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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
The guaranty was for LEADS not VISITS to the site!!! No one in their right month would agree to pay $299 a month to have TRAFFIC come on to our site, that is just ridiculous!
It is unethical, unprofessional and unconstitutional to run a business by misleading people and that is exactly what this company is doing!!
Furthermore, the fact that they dint even want to cooperate or use our money for something else of our choice (such as website hosting) just shows how much customer service means to them.... NOTHING!! We complain about the service that we were not receiving what we were paying for and nothing was done about it so we cancel and get charged for it! Got charge for having and NOT having the services! Absolutely pathetic if you as me!
Also, A lump sum was charged to my account, a lump sum which was NOT authorized by me and that in my books is considered FRAUD! 
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.

Dear to whom it may concern,
Our feeling has not changed as we have already addressed the remaining issues. Upon cancelling the client was responsible for any charges incurred after the 30 day notice is given. In regards to the client saying he did not have monthly hosting is actually incorrect. Web hosting is what the client was paying for in order to have the site live. Everything that was done for this client was based on our Terms and Conditions.

Mr. [redacted] signed up with a PropertyPulse Elite package on
4/29/15. He was presented the option to go with either a month-to-month package
or a 1 year...

contract at different prices. Mr. [redacted] opted for the lower priced
option and signed up for a 1 year contract. His website was built and a welcome
email was sent to Mr. [redacted] on 4/30/15 with a link to his login, his user name
and password and the ability to see the site on a temporary domain. He did
request to cancel on 5/6, which is outside is 3 day right for a refund but
decided to stay on board at that time. He also signed up for IDX with us and
that data is updated every 24 hours based on the information his MLS sends to
us. We can only pull the status of listings provided to us by the MLS and the
challenge Mr. [redacted] has is that we are not able to pull Pending or Backup
properties from his MLS. This data is not incorrect, but it is not available
for his MLS in our product.  Currently he
has a website up and running and the website is the same style and layout he
was shown during the sales presentation when he decided to purchase the
product. Z57 has a cutting edge social media and website product that superior to
most other competitors in this market place.
Z57 ResolutionThe client can buy out of his contract by paying the
original difference in setup price between a 1 year contract and a month to
month agreement.  The difference is setup
price is $150. We look forward to hearing from Mr. [redacted] on whether he would
like to continue his service or take the option to buy out the contract for
$150 then he can cancel at any time he chooses with a 30 day notice. He is not
eligible for a refund at this time based on his account.

Dear to whom it may concern,
The above mentioned client signed up for services with our company on October 3rd 2013. We provided the client with the services she paid for and On November 4th 2014 the client decided they wanted to cancel with us based on the client wanting more leads...

and traffic to the site. One of our senior representatives took the call and assisted the client with their request. Based on the conversation our representative offered the client a free month of services and some additional product deliverables in order to repair the relationship. The client agreed and we proceeded forward with providing one month free. On December 1st, 2014 the client contacted our email support and asked to cancel the account. We let the client know per the user agreement they need to call us via phone. The client then reached out to us by phone over two months later on February 20th, 2015. At that point we cancelled the account per her request and the client was subject to the 30 day notice policy.
Due to the circumstances above we would not be able to honor a refund for three months of services. Having said that if the client has any supporting documentation that shows that she cancelled by phone after December and before February 2015 I would be more than happy to refund those months of service. I wish the client nothing but the best in the future and hope this matter can be resolved.
Thank You,
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[The reply is false information and the business practices resemble a scam. On 3 different occasions I asked 3 different employees to cancel the account. They continue to call and ask for more money with the treat of turning me into collections. ]

Z57 Response: Mr. [redacted] signed up on 12/2/15 on a one year commitment. I believe Mr. [redacted] is referring to his IDX home search when he refers to a fully functioning website. We built his website and published it to the internet on 12/8/15. In order to provide an IDX home search on the...

