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Review: Please see complaint ID# [redacted]. This was resolved until z57 successfully talked AMEX into allowing an additional unauthorized deduction from my credit card.

The contractual obligations I had agreed to were not consistent with the original 3-hour conversation I had with [redacted] on 7-8-14. All I have are hand written notes to back up my complaint. [redacted] had gotten authorization to change the contractual charges upon my initial agreement to enter into the contract. Yet, he was unable to send me any documentation of this, as it was 'against policy.' (Since then I have discovered many complaints with this company under [redacted] had said that my charges were to be $199/1st month, same following month, plus 25 admin fee, total $423. He said that the 79/mo were to only be deducted after the second month, and thereafter. I terminated our relationship on Aug 15th, and the $79 balance was agreed to be dropped by [redacted] on Oct 3, 2014. However, they successfully got AMEX to deduct an additional $300. I agree to pay the $423, but a total of $603 has been deducted from my AMEX card. The threat of "third party billings continues to concern me, since I do not know who these companies are.Desired Settlement: I would like to be re-imbursed the difference of $180. I would like to know that I will not be haunted by third party billings.

Thank you!




Dear to whom it may concern,

I have spoken to our Billing Department and do not have any record of any AMEX transaction being pushed through. I actually provided the client a refund on his last bill statement so his last charge was in August. I would very much appreciate the client to provide additional details so that I may research this matter further.

Thank You,

Review: I signed up on June 11th, 2013 to have a website built and after many unsuccessful attempts to touch base with the company, I have decided to cancel my membership and expect a full refund because there were no services provided. After 6 weeks they have not honored their commitment to me as their customer to provide the services that I paid in advance for. I don't feel I should pay for services that were not provided to me.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund of all of the money that the company charged to my credit card. Total of $419.48.



Client Regarding Complaint ID - [redacted]

Review: I am writing to submit a complaint regarding an internet company in the San Diego area called Z57. I only wish I had reviewed your site prior to getting involved with them. Many of the 100 plus complaints showing online mirror my experience with this company. They claim that they could enhance my business by providing a Facebook business page. Working from a script, they talked the talk, but didnt walk the walk. After taking a bite from their apple to the tune of $250.00, they promised to teach me how to set up the page via numerous one on one coaching sessions with their expert. The first session was to take place 2 weeks after my $250.00 upfront fee was paid. Their representative was to call me at 6:00 pm EST to begin the 1st session. I was unable to take the call at 6:00 pm, and called them back at 6:05 pm (5 minutes later), and could not reach the expert, but the assistant indicated that I would have to reschedule to another day. I thought this was an interesting approach to a brand new customer. But, I really had no choice but to wait. So, I did. We rescheduled for several days later and their expert, [redacted], called and spent 20-30 minutes on the phone discussing the setup of the site and some of its functions. At the end of the session, we scheduled another session a week later. I cleared my schedule for the appointed time knowing that if I wasnt available at the exact second, I would be put off again. I did not receive a call. Somewhat irritated, I called to determine why I had not been called. The assistant denied that I had not been called, saying that Mr. [redacted] had called and had not gotten an answer. Not True. The next weekly session was a repeat. Another scheduled call, but no call from Mr. [redacted]. Huge red flags were waving vigorously! Ive paid $250.00 upfront plus a monthly bill of $60.00 and was being placed on the back burner. After trying to reach them by phone numerous times, I logged onto their site and sent them an email via their contact us button. I never received a response. So, after 3-4 phone calls and no response from the email, I was quite irritated. From there, I made arrangements with my credit card company to stop any future monthly installments until I got some response from them regarding their failure to provide appropriate coaching and complete an operational Facebook business page. Needless to say, I never received any response other than an automated email indicating, Its time to schedule your next Z57 Academy appointment.Almost 5 months later, the end of February, I received 3 calls within a 10 day period threatening to turn my account over to a collection agency. When I returned their call and reiterated my dissatisfaction with not responding to me or my phone calls. They responded with We do not respond to emails. How interesting, an internet company that does not respond to emails--from their web site? She then offered discounting their service so that I would continue with them. Very succinctly, I indicated that I had no interest in doing so. I did request my $250.00 be returned to me. At that time, the representative indicated that it was my fault and that I should have continued to call their place of business to address my concerns. She expressed that Realtors expected too much from their service and was quite derogatory toward the real estate profession. When I brought to her attention the 100+ complaints at the, her response was that they had thousands of clients, and those complaints were unfounded.As I mentioned early on, your site has over 100 complaints regarding this company and their pattern of business. Ive never made a formal complaint to any, so I am not sure what to expect by submitting my experience to you. Please advise me of any recourse or future action that I should consider.Desired Settlement: I want my $250.00 refunded immediately and want no further contact from them or their threats of turning my account over to a collection agency.



