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Review: In the first week of December I purchased a Sectional for my living room. The right side of the sofa was damaged upon delivery. It had a scratch on the leather arm rest. Several attempts have been made for them to repalce the sofa. They have promised to change it over and over but to this day they have not done so. I have personally gone to the Arlington Store and spoken to the manager and contacted their costumer services department. They came over and took pictures of the sofa and promised to replace it but it's been a month and I keep getting the runaround.Desired Settlement: I have purchased before from Conn's and have been a very satisfied customer before. I would like for them to replace my sofa as promised and for them not to keep giving me the runaround.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. After further

review and research of [redacted] concerns, we were able to confirm that her

recliner was reported damaged upon delivery. Conn’s has agreed to honor [redacted] request to exchange the recliner; her new recliner is scheduled for

delivery on 1/30/15. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience [redacted]

experienced as a result of the delay initiating her exchange. As a gesture of

goodwill, we will mail [redacted] a $50 gift card for customer satisfaction.

If we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact customer

service at 1-877-358-1252.

Kind regards,

Review: I have purchased over [redacted] dollars in furniture with this company. When they delivered the furniture it was damaged. However, I did not know this because it was left packaged up for a smooth move. The sales agent had promised as long as the furniture was packaged I should not be concerned. On the day of the move the moving company had to re packaged the furniture by their standards and noticed the damaged furniture. They had to document the furniture prior to moving because of their liability and they documented the missing glass piece, the hole in the chair and all the scratches on all end tables. I have contacted Conns to exchange the furniture that was damaged and they refuse. One of the end tablesis missing the glass piece, which makes the table not even functional. I also paid for warranties at the time of purchase and was told that the warranties would cover any damage, which is false information. I am told by Conns Corporate Customer service that they will not do anything to fix this. This is awful business. Conns will not work with me to get the damaged furniture replaced or to send me the missing piece of the end table. I have called corporate multiple times since I learned about the damage. They tell me people will call me back and nobody does which, leads me to have to keep calling back.Desired Settlement: All I want is the glass piece for my end table mailed to me. An exchange for the damaged furniture. If they cannot exchange the damaged furniture then I want a refund.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’

complaint. Our records show on [redacted] made two

separate purchases. [redacted] purchased a [redacted] cocktail

table set, a [redacted] cocktail table set, and [redacted]

furniture set on invoice [redacted] also purchased a Home

Stretch Maverick furniture set and received a free [redacted]” television on

invoice [redacted] elected to have her items delivered; her

delivery was scheduled for [redacted]. Upon delivery

[redacted]’ delivery requested for the delivery team to leave all items in their

original packaging.

We show on [redacted] contacted

our service department regarding her end tables stating her end tables were

damaged. Upon scheduling [redacted] for service we found she had relocated

to [redacted]’ service appointment was scheduled through

a 3rd party certified provider; during the inspection the

serviceman found both end tables were cracked from the tables being crushed

together. The serviceman reported the end tables were non-repairable and

also notated the glass for the end table was never received as stated by [redacted].

[redacted]. We spoke with [redacted] and informed her that the reported damages

were not covered under the Terms and Conditions of the manufacturer warranty or

Furnituregard Plan. Please refer to Terms and Conditions Number (15) What

Is Not Covered: Letter (c) and Letter (q).

At this time we are unable to honor [redacted]’ request to

return/exchange her furniture; [redacted] delivery tickets were signed

acknowledging all items were delivered and received in good order. As

listed on the signed delivery ticket please thoroughly inspect your merchandise

for damage; an exchange or price concession will not be authorized for damage

discovered after the delivery. We are unable to determine when or how the

reported damages may have occurred after delivery was completed.

If we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact Customer

Service Department at [redacted].

Kind regards,

Review: I purchased a new [redacted] French door Refrigerator from Conn's Appliances on [redacted] approx. 1 year ago. I also purchased a 4 year extended warranty. My refrigerator stopped cooling this past weekend and I lost about $[redacted] worth of food. I called the service number [redacted] and explained the problem. I did not hear from them or a technician so I called them approx. [redacted] and they told me they had forwarded the problem to the technician. They gave me the phone number or the person who was supposed to contact me and set up an appointment. I called that number and left a voice mail as he did not answer his phone. I called Conn's [redacted] and they tried to contact the technician. The Conn's person told me he could not reach him either so he left a voice mail with my information. Now it is [redacted] afternoon [redacted] and I still have not heard from Conn's or the technician. This service is unacceptable and I am not happy. At this time I am considering legal action of some sort against Conn's. I consider this to be fraud.Desired Settlement: Refund of all money paid for extended warranty.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr.

Evans’ complaint. Our records show on [redacted] purchased a [redacted]

refrigerator with a 24-month Repair Service Agreement Plan. On [redacted], Mr.