website MLS boards require paperwork to be completed. Mr. [redacted]'s MLS board has an online service they must use to gain approval for IDX. We were notified by Mr. [redacted]'s MLS board that there was an issue with his IDX application and we notified Mr. [redacted] of this issue by email on 1/21/16, 2/2/16, 3/3/16, 3/8/16 and 3/30/16. Mr. [redacted]'s account was shutdown due to non payment for the Jan, Feb and March. Mr. [redacted] was notified of this past due payment on 1/23/16, 2/2/16, 2/16/16, 2/23/16, 2/25/16. 3/8/16, 3/25/16 with no responses. Those emails said that the account would be shut down due to non-payment. Z57 Resolution: We can reactivate Mr. [redacted]’s website with no additional charges and waive the 3 months of past due balances. If this is an acceptable outcome, please reach out to Z57’s Client Development department at 800-899-8148 x* and reference case #[redacted]. We look forward to changing Mr. [redacted]’s experience!

Dear to whom it may concern,
I'm sorry to hear that Ms. Hicks is confused on how the billing portion is itemized. We did in fact charge the client correctly as the charge she is referring to of $502.46 included one month of services, set up fee, MLS feed and a new domain charge. We did tell the client the correct amount of $399 for the set up fee so I think that is what is causing the disconnect. If the client would like I would be more than happy to contact her directly to explain in further detail how the billing works. We want to of course assist in every way possible to show that it was correctly done and I have emailed the client a copy of the invoice so that they have it for reference.
Again as services were rendered we do not see a refund being warranted. I wish the client nothing but success in the future.
Thank You,

Better Business...

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.
Everything that I stated, they verified to be true. Including sitting on hold 2 times in excess of 20 minutes to cancel!. But, just as your stock response says, if they fulfill there remedy, the matter is resolved to my satisfaction. 

Ms. [redacted] signed up with Z57 on 12/9/2014 and agreed to Z57's terms and conditions on 12/9/2014. She signed the agreement for the 1 year contract which made her liable for a full year of payment for her product and services. In the terms and conditions there is a section regarding domains that...

reads:In connection
with our services, you may use a domain
that you already own
or a domain that we
procure for you at
your request. In either
you are the owner of the domain
and are responsible
for maintaining and renewing
it, including all
related registration fees
and costs. If you authorize
us to use a domain
name that you already own, Z57
is not liable for
any loss of email or any delays that
be caused when we assume the hosting of the domain. When
you purchase
a domain namethrough us, your
is non-refundable and
subject to availability. While
Z57 is
not responsible for the renewal of domain names,
Z57 may, as a courtesy,
your expiring domain on your behalf for one year,
unless you instruct us otherwise at
15 days prior to the
domain expiration date. You will be responsible
for the fees and charges for
such renewal.
The support staff at Z57 is trained to address issues domain registrars and will often make the changes necessary to make a new website live on behalf of clients. Ms. [redacted] had her domain registered with [redacted] which has no phone support and is based internationally. The support staff at Z57 made all the necessary changes to make her website live but there were errors on [redacted]'s end. We cannot be liable for 3rd party products that Z57 is not affiliated with. And any changes made to the Domain Name Servers (DNS) will automatically take email down for 24-48 hours worst case. This downtime would be experience by any company making this same type of change and is not specific to Z57. Ms. [redacted] did request to cancel her services on 12/9 and on 3/12. The first request she decided to stay on board with Z57 and canceled on the second request. However, she would have been liable for the remainder of her contract regardless of the domain situation. We could have purchased Ms. [redacted] a new domain name if her domain registrar was not able to allow the specific DNS and CNAME changes we need to make to get her site live with Z57. We also notice that Ms. [redacted]'s website is NOT currently live to the internet. We can honor the original cancellation request date but she would still owe us for the same amount of money that she has already paid. Z57 Resolution:If Ms. [redacted] would like to come back to Z57, we would purchase her a new domain at no cost or get live to the internet since it is now registered with Godaddy who provides much better service than her previous registrar. We would also waive any setup fees necessary to reinstating her account and provide her with a upgraded Premiere design site at no cost ($299 value). She, however, is still liable for the $799 of her contract and is not eligible for a refund based on challenges with a 3rd party company in no way affiliated with Z57.

