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Review: My partner and I signed up with this company in November of 2013 for a one year contract.. Toward the end of the contract on Oct. 31st. 2014 we emailed Z57 to cancel the service since we were not seeing any results from their service. Z57 responded back that we would need to call in person for security purposes to submit our 30-day notice and move forward with the cancellation process. So that very day on Friday Oct 30/14 we called in and did that. Then on Nov 6/14 we get a call from a rep trying to convince us to continue. We said no we did not want to continue to be billed. He asked us to give them one more try with a free month to which we agreed but DID NOT agree to continue the contract. Then we received an email thanking us for reinstating! We called in and told them we did not reinstate but only agreed to give them a try and on Dec 1st/2014 we email them confirming that we saw no increase in leads or visits and therefore officially cancelled the service. Then thinking it was over we discovered in February they had started billing us again in January and then again in February. We started complaining to them and they argued that their notes show we reinstated. And even after that they went and charged that account in March. They just don't seem to understand STOP AND CANCEL. Please advise anyone hooking up with these people what they are in for. Please advise how we can get our money back for the 3 months we were supposed to be cancelled. [redacted] Thanks, [redacted]Desired Settlement: We want Z57 to Refund for the months of January, February and March that they charged our account



Dear to whom it may concern, The above mentioned client signed up for services with our company on October 3rd 2013. We provided the client with the services she paid for and On November 4th 2014 the client decided they wanted to cancel with us based on the client wanting more leads and traffic to the site. One of our senior representatives took the call and assisted the client with their request. Based on the conversation our representative offered the client a free month of services and some additional product deliverables in order to repair the relationship. The client agreed and we proceeded forward with providing one month free. On December 1st, 2014 the client contacted our email support and asked to cancel the account. We let the client know per the user agreement they need to call us via phone. The client then reached out to us by phone over two months later on February 20th, 2015. At that point we cancelled the account per her request and the client was subject to the 30 day notice policy. Due to the circumstances above we would not be able to honor a refund for three months of services. Having said that if the client has any supporting documentation that shows that she cancelled by phone after December and before February 2015 I would be more than happy to refund those months of service. I wish the client nothing but the best in the future and hope this matter can be resolved. Thank You, [redacted]



Z57 has proven to be a most unethical organization to deal with. They choose to rely totally upon what their deceitful representatives notate in their files which are not accurate and untrue. Then they say you have to call and verbally cancel your agreement regardless of how clear it is in an email to STOP service. THEY ARE A ROYAL RIPOFF! Never Got Any Benefit from them but lost a LOT OF MONEY. No Thanks, [redacted], Realtor



Our initial position has not changed.

Review: After signing up with the service in may I was promised lessons to increase my Facebook presence by using my real estate fan page that I have set up. Since than I was given 2 out of the three one to one sessions and a idx feature button that was working only since July. When attempting to work with Z57, I was given a two months free for the the lack of service I was getting from the one to one agent. (email from manager stating what the credit was for). Since the idx was not working till July I have requested numerous times for the credit to be applied for the months the full service was working (have the receipt for working idx, which I paid a separate charge to set up). Left message on the 24th of August that I still did not receive my one to one and request for the credit to be moved and lessons were not received. Represented forwarded me to Ashley where I left a message. No response was made. Called to follow up on October 24th to complain that lessons were not received, idx feature was not working, and lessons still not received, by 25th spoke with who would only credit me $20, give me all the lessons I missed out on and promised to do the one on one I had been promised. He admitted that I should have received the lessons but would not refund me for me not getting the full service. I find that paying $160 for two search button was not our agreement. Since signing up they have not increased my presence on facebook through the lessons I did not receive. Screen shots of the non working email lessons, not available chat, and missed appointment from agent (excuse was they got the time zones) wrong is unacceptable. Attempts were made to work with company and no change was made.Desired Settlement: Three months with no charge and for my facebook to be left alone since I had already set it up prior. They have sent to a 30 day termination which allows them to charge me for another month which I will not pay, termination should be immediate!I am okay with the id buttons that were working and see that $39.99 charge from one month is reasonable for the 4 months that the button were on my fan page.



Review: This started a little over a week ago with my website and email not being able to be accessed. I asked Z57 to help me with the matter and they essentially said it was someone else's error. They suggested I reach out to who manages my website domains. After speaking via email with him on several occasions it became clear that it wasn't on his end but on Z57's end. I gave Z57 every opportunity to assist me with this and finally gave up after they continually said it was their error by cancelling my account. I asked them to put me in touch with their "3rd party email" provider and proceeded to cancel my subscription, being assured I could access my email once I reached out to [redacted].com who handles the third party email and they sent a confirmation email on the matter. So, when I contacted [redacted].com they said I didn't have any account with them. I then called z57 waiting on hold for about an hour or more...I did other work while waiting with the speaker on my phone on. When I finally got a live body I was told "oh we shut down everything when you canceled" even though I have an email stating they would not and a verbal assurance I could still access my email. I asked for a supervisor to call me to discuss this. So far, since yesterday, no response whether by email or phone from any supervisor and it's imperative that I get some cooperation from Z57 on helping me with this matter of my email not working. As far as my website ([redacted].com) I've pretty much given up on their screw up on that which they continue to blame on everyone else.Desired Settlement: All I want is to be able to access my [redacted].com account and want Z57 to take responsibility for their short comings on this matter. I need to make sure I can at least access my email from my [redacted].com to see if there is any email there that I need to know about.



