my facebook page that I've lost fans I have decided that, until I finish my contract with them, do not allow them to acces to my facebook account anymore to not look like an it in front of my friends and clients
I read about them that, they will not let you cancel even when your contract has fulfilled the contract year I'm thinking about what will be the best option, once my contract with them ends, to assure they can not damage my business any longer
Realtors companions, be very careful with this company, stay away from z
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowThat is not the conversation I had, your company does not achieve any results that have to do with your customers receiving any business from what you doYou just take money until someone tries to get out from throwing their money to youThat is all you have ever done I have tried different programs with you over 4-years and I might have gotten one lead that turned into a closing...I would suggest you not tell people you can do what you can't do...and as far as you being some how hooked up to send me e-mail with the contacts days after the contact is looking for help...In real estate there is a minute rule not a day....get with the program
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed I do not find the resolution satisfactory
The reason I am disputing the one month refund is quite simple. When I signed up for the program I was told the charge would be in the $300's; however, to my shock they debited the entire amount they said I would have paid had I signed up later and that was $Due to the dishonesty on their part, I feel this warrants a full refund and I tried numerous times to tell them I was dissatisfied with their dishonesty and wanted out of my contractAs for the "superb" website it has had hits on itThe charge they are making is ridiculousI have found another company willing to build the website for A$which has very good reviews. When a company is deceitful to a client there is no way the client will ever trust the company and if they did it to me, how many other people experienced the same exact problem? They need to be stopped and evaluated thoroughly because their product does not do what they promise it willMy biggest complaint is the lying and it was only because I checked my bank statement closely that I found that they had indeed done what they said they would not do. I want a FULL REFUND and let it be known that this is NOT an honest company and I hope others will not make the same mistake I unfortunately didThere is no other way to resolve this but to return me my money and close down any f/b or websites they supposedly built that are to be attracting clientsI feel I have been scammed and taken advantage ofSince I voiced my complaint I am now receiving numerous e-mails wanting to connect with meThe program length in getting the websites available is lengthy and my work schedule does not have the time to sit and go through the building of a websiteMy other company asked a few questions and proceeded without my inputIt's ridiculous to think time wasted with them and furthermore, I have learned that everyone's website is the same so how does that attract clients? I have researched Zwith other agents who all say the same thing "it's a scam!" Send me my refund immediately
*** ***

As the
Terms and Conditions outline (see previous response for details), the Search
Engine Marketing (SEM) Program guarantees a set amount of traffic to the site
Naturally, in order to gain results with any Search Engine program traffic
needs to be fed to the client’s website which will increase the likelihood for
Lead conversionZ57’s SEM Program guarantees the traffic to a client’s website
for a specified area the client farmsLeads are never promised, as Zcannot
force prospects to fill out the Lead Capture form, but we can promise the
traffic based on Pay Per Click Marketing
Since Mr
*** signed a month contract, Zis within their rights to hold the
client to the agreement for the full termThe contract is agreed to by the
client and cannot be exchanged for other services
When Mr
*** did express his dissatisfaction with his results and the program, he
did not attend of the appointments with a SEM expert that could answer his
questions and reset his expectations that seems to be a misunderstanding
Month over
month while Mr*** was enrolled in the Search Engine Marketing Program
Zdelivered the guaranteed traffic for his specified area until he made it
clear he wanted to be cancelled out of the Program without further discussion
The early termination of the SEM Program at the client’s request resulted lump
sum the client refers to being charged to his account per the Terms and
stands by the signed Terms and Conditions agreeing upon the traffic guaranteed
as well as the process for cancellationThere will not be a refund issued to
this client

Dear to whom it may concern,
I have reviewed this client’s file and the client is
receiving a refund for the full
amount chargedThis was in the process of
being handled by our billing department and will be reflective through the
client’s financial institution in the next 4-business daysWe attempted to reach
out to the client today to provide these details however we got her voicemailWe wish the client nothing but the best in the future and
are sad to see that a business partnership could not be made
*** ***