Z57 Response:
This has been resolved. 
Please see...

details below.
Z57 has agreed, in this case, to cancel Mr. [redacted]’
account and waive the overdue balance. 
Per the Terms and Conditions of the account as well as
for the security of the account, only the account holder or the name on the
credit card on file can make financial decisions for the account. The default
credit card holder did call in to cancel, but by an accidental oversight she
was told it could only be Mr. [redacted] (the account holder on the file).
We apologize and have trained all current employees on
who has permission to cancel an account to avoid situations like this in the
Mr. [redacted] and a Z57 representative spoke on the phone
on 4/17/2014 and mutually agreed upon a resolution.  Z57 will waive the remaining overdue balance
of 3 months of website hosting for Mr. [redacted]’ account: $177. 
There will be no further charges to Mr. [redacted]’ account.

Z57 Response:
Mr. [redacted] was presented the SEM program on 4/15/16. He spent more than an hour on the phone with his sales rep. The call was exactly 1:14:26 and...

started at 12:15pm PT. He signed the SEM Terms and Conditions the same day (4/15/16) at 1:28pm PT. The SEM program provides clients with guaranteed organic and paid traffic to their website each month. If that guarantee is not met then the client is not responsible for the monthly fee of $299.99. This is stated clearly in the Terms and Conditions that Mr. [redacted] signed, as well as in his Program Details email that was sent on 4/15/16 at 1:08pm PT. After reviewing the call recording of Mr. [redacted]'s initial sales presentation, the sales rep clearly stated that Mr. [redacted] would be guaranteed 220 visitors per month based on the cities he selected. The sales rep then stated that the average client saw a 5-10% lead conversion rate based on the traffic guarantee so Mr. [redacted] may see around 10 leads per month and upwards of 20 leads on a good month. At no point did the sales rep state or imply the guarantee was for leads and said traffic several times. The sales rep also used a visual presentation to explain the program and guaranteed traffic is clearly stated on the visual aides used by the sales rep. Two of those slides are attached. We also cannot guarantee that every lead will be qualified as we are driving traffic to the client's website based on their Google or Bing searches using both paid and organic methods. In addition, Mr. [redacted] had 40 minute appointment with his SEM Account Manager on 4/20/16. This appointment took place within Mr. [redacted]'s 3 day right of rescission and he had to option to cancel with a full refund at that time. Less than 10 minutes into that call, the Account Manager reviewed Mr. [redacted]'s order to ensure all parties were on the same page. The Account Manager specifically said there was a traffic guarantee of 220 visitors and specifically said that visitors and leads are not the same thing. The Account Manager also reiterated that average clients see a 5-10% lead conversion rate based on their traffic guarantee.
Z57 Resolution:
Mr. [redacted] was clearly informed the program was based on a traffic guarantee and not a lead guarantee by both his sales rep and his account manager. Correct expectations were set during the entire sales process. Therefore, Mr. [redacted] is responsible for the remaining months of his 12 month contract which turns into a month-to-month contract after the initial 12 months. If Mr. [redacted] cancels his program early then he will be responsible for the remaining months of his contract in one lump sum on the day of cancellation. Mr. [redacted] is also under contract for his website until November 2016 and if he cancels his website then he is resonsible for the remainder of the website hosting contract in addition to the remainder of his SEM contract. In order to cancel his account once he is on a month-to-month agreement then he will need to make a verbal request to the Client Development department at 800-899-8148 x5 as outlined in his contract.