Dear to whom it may concern,

I have reached out to [redacted] both by email and phone to assist him with this matter. As I need some information from him I would appreciate if he can provide me convenient times for me to reach out to him. I look forward to speaking to him soon.

Review: I received cold amrketing call in spanish and was offered a marketing service to improve my new facebook page .All the presentation was made in spanish and the sales prsentation was very specific about the subscrition and resutls of the service .

My facebook page will increase the visibility with the help and support this company .

I was obliged to signed and electronic contract even with the mention that I will receive hard copy of the contract bu regualr mail and also a tranalte version of the contract .The contract was never recieved and never tramslate.

The sales in spanish was immediately change by a support in english only having all the benefits lost in time consuming meeting and misunderstandings .The service and help was never provided in spanish but I tried to adapt .One of th emain reasons to keep the service was the possibilty to activate some messages even when we were absent and not followinfg day by day the page .

All the preparation ,messages ,follow up were programed for my absence from June 20 to August 13 2013 .

At my return all the promises services were not implemented and was informed that the company has suffered technichal difficulties

After paying the serviced for 6 months we decide to stop the payment based on the following points

-Never received the hard copy of the contract

-Never recived a translate copy of the contract

-All the sale of the service was made in Spanish but the service was NEVER provided in Spanish

-The service ws not provide during 2 monthsDesired Settlement: The business should refund all the payments made .The business should clearly advertise that they can t provide their service in Spanish .The business should stop selling service in Spanish.

In this case it seems to me that is a classical case of "bait and swtich "directed to minority communities



Z57 Response

On 4/04/2013,

Ms. [redacted] purchased Facebook Premium Account and agreed to a one-year

contract. The Contract Terms and Conditions are provide at the point of sale,

as we ensure all clients have the opportunity to ask any questions they might

have on these before finalizing their purchase.

When agreeing to Z57’s One-Year Contract, the client

signs electronically using the Adobe® EchoSign® e-signature service. Once signed, the Contract is then emailed

back to Z57 and the agreement is saved with the customer record. Ms. [redacted]

signed a One-Year contract on 4/4/2013 at 4:16 PM PDT. It is not customary for

Z57 to send a hard copy of the Terms and Conditions to a client’s physical

address, as a copy is sent to them at the point of sale via email.

Client was contacted and the Facebook Business page was

built and connected to our Product on 4/8. At that point, the client was

enrolled in one of our interactive Webcasts on 4/19 and an appointment was made

with her ZPro Personal Marketing Consultant on 4/30 at 7:00 AM PST as well as

encouraged to use our many sources of ongoing service in the meantime. Both the

webcast and appointment dates and times were agreed to by the client during

that call as well as attended by Ms. [redacted] on the indicated dates. Also,

during that time, the client did utilize several sources of assistance such as

calling On Demand on 4/8 for assistance with her product, the Live Chat Instant

Messenger on 4/11 regarding making changes to her Facebook Page, as well as

e-mailing on 4/25 in regards to an additional Webcast appointment.

Z57 Internet Solutions has worked with thousands of

Real Estate Agents in the United Sates over the years to find success online.

All of our advertising, marketing, tools and trainings are all only offered in

English. The client has the option to utilize whatever form of customer support

that they feel most comfortable with: an On Demand call center, Live Chat

Instant Messaging, unlimited Webcast enrollments, as well as printable

tutorials and recorded videos available even outside business hours. Although

the client spoke with a Sales Representative that could speak Spanish during

the presentation for easy of understanding, the promise of assistance or tools

in Spanish was not a possibility.

The first documented concern the client expressed to

the Client Development Department was on 6/4 when an On Demand Representative

reached out regarding an emails she sent about the challenge with a language

barrier and wanting assistance with getting results in “Likes” on her Facebook

Business Page. At that time, the representative was able to assist her with

some of our methods and strategies. Again on 8/16 the client emailed her

concerns again and an On Demand Representative reached out to her to address

the error our product had been experiencing that was already resolved.

The client then involved her credit card company on

11/27 to request to cancel and a refund. At that time the On Demand

Representative asserted our policies surrounding our services and the One-Year

Contract and sent the client an additional copy of the signed Terms and

Conditions to be reviewed thoroughly.

Our One-Year Contract states the following regarding

our refund and cancellation policy:

3. You,

or your authorized representative, have up to 3 business days following the

date of your receipt of these Terms to cancel service and receive a full

refund. After 3 business days, all sales will be considered final. As an

example, if you purchase a website on Monday, you will be eligible for a refund

through the end of business on Thursday.


Review: I purchased the Z57 Internet Solutions last June. The company promised the training sessions, search engine on my Facebook (which I paid for $50), emails for tips and lessons to complete. The company has only done one of these which is the service that I paid for separate from Z57 which is the thumbnail on Facebook. The people they have set up to call me missed their appointments, the emails they sent did not open, the live tech person on their site went to a page that did not work, the customer representative were rude, and even when canceling my account they are still trying to charge me. I emailed my cancelation and the charged me for 30 more days. When that 30 days ended they sent me another email of the 30 more days before account closing. Than MY credit card company paid off the last $39.99 because I was unhappy. Six months latter they sent me another bill saying that "After the credit was submitted, they found the charge for $39.99 legitimate. This charge was credited to a previous open invoice. You are still responsible for the final balance of $39.99." Now they are trying to charge me for an error they made without a statement of how that has happen. This company should not be in operation and has cause stress. They are not trust worth and have not deserved to get payment to begin with.Desired Settlement: I would like them if they do not leave me alone because I do not owe them $39.99! I would like someone to contact me because did not get a follow up on the first complaint was made.