On 9/26/2012, Mr. [redacted] purchased a Facebook Premium service and agreed to One-Year Contract. The Contract is provided at the point of sale, as we ensure all clients have the opportunity to ask any questions they might have on these before finalizing their purchase.

Review: This company raised the price of their services without any notification. They claim to have sent an email to my old email address, the one to my old website I was canceling to get a website with them. They auto-bill so I was not aware of the new higher charge. They had previously sent me emails to my new email address and obviously had it since it is on my website, which they developed and hosted. They also had no problem contacting me to try to sell new products.Desired Settlement: Refund of the difference in the websites they charged my CC



Review: Our credit card has been charged $899.97 by z57 Internet Solutions for services that were not rendered. We have spoken to their costumer service department several times in regards to this issue trying to cancel our membership. Last time we spoke with them they agreed to cancel however we came to find out that they have charged us anyway. They promised at the enrollment time 40-50 leads p/ week, needless to say we never received the services promised however we were still charged $299,00 p/ month for several months with no improvement on the leads quantity. Finally after they agreed to cancel they still made an unauthorized charge to our credit card in the amount of $899,97.Desired Settlement: At this point we need to have a refund for this unauthorized charge.



Review: Z57 offered to assist in my advertising on facebook and add a link to my mls service for my clients to do property searches. I was sold on getting the link to my mls for my clients use since they are always searching for properties on the internet, and it being so easy to get just 30 likes to get my facebook website up to it's full potencial. Z57 emailed me the forms needed for activate the IDX on my facebook website. After I complained it was not active a link for home search appeared n my website, but later I found out it was not the IDX to my mls provider, it was another one which is not as effective. Well I was also following up on posting and inviting friends and everyone on my contacts to "like" my page, well it's not as easy and simple as they made me believe.After several complaints to cancel and give me a refund since they did not deliver the product promised( My IDX linked to my facebook website and 30 fastlikes)I was then informed my mls provider does not work with facebook. I asked again for a cancellation and a refund, since they did not delivered the promised product, I was told it could not be done and they changed me to a month to month instead of two year contract.I called again to cancel their services and asked for a refund, I was told I had to give them 30 days notice, and they would charge one more payment to my card, since it fell within the 30 days. I paid them $39.99 from 5/202 to 3/2013 a total of $399.99 plus other fees.They promised a product, my IDX linked to my facebook page, when my mls provider does not cooperate with facebook. It is their obligation as a vendor of a product or service that they can provide the service they are offering, as it was offered to me and I paid for it and never got the service, I consider that to be fraud.Desired Settlement: I paid z57 $39.99 for a service never provided for 10 months a total of $399.99 I want this money refunded.