Evans contacted us stating the freezer is icing up, not making ice and the

panel is out on the unit. We attempted to schedule a service appointment to

assess [redacted] repair needs however; the service technician did not have the

correct phone number to contact [redacted] to verify an appointment date. We

contacted [redacted] on [redacted] to discuss his concerns; upon conversation [redacted] informed us that he was contacted by the service technician and is

scheduled to have his unit assessed today. Once the technician inspects [redacted]refrigerator we can determine repair needs. As of [redacted], we have mailed

a food loss claim to [redacted] to begin processing the claim. We sincerely

apologize for any inconvenience [redacted] experienced during this process and we

are committed to resolving this issue in a timely manner.

If we may

be of further assistance, [redacted] may

contact Customer Service at [redacted].

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: I paid off my a Television and warranty before six months in Sept 2012. Now Conns has credit collection calling me and reporting against my credit a year later. I have not ever received a call from them until now when I spoke to the first level customer service representative they saw too where my account had been paid but stated they would have to transfer the call to another level. The call was transferred and they are asking me to verify the last 4 digits of my social and I refused. I have never received any written communication or anything from CONN. My television was paid off in 2012 why am I receiving a call now? They need to quit calling my house and hatrassing meDesired Settlement: They need to reflect Positively on my credit because they never should be representing negatively.



Review: A couple of years ago, I was given an extension on my bill payment per a cionversation with the costomer service rep. Several months later (@6 mos) I noticed that my payments were a month late for quite some time. After speaking with a customer service rep, I was informed that the extension wasn't handled properly and my payments were late although I thought that they were on time. The rep stateed that the extension wasn't put in the system whic made every payment that I payed to post a month late.Desired Settlement: I would appreciate Conn's assistance in making the necessary corrections to my account and credit file.




you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] concerns regarding account

[redacted] stated he was

given an extension on his account and the extension was not processed

correctly. He would like the account

fixed and the credit marks removed.

According to our records, [redacted] signed a 36-month

retail installment contract on [redacted]. He has

received a total of 4 extensions on the account for a total of 9 additional


All extensions offered to [redacted] were processed


We have attached a copy of [redacted] payment

history showing the extensions for his records.

We obligated to report factual information to the credit

bureaus; therefore, we are unable to remove credit marks [redacted] earned on

the account.

As of [redacted] the payoff amount is $[redacted]. Please note,

the payoff amount is updated daily. We ask that [redacted] call for an

up-to-date payoff quote on the day he plans to submit the


We value [redacted] as a customer and appreciate him

bringing his concerns to our attention. Thank you,[redacted]

Review: Back in Jan 2014, I had 3 separate accounts with Conns that were past due. I clld to make payment arrangements and the rep suggested that I combine 2 of the smaller accounts to reduce my payment which was fine. The 3rd, larger account would not be combined so we made pymt arrangements of $225.15 to be deducted from my checking acct for Feb ** and Mar ** to catch me up. The following week I received the refinance contract and ALL 3 accounts had been combined even though that was not what I agreed to. I did not make a fuss bcuz it was better for me to only have 1 pymt of $172.XX due on Feb [redacted] I also made sure to ask that the 2 previous arrangements of $225.15 be cancelled since the refinance got me caught up AND my pymt was less than the $225. I was truly shocked when on Feb ** I got an email from Conns that they had still processed the previous pymnt arrangement of $225.15. I clld and had words with them and advised them that I would give them 2 business days to return the money and then I would file a fraud claim with my bank. This is just what I ended up having to do. Of course I am speaking to many different reps this last month and getting confirmation that there are NO other pymnts that will be taken out of my checking account. Lo and behold, I get another email today that they have taken another $225.15 out of my account. What the hell? Every rep that I have spoken with including those at the Corporate level have swore up and down that there were no future pymnts that would be debited. Now I will have to file another fraud claim with my bank AND close this account. This is horrible. CONNS is full of liars, scammers, deceivers, and people who are not very competent at their jobs. I have spoken to them almost daily in the last month about my refinancing. I have been buying from them for 10 years and at this point I will no longer do business once these items are paid off. I am filing a complaint formally with their corporate office.Desired Settlement: I would like CONNS to refund my $225.15 and remove my checking information from their systems.



Review: The company calls over five times daily, sometime I can't count the number of calls. I spoke to the rep and they keep calling over and over.

I made a payment in store and they continue to call said a check was returned. I never informed them to pay by check I always pay in the store. They was suppose to give an extend the payment. I spoke to one rep he said everything was clear, however I keep getting phone calls.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs.

[redacted]’ concerns regarding account #[redacted].

Mrs. [redacted] stated she has paid her account, but she continues to

receive collection calls.

According to our records Mrs. [redacted]

began receiving collection calls due to a payment that were returned by her

financial institution due to NSF. We

have attached a copy of Mrs. [redacted] pay history for her records.

When the payment is late, we begin call

attempts as a reminder to ensure payments will be made timely. It is a

normal practice for our company to begin call attempts the first day the

payment is late. To prevent the calls Mrs. [redacted] has the option to pay

on-line, in her local Conn's store, by mail, or over the phone if it is more

convenient for her, before her due date. Additionally, if Mrs. [redacted]’ pay

date has changed, she may benefit from requesting a change of her due date each

month. We ask that Mrs. [redacted] contact

us if she would find this beneficial.