Mr*** signed up with his Zaccount on 11/25/and signed the attached terms and conditions the same dayHe signed up for a one year contractAll clients are given the option of signing up with a Month to Month contract or a One Year contractClients who cancel prior to the end of
their contract will be charged for the remaining months of the contract as clearly stated in #on the termsZgenerated the website and Facebook page for Mr*** on 11/25/16, the same day as his purchaseThe website was also pushed live to the internet on 11/25/so he was given his entire product in less than hoursAll calls at Zare recorded for training purposes so in order to respond to this complaint Mr***'s calls were reviewedHe spoke to the production department (who generates the sites) for minutes on 11/25/During the setup process, clients are taken through an Onboard Wizard that visually displays on their contact information to verify that we have the correct contact information displaying on their website and *** Business PageThe production rep and Mr*** went over the information and he confirmed it was correctIt was also made clear that the information would show on the website and on FacebookAt the end of that call (around the min mark), Mr*** was given the number to contact our inbound customer service department and instructed that we have inbound service and instructed him to call oftenThe call ended with both parties saying goodbye and mutually disconnected the callMr*** then received several email notifications asking him to call in to schedule his initial marketing appointmentThe dates the emails were sent were 12/15/15, 1/21/and 2/4/Mr*** then called in on 1/15/saying that he changed brokerage companies and said that we hadn’t yet updated to his new contact infoThis is something that Zwould not be able to change without the client calling in to request this changeThere were no previous calls or emails asking for this changeMr*** called into find out how to cancel his account on 3/24/An early termination of a contract results in all the remaining months of the contract being charged immediately
At this point, we’ve found no breach of contract and Mr*** was provided the product he purchased and provided service despite him saying the oppositeWe can offer Mr*** a contract buyout option that would have him pay a $buyout and then he can move to a month-to-month contractAt that point he can request to cancel and only be responsible for his day noticeHe is not eligible for a refund at this time

Dear to whom it may concern,
MrShepherd started services with our company on March 1st We worked with the client for almost a year when in January 13, we cancelled the clients account per his request. In the months to come the client was billed for outstanding charges
that the client did not pay for while services were renderedPayment was collected this past November when an updated credit card was provided to usAt this point the account has been settled in fullIn terms of our company reaching out to this individual I will make sure there is no additional content made moving forwardWe wish nothing but the best of luck to the client in the future
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved
*** ***

ZResponse:On 2/17/Ms*** signed up with a Z57, PropertyPulse Elite
account and agreed to our Terms and ConditionsOur Terms and Conditions are always
provided at the point of sale, as we ensure all clients have the opportunity to
ask any questions they might have on these before finalizing their purchase
ZSales Reps are persuasive
and patient and will contact their prospects and clients multiple times in
order to discuss the package they think will make their business most
successfulMs***’s Sales Rep responded quickly and appropriately to her
needs, even outside his scope of businessAny custom changes to the website
and cancellation requests must go through the Customer Service team and the
client her request to cancel on 3/which was outside the days as outlined
in the Terms and Conditions agreed to by Ms***:
or your authorized representative, have up to business days following the
date of your receipt of these Terms to cancel service and receive a full
refundAfter business days, all sales will be considered finalAs an
example, if you purchase a website on Monday, you will be eligible for a refund
through the end of business on Thursday
the cancellation period provided in paragraph above, customers may cancel
monthly service by providing us with days prior noticeYou will be
responsible for any charges incurred after day notice is given, which
includes, but is not limited to, monthly website hosting, domain renewals,
email services, traffic products, or any other services purchased from ZAn
email will be sent to the email address on file to confirm cancellation
order to protect your account, if you wish to cancel your service, you must
contact ZClient Development via telephone at (866) 412-so that we can
authenticate that you are the authorized account userAll cancellation
requests must be verbally communicated directly to a ZClient Development
Based on the agreed-upon Terms and Conditions, the site, service
availability and live status as well as our documented conversations trying to
work with Ms*** on the site and offer to waive additional costs for
custom work, Ms*** is not eligible for a refund
We have, however, submitted a waive for the last month of service invoiced
at $- the standard monthly investment for Ms***’s package from 3/17/
This invoice falls within the days of the cancellation notice, but has been
removed from the client’s now cancelled accountMs*** has no further
charges moving forward

The recordings of the sales call and the Fast Start appointment with the account manager were reviewed again and it was clearly stated that the program was for guaranteed trafficAt no time did the sales rep nor the account manager say the program guaranteed qualified leadsOur average clients see a 5-10% lead conversion rate which is what the client may see with the programIn the original response, we stated this was a average and Mr*** may see 10-leads a monthThis was never guaranteed and the results will vary month over monthIn June Mr*** received leads and in July he received leads so he is very close to the overall averageThe program drives paid traffic using *** and *** Adwords to the clients sitesWe run sponsored ads that are served to prospects based on their *** or *** search criteria and past historyThe prospect is then driven to a landing page where they input their information then are automatically forwarded to our clients websitesWe cannot provide any leads where they haven't voluntarily submitted their contact informationKeep in mind with internet leads, some leads will be fake and others will be valid and most take several months to convert into a home saleWe cannot and do not guarantee that all leads will be qualified
Our policy, which is standard with any company that records calls, is to not provide recorded calls to clients
The original resolution still stands and Mr*** is still under contract for his SEM program until November when his program will convert into a month-to-month agreement until a verbal cancellation request is madeWe would, however, like to spend more time with Mr*** reviewing the program and the best practices for working internet leadsMr*** has already received leads so far this month (organic, paid) with 1/weeks left of his traffic cycle so we would love to help him get the best outcome from his current results