Reply to Complaint ID #[redacted] Complaint ID: [redacted]

Client Name: [redacted]

Complaint File Date: 6/3/2012

Internal Account # [redacted]

Z57 Customer Status: Client-Cancelled


Customer Information:

Daytime Phone: ###-###-####

E-mail: [redacted].com

The details of this matter are as follows:

Complaint Involves:

Billing or Collection Issues

Customer’s Statement of the Problem:

I purchased the Z57 Internet Solutions last June. The company promised the

training sessions, search engine on my Facebook (which I paid for $50), emails

for tips and lessons to complete. The company has only done one of these which

is the service that I paid for separate from Z57 which is the thumbnail on

Facebook. The people they have set up to call me missed their appointments, the

emails they sent did not open, the live tech person on their site went to a

page that did not work, the customer representative were rude, and even when

canceling my account they are still trying to charge me. I emailed my

cancelation and the charged me for 30 more days. When that 30 days ended they

sent me another email of the 30 more days before account closing. Than MY

credit card company paid off the last $39.99 because I was unhappy. Six months

latter they sent me another bill saying that "After the credit was

submitted, they found the charge for $39.99 legitimate. This charge was

credited to a previous open invoice. You are still responsible for the final

balance of $39.99." Now they are trying to charge me for an error they

made without a statement of how that has happen. This company should not be in

operation and has cause stress. They are not trust worth and have not deserved

to get payment to begin with.

Desired Settlement:

I would like them if they do not leave me alone because I do not owe them

$39.99! I would like someone to contact me because did not get a follow up on

the first complaint was made.



On May 10th, 2012, Ms. [redacted]

signed up for a Z57 account with a Facebook Premium package. During her time as a client, Ms. [redacted]

received two credits of $39.99, both of which were applied to the account and

neither of which were reversed. Ms. [redacted]

statement “After the credit was submitted, they found the

charge for $39.99 legitimate. This charge was credited to a previous open

invoice. You are still responsible for the final balance of $39.99.” was not a

statement issued by Z57. Perhaps this statement

may have been made by her credit card company, but it was not made by Z57. Again, no credit was ever reversed by

Z57. A final billing statement showing

the two credits is attached.

With regard to the final billing on the account, Z57 does have a

30 day cancellation policy. Because of

the 30-day policy there is one more billing cycle on the account during the

final 30 days. Z57’s Terms and Conditions state the following with regard to the

cancellation process:

21. After the cancellation period provided in paragraph 4

above, you may cancel monthly service by providing us with 30 days prior

notice. You will be responsible for any charges incurred after 30 day notice is

given, which includes, but is not limited to, monthly website hosting, domain

renewals, email services, traffic products, or any other services purchased

from Z57. An email will be sent to the email address on file to confirm


22. In order to protect your account,

if you wish to cancel your service, you must contact Z57 Client Development via

telephone at ###-###-#### so that we can authenticate that you are the

authorized account user. All cancellation requests must be verbally

communicated directly to a Z57 Client Development Representative.

Our Terms and Conditions are always provided at the point of sale,

as we ensure all clients have the opportunity to ask any questions they might

have before finalizing their purchase.


agreeing to Z57’s Terms and Conditions, the agreement is sent electronically to

the client, a digital signature is captured with their acceptance along with

the date and time using the Adobe® Echosign® system. A copy of the client’s electronically signed

agreement is then provided to the client and a copy is electronically filed by

Z57. A copy of

her signed agreement is attached.

Training and Search Setup

Ms. [redacted] states “The

company promised the training sessions, search engine on my Facebook (which I

paid for $50), emails for tips and lessons to complete. The company has only

done one of these…. The people they have set up to call me missed their

appointments….” These statements are


On 5/22/2012, Ms. [redacted] had her first training. At the end of

the first appointment, Ms. [redacted] scheduled her second and final training for

5/30/2012. No training appointments

scheduled with Z57 were missed.

At the time Ms. [redacted] signed up with a Facebook package, Z57

offered two, hour-long appointments with a training coach. Z57 has a clearly defined course curriculum

and tracks client progress and completion of each course; Ms. [redacted] completed

both courses covering all the material outlined in each course. Additionally, Z57 provided video training

on-demand, printable how-to guides and other training resources available 24

hours a day 7 days a week. All of this

would have been reviewed with Ms. [redacted] during her one-on-one training.

Today, Z57 also provides interactive webinars available on a

regular basis for clients to receive training and marketing strategy support.

Clients can register for

any of the interactive webinars and attend as many times as they wish.

To establish the home search on her Facebook business page, Ms.

[redacted] is required by her Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to complete an agreement in which she requests a Internet Data Exchange (IDX) feed. Total time for MLS

approval and IDX setup was 2 business days, once Ms. [redacted] completed the

paperwork required by her MLS and returned it to Z57. It took

47 days for Ms. [redacted] to complete the paperwork from the MLS.