Please note, when payment arrangements have been

made, it takes 24 hours to remove the telephone number from the system to stop

the collection calls.

We value Mrs. [redacted] as a customer and appreciate

her bringing her concerns to our attention. Thank you,[redacted]



My complaint is that I spoke with customer service rep regarding the past due amount. I never made payment arrangement over the phone. I make payments in the store. In November I went into the store and made a payment which was for October the November payment was suppose to be deferred. However I keep getting a call about past due. If I didn't make the October payment I would understand the collection call, but payment was made. I didn't set up a payment over the phone so I'm not sure why there is a return payment. I would not have made payment arranges over the phone and then also go into the store and make a payment in November. That would have been two payment made in November which doesn't make sense, if November payment was supposed to be extended to the end of the contract. I explain this to the first collection rep and he said things was good and there was misunderstanding and I shouldn't receive anymore calls. I'm still getting calls at least 4 to 5 times a day.Regards,



Thank you again

for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted]’ concerns regarding account

#[redacted]. Mrs. [redacted] stated she made

a payment in the store in November, which was for October, and November’s

payment was supposed to be deferred.

According to

our records, the payment processed on November 10, 2014 was returned by Mrs.

[redacted]’ financial institution due to NSF. Since this payment was returned, the

arrangements to defer the November payment were canceled.

New arrangements

have been scheduled and there have been no further collection attempts as of

December 19, 2014.

Again, we

value Mrs. [redacted] as a customer and appreciate her bringing her concerns to

our attention. Thank you,[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10341449, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.

Review: I've had an account with Conn's for about 5 years now. Today, I experienced the worst customer service in my entire life. I visited 2 different stores with the same lack luster customer service and lazy salesmen. I walked in the store with the intention of purchasing my nephew's first digital SLR camera. The first store [redacted] I walked in, no one greeted me and several employees who weren't assisting customers, just stood around casually chatting with each other. Finally, I interrupted a conversation and asked to purchase a floor model of the Canon Rebel T3. The salesman didn't know much about the camera which is fine because I know plenty. I asked if the camera came with the basic necessities (lens, battery, charger) and he said it did. Unfortunately, after searching for 30 minutes he was unable to locate the accessories for the camera and kind of shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I asked another salesmen for the floor model of a higher priced camera, [redacted]. I asked him if the lens, battery and charger were available and he said it would take him a while to locate the accessories. When I asked him how long, he said, "The floor models are mishandled so much here it could take a day, an hour, a week. I don't know." I left and went to another location ([redacted] I stood in the camera section for 20 minutes, no one greeted me, 3 salesmen made eye contact. One asked if I'd been helped and when I said no, he just continued walking away. Once again, I pulled someone to help me. Once again, no one was able to locate the basic necessities of the camera. I asked to switch the battery from another model, and the salesman said the other model didn't have a battery which was a blatant lie. Once again, no one seemed interested in helping a long time and loyal customer. I was treated so poorly today, that I've decided to close my current Conn's account and I will never open another one again.Desired Settlement: I'm closing my account so I don't need a resolution from Conn's. I just need for them to know they lost a long time customer today and will never receive my business again.



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to Ms. [redacted] complaint. We appreciate Ms. [redacted] for

bringing this matter to our attention. We have forwarded the complaint to upper

management to review for employee training opportunities. We apologize for any

inconveniences she experienced.

It is true that floor models can

be handled and relocated to the point of not being sellable. However, it is our

goal to provide the best service possible. We appreciate the years Ms. [redacted] has allowed

us to serve her and her family. Should she ever need us again we will be happy

to assist her with her home needs.

Kind regards,

Review: Went into Conn's to purchase a television stand-[redacted] and a home theater stereo system on [redacted]. Sales person told me that my products would be delivered on [redacted] between 8-11 am. I received no call and waited at home all day. Went into Conn's on [redacted] to talk to [redacted]. He stated that television stand was out of stock and it would be delivered on [redacted]. It was another no show for delivery on Tuesday as promised; again I was not called to be informed of no delivery. The following day I received a call from the warehouse stating that the stand was out of stock and it would not be in until [redacted]. Today,([redacted]) a stand was delivered; however, it was badly damaged. I called to get this situation rectified and was told that I have to wait 48 to 72 hours to talk to someone because that is how they handle business. Part of my purchase was delivered but can not be installed because I don't have the stand to put in on. I have been told that the delivery truck was robbed, all products were damaged in the warehouse and other inconsistent stories. I have not been able to get a Conn's associate to clearly communicate as to why it is so difficult to deliver the television stand -[redacted] as promised and within a timely manner.Desired Settlement: I want the television stand that I purchased without it being damaged. Conn's associate should be accountable and communicate with customers efficiently and in a professional manner. I would like all delivery charges taken off of my bill. I would like a call from a Conn's associate with accurate information ASAP. An apology for the inconvenience ( I gave away I old stand and theater system expecting my new one would be in my home when promised the first time)would be nice!