Reply to Complaint ID - [redacted]

Review: On October 2nd I contacted z57 customer support to let them know that I would not be able to pay my monthly payment that was due in the amount of $125.93 and not to debit my account because I was short of funds. I told them I could make the payment on the 25th of October and they agreed to this. I was concerned about this because they have an automatic debit from my bank account and I needed my funds to pay my utility bills. After acknowledging the agreement and sending me an email to that effect, the very next day they broke their agreement with me and debited my account for the $125.93 leaving me short of funds to pay my other bills. I think it is dishonest and a bad business practice for a company like this to make an agreement with their customer and then to break it. I emailed customer service the next day on October 3rd and asked them to reverse this unauthorized debit. [redacted] responded on October 7th by sending me an email and she said they were sorry for the mix up and they would instruct their bank to reverse the charge. That was 10 days ago and it is now the 17th and nothing has been done about thisDesired Settlement: I want to have them reverse the unauthorized debit to my bank account that occurred on the 3rd of October and I want them to cancel the remaining months of my contract with them at no charge to me as I no longer want to do business with a company that does not keep its word.



Dear to whom it may concern,

We processed a refund for the clients account on 10/7/2014

per the client request and based on the situation at hand. At this point the

client should have seen a refund reflective from their financial institution.

Should this not be the case please do not hesitate to reach out so that we can

get this resolved immediately. Our intentions were never to be dishonest and I apologize

if that is in any way how the client felt as it was not our intention.

Review: They promised a service and offered a 100% money back guarantee. They did not perform, made statements that were untruth's and undeliverable. The sales person only wanted the sale and then "customer service" makes it impossible to cancel. I am a disabled veteran and I don't appreciate this treatment. I cancelled in writing within guaranteed 30 days of satisfaction guarantee. Now 5 months later Z57 still charging me, and say I need to personally cancel for security reasons. had to cancel visa nad tear it up due to them continuing to charge me. :(Desired Settlement: Refund my money as promised. Nothing more and nothing less!



Z57 Response:

On 12/4/2014 Mr. [redacted] signed up with a Z57, PropertyPulse

Executive – Web Data account and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. Our Terms

and Conditions are always provided at the point of sale, as we ensure all

clients have the opportunity to ask any questions they might have on these

before finalizing their purchase.


agreeing to Z57’s Terms and Conditions, the agreement is sent electronically to

the client, a digital signature is captured with their acceptance along with

the date and time using the Adobe® Echosign® system. A copy of the client’s electronically signed

agreement is then provided to the client and a copy is electronically filed by


Mr. [redacted] agreed to the Terms and Conditions on 12/5/2014 at 4:05

PM. The Terms and Conditions state the

following with regarding to the cancellations:

4. You, or your authorized representative, have

up to 3 business days following the date of your receipt of these Terms to

cancel service and receive a full refund. After 3 business days, all sales will

be considered final. As an example, if you purchase a website on Monday, you

will be eligible for a refund through the end of business on Thursday.


After the cancellation period provided in paragraph 4 above, you may cancel

monthly service by providing us with 30 days prior notice. You will be

responsible for any charges incurred after 30 day notice is given, which

includes, but is not limited to, monthly website hosting, domain renewals,

email services, traffic products, or any other services purchased from Z57. An

email will be sent to the email address on file to confirm cancellation.


In order to protect your account, if you wish to cancel your service, you must

contact Z57 Client Development via telephone at (800) 899-8148 so that we can

authenticate that you are the authorized account user. All cancellation

requests must be verbally communicated directly to a Z57 Client Development


There is records of interaction between the client, his

assistant and Z57’s Client Development Team from point of sale through

December. Many of the discussion were centered around the design and

functionality of the website.

On January 13th, 2014, Z57 has record of Mr.

[redacted]’s assistant calling in to cancel the account. At that time, the assistant

was instructed to have the account holder or default credit card holder on file

in order to process any financial changes to the website per the Terms and

Conditions and safety of the account.

Mr. [redacted] called in to inquire about the continued

charges to his account on 3/13/2014 and ultimately place his verbal request to

cancel his account. He then requested to speak with a member of management.

