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Allied First Bank

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I had a very good experience with this business. And I would very likely recommend to friends and family.

I recently refinanced my house with Allied First Bank. My loan officer was William [redacted]. He was excellent in explaining in detail all of my options I had to refinance with the type of loan I already had. I am very satisfied with my choice and the process was exactly how Mr. [redacted] explained it. He was able to give me the best rate with options verses other companies and was able to follow thru with everything he stated. I do not hesitate to recommend Allied First Bank and William [redacted]

I worked with William [redacted] at Allied Bank to refinance my home. William was very helpful throughout the entire process

I worked with Tia [redacted] at Allied Bank and she was so friendly and on top of things. If you every had a question she would find the answer out and get right back to you. I would recommend Tia if you are ever in need of a new loan. She will help you find the lowest rate out there and you will be at ease during your whole loan process.

This complainant applied on two separate occasions for two separate mortgage loans, secured by two different properties.  The first application we received was dated April 10, 2017 for property located in Crosby, Texas.  This property was in distressed condition and did not qualify for a loan:  the property has boarded up windows, flooring not installed; water heater with holes in it; holes in the walls of the property; no outlet covers, missing cabinet doors in the kitchen, mold in the bathroom and torn up shower.  Tiles were falling off floors and from the walls in the bath.  There were rotting window frames, warped and unpainted fascia.  The loan was denied for collateral and Ms. [redacted] was so notified.    On May 31, 2017, Ms. [redacted] filed another application with us on property located in Houston, Texas.  The appraisal ordered on this second loan request appeared to be of sufficient value versus the amount of the loan request.  On June 21, 2017, the Bank requested documentation from this customer in order to prove income.  She provided the bank with a year-to-date P&L.  Her tax returns reflected income for the previous two years was $10,500 each year.  Based upon this documentation, the underwriter was unable to validate her stated $3,271.59 income with her tax return; she provided a hand-written profit and loss statement, not a compilation or opinion audit, that reflected she had one real estate closing this year in May.  Again, the documentation of what her Federal taxes showed was significantly different than her stated income.  She provided deposit account statements reflecting odd amounts deposited from random people.  We believed this was attributable to her Taxes on Wheels business that she terminated April 2017.  We were provided information on child support that she would be relying upon for payment; however, the parent responsible for paying child support was delinquent on his obligations and so the income was inconsistent.  We were able to use the consistent income of social security disability income for the child in the amount of $683.22; however, this was insufficient and so the loan was denied due to her debt to income ratio being too high.    In an email she sent to us after the denials, she requested a refund of fees.  The Director of Mortgage Operations offered to refund her one of the appraisal fees for the second loan.  Prior to her applying a second time with us for another property, she never mentioned that she believed she was entitled to a refund of the first appraisal fee and seemed satisfied to apply for another loan with us after being denied for the first loan.   In an effort to resolve this issue and get it behind us, we sent a letter to Ms. [redacted] indicating we would refund the amount she stated in her complaint to the IDFPR, which was $1,500.  Our letter stated that upon execution of a hold harmless agreement, the bank would forward a cashier’s check to her in the amount of $1,500.  The letter and affidavit is being sent via UPS today to the complainant.    The Bank believes it has made every effort to work with this customer and our aim is to conclude our dealings with Ms. [redacted]; hence, we are refunding fees to which we are ordinarily entitled but in order to appease this customer, we are willing to give her back $1,500 upon her signing the hold harmless sent to her today in order to end the matter.

Fantastic experience! Dedicated to customer service and a pleasure to work with. Tia [redacted] is a consummate professional and just wonderful, we referred family members and friends based upon our experience!! Highly recommend Allied First!

I had the pleasure of working with Jesse for my home refi. I was going from an FHA to a VA loan and he guided me through the entire process. We ending up going with a bank that was known for being somewhat slow, but offered the best rates and accomadations. The paperwork process was pretty easy considering it was a full disclosure loan, and any time I had a question I could call Jesse and he would respond that same day!
Jesse is very polite, professional, and will treat you like family, I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me with my refi! Thanks Jesse for making this process so...... much easier.

Allied First Bank is the best bank in the world. I don't want too many other people to use Allied First Bank because then they will get too big or be bought out and their exceptional customer service and pleasant attitudes will change and they will become second rate like every other bank.

My wife and I recently refinanced our Frisco, TX home with Allied. Thanks to the professionalism of our loan officer Troy [redacted] and loan processor Twila [redacted] what I expected to be a complicated and lengthy process turned out to be one of the most seamless and pleasant experiences imaginable. Both Troy and Twila were helpful, friendly and always available for any questions at, what seemed to be anytime of the day. An absolutely A++ experience served up with a generous portion of southern hospitality. Will gladly do business again, a hearty Kudos to Troy and Twila.

Jessee and his team at Allied First Bank were great to work with. He's very knowledgeable, responsive and quick to return calls, and a pleasure to work with. Our refinance was easy, and we received a great rate.