Review: I purchased a dryer on [redacted]. At that time, I purchased the 24 month extended warranty for $[redacted] + tax. Before receiving the dryer, I personally spoke with [redacted], the store manager, who had me sign a Conns Request to Remove Warranty/Insurance form. [redacted] retained the fax confirmation and other pertinent forms.He faxed the form to their corporate office that day, [redacted]. The charges for the warranty remained on the balance due each month. Two subsequent requests to remove the warranty have been sent, each time I have personally visited this store to ask them to remove the warranty. [redacted] faxed the request for removal form again on [redacted] and again on [redacted]. I have spoken with the Conns Customer Service department staff twice by phone, at [redacted]. On [redacted], I spoke with [redacted] who asked me to return to the store and ask them to fax the request for removal. I waited for them to hand me the fax confirmation where they faxed the form to [redacted]. And on [redacted], I spoke with [redacted] from Customer Service, she also asked me to go to the store and request the form be faxed to them at [redacted]. I again waited for them to fax it to this new phone/fax number that [redacted] instructed me to use.To-date, the warranty remains on my account and I am being billed for a warranty service that I do not want and have not wanted from the day I purchased the dryer. I wish for the Houston to assist me with the removal of the warranty.Conns Account Number: [redacted]Invoice Number: [redacted], Desired Settlement: Remove all charges for 24 Month Extended Warranty on the dryer I purchased from Conn's on [redacted].




you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s complaint. Our records

show on[redacted],

[redacted] purchased a GE gas dryer with a 24-month Repair Service Agreement

which he elected to pick up from our local [redacted] warehouse. Prior

to [redacted] picking up and completing his purchase he cancelled the original

dryer selected and chose a different model. [redacted] elected a High

efficiency gas dryer with a 24-month Repair Service Agreement.


researching [redacted]’s complaint we found the warranty that he purchased was

cancelled; however we found there was an error with his invoice and the credit

was not applied to his account. As of [redacted],

this error has since been corrected and a credit of $[redacted] has been processed

to [redacted]’s account. We ask [redacted] allow 5-7 business days for the

credit to post to his account. We sincerely apologize to [redacted] for any

inconvenience that has been caused as a result of delay.


we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact us at [redacted].





I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

As stated in [redacted]' response, it will be 5-7 business days for the $[redacted] credit to post ([redacted]). If indeed the credit is posted, I am satisfied with the correction to my account. I wish to clarify her misrepresentation of the facts that I "cancelled the original dryer selected and chose a different model". When I made my purchase on [redacted], I stood in front of the dryer I selected and showed the store salesman the exact dryer I wanted. When he completed the paperwork on the transaction, he wrote down the wrong model #. I had to return to the Store and explain this error to [redacted], who identified himself as the store director. It was at this time that I informed him of my wish to cancel the extended warranty. I have made a # of purchases from this particular store and it has been a common practice for them to error in their accounting department. I chose to do business with them due to proxemics to my residence, brand of appliances I prefer and pricing. I may seek to spend my money else where based on there poor response to my personal requests/efforts to remedy this matter. I will certainly contact you if at the end of the 7 business days the credit is not posted.

Thank You for your assistance.

Review: this company requires that you have product insurunce for $490.64. the delivery persons tore the sofa when they delivered it. I had to call Conn's several times and no one showed up when scheduled. they then said the report wasn't complete. I had to call several times to get them to schedule the repair and told them I needed afternoon or Saturday and the repair tech was rude and said he could not come at the time I needed. I cannot take off work for this. Basically. Conn's mandates that you buy expensive insurance and then will not do the work or make it a very difficult process. It has been 3 months and still not repaired. It should be against the law to require a policy and then the service not be provided.Desired Settlement: for them to finance a policy and then not provide the service or make it demanding on the customer should be considered fraud. they said that I rescheduled the date but they only call 2 days before and you cannot take off work with just 2 days notice. they make you feel like a criminal for calling them.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records show on12/**/13, [redacted] purchased a Catnapper Voyager furniture set which consists of three pieces; sofa, loveseat, wedge with a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty, with [redacted] received a free 40” Westinghouse TV with a 49-month Repair Service Agreement. Our records show on 2/**/14, [redacted] contacted us regarding her sofa; stating the sofa’s back side of sofa had a large rip. A service call was scheduled for 2/**/14, however had to be rescheduled for 2/**/14. [redacted] service call was cancelled on 2/**/14 due to being unable to reach her to give a new service date. On 2/**/14, [redacted] contacted us and her service call was reopened and scheduled for 4/**/14.

[redacted] has been contacted regarding her concerns and Conn’s has agreed to exchange her sofa. On 4/**/14 [redacted] reselect a sofa that is scheduled for delivery on 4/**/14.