Mr. [redacted] spoke with the Sales Representative’s Manager,

who concluded that there was no evidence of improper expectations and offered

to assist the client if they were to send him any photos/content they wanted

added to the site. There was never an agreement of 100% money back guarantee or

an allowance of a written form of cancellation, as is not Z57’s practices as

well as contradicts the agreement the client signed on December 5th,


On 3/18/2014, a member of Client Development reached

out to Mr. [redacted] to discuss his concerns further. At that time, the representative

spoke with Mr. [redacted] and his assistant regarding the assistance we could provide

to customize their site to fit their needs. Z57 offered to waive monthly

support charges for 2 months while we worked on developing the website, free

custom design upgrades, and other marketing consultant advice. At that time,

Mr. [redacted] denied all the offers, did not want to continue working on his site,

and the call concluded with the Client Development representative sending the

signed Terms and Conditions to the client for additional review.


The product and services were fully available for the

client’s use during his agreement. Due to that as well as Mr. [redacted]’s refusal of

the many offers of assistance, Z57 will not be refunding the client the requested


Mr. [redacted] placed his verbal cancellation request on

3/13/2014 signifying the 1st day of his 30 day notice. His last

monthly invoice was billed on 4/4/2014 for $99.99, which fell within that 30

day notice. His current account is marked as cancelled with no overdue balance.









On 12/4/2013, Mr. [redacted] signed up for a Property

Pulse Platinum package with Felicha Martedi. We received the paperwork to apply for Mr.

[redacted] Internet Data Exchange (IDX) feed though his Multiple Listing Service,

Garden State MLS (GSMLS) on 12/6/2013.

We submitted this paperwork to GSMLS on 12/10/2013. We are still waiting for approval of the

paperwork from GSMLS. Without approval,

due to the escalated nature of this case, we enabled the IDX home search on Mr.

[redacted] site on 2/13/2014. The package

Mr. [redacted] subscribed to allowed an IDX search with 1 MLS board. We currently do not have an agreement with

the Liberty Board of REALTORS® and cannot provide data for their members.

The Terms and Conditions which Mr. [redacted] agreed to

when signing up for Z57’s service clearly state this Cancellation Policy:



After the cancellation period provided in paragraph 4 above, customers may

cancel monthly service by providing us with 30 days prior notice. You will be

responsible for any charges incurred after 30 day notice is given, which

includes, but is not limited to, monthly website hosting, domain renewals,

email services, traffic products, or any


services purchased from Z57. An email will be sent to the email address on file

to confirm cancellation.

26. In

order to protect your account, if you wish to cancel your service, you must

contact Z57 Client Development via telephone at ###-###-#### so that we can

authenticate that you are the authorized account user. All cancellation

requests must be verbally

communicated directly to a

Z57 Client Development Representative.

Additionally the Terms and Conditions state the

following regarding the IDX Product.

IDX Product

17. IDX: (If Applicable) If the MLS

to which you are a member requires signed documentation before Z57 may

implement IDX on your website, you will receive the document via e-mail and/or

fax. It is vital that you fax the completed agreement back to Z57 immediately

so we can install IDX on your website.

18. You are responsible for incremental fees, if any, charged by

your MLS.

On 2/26 Mr. [redacted] emailed in stating he would like to

discontinue his service. We explained our cancellation process, and on 2/27/2014 Mr. [redacted] called in to

cancel his account.

Z57 Resolution

Per the terms and conditions signed by Mr. [redacted], his

account is pending cancellation at the end of his current billing cycle. Due to the 2 month delay in setting up IDX,

we have credited Mr. [redacted] account $40 applied to his final bill.

I would not recommend this company to anyone. They over promise and way under deliver. I have had nothing but problems with the being able to do many of the functions that were said I can do and some of the problem took them months to correct and was never notified that the problem was corrected. They removed IDX from my site after faxing my paperwork at least 3 times. I was told I was in a contract and would have to pay for service that I did not receive. Was also told they provided everything they promised. After 3 months I was finally able to post listings from my site to Facebook.