Dear to whom it may concern,
8pt;">I’m sorry to hear that that Mr. [redacted] has been dissatisfied
with services from our company. We have record of Mr. [redacted] contacting us on separate
different occasions and us providing him with assistance on Facebook along with
tips on how we can work together to get the best results.
We have also asked him to please contact us on a more
consistent basis so that we could continue to help him with his web marketing. We
have wanted to be Mr. Edward’s strategic partners however Mr. [redacted]
communicated not wanting to be involved in the process.
The client is correct that he did in fact begin services in
November 2013, so his last payment would be November 2014. That means he has
one additional bill to honor his one year agreement. As a token of good faith I
can waive the next month of services making his account settled in full. Please
let me know how Mr. [redacted] would like to proceed.
Thank You,

We canceled Ms. [redacted]'s account on 8/15/16, however because of our 30 day notice, we always provide a full 30 days of service from the last bill date. That means Ms. [redacted]'s account wasn't officially deactivated until 9/25/16. So by the time of this response, that request has been taken...

care of. We also searched the entire system and do not
see the double charge that Ms. [redacted] was referring to. However, a
bank statement was produced by Ms. [redacted] that does indeed show a
double charge so as an act of good faith we will refund $49.99.Please allow 7-10 business days for this to appear back on the credit card.

This Company is despicable......they are now hiding out on in the Real Estate Community under other names....pretending to be a different organization, then calling you up to sell you even more services. When I told them that I had a horrible experience 2 years ago, that they owed me money hundreds of dollars in reimbursement, actually lied to the received not an understanding tone, but a argument response! I then asked for the Manager, the person said he was (right like the Manager makes sales calls!), finally I was given to someone else, who likely wasn't a real Manager, and then argument continued....NOT EVER did anyone care to listen to what happened a few years ago, instead they wanted to insist that I must have signed up with them again....which I would NEVER do. When finally the guy admitted it must have been through another Company that is affiliated with them, he said he would note not to call me. A co worker asked me, were you on the phone with the same company from a few years ago, I said yes....she laughed that this was still going on ...they should be closed. AND they promote on their Website Approved, that is how I got here, I clicked on it to see these approval comments and they were all COMPLAINTS!! And my Complaint was never resolved!!!
I have reviewed...

the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. The company worked directly with me in resolving and wanted to go above and beyond because she said it was "the right thing to do." I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.