If we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: After being approved for a line of credit with Conn's [redacted], I went into the store twice after being contacted by Sales rep. [redacted] who called from ###-###-####. My wife and I went to the [redacted] store and selected a Washer and Dryer and Mr. [redacted] even told and showed us the board when you walk into the store big sign that stated Free Delivery if over $799.00 which also matched your add flyer. Then pointed out after entering everything in the computer that after chatting with his boss that item does not qualify for free delivery since it ends with a 7 and not a 9 in the dollar amount and not being reordered. I pointed out that the add does not state Sale items and the product is not in the isolated Clearance Area of the store which I could totally understand. After speaking to my wife, I contacted the sales person again and said I would pay the delivery and will see him later on 8/24/2014. I could not make it to the store by the closing time and he sent me a text to call him on 8/25. I returned his call and he then added he was not comfortable selling that set to me and that I have to buy the more expensive set next to it. He then added that the set we selected would not (now) qualify for the 12 months interest free. I pointed out he had now bait and switched me.Desired Settlement: Advertising needs to be honest and truthful for a consumer at all times especially when a Sales rep is the one that says "your are qualified for free delivery and 12 months interest free" They need to honor the original deal and deliver for free and make sure the set is interest free.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted]’s

complaint. Conn’s would like to apologize

to Mr. [redacted] for the experience he had while shopping in our store his

concerns have been addressed to ensure it is not repeated.

Conn’s has agreed to honor Mr. [redacted] request to purchase

the LG washer and dryer set with a 12 month cash option and free delivery. Our records show Mr. [redacted] completed his

purchase on 8/28/14.

If we may be of further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact us directly

at ###-###-####.

Review: recived mail saying my extended service plan expired on [redacted]I have never bought any thing from them. when you call that number it gives you another number to call the letter head shows conn's home plus the number is [redacted] is this some kind of a scam?Desired Settlement: would like to know how they got my name and address



Review: I received a letter in the mail stating that I have been pre-approved for a credit line increase of 4000, and that if I used my Yes money which is the line of increase offered to me I was going to receive a 10% off and 0% no interest for 12 months. I went to the store and inquired about a [redacted], when the manager came over and spoke to me he told that I have been qualified for 3000 dollars and that I can take whatever I wanted and that I would be able to receive the 10% or the 0%. When I finally chose my item which was a [redacted] note, the associate assumed she called corporate and that the 0% interest could not be applied to my item. Hesitant and disappointed about pricing after financing, I made the decision to leave the store without buying the product. The flyer clearly states that I was pre-approved. The manager also confirmed that I would get my discount. The next day I returned to the store once again to get the item since I really needed for school, I once again asked about the 0% interest, however I was told that corporate makes those decisions and that there was nothing they can do. Before submitting this I contacted conns corporate office, the representative just told me that they just send those flyers to people it does not necessarily mean that they are pre-approved, to me this sounds like a scam if you are telling me I am getting a discount or some kind of arrangement to get a product it should be so.Desired Settlement: Give me what the flyer and manager promised which was 0% interest for one year.




you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted]’s complaint. Our

records show on 8/27/14,

Mr. [redacted] purchased a [redacted] Galaxy Note from us with a 37-month Repair

Service Agreement.


reviewing Mr. [redacted]’s complaint we found he received a promotional offer for

12-months no interest and 10% off on a single item. However, we cannot

determine if Mr. [redacted] presented the offer at the time of purchase. We

are willing to honor Mr. [redacted]’s request; Mr. [redacted] will need to take his

promotional offer into his nearest Conn’s location for replacement



we may be of further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact us at ###-###-####.





I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Dear [redacted], or to whom it may concern,

Review: I have been trying to resolve an issue with Conn's since 07/10/2013. I went into Conn's [redacted] to make a payment on account # [redacted]. After speaking with the man at the desk, I decided that it would be in my best interest to cancel this warranty due to problems with payments. Conn's had taken away the ability to pay the account over the phone, I had to mail the payment OR go to a store to make a payment which were BOTH very inconvenient for me. The gentleman at the desk assured me that there was no problem with cancelling and that they would simply refund me the remainder of the warranty balance and cancel and that he would fax in the cancellation request. I still have the copy. Months and months and months of trying to get this resolved, I finally was told that I owed 443.97 and that was that. So, I told them that I would pay the account, what was owed, but I was not going to pay the late fees associated with this mess and requested that they be written off. They have never agreed to write off those late fees that were charged to me due to THEIR OWN ASSOCIATES MISINFORMATION. So, now, I have a report on my credit that I was over 30 days late on a payment, which is incorrect. My payments are due on the 20th of each month. I made payments on 01/02/2014, 02/03/2014 & 02/18/2014, 04/11/2014, 05/12/2014 and the June 20th payment was not paid until 07/07/2014. NONE OF THESE PAYMENTS ARE OVER 30 DAYS past due. I have faxed a copy of my bank statement to [redacted] to show that all of my payments for 2014 have been made and I am still getting constant collections phone calls stating that my payment is due and every conversation I have advised them of all of this information above. I am so sick and tired of dealing with Conn's that I want to scream.