Review: I have had nothing but problems with this company. I ended my relationship with them in August of 2013. I worked with someone on their end to satisfy the account. I had to renew my domain name in October of this year and Z57 charged my credit card over $200 in unauthorized fraudulent charges. I have contacted them numerous times and they have told me to stick it and that they wouldnt be returning my money. I have also filed a complaint with my credit card company and when I am done with this complaint I am filing one with angieslist and the consumer protection agency. This company acts like they are god and they are nothing more than a bully. As if this isnt enough I am constantly receiveing phone calls from their sales department. I have advised them over 30 times I am on the do not call list and I dont want them to call me anymore and yet they have the audacity to call and ask me to join their company.Desired Settlement: I want the charges reversed an to never be solicited by them or any of their subsidiaries ever again. Also



Dear to whom it may concern, Mr. Shepherd started services with our company on March 1st 2013. We worked with the client for almost a year when in January 13, 2014 we cancelled the clients account per his request. In the months to come the client was billed for outstanding charges that the client did not pay for while services were rendered. Payment was collected this past November when an updated credit card was provided to us. At this point the account has been settled in full. In terms of our company reaching out to this individual I will make sure there is no additional content made moving forward. We wish nothing but the best of luck to the client in the future. Sincerely, [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID[redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

The company had other employees whom I worked arrangements out with and the cancellation date they are providing is just for their benefit. I have proof via emails and phone records proving otherwise. Also once again I never authorized any charges to the credit card they placed the charges on. Let's see them prove that.




Hello, if the client would like to send me supporting documentation I'm more than happy to review it. However at this point we will not be proceeding forward with a refund.

Review: I called to cancel within 3 day period, after doing so I received a call from Sales Manager offering a month to month option. He sent me a link to sign up for option, link didn't open so that I could see details. I replied to him saying that I couldn't open link, but he did not respond. So I decided not to sign up again. I did not think about them again until I saw the charges on my credit card. When I called to inquire, they said that I never cancelled, because they sent me new information. Then they said that they used the signature page from the previous contract. Each time she email me, it's a different excuse for not refunding my $268. The last thing that I was told, was that they were going to put me on the month to month program and after my 30 day notice they will cancel my contract.Desired Settlement: I want the down payment refunded, no additional charges and a true cancellation.



Reply to Complaint ID - [redacted]

I believe Zto be a "Boiler Room" type of scamThey have a very slick sales presentation and train their sales people wellHowever, in my opinion, the sales people are significantly over-promising what Zcan deliverThey were more than happy to sign me up for a 1-year contract and take over $5,of my marketing budget over the last months, but the leads they provided didn't generate one closed transaction during that timeAll my leads are a dead-end at this pointWhen I began to complain about the service and leads I was provided they assured me they would make it a top priorityAfter two months of nothing I tried to cancelTHEY WILL NOT LET A CLIENT OUT OF A CONTRACT no matter how unhappy that client isThey only post their "positive" leads on their website, which is why I need to submit this review - people need to know this is a scam and that Zwill likely take thousands of marketing dollars from Realtors and give very little, if anything, in return

Review: I signed up with z57 Internet Solutions to be my real estate website back on July 23rd. One of the most important features of a real estate website, not excluded by any companies that provide them, is IDX, which allows browsers of the site to search for homes off the MLS. This requires an agreement with the local MLS Board to provide a raw data feed, in this case the Hudson MLS. The sales agent on the phone told me that they definitely serviced my board's MLS, and I would be good to go. It turned out they didn't have that agreement in place. z57 told me they would have it in about a week. z57 told me they were waiting on my MLS to respond. My MLS showed me that they had never been contacted. z57's sales rep told me that they actually have a parent company that handles this stuff and he didn't actually have a time table. I decided to cancel. The sales rep informed me I was outside my 3 day cancelation period and my contract would not allow me out. z57's sales rep then told me they could get it in place as fast as possible. Finally 3 months after having a complete lemon (which without my permission they made live by promoting to my entire contact list, humiliating to say the least)did the IDX come active, to the tune of a humiliating loss of business. After this I invested about 20 hours of building my site, with over 300 links with the built in link tool which doesn't function properly, I called tech support to report and they told me to invest another 20 hours of work into straightening it out. They always make it known to me that they can see that I call often with issues, and speak in a ridiculous condescending tone and snarky tone. They refuse to acknowledge that the link tool is not functioning (or tell me how to use it effectively), and it currently tells any visitors that my website should not be trusted for security. I am paying 99$+ per month for something that has not been functioning, and their customer service reps cannot help me fix it.Desired Settlement: I have paid for a non functioning site since July 23rd, that I signed up for under a false pretense, and have been strung along with misinformation. The moment that got resolved another major flaw has come up that requires more man hours than I can currently devote to fixing, and there's no help coming from them, even though the process was clearly done the way their site intends it. I want to be let out of my contract, and refunded the money that I have wasted due to the false information in their sales practices, and the complete disdain I receive in every customer support phone call, as they always mention their review of how often I have called with problems. I can provide you information for a contract attorney that specializes in consumer protections that will be my representation should I need it. Thank you.