On 5/11/2012, Z57 sent an email to the email address on file for

Ms. [redacted] titled “Z57 – IDX Action Required” and attached was the approval

paperwork. On 6/28/2012, Z57 received

the completed IDX approval paperwork. On

6/29/2012 the MLS approved Ms. [redacted] IDX request and the IDX was configured

and active within Facebook on 7/2/2012. On

7/2/2012 an email titled “Z57 – Board Approved Paperwork” was sent to Ms.

[redacted] confirming the setup and approval of the IDX home search. The approval and setup process for this

account is well within the 5-15 business days typical of an IDX approval request,

in fact, once the approval paperwork completed by Ms. [redacted] was received by

Z57, the IDX search was setup the next business day.


Per the Terms and Conditions which Ms. [redacted] agreed

to when signing on board with Z57, the 30-day cancellation policy does result

in one final monthly charge after requesting to cancel services. Ms. [redacted] is responsible for that final

monthly charge of $39.99. A final statement

is attached showing all credits and the final balance on the account. Additionally, Z57’s Terms and Conditions,

agreed to by Ms. [redacted] upon signing up, are attached.

Review: [redacted] in telemarketing group called soliciting service. She started to berate me for wasting her time. She seemed happy when I told her that I wanted to talk to her boss. It was as though this attitude is encouraged by your company.

[redacted] first called me during a busy day. I asked her to call back. She called back later and I decided that I didn't want to do internet advertising. She then asked me why I wasted her time. You guys should be embarrassed by this person's attitude and that you hired her. My next step will be a Yelp review, then an announcement at our company team meeting, every [redacted] event, [redacted] training and any other marketing event I attend. Her attitude and professionalism is why people hate telemarketers. She makes our job harder.

What happened to you guys? I see your [redacted] reviews are very bad. I worked with you when I first started and thought you were great.



Dear to whom it may concern,

I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with our outbound service. We reach out to former clients with the best attentions and I assure you that what transpired with you and our representative is outside of the normal experience. I have spoken to the supervisor of the department where this call was from and she let me know that this matter had been addressed with you over the phone early today. My understanding is that this has been resolved however if you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out.

Review: After researching the company we tried to cancel our involvement...5 days after signing up. They will not refund us anything and have not done any work for us. Total high pressure sales and we fell for it...bad news. They need to be stopped!Desired Settlement: Refund all funds! $500+ dollars.


Response: Complaint ID: [redacted] is the account holder with Z57

Complaint File Date: 6/20/2012

Internal Account # [redacted]

Z57 Customer Status: Active Customer

Z57 Response:

Z57 has contacted Ms. [redacted] & Ms. [redacted] directly and have resolved their complaints.

The client submitted their complaint to the was submitted on 6/18 at 11:58a.m. Ms. [redacted] & Ms. [redacted] then kept a 1p.m. appointment with Z57 to build their initial website. At this time, their dedicated Zpro, [redacted], resolved their concerns and they agreed to stay on as a client with Z57.

Z57 spoke to Ms. [redacted] & Ms. [redacted] again on 6/20/12 after receiving the complaint to address any new issues. Their Zpro, [redacted], resolved any issue and the client will stay with Z57. They have their second appointment scheduled for 7/10/12.


Z57 has resolved Ms. [redacted] & Ms. [redacted]'s complaints directly and they are staying with Z57

Review: After numerous attempts to contact z57, I asked to cancel my account. They refuse to cancel my account without charging me the full years worth of charges. The problem is that they sold me on a product for Facebook. They said they would be helping to manage the page and set my page up. I paid them money up front for set up (all they did was show me how to add a picture to my facebook business page...which I already knew how to do...not $99 worth of fees by any means.) and set up an idx feed for the mls. In early October I complained that the idx feed was not working properly and to please correct it so that I could start sending people to my facebook business page. This request went unanswered and a few weeks later I again made the request to fix the idx. I received a canned email response stating that they were looking into the issue and would let me know. A few more weeks passed and one of their sales people called me to try to sell me another product. I insisted they cancel my account due to their complete lack of customer service and not following up on their end of the contract. They of course refused to do this and instead said they would put a rush on fixing the idx feed....which is finally fixed (I think, I haven't checked it yet because I am now so disgusted with this company that I don't want anything to do with them). In addition, their sales people are VERY pushy and have used my name to get other agents to sign up for their services. I have asked for this to stop and they continued to use my name for at least 2 weeks after that. This hurts my reputation in my business and they had no right at all to use my name or to discuss what business I conduct or don't conduct with them. Yesterday I asked to speak with someone higher up and they outright refused to give me any contact info. Today they had another sales person reach out to me disguised as a manager to pretty much tell me the same thing(1 mo. credit). won't let me upload documentsDesired Settlement: I have not been able to use their service (idx feed) at all because it wasn't working. IN addition, they never set up my facebook page and gave me completely useless information. I'm willing to give up the money that I've already paid them, but I would like my account cancelled with ZERO additional charges to my account. My next step is the Attorney General in my state.



Reply to Complaint

ID - [redacted]

Review: I signed up for a Z57 Website back in March 2013, I Paid a Set up Fee of almost 300.00 and 119.00 per month since then... I have called the company numerous times do to my site not generating leads even tho I was following instructions and suggestions from their customer service personal on how to generate traffic to the site... after several months went by and the site was not generating any results I contacted z57 and after several conversations one of the agents realized that the IDX service or Search engine for my site was NEVER functional (this is after 6 months of service).