Product_Or_Service: warranty

Account_Number: [redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

I want this removed from my credit report for one thing. I want this information updated and my account brought current since it IS current and I want all of the late charges that have been applied to my account since 07/01/2013 to be removed from my account.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to

Mrs. [redacted] concerns regarding account [redacted]. Mrs. [redacted] stated she went into a Conn’s location and spoke with someone about canceling her

warranty on July 10,

2013; however, the warranty was not canceled.

According to our records, Mrs. [redacted] had a three year warranty that

she purchased on May 12,


Mrs. [redacted] did send in a request for the warranty

to be canceled on July 10,

2013 and she was notified on

August 13,

2013 that the

warranty had been canceled.

Mrs. [redacted] was also notified at that time that

there would be a remaining balance due of $241.61 even though the warranty had

been canceled.

Mrs. [redacted] purchased a 36 month warranty and canceled

the warranty 27 months into the warranty service therefore; she received a

pro-rated credit for the extended warranty. Mrs. [redacted] also used the warranty

for repairs and the cost of the repairs was deducted from the


This absorbed the pro-rated credit. A refund was

not owed to Mrs. [redacted] because of this.

The current payoff on the account is $239.71. This

includes an outstanding past due balance of $116.00. Please note,

payoff balances update daily. If Mrs. [redacted] would like to pay the

account balance in full, we ask that she call the day she plans to submit the

payment for an up-to-date payoff quote.

We have determined that all negative credit marks

assessed on the account have been earned and we are unable to remove the marks

from Mrs. [redacted]’s credit report. If she believes she received these marks in

error, we ask that she please fax in a copy of her complete credit report

to [redacted] for

further review.



Review: On 8/9/14 I purchased a 42" LED TV model [redacted] for our home in Corpus Christi. The salesman put it in the trunk of our car and a neighbor unloaded it because I am in poor health. It was not dropped or damaged by us. On 8/13/14 DISH installed and connected the TV without damaging it. Immediately the TV displayed an ark in it through the middle section. I contacted the store and service dept. A Conn's serviceman came out on 8/15/14 and stated it had a cracked screen. He stated that he would have to order the parts and return later. I explained that I had to return to our ranch on 8/18/14 and would not return again until November when I will be recovering from major surgery. He talked to his supervisor and the store salesman. The salesman said we could exchange it on 8/16/14. On that date the store refused to exchange it and stated it will take corporate approval which will take days. On 8/17/14 I tried to return the defective TV, no longer requesting an exchange. Conn's refused that. My wife contacted her Citi Master Card company to report the problem and they reversed the charges for the TV and the 49 mos. service warranty. They put it in dispute because the TV was defective from the time of purchase. On 8/18/14 I contacted a female manager at the local Conn's. She was polite and helpful and gave me the Conn's dispute resolution phone number. I contacted them and told them I wanted to return the defective TV and receive a refund of the charges. They reported that corporate would contact us when they made a decision. I contacted the Corpus Christi about this matter.Desired Settlement: The only acceptable resolution of this matter will be the refund of the cost of the TV and the service agreement.



Thank you

for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on

8/09/14, Mr. [redacted] purchased a 42” LG television with a 49-month Repair

Service Agreement/AD Plan and elected to pick up the television from our Conn’s

warehouse in Houston, TX. Mr. [redacted] signed

his invoice verifying his item was received in good order. Our customers

are given the opportunity to inspect their product prior to leaving the

store. Once the product has left the store we are unable to determine

when the damage may have occurred. On 8/13/14, Mr. [redacted] contacted us stating the

television has vertical lines on one half and the other half is cracked. A

service call was scheduled for 8/15/14; upon inspection the technician

determined parts were needed to complete repairs however; Mr. [redacted] informed

the service technician that he will be leaving town and would not return until

November therefore as a goodwill gesture an exchange review was submitted. On

8/21/14, Conn’s approved to replace Mr. [redacted]’s television under the Terms and

Condition of the Repair Service Agreement/AD Plan. A replacement model is

available therefore; at this time we are unable to honor Mr. [redacted]’s request

to refund the cost of the television or the Repair Service Agreement Plan/AD

Plan. Mr. [redacted] may visit his nearest Conn’s store to initiate his exchange.


we may be of further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may

contact Customer Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

From: [redacted]

Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2014 5:29 PM

To: drteam

Subject: Re: You have a New Message from Regarding Complaint #[redacted]

________________________________________________________________________________... />
This is in reply to your inquiry on complaint #[redacted]

NO. The issue is not resolved.