Review: On 2/14/2014 I talked to a salesman about a website. They were going to build a website for me at a price of 521.73. After going back and forth with them they wanted more money from me. This I have found to be a bait and switch scam. They never put a thing on the web for me. The website that they tried to put online was as if a 10 year old did it. We went back and forth for days and never could make it right. But they could make it right if I paid them more money. They could not fix what they wanted to force on me something that was not right.Desired Settlement: Refund all money paid.



On 2/14/2014 Mr. [redacted] signed

up with a Z57, “PropertyPulse

Executive Package - Web Data” account and agreed

to our Terms and Conditions. Our Terms and Conditions are always provided at

the point of sale, as we ensure all clients have the opportunity to ask any

questions they might have on these before finalizing their purchase.

[redacted] agreed to the Terms and Conditions

on 2/14/2014 3:22pm, below you can see the details of this agreement

The Terms and Conditions state the following

with regards to cancellations:


or your authorized representative, have up to 3 business days following the

date of your receipt of these Terms to cancel service and receive a full

refund. After 3 business days, all sales will be considered final. As an

example, if you purchase a website on Monday, you will be eligible for a refund

through the end of business on Thursday.


are responsible for providing all content for your site. Stock photos and

graphics will be used until you submit photos. You should take extreme care

diligence in securing and providing your own content for posting. You should

ensure that you have ownership of all content you provide to us.


edits, upgrades and/or color changes outside the scope of the marketing control

center ("MCC") may be available at an additional cost through Z57's

support services.


the cancellation period provided in paragraph 4 above, customers may cancel

monthly service by providing us with 30 days prior notice. You will be

responsible for any charges incurred after 30 day notice is given, which

includes, but is not limited to, monthly website hosting, domain renewals,

email services, traffic products, or any other services purchased from Z57. An

email will be sent to the email address on file to confirm cancellation.


order to protect your account, if you wish to cancel your service, you must

contact Z57 Client Development via telephone at (866) 412-3343 so that we can

authenticate that you are the authorized account user. All cancellation

requests must be verbally communicated directly to a Z57 Client Development


When agreeing to Z57’s Terms and Conditions, the

agreement is sent electronically to the client, a digital signature is captured

with their acceptance along with the date and time using the Adobe®

Echosign® system. A copy of the client’s electronically signed

agreement is then provided to the client and a copy is electronically filed by


During a Sales Presentation, a Z57 Sales

Representative will talk to a client about our newest website platform and


The initial investment for [redacted] website

was $521.73. That is the set-up cost, the domain purchase, MLS fee, and the

first month of website hosting.

The Sales Rep also shows a sample site to the

prospective client so the client can have an idea of what they will be

receiving and how the tools work. The site shown to all clients is They will then talk about how customizable the site is, but it

is not the role of the Sales Rep to speak about specifics in custom design

upgrades, instead leaving that conversation up to Customer Service. Content

created by the client from previous sites can be transferred over by Client

Development if requested by the client, however if the content was not created

directly by the individual client, we are unable to legally copy or transfer

that content.

On 2/14/2014 a Z57 production rep built the

initial site so the client can see the end product. Mr. [redacted] website did not

go live because we were waiting on Mr. [redacted] to provide us with Domain

information which is the responsibility of the client.