Customer service begins to tell me that the IDX paperwork required was never completed on my end however when I asked where said paperwork was sent to, the email I was provided with by customer service Rep was NOT my correct email... z57 never called me in the 6 months of being a customer to make me aware that they were STILL missing paperwork from me... when I asked "[redacted]" (CSR) why a customer service rep did not call me a few weeks (never the less months) after paperwork was not received in order to make me aware that paperwork had not been received by them, "[redacted]" says to me "that is not our responsibility to call you..."

I have been paying 119.00 a month since March for a site that is NOT fully functional as promised per our contract / Service agreement... I was told by the sales associate that set up m account that I was paying for a website with a fully functional IDX service and that was never delivered...

Finally during my final call with z57, When I asked "[redacted]" for a manager he said in an arrogant manner that he was the manager and the only person who could help me...When I continued to ask for a manager or anyone other than him he put me on hold and then came back on the call mins later and said that he was not going to transfer me and that he would simply cancel my website and that I would be billed another 119,00 this month as a final bill!!!

however prior to this final call... I have spoken to several managers regarding this matter and have been promised numerous calls back which im still waiting on... I've been promised credits as my site was never fully functional and credits were never issued... As of Today Aug 9th 2013 during the final call with z57 My IDX is STILL not functional on my site however the company continues to Bill me for an unfinished product...

The way this company does business is appalling... as a customer who is being charged monthly I feel that the moment they did not receive necessary paperwork to deliver a fully functional website as promised that their staff or customer service department should have called me or at the very least sent me an email stating that paperwork necessary to complete my site had not yet been received...however that was never done, instead the company never contacted me in regards to said paperwork and every time ive called since the discovery of said issue they have done nothing but make empty promises... Also please not that when the agent finally sent me the IDX forms several weeks ago to the correct email I filled them out and returned them to the appropriate z57 department within mins of receipt... And STILL although they have the necessary forms now STILL my IDX is not functional...Desired Settlement: I would like the company to refund my money... I have been paying full price for half a website as the most important component of my real estate website (the home search feature) was NEVER functional on the site... not to mention the fact that I have invested months into a product that no matter how much time and effort invested into it, it would have never generated results since the home search aka Lead generating platform was never functional to begin with!!



Client Regarding Complaint ID - [redacted]

Review: I was contacted by a Z57 salesperson, [redacted] was friendly and showed me some bells and whistles that Z57 could add to replace my current company web site. We set up a time for Monday 9:30 am to talk with production and get the site started. [redacted] called promptly at 9:30 to say that there was no one in production and we would have to reschedule. I did not hear back from her and so called her again on Thursday as time permitted to talk to production. Upon speaking with production I was told that Z57 did not have the capability to access my MLS (REIN) directly. Upon hearing this I told the production assistant since they could not deliver the basic service I did have on my current web site I was not interested in moving forward. I was told that about 10% of areas they do not have this ability and Hampton Roads, Virginia is one. I was transferred to another person who told me all salespersons know what areas these are and [redacted] certainly knew this, but omitted to give the information. CREDIBILITY WAS LOST AT THIS POINT AND I REALIZED THIS WAS A SCAM AND I HAD BECOME ANOTHER CASUALTY////// [redacted] a Team Manager informed me at this time that even though they were not able to work directly with my MLS, this was not a problem as he saw it! Credibility and Trust in this company was lost and to add I was told that even though they do not work with our MLS and I was not told that, I signed a contract last week and was liable for not only the up front money paid already, but $99.00 for the next year, he did however send me confirmation of cancellation in 30 days our conversation, leaving me with a statement saying I am responsible for the year of "service"! DON'T ALLOW THIS COMPANY TO DECEIVE YOU BY NOT TELLING YOU WHAT AREAS THEY CAN PROPERLY SUPPORT! I WAS SCAMMED! SAD, BUT TRUE!!!!Desired Settlement: 100% REFND OF MY MONEY!



Reply to Complaint ID - [redacted]

Review: I am writing to help all the other potential customers of zOnce you are a customer, they do not answer the phone for customer supportThis is quite convenient, because in not answering the phone, they never have to answer your request to cut off their service.An internet service provider needs to have customer service as priority number oneIt is a shame they have forgotten this important feature oftheir business.Desired Settlement: I would like them to cut my service but I cannot get them to pick up the phoneI am being billed $each monthSo my damages are $114.00/mo.I just need a response from the billing departmentA simple request
Response e-mailed on 3/8/
Dear [redacted]:
am in receipt of your complaintFirst of all, I
am sorry that you have decided to discontinue your serviceIn
researching your account, I see that you did get your cancellation
request processed on 2/26/I did want personally address your
concerns regarding the wait times and acknowledge that for the past
several weeks they have been excessiveRecently we have had a
significant surge in business, and while we have responded by hiring
additional reps, getting them trained to provide the level of technical
assistance our clients require, is not a quick ventureWhile I
understand how frustrating it can be on the other end of the phone,
please know that we don't take this lightlyI do sincerely apologize
for the inconvenience; whether a new customer, a long term customer, or a
customer calling to discontinue their service, our intention is to
provide the best service possible
Director, Client Development
Z57, Inc

Review: [redacted] did not mention the $79.00 additional charges clearly. AMEX has already succeeded in recovering half, at my request, of the $600 z57 taken from my account. [redacted] said $200 per month for first two months. That's done.