Outstanding issues: Shortly after filing with the, the Beaumont area Conn's called and stated that we could return the TV. I informed them that the TV was in Corpus Christi and that I would have my neighbors return it. I asked if they needed the receipt or anything and I was told they could look it up on file by my phone # [redacted] My neighbors returned it to the Corpus Christi Conn's store. They were told it could not be returned only exchanged for a new one. They also said that it could be exchanged only by the owner with the original receipt. So I told my neighbor to take the TV back to my home in Corpus Christi. I will not be back in Corpus Christi until November 2014. I have been hoping that the or my Citi credit card could help me solve this dilemma.

NO. I have not taken this through the court system.

September 9, 2014

Review: I have been having problems with the service department for replacement of my refrigerator the technicians have told me that they have been having problems with the same refrigerator that I have. The freezer has been clotted up already four times and it's the same thing. First one customer service tells me that if it was the same they will exchange it. Now that I call again to find out about what's going on the replacement. Now another service person tells me that it has to be three times with in the same year. There giving me the round a round. I already paid off this refrigerator. It cost me close to five thousand dollars. And my insurance finishes next year in November. I don't want my insurance to run out before I get it. I have been arguing with them this since the third time it broke. Pleased help me with this.Desired Settlement: Would like to have it replaced. And if they can not do this I want my money refund so I can buy a new one some where else.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted]’s

complaint. Our records show on 11/25/11, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a [redacted] refrigerator with a 48-month Repair Service Agreement and delivery

totaling $2,465.02. Mrs. [redacted] was scheduled for delivery and

received her refrigerator on 11/26/11 in good order. Mrs.

[redacted]’s contacted us on 3/19/14; stating she had ice build-up

at the bottom of the freezer. A service call was scheduled for 3/26/14; during the inspection the

technician removed the ice build-up from freezer drain, the refrigerator had a good

temperature, and tested ok. Mrs. [redacted] contacted us again on 8/04/14; stating she had ice build-up

at the bottom of the freezer. A service call was scheduled for 8/06/14; during the inspection the

technician cleaned out the drain line and the refrigerator tested up to the

manufacturer specifications. At this time we are unable to honor Mrs.

[redacted]’s request to return or exchange refrigerator; based on Mrs.

[redacted]’s service history her refrigerator does not meet the qualifications. We attempted to contact Mrs. [redacted],

however we were unable to reach her at this time. If Mrs. [redacted] feels her refrigerator is

still not working properly we will need to schedule a service appointment to

determine if a replacement or repair is warranted.

If we may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact

Customer Service at ###-###-####.

Kind regards,

Review: I bought a brand new washing machine from the [redacted] location in Austin on February [redacted]. It was delivered on February [redacted]. I used the machine for the first time on February [redacted]. I noticed that water was dripping from the clothes after the final spin. I used the machine again on February [redacted]. I could tell the clothes were not clean and there was lots of water in the tub after the final spin. Not only that, I noticed that the clothes were not even getting completely wet until the rinse cycle. I called the service people that evening and they said they could come out to look at the machine on the following Wednesday, February [redacted]. The technician told me that this machine was broken before it was delivered to my home. There was a broken pulley and some belt had slipped off. I told him that I didn't want the machine and wanted my money back. I didn't want them to fix a broken machine that I had only had in my possession for less than 1 week. He suggested that I get in touch with the manager of the store. I called him that night. He said he had to call Corporate to see what he could do and he would let me know by Friday, February [redacted]. I took the broken machine back to the store today, February [redacted]. I told an employee there that I did not want the machine. He said I could exchange it or pay a restocking fee. I told him that I didn't want another machine. How do I know that the next machine isn't going to be broken? I just wanted my account credited and I didn't think it was right for me to pay a restocking fee. Later today, a manager called me and said I could return the merchandise, but I had to pay a restocking fee. One of the people we talked to said that if I had called within 24 hours, it would not have been a problem. I could have returned it without paying the restocking fee. I was delivered a broken machine. I just didn't know it in that 24-hour period. It was still broken. Is this how you treat all of your customers? You've just lost a good one.Desired Settlement: I want a full refund. That is, I want Conn's to refund to me the restocking fee they are charging me. I also want them to credit my account for the full amount I paid for the washing machine (including the extended warranty and delivery charges).



I called [redacted] on Friday February [redacted]. She never returned my call. Had to get her number from the Corporate office. I called the store in Austin to get the number but the employee said he would have to take my number and have her call me back. He said he would not give me her number. Worst customer service I've ever seen. [redacted] is not interested in what I have to say. That's obvious from her nonresponsiveness. I don't see how these folks stay in business. She's the District Manager according to Corporate.



CASE ID: [redacted]

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records reflect that [redacted] purchased a washer invoice # [redacted] on 2/**/14 with extended warranty. On 2/**/14 [redacted] called our service

department stating that the unit didn’t agitate and fill with water. A

technician was scheduled for 2/**/14.

[redacted] return request was approved without a restocking

fee minus delivery charges and processed on 3/*/14.

If we may be of further assistance, [redacted]r may contact us

directly at [redacted].