[redacted] was emailed on 2/14/2014 at 9:52am. A voicemail was left on

2/17/2014 at 12:57 pm and the client was emailed again on 2/21/2014 at 3:50 pm

about getting his website published.

On 2/26/2014, [redacted] had an appointment to

publish his website with one of our OnDemand representatives. On 2/26/2014 at

6:38am, our representative put the following notes into a case that stated that

the client wanted his website to, "look like his current site," The OnDemand representative made various changes to the

website to make it look as similar as possible without an additional charge

being added for a customized website.


We at Z57 try

to provide our clients with a web marketing solution that is both visually

appealing and catering to their needs as much as possible with our turnkey

system. It is unfortunate that the

client did not want to meet us halfway in this process so that we could be

successful together. Based on the agreed-upon Terms and Conditions, the site,

service availability and live status as well as our documented conversations

trying to work with Ms. [redacted]s on the site, Mr. [redacted] would not be eligible

for a refund as services were rendered.

Review: zPro was a service used to enhance my Facebook business page. "Facebook" pulled my access to my business page some time in May of 2014 unbeknown to me. zPro stopped posting to my page in May of 2014 as well but yet they continued to bill me and required me to pay bills for the months of June, July and Aug, months of which they provided no service. I called and email several time to request that they issue a refund an not continue to bill me but my request went unattended. I would have like to continue business with them but don't feel that it's just for me to pay them for service that they did NOT provide and I did now receive. When I asked to speak with a manager I was told by associates [redacted] and [redacted] that "there just going to tell you the same thing I told you"Desired Settlement: Full refund of month June, July and August



Review: In short, I called Z57 as I received an email that they needed to tend to my Facebook account and to contact them, which I did. At this point "PJ" took my call and we conversed about the situation. Come to find out there was an error in which these emails went out to many clients. That being said I exercised my time to tell them how I felt their product was not delivering to me the way they said. I explained how I was sold on the number of "LIKES" they could get for me in a matter of weeks (I had 60+ and they stated they would have me at 100 in a month). Currently, as of this email I have 79. He attempted to explain how and why, at that point I stopped him and said I was quite aware of the constant emails they would send to my contacts - to the point that my contacts reached out to me directly with complaints. I told PJ this was embarrassing and I would like to cancel.... no problem, enter [redacted].

When I was transferred over to Mr. *, he attempted the standard ploy of getting a customer to stay. I reiterated I had had enough and wanted to stop my association with Z57. Mr. R refused to acknowledge this and continued on his (to coin a phrase) Used Car Salesman approach. I constantly and repeatedly asked him to please stop and cancel my automatic credit card payment and he refused getting quite indignant, pressuring and pressuring me and at one point telling me how wonderful he was, an Online Marketing Specialist and I did not know what I was doing or how to advertise or use the internet. At this point, I admit, I flew off the handle and asked him to "shut the (expletive) up" and to please handle my cancellation. Needless to say it did not end there, he kept it up. As a representative for Z57 Inc. it makes me wonder how many other folks have been bullied by such behavior. I eventually hung up on him. He attempted to call me back, but I refused to answer. I received an email with the cancellation WITH an ADDITIONAL month charged, it's the policy?!?!Desired Settlement: Optimally, I would like to see this individual dismissed. If he is a Primary of the Corporation, then I would hope you folks would look deeper into this company, as I do not know ANY company that treats their clients like I was treated.

I would like a two month credit, that is more than fair for the months I have paid for nothing.

Thank You.



Dear to whom

it may concern,

Mr. [redacted]

contacted us on July 10th 2014 in response to an email he received about

his Facebook set up. After speaking to us briefly on how we can increase his

Facebook likes he decided he wanted to cancel services instead. We had one of

our Client Loyalty reps speak to Mr. [redacted] to see what we could do to repair

this relationship. The client unfortunately was not interested in proceeding

forward with services and hung up on the associate mid conversation. We tried

calling the client back however he did not pick up. At that point we proceeded

forward with cancelling the account and provided the client with the following

confirmation documentation.

This email serves as confirmation of the required 30 day notice has

been given to cancel your Z57 account, which includes your website as well as

your Z57 email account. Your website and email will remain in service for the

next 30 days, after which time all services will be terminated.

Please note, you will continue to be responsible for all charges

incurred to your account after the 30 day notice is given, including monthly

service and support, traffic products, featured listing products, and any other

premium services purchased.

We appreciate your business and hope that we can be of service to you

in the future.


Your Client Development Team

Z57 Internet Solutions


Review: On 2/28/13 I signed up for z57 to do a website. We tried calling the company several times but never got anyone. We then decided to cancel the service on 3/21. On 3/21 I have a confirmation email about the cancellation however z57 never issued a refund. Oh by the way they had done zero work up to this point. I am charging it back but was flabbergasted to learn that z57 is actually trying to fight the charge back?? Are you serious?? You didn't do any work.. you never answered the phone for 3 weeks and we cancelled within your required time frame and have confirmation email.. what are you trying to fight?Also how does a company with 102 complaints have an A+ rating???Desired Settlement: 100% refund and confirmation they will not try and bill me or contact me anymore. I would never do business with this company.



Reply to Complaint ID - [redacted]

Review: I, [redacted], owner of [redacted] signed a contract with Z-57 Internet Solutions for a one-year period. January 10, 2014 thru January 9, 2015.I cancelled the contract in October, again in November, and once again in December 2014. Per their "must cancel by telephone - 30 days prior to cancelling the contract. z-57 billed my VISA card once again in January for the sum of $120.00. (and also placed my cancelled website back up on the internet - it was previously removed by z-57 in December).I mailed Z-57 a written cancellation of Contract by certified mail-return receipt on Dec. 29th and received the mail receipt signed that it was received. On February 6, Z-57 has still refused to acknowledge my cancellation of contract so I cancelled my credit card.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of the $120.00 billed to my VISA account- and an account cancellation acknowledgment. I also want my business name, [redacted], removed from Z-57 Internet Solutions control. I want the real estate site taken down immediately.I am an attorney and the real estate site is diluting my legal services Law Office web site, which I have told Z-57 on many occasions.Thank you very much,[redacted]Tel: ###-###-####



Dear [redacted],Your refund of $120.74 has already been processed by our Finance department on 2/9/15. If usually takes 3-5 business days to this to reflect on your card. Your website was also taken down on 2/9/15 and is no longer active online. Just to provide some background, we do not show a cancellation request in October and your 1 year contract required that you continue to pay through January but we want to honor the request in December since we do have record of you speaking with Client Development. This is why we have refunded your February charge so January will be the last charge for your account and would fulfill your contract period. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Review: My business partner and I set up this account together. I am the primary point of contact, we used her AMEX card for billing. We have made numerous attempts to cancel this verbal month to month agreement. Each call ends the same with the person stating, "We have no record of any previous call to cancel". We changed the American Express card to stop the auto-debit and we still are being billed. We have notified AMEX not to accept any request from Z57. All email we receive from Z57 borderlines pornographic names and messages. This appears to be either spam or some type of virus. I have personally asked to speak to a manager in order to get this resolved and for this company to understand we are not paying any additional fees. Each request is denied and I am told management is not available. Additionally, I am filing a complaint with State of Florida Consumer Affairs - Internet Scams in order to resolve this issue. We have told this company we are not paying the $218 they claim we currently owe due to our previous calls.Desired Settlement: For Z57 to stop attempting to collect on a month to month verbal contract which we have verbally attempted to cancel numerous times. We would like a letter stating that we have a zero balance and end our association with a company that refuses to let a consumer speak with management and blames the consumer because they failed to log the request.



Reply to Complaint ID - [redacted]

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Description: Internet Marketing Services, Web Design, Consultants - Social Media, Online Social Media/Networking, Real Estate Services, Advertising - Internet

Address: 10045 Mesa Rim Rd, San Diego, California, United States, 92121


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Z57 Inc, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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