As per the contract, I gave the written 30-day notice. There is no amount specified for the monthly charges in the contract. I thought it very fair to give them $300. Since cancellation on August 14th, they continue to post things that have nothing to do with Asheville Real Estate. Go see on Facebook, "[redacted], Realtor and refer to posts from "property pulse."

They want to bill me $79, and refuse to confirm they will stop the charges. The charges have to do with domain charges and others associated with the website they created fir me, which I requested to terminate on Aug. 14th.


Thank you!

RonDesired Settlement: I explained to them we just can't afford it at this time. I would like them to drop the $79.00 charge, stop posting on my site, and a note for my records from them that there would be no additional charges.



Dear to whom it may concern,

I’m sorry to hear that Mr. [redacted] was confused based on how

the payment structure works. We make sure to have each client read and sign the

Terms and Conditions in order to prevent any type of disconnect. Per the

agreement attached the client is subject to providing us a 30 day notice. As a

token of good faith we can remove the balance owed and consider this matter

settled in full. I would also like to extend the client my contact information

so that I can ensure no Facebook posting at this point is occurring. The client

can contact me directly at [redacted]

Thank You,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


Review: A gentleman from Z57 has been repeatedly calling my cell phone advertising online marketing services. Despite informing him I am not interested and to stop calling, he continues to harass.Desired Settlement: An immediate cessation of phone calls to [redacted]



Reply to Complaint ID - [redacted]

Review: Z57 was our internet provider for years. Since they had taken unauthorized charges out of our account I reported it and stopped automatic payments which they kept taken out of our account. We terminated our contract and demanded the over payment back which they never responded to. Bank of America had advised us to avoid further amounts to be taken out of our account to cancel the credit card and we received a new one. Z57 is stating that they still have to get another payment and never answered to any of my email complaints and answers to their demands. They never answer their phone and the only thing they are now doing is threatening us with collection of the debt. We have multiple proof of answering to all their demand emails and not getting one reply back. Their service was already not up to par and one of the reasons for us cancelling our contract which we did in writing and per phone but they claimed not to have received any of that.

We feel they are threatening us while they have no case and we feel we almost have no other choice than to save our excellent credit against this unlawful collection practices of this company that we only can get rid of them by paying but want others to be warned to stay far from them and their practices.Desired Settlement: We want them to cease and desist with their collections threats and emails while never replying to any of our emails and not willing to even discuss the issue. We already had no other option than to go by bank of America's advise to cancel our credit card since they kept deeducting money even after our authorization in writing was cancelled!




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


Review: A salesperson spent over an hour with me on the phone convincing me of the wonderful web site Z57 would provide me. I signed their terms and conditions, but within the allowed three days I rescinded. After further review of the service and the terms, I decided I did not want to use it. The same salesperson talked again to me for over an hour explaining how much I should use their web design service, and made verbal offers for some reductions on the price but none of what he offered was put in writing. I agreed very informally to give it another try. They did not allow me to see what they were offering until another 3 days had gone by. At that point, I could see that they were not going to give me what had been promised over the phone. I would mostly be building my own web site, which I already do; I maintain my own real estate web site. I have no use for their service, but they are determined to make me pay for one full year.Desired Settlement: I was charged $218.99 by Z57 on my credit card. I cancelled that card so they could not bill me any further. I would like to have the $218.99 credited back to my card, and would like to be released of any further obligations with this company.



Reply to Complaint ID - [redacted]

Review: The salesperson representing z57 promised a service that would help my real estate business grow! What I got (before it even got off the ground) was a page that put me in TEXAS when I live in Illinois. This caused me a serious client (at least I only know of one). I have phoned z57 twice to cancel my account. The last one was today. I gave the person I was talking to "ALL" the information required and hoped the account was cancelled and I could put z57 and the $500 I paid less than a month ago OUT OF MY LIFE FOREVER. But this person tells me 'I see you joined us less than 30 days ago" I tell her I know when I joined, I just want to make sure the account is cancelled. Next, she attempts to tell me how much I spent. I stop her and ask if the account has is closed yet. She tells me that if I continue to go on in my 'tone of voice' she will have to hang up??? At that moment I hung up.

How dare they take my money, give misrepresent me on the internet and give me bad customer service. I think I deserve a refundDesired Settlement: I believe I deserve at least a partial refund



Dear to whom it may concern,

On 4/2/2014 at 3:31pm PST [redacted] signed up with a Z57, PropertyPulse Elite Package account and agreed to our month to month Terms and Conditions. Our Terms and Conditions are always provided at the point of sale, as we ensure all clients have the opportunity to ask any questions they might have on these before finalizing their purchase. A copy of the signed Terms and Conditions are included as an attachment.

On 4/2/2014 [redacted] had her website created, activated and published. During the activation of this website, [redacted] was able to view her website and discuss any changes or edits that needed to be made. [redacted] was not ready to activate her facebook page at this time because she wanted to decide what account to connect the facebook business page to.

On 4/7/2014 at 1:11pm PST [redacted] had her facebook business page created and activated with an OnDemand representative. [redacted] was able to see the page immediately and address any concerns or edits that needed to be made at this time. There were no concerns placed from the client so we proceeded forward in the conversation.

There was a Z57 training session scheduled with [redacted] on 4/17/2014 at 9:00am PST but was canceled due to [redacted] having a family emergency. The training was rescheduled for 4/25/2014 at 12:30pm PST.

On 4/25/2014 at 9:38am PST, [redacted] called in to cancel her account with Z57 stating that the facebook page we built for her displays her location in Texas. The page also contained the wrong address and phone number. [redacted] said that it cost her an old client and a $300,000 sale. The Z57 representative she spoke with during this cancellation call explained the importance of having a web presence and that we can edit the information that was inaccurate. [redacted] agreed to stay on board at that time. However, the call was disconnected.

On 4/25/2014 at 9:52am PST, [redacted] called Z57 to cancel her account and said that she never agreed to stay onboard during the call which took place on 4/25/2014 at 9:38am PST.

On 4/30/2014 at 3:34pm PST [redacted] wrote Z57 stating that, “I agreed momentary that I would give it another month. You then stated that a month would not be enough time to see a difference. The line then went dead and I phoned again to cancel. I was talking to another person and was told that you wanted to talk to me. Too much back and forth!”


Z57 is canceling Belvor Morror's account and dating the cancellation to take place on 4/25/2014. No charges will be placed after the 4/25/2014 cancellation date.

Review: To The,

I canceled my subscription with Z57 & after about 1 year due to poor performance. I did this both by email and by phone with a representative named [redacted] Paraiso giving 30 days notice -June of 2013. I was then called by Z57's collections department Shae [redacted] in October 2013 telling me that I owe 177.00 for 3 months July, August and September. When I said I emailed my cancelation, as well as spoke to a [redacted] the Z57 representative they said that "yes we have your email and we logged your call to cancel" So I then asked what was the problem. Z57 told me that I was called later that week and agreed to re-join. I said that is an error. I then asked if they logged and recorded all calI's, they said yes, I said great, can you send me the audio MP3 or the transcript of the call stating that I re-joined. Z57 [redacted] Person said they don't have that one but my re-joining shows in a "memo" that I did re-join.

I then said OK that's not accurate, can I speak with the employee that I spoke with [redacted], I am sure he made a mistake. Z57 told me that he was a very good employee and he does not make mistakes. I then asked do you have any records at all showing I re-joined. Z57 said no, I then asked to speak with [redacted] or a manager, I was told by [redacted] that [redacted] was no longer with Z57 and I am the manager, "sweetheart". I asked that we keep the conversation professional and please call me by my first or last name. [redacted] then began to get a bit personal, that's when the conversation ended. This was on or about October 10, 2013.

I now have a bill for 177.00 and I will be going to collections. This type of practice cannot be allowed to go unchecked. Hence, the reason for this letterDesired Settlement: That I receive a paid in full invoice, they notify the credit organizations that Z57 made a mistake and, they write me an apology letter for basically calling me a lier.

Thank you, [redacted]



Z57 Response

Z57 has

addressed this issue with Dr. Kosmides during a telephone call on 10/18/2013.

Review: In June, I purchased an internet lead system from Z57 that I was told would help me to develop means to target specific home sellers (expired listings). Due to my skepticism, I requested that the remaining balance of my subscription payment be deferred until August for a trial period of the product. On a phone call with a IT representative, I was told that the product I purchased could not be developed under the conditions it was sold. I immediately requested a resolution or refund. Z57 refused, siting my agreement. As I stated to them, the agreement was specific to a target population and their Sales Rep guaranteed me it could do what I wanted....It does not.

In cancelling the account, I relayed to Z57 that while they beat me on the original subscription fee ($305), I did not want my account charged the 2nd half fee as was agreed by sales rep and supervisor (I have an email documenting this) until August. They charge me the 2nd half of the subscription fees in July ($285). During our conversation, I asked to only use the account I provided for the June payment. The representative stated that this was noted in the file and would be handled. They accessed this account for the 2nd payment.

My relationship with them is now terminated and had been by email in late June. However, I have contacted them to resolve the 2nd half of the fee, providing the email, they did not honor their agreement.

I believe that Z57 used a Bait and Switch strategy, as well as, breached an agreement with me and falsely billed my bank/credit account.Desired Settlement: I wish a full refund due to the Bait and Switch and without approval billing my account a 2nd time. Total $590

I can provide email communications regarding each phase of this matter.



This is also something that he would have offered as an incentive for you to become a client of ours. Because you decided to cancel, that offer is null and void. We cannot grant a waive fee as an incentive if you are not a client of ours.


Senior Client Development Specialist

Review: I was told by [redacted] on July 8th and agreed to the following billing (that was inconsistent with the contract I signed.) He would not back this up in an email. However, I have the notes that I wrote down at the time. First month was to be $199, (NOT $299, which was billed the same day), an additional $199 the following month, and $79.99 per month thereafter, (plus initial $25 processing fee and $20 for web hosting through Host Gator.) This totals $522.99. I agreed to this and this was paid.

However, on July 8th, my AMEX card was deducted $299.49 (in-consistent with the contract AND our verbal agreement). I terminated our agreement on Aug. 15th, which made me responsible for charges through Sept.15th. (After Sept. 8th, the charges were supposed to be $79.99/mo.) On Sept.12th, z57 deducted $224.50 and $79.99, which was billing for the following month, which was completely inappropriate! I have three AMEX bill screenshots that show z57 deducted a total of $603.98. I agree to pay the third month (Sept.8th-Oct.8th) $79.99 in full, even though my obligation ended on Sept.15th.

$603.98 (their total AMEX deductions taken from me) -$522.99 (I agree to and already paid) = $80.99.

(In my prior complaint ID [redacted] had agreed to 'waive the charges' as of Oct 3rd, (they had already been over-billing ME). I did not realize at the time they had already deducted an additional $304.49 on Sept.12th... SIX WEEKS after she received my termination letter!)Desired Settlement: Refund the difference $80.99.



The client and I are working together directly at this point as he is looking into charges from his Financial Institution to see if we charged his credit card after cancellation. Our systems do not reflect the charges mentioned in this complaint so we will be researching further directly. [redacted]

Review: In July of this year 2014, I joined Z57 with promises of a personalized website and Facebook page being created to attract buyers for real estate transactions. Because I agreed to the terms for the date, the price was lowered from $500 to $300 or at least that was what I was told. The individual who began the process said he was sorry but he could not transfer me to able to work with someone who would be building the website and the Facebook page, but he assured me I would hear from them within hours of the same day. To date, I am yet to have received any help with the website and a competitor has called saying I only had 2 likes since July that they just build the same webpage for everyone and never called or e-mailed me on how it was set up or used. I am totally disgusted. In addition, on a recent bank statement which I can provide you with I noted the promise of the lower price was not upheld and they deducted the entire amount of $500 with monthly installments.

Today I tried to call their office again to cancel, this time when I was going to be transferred the representative said that she was sorry but because of the high volume of calls being made regarding cancelling their accounts I could not speak to anyone and it would be today or possibly tomorrow before I could get the help I was needing. This prompted a big "red flag" proving that my assumption of the reliability of this company was definitely on shaky ground. The competitor who called gave specifics of how they were getting their referrals because they uphold to what they promise to deliver the client.

I believe an investigation should be launched into the policies of this company and for you to consider their company to be fraudulent in nature because of their lack of keeping their promises.Desired Settlement: I am requesting a refund immediately to my checking account for the initial fee of $500 and any monthly installments that have been deducted because nothing has happened and the promises were not reliable. It is unfortunate that we must reach out to companies like the BBS to help consumers receive the services they were promised. I do not know how this business remains able to operate given the number of complaints I am sure you have received about them. A fellow agent told me that the same individual was calling our entire office with this promise and that it was a scam. I believe he was right, and I wish I had spoken to him before ever committing to them in the first place. I have a very high regard for the and have always when necessary received the best service ever as they were on my side and voicing the complaint. I am relieved that the exists and highly praise the company for their work. We need you it is obvious~

Please file the complaint and correspond with me.



Dear to whom it may concern,

[redacted] signed up for services with our company on July 2nd,

we created a beautiful website for the client on the same day she initial

started services and also set up her Facebook business page. We had tried contacting

the client multiple times on July 14th to reset her Facebook page

and to set her up with additional training webinars. We also tried to have her

attend an appointment to discuss how we can grow her marketing campaign on July

17th with no response.

Unfortunately based on connection issues with the client’s

phone many attempted times to communicate were cut short or delayed. Throughout

the clients two month time frame with us we wanted to ensure that we were setting

them up for success and we made every attempt to do so.

Considering that services were rendered I do not agree that

a full reimbursement is in order. Having said that as a token of good faith I

would be happy to provide the client with a refund of one month of services.

We here at Z57 are sorry to hear that things did not work

out with this client and we wish the client the best of luck with future endeavors.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed I do not find the resolution satisfactory.

The reason I am disputing the one month refund is quite simple. When I signed up for the program I was told the charge would be in the $300's; however, to my shock they debited the entire amount they said I would have paid had I signed up later and that was $500. Due to the dishonesty on their part, I feel this warrants a full refund and I tried numerous times to tell them I was dissatisfied with their dishonesty and wanted out of my contract. As for the "superb" website it has had 6 hits on it. The charge they are making is ridiculous. I have found another company willing to build the website for A$99 which has very good reviews. When a company is deceitful to a client there is no way the client will ever trust the company and if they did it to me, how many other people experienced the same exact problem? They need to be stopped and evaluated thoroughly because their product does not do what they promise it will. My biggest complaint is the lying and it was only because I checked my bank statement closely that I found that they had indeed done what they said they would not do. I want a FULL REFUND and let it be known that this is NOT an honest company and I hope others will not make the same mistake I unfortunately did. There is no other way to resolve this but to return me my money and close down any f/b or websites they supposedly built that are to be attracting clients. I feel I have been scammed and taken advantage of. Since I voiced my complaint I am now receiving numerous e-mails wanting to connect with me. The program length in getting the websites available is lengthy and my work schedule does not have the time to sit and go through the building of a website. My other company asked a few questions and proceeded without my input. It's ridiculous to think time wasted with them and furthermore, I have learned that everyone's website is the same so how does that attract clients? I have researched Z57 with other agents who all say the same thing "it's a scam!" Send me my refund immediately




Dear to whom it may concern,

I'm sorry to hear that Ms. Hicks is confused on how the billing portion is itemized. We did in fact charge the client correctly as the charge she is referring to of $502.46 included one month of services, set up fee, MLS feed and a new domain charge. We did tell the client the correct amount of $399 for the set up fee so I think that is what is causing the disconnect. If the client would like I would be more than happy to contact her directly to explain in further detail how the billing works. We want to of course assist in every way possible to show that it was correctly done and I have emailed the client a copy of the invoice so that they have it for reference.

Again as services were rendered we do not see a refund being warranted. I wish the client nothing but success in the future.

Thank You,

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