Craig [redacted] was extremely helpful in that his knowledge of irrl in helping me with my home was a God send . his courtesy and willingness to assist me and obtaining a loan was what I needed .he was very communicative and followed up on any questions I had, Thanks from Lafayette [redacted]

I recently refinanced my VA loan through Allied First Bank. My loan officer, Sandra [redacted], was an absolute GEM! She was extremely well informed on all requirements, and went far out of her way to make the process as easy as possible, while securing the very best rate. Hats off to Sandra [redacted] and Allied First Bank! I highly recommend their mortgage services.

Craig [redacted] and his assistant Ashley are the most caring, efficient and honest people I have ever dealt with. They truly seemed to care as much about our situation and loan as we did. We felt very safe and secure knowing they were handling our private information and our case file. I have recommended them to several friends, family and business associates, which is something I do not do often or take lightly. If more business professionals were like these two, the world would be a better place.


The Team Manager at the location where [redacted] is employed and who processed the mortgage loan application for [redacted] responded to this matter.  There was apparently a miscommunication by Mr[redacted] in explaining the timing of Mr. [redacted] proceeds from his refinance.  Mr. [redacted]...

was under the impression his loan would funds on 12/22-17; however, it was not scheduled to disburse until 12/26/17.  Thee is a three day Right of Rescission that applies to any mortgage which is refinanced where there is a cash out.  Due to Christmas being a Federal Holiday, it is not counted when calculating the number of days before funds can be disbursed.  Mr. [redacted] contact the title company on 12/26 which advised him his funds were being overnighted; he received his money on 12/27 and was apparently happy with the transaction.  He indicated he was just worried about it and he misunderstood the timing. If we can furnish any further information, please feel free to contact me at [redacted] or via my email address.

Took much longer than planned to get our house refinanced, was difficult to get a hold of agent that we were dealing with, (William [redacted] The new payment kept going up and up the longer the process went on, and then got a letter from Allied First Bank a week after completing offering a interest rate even lower than what I just got, felt slightly played. But it is a bank, and that is how they make money. Overall not too happy I got the refinance, I was able to save on my monthly payment so that is a plus.

Allied First Bank goes above and beyond the call of duty, which is rare in the financial services industry. I was having extreme issues with my previous mortgage provider (nothing that I could control). Fortunately, First Allied stood by me throughout the entire refinance process. I work in banking myself and was shocked to see this level of care for a single customer. I thought for sure that our refinance opportunity would not pan out. However, Allied First followed through on all of its promises and commitments. Allied First, thank you for helping me and my family!

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:[redacted] response is rejected because the mess that [redacted] created by not disclosing VA's decision to us and not responding to our inquiry for an explanation about it created "two" late payments which amounted to $62.28.  On 8-19-2016, [redacted] told us that the loan "may" have to be shortened.  May is not "is".  We asked for an explanation the same day but received "no reply" from him.  It was within [redacted] ability to disclose the "reason" the loan "may have to be shortened", and if he didn't know at that point in time, then it was within in his power and his "ultimate obligation to the consumer" to find out the VA's decision and tell us (answer our direct question from 8-19-2016).  Had he disclosed to us the reason that the loan "may have to be shortened" we would have told him to cancel the refinance.  We did have that right.  He took that right away from us by not responding to our inquiry and disclosing the truth.  We didn't hear from [redacted] again until 9-7-2016, when we emailed him to ask where we were in the refi process.  We still never received disclosure for the shortening of the loan.  We never received that explanation until we started letters of complaint about his actions.  That was on 9-10-2016, when he told us in an email: "per VA you were not saving enough on a 30-year loan to warrant the cost for the rate.  Therefore shortening the term met the VA recoup benefit."  That should have been disclosed to us nearly one month prior and we should not have had to complain to discover disclosure on the VA's decision.  Whether a broker or the loan originator, he was obligated under Federal law to disclose the facts to us.  He neglected to do so.  Those facts were vital in our decision whether we wanted to continue with the loan or cancel. Things would never have escalated to what they did were it not for [redacted] non-disclosure.  And whether it was on purpose because he didn't want to lose out on this opportunity or whether by just pure neglect, we, as consumers, were legally owed disclosure of the VA's finding in August when he was told the terms "may" change.  He was told on 7-19-2016 that we did not want our payments to rise; we have the emails to prove it.  As a "broker" he is required by law to not only "provide 'accurate' and timely 'disclosures' to the borrower" but also to "provide a borrower with accurate and 'timely information' and documents 'in response to the borrower's request for information with respect to the borrower's mortgage loan'". This entire situation would not have occurred had [redacted] disclosed the VA's decision to us and responded promptly to our request for that information.  It never would have proceeded to the disclosure stage had he been honest and done his job correctly.  We were duped by this broker.

Allied was very professional and provided excellent personal service from initial loan application to loan closing. I would definitely recommend Alled to other home owners. Thank you!

Very happy with My loan agent Melisa [redacted]
Kept me in the loop through the loan process and answered
All questions & concerns.
Great job thanks for your help.

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