On 2/14/2014 Mr. [redacted] signed
up with a Z57, “PropertyPulse
Executive Package - Web Data” account and agreed
to our Terms and Conditions. Our Terms and Conditions are always provided at
the point of sale, as we ensure all clients have the opportunity to ask any
questions they might have on these before finalizing their purchase.
 [redacted] agreed to the Terms and Conditions
on 2/14/2014 3:22pm, below you can see the details of this agreement 
 The Terms and Conditions state the following
with regards to cancellations:
or your authorized representative, have up to 3 business days following the
date of your receipt of these Terms to cancel service and receive a full
refund. After 3 business days, all sales will be considered final. As an
example, if you purchase a website on Monday, you will be eligible for a refund
through the end of business on Thursday.
are responsible for providing all content for your site. Stock photos and
graphics will be used until you submit photos. You should take extreme care
diligence in securing and providing your own content for posting. You should
ensure that you have ownership of all content you provide to us.
edits, upgrades and/or color changes outside the scope of the marketing control
center ("MCC") may be available at an additional cost through Z57's
support services.
the cancellation period provided in paragraph 4 above, customers may cancel
monthly service by providing us with 30 days prior notice. You will be
responsible for any charges incurred after 30 day notice is given, which
includes, but is not limited to, monthly website hosting, domain renewals,
email services, traffic products, or any other services purchased from Z57. An
email will be sent to the email address on file to confirm cancellation.
order to protect your account, if you wish to cancel your service, you must
contact Z57 Client Development via telephone at (866) 412-3343 so that we can
authenticate that you are the authorized account user. All cancellation
requests must be verbally communicated directly to a Z57 Client Development
When agreeing to Z57’s Terms and Conditions, the
agreement is sent electronically to the client, a digital signature is captured
with their acceptance along with the date and time using the Adobe®
Echosign® system.  A copy of the client’s electronically signed
agreement is then provided to the client and a copy is electronically filed by
 During a Sales Presentation, a Z57 Sales
Representative will talk to a client about our newest website platform and
 The initial investment for [redacted] website
was $521.73. That is the set-up cost, the domain purchase, MLS fee, and the
first month of website hosting.
The Sales Rep also shows a sample site to the
prospective client so the client can have an idea of what they will be
receiving and how the tools work. The site shown to all clients is They will then talk about how customizable the site is, but it
is not the role of the Sales Rep to speak about specifics in custom design
upgrades, instead leaving that conversation up to Customer Service. Content
created by the client from previous sites can be transferred over by Client
Development if requested by the client, however if the content was not created
directly by the individual client, we are unable to legally copy or transfer
that content.
On 2/14/2014 a Z57 production rep built the
initial site so the client can see the end product. Mr. [redacted] website did not
go live because we were waiting on Mr. [redacted] to provide us with Domain
information which is the responsibility of the client.
 [redacted] was emailed on  2/14/2014 at 9:52am. A voicemail was left on
2/17/2014 at 12:57 pm and the client was emailed again on 2/21/2014 at 3:50 pm
about getting his website published.
 On 2/26/2014, [redacted] had an appointment to
publish his website with one of our OnDemand representatives. On 2/26/2014 at
6:38am, our representative put the following notes into a case that stated that
the client wanted his website to, "look like his current site," The OnDemand representative made various changes to the
website to make it look as similar as possible without an additional charge
being added for a customized website.
We at Z57 try
to provide our clients with a web marketing solution that is both visually
appealing and catering to their needs as much as possible with our turnkey
system.  It is unfortunate that the
client did not want to meet us halfway in this process so that we could be
successful together. Based on the agreed-upon Terms and Conditions, the site,
service availability and live status as well as our documented conversations
trying to work with Ms. [redacted]s on the site, Mr. [redacted] would not be eligible
for a refund as services were rendered.

Dear to whom it may concern,
We have been working with Mr. [redacted] for quite some
time and able to assist him with multiple...

items pertaining to his marketing
strategies. It is always disappointing to see a client go and I’m sorry to hear
that there was a mistake done by one of our representatives that put Mr. [redacted]
in an uncomfortable situation that effected his confidence with our product.  The situation that Mr. [redacted] is referencing
does involve a process that the client can view the preview of what will be
sent out in order to prevent such matters from occurring. Having said that it
is also of vital importance that we get it right the first time. As a
representation of my apologies for any inconvenience and dissatisfaction Mr.
[redacted]  endured and I will waive his
final invoice and consider his account settled in full with no additional cost.
I wish the best of luck to Mr. [redacted] in his future endeavors.
Thank You,

Dear to whom it may concern,
Roman" size="3">
I’m sorry to hear that the above mentioned client had a disappointing
experience with our company. We strive to build client websites that they can
be proud of and that meets their unique needs. Having said that it seems like
there was definitely some type of confusion in regards to the customized
options we can create on our platform.
Although we were going back and forth with the client for
months we were not able to get to a point where the client felt comfortable
with what we could produce.
Having said that per the contractual agreement that the client
signed she was held for a one year term and charged the remainder of that term
when the account was cancelled.
Based on the matters in which the account was cancelled I
would be more than happy to provide the client with a refund of $399.96 as that
is what was charged for the remainder of the contract.
I wish the client nothing but the best in their future endeavors.
Thank You,

Dear to whom it may concern,
This matter has been resolved with the client directly. We have provided the client a full refund and wish her nothing but success in the future!
Thank You,

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