Zrecords every call specifically for training purposes and quality assuranceThe calls Ms*** is referring to were recorded and reviewed prior to this responseMs*** requested to cancel her account on March 23, She spoke to a representative in the Client Loyalty
Department regarding the cancellation on March 31, and was explained the day noticeDuring the call on 3/the representative offered to set up Ms*** with a one-on-one appointment with a marketing coach and provide her with one free month if she agreed to stay on board with ZThe representative stated clearly that if Ms*** changed her mind regarding staying with Z57, she would need to call in to ZClient Development or the rep directly and alert ZThe client acknowledged that she understoodZthen waived the monthly support charge in April so the client's overdue balance is for May & JuneThe client was sent an email confirming that she agreed to stay on board with Zon April 1, at 5:34pmThe first paragraph of the email states:Thank you! We are pleased that you decided to continue your relationship with Zand reinstate
your ZprogramEffective immediately, we have rescinded your day cancellation request
and have re-enabled all features and services of your programIf for some reason you have
received this email in error, please contact us immediately so that we may rectify the situationMs*** then completed a minute one-on-one appointment on April 22, where she was provided marketing tips and tricks to improve her resultsDuring that call on 4/22/15, Ms*** made no reference to the fact that she did not wish to continue her serviceShe then called in on 6/stating that she is still not happy and that she never agreed to keep her account during the call on 3/31/The cancellation was officially processed and the day notice began when Ms*** called in on 6/ZResolution:Based off the recorded conversations Ms*** had with Zrepresentatives, she agreed to keep her account active and was made aware that she would need to call us in order to cancel again if she changed her mindShe is responsible for the two months of service and her cancellation date of 6/10/will standShe is still responsible for the day notice

I have had Zfor about yrs nowAnd I cannot wait to be able to switch to someone elseFinaces are holding me back, right nowBut soon, I will switch to someone more reputableZpromises alot abd delivers next to nothingEvertime they have sime type if upgrade (on their side of things) my web site gets scewed upAnd its like I have to constantly babysite them , to make sure everthing is working on my web siteIn truth , I have never gotten an actual lead , that came through from their marketing / email campaign program, which I ha e paid a snall fortune forSo would I recomend themNO, NEVER

Greetings, I am still having an issue with Z 57. Per our agreement reached through the San Diego, Z was supposed to waive my final payment due to their numerous mistakes and horrible customer service which continues to be an issue. Z charged my credit card for the final payment that they had agreed to waive. Now I am in the process of doing a charge back through my credit card. I can no longer access the conversation and agreement that we reached on your website. Is there a way you can send me that online discussion? Since Z broke the agreement that they made with me, I would like to reactivate my complaint against them. Z is even fighting the charge back that I initiated with my credit card company. Thanks for your assistance. *** ** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.The company had other employees whom I worked arrangements out with and the cancellation date they are providing is just for their benefitI have proof via emails and phone records proving otherwiseAlso once again I never authorized any charges to the credit card they placed the charges onLet's see them prove that.
Regards,*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved
*** ***

Dear to whom it may concern,
I apologize for the transaction that had occurred earlier than initially discussed per the conversation with our associate. Upon further research I do see that this was completed in error by us. Although this is not the normal circumstance we want to make sure any wrong is made right. Per your wishes I would be happy to offer you a refund of $590 and also wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

"line-height: 107%Segoe UI",sans-serif">Dear to whom it may concern,
The client came onboard with our company on October 10th,
2014, three days after signing on we delivered a beautiful website and assisted
the client for the last six months with website edits, listings and more. Most recently the client contacted us on
March 6thfor assistance in signing up for our webinarsAs we
offer unlimited support we are always available to assist clients with
directions and details on what our product can doI cannot offer a cancellation
of our product as services were and continue to be delivered I would however be more than happy to reach
out to the client directly to show them new product enhancements and how we can
work together to reach a positive outcome
Thank You,

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