Kind regards,

Conn’s Customer Relations

Review: My wife and I bought a couch, loveseat and recliner from Conn's on 1-**-2014.They offered free same day delivery.It was brought to our house on 1-**-2014.They showed up about 8:15p.m( which is too late)they brought the loveseat in & unwrapped in the livingroom @ first look it was ok. They brought they recliner in not wrapped and placed against the wall, I removed from the wall and noticed there was a big cut in the back. The delivery guys acted surpised (not good actors at all), I told them I was refusing the recliner and they took it back to the truck. They brought in the couch and unwrapped in in the livingroom and @ first glance it looked ok. While the delivery guys were there my wife called the sales man and told him about the recliner and the fact they were charging to deliver. He said they would get a new recliner out there as soon as possible and she would have to speak to a manger about the delivery charge. My wife spoke with [redacted] and he said the guys would bring the new recliner out Thursday and he would take the delivery charges off.Tuesday night as my wife and I are setting in our new couch's we notice the material doesnt feel the same and the furniture seems shorter that what was in the store. My wife and I took measurements of each piece,and she went to the store the next day and had [redacted] the store manger help her measure the set in the store.She went home and measured again, our set at home is 2" shorter in height and lenght and doesnt feel the same.I called corp and filed a complaint and they told us that Thursday instead of bringing the recliner they would just have the guys pick it all up since we were unhappy.Well thursday the delivery guys told me they dont pick up furniture they just drop off. Friday I went up to Conn's to have them come pick it up because no one will return a call!!! They told me I had to keep the furniture because I signed a contract before it was delivered!! So I loaded the recliner and told a few of their customer how bad of serivce they gave & I leftDesired Settlement: I am not happy with the furniture or the Customer Service they provide. I am still within my 30 day return policy and I want this furniture RETURNED!!! I think they are pulling the bait and switch. I DO NOT WANT THIS FURNITURE, I WANT THEM TO COME PICK IT UP LIKE CORP SAID THEY WOULD!!!I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET THEM TO COME GET THE FURNITURE SINCE THE SECOND DAY IT WAS IN OUR HOUSE!!!




you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our

records show on 1/*5/14 [redacted] purchased a Catnapper Voyager reclining

furniture set with a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty, he also received a

free Haier 39” LCD TV with a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty, and delivery

totaling $3,225.80. As [redacted] stated

in his complaint at the time of delivery the recliner was found damage

therefore an exchange was approved. On 2/**/14, we contacted [redacted] to

discuss his concerns; he expressed his dissatisfaction with his purchase. [redacted] was reminded of Conn’s Return and

Exchange Policy which states there are no returns or exchanges on furniture or mattresses

except for a manufacturer’s defect. If [redacted] is in need of service he may

contact Conn’s Service Department at [redacted] We have attached a copy of our Return and Exchange Policy that is given to each customer at the time of purchase.

If we may be of further assistance, [redacted]

may contact us at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: [redacted] I bought a LG refrigerator 18 months ago, paid cash & purchased the extended warranty from Conn,s. My refrigerator went down April the ninth and is still down. We have had 2 service tec's out to look at it, the last one that was here changed out the motherboard and told us if that did not fix it they would have to order and change the compressor. My refrigerator has the "smart diagnostic" system that will tell you what is wrong with it, Conn's does not use that because their cell phone signal from their cheap phone will not pick the signal up from the refrigerator, I have run the diagnostic 2 time now my self and the keep telling me mother board and compressor need to be replaced so today "MAYBE" they will come and do a seal test on the doors as they have not ordered a compressor yet. If I had purchased this appliance from BEST BUY they would have already replaced the refrigerator. So needless to say "Burn me once shame on you, Burn me twice shame on me. I will never buy anything from "CONN'S" again and for sure I will pass this experience on to as many as I can. I was told when I bought the extended warranty that if something were to happen that the product could not be repaired in a reasonable amount of time they would just replace it. I don't know what Conn's call reasonable but I am tired of living out of a ice chest for almost a month now, that is unreasonable. You took my money now its time for you to hold your end of the deal up.Desired Settlement: Replace this refrigerator



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 7/5/13,

[redacted] purchased a LG French Door refrigerator with a 48-month Repair

Service Agreement Plan.

We reviewed [redacted]

complaint and found he contacted our service department on 4/9/15 stating his

refrigerator was not cooling or freezing. Our records show on 4/29/15, Conn’s

agreed to issue an exchange under the Terms and Conditions of the Repair

Service Agreement due to there was a delay receiving the necessary parts to

complete repairs. We no longer have the same refrigerator [redacted] originally

purchased therefore; he was contacted and made aware that we will issue an

in-store credit of $2199.99 (original amount paid) to re-select another

refrigerator that meets his expectations. [redacted] may visit his nearest

Conn’s location to initiate the exchange.

We sincerely apologize

for any inconvenience [redacted] experienced as a result of the service delay.

We have also attached a copy of our food loss claim for [redacted] to submit if

any food was loss as a result of the refrigerator malfunctioning.

If we may be of further assistance, Mr. Rolan

may contact Customer Service at [redacted].

Kind